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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DADDY'S TRUE FORM!! | Resident Evil 7 - Part 3

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody my name is Markiplier

and welcome back to Resident Evil.

Now, we're going down into the basement

but we got a moment of respite here,

in this office,

where I'm able to find some goodies and hopefully find some more mysteries about,

what we got going on here.

"Can't jimmy it open"

God! There must've been some point

when I was able to get a lock pick (yup)

but I haven't found it yet because this is like the third container (you missed it Mark)

that I've seen with, uh, just a normal everyday lock on it

that I just haven't been able to see (they're in some brown luchboxes)

*reading text on screen*

"Dear Courtney, Those bastards are looking for me, but maybe this gives you a chance to escape. To escape, you have to find the reliefs shaped like dog heads I saw one of the heads in the dissection room underground, get it, it's the key out of here."

Oh, okay. Well, this is a bit late in the game to be telling me about that one-


There's another one,

Something's wrong with me.

It must be that shit they made me eat

If I'm going to die I'd at least like to go out fighting

I'm gonnna get ahold of that shotgun I saw in the recroom

and make them regret what they did to me

You need to get out of here

I love you Cortney

Love... Travis

Okay so that must be the gu-

Ooh wait! That was a name,

that was downstairs!

That was definitely one of the names

that I saw, down below

Now, I- I think I know to open that one,

but I'm not 100% sure about it.

Oooh is there anything else that I should put in my jimmy jams


I guess I can put the

keuush away...

Yeah I should be okay!

I- I don't need the gunpowder on me right now,

so I guess I could put that away too,

but you never know when you need to craft it on the go,

so I guess I can keep that with me!

Aaah I guess,

alright that'll be good enough.


So now I should have everything that I need to keep going on forward,

and hopefully,

everything is gonna turn up roses for me and then hopefully,

somehow someway,

I should be able to find a lock pick of some sort- (yes right)

Now I'm not 100% sure about that.

Maybe I've already missed the opportunity to do that (totally right)

but there's just been so many containers tha-

*squishing noises*

*slightly concerned Mark* have locks on them-

that definitely... need me to pick them.

'Cause I can't just jimmy open with my knife,

so there's gotta be a lock pick

Now I know that I'm gonna have to go back

I know this isn't cont--

continuing on into a different area,

because I need to get the dog heads-


and be able to do what I need to do.

I've already been in here I'm just kinda hesitant to see i-

if anything's respawned.


So it said "you know how to open the door, don't you?"

"Just remember: 3 a's and a handprint."

"Do want you want with his girl."



especially if there's someone in this one.

So I'm trying to open


and Travis was the guy writing the letters,

so, the food that they had you eat

-the quote unquote "food"-

the offal that they had,



is apparently infected with whatever biological

contaminant is infecting the rest of this house.

Well there's a handprint.

Oh wait!





thought I saw something-

This was.. Tamara!

Three a's,

and a handprint.


Oookay, hi!

Well that was easy










Fuck you dude fuck you!

Oh fuck,

ahh lemme getcha in your face,

oh your tougher than the other ones ain't cha?

WOAH fucking goddamit! Holy shit Travis!

Jesus jimminy jistmas!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy- woah

ge- Juice me!

Waaa- I fucking got that just in time

Oh fuck- I need to learn how to guard

That guy was WAY tougher

Travis had a lot of good going for him! Holy shit...

God I can't- I keep completely forgetting that I can actually guard in this game

Ahh let me jus blehhh ahh yeah okay that's a little better,

It's gonna deal with the huge lacerations down my thorax!

Aw man I've still got some goop juice on me...

*Mark's phone beeps* Dissection room key- stop that right there- so I can get into the dissection room now

*small gasp*


Well that's not good and I don't have nearly enough bullets to be able to deal with anything else

At least not one that's as strong as that one is


I keep thinking they remind me of- eeoh fuck

I saw that move...

Oh shit


e-ugh, god there's so many noises in here

fucking stop just stop just stop just stop just stop okay

So I can't go in the workshop

"It's locked from the other side", but I can go in the dissection room, wherever that might... be


Okay there's definitely something in here!

And I don't wanna fight it with a goddamn knife!





There's just so many noises!

There's just so many god damn noises!

I don't need any of this- I need to be better than this.

Need to be bigger, need to be better...

"Scorpion"- Oh! Exactly what I thought I needed!

I- I knew I'd need a scorpion keeeey


"Treasure photo".

I don't know what that means, treasure photo?

What is that?

A lockpick! I was just talking about that!!

Oh that's perfect!

Okay so now I can actually go back and be able to unlock everything that I need to unlock!


And I don't know if I'm ever gonna make my way all the way back to the-



Okay, at least I got some chem fluid

oh boy...

yeee aw further down!

Why do I gotta go further down? Before I go further down I'm gonna check out what was in the horrifying bathroom.

Aw man I need more bullets, oh I can IIIIII-

What the fuck?!

Oh shit dude

Oh gotta be... Ohh fuck me!

Oh buck- gotcha! Okay!

Okay gotcha! With barely enough bullets to spare!

Oh boy

Man, I gotta remember to guard- Where did he even come from?

He just dropped down from the goop.

That is very... very dead space of you.

Did I finish my thought? They remind me of the dead space monster that never died.

No matter how many times you shot it, it would always grow back.

Aw man, that kinda coincides with the biological aspect of this one-

Whatever the virus is, it causes EXTREME regeneration

So I can, probably assume, that that's just the off shoot of all this goop-

This black biological matter- whatever it may b- wah

Aw fucking fuck I gotta make some shit!

Oh fuck I gotta-uh quickly, quickly!

Okay, here we go! Reload.


Blap, blap.

Oh fuck your ugly face!


Okay three shots to the dome and they go down!

They keep twitching, but they go down at least!

But, the bigger one- he had a big claw hand- he was ki-

Fucking what the fuck?

Ah I hate this game. I love this game. I love this game al-AHHH FUCKING!

Okay! Alright! Everything's fine I guess! "Handgun ammo", that's good, I should've just picked that up instead of crafting all the stuff!

I need more goop juice in my life.

But I know that I can survive this.

Ah! Fucking, god damnit, Where are they coming from?

Woah, ah- fuck god damnit!

Aw come on ohh god damnit!

Fucking hell just shoot him!


God damnit are you kidding me?!

Woah man I'm bad at this.. I'm sorry guys, I'm bad at this.

Oh I gotta be better.

"reads text on screen*

Okay so, the only way to kill them is to hit them in the head

It literally just amounts to... me not... being a dumbass.

Alright... man I should- ahh uhh UUUH EEEEEH Okay I'm gonna use it.


I just wanna be at full health, so that I can take my time with this,

Even though they're probably gonna fudge me up...

But I can take my time with this...

And carefully go through and kill what I need to kill.

If I recall...

Oh fuck that guy

Where you go- Oh! Oh he doesn't know I'm here! Oh I forgot I could be stealthy!

Oh I kinda forgot that was an element of the thing that I could do!

Oh the would probably be incredibly useful!

Ooh fucking hello!

Okay hi.

You don't see me- you do.

Fucking god damnit,

Alright come on, come on, what do you want? Whatdyawant? Huh? Missed me- or

Ya hit me but, it didn't hurt!

Aw fuck the other one! Fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck fuck! Fack! Fack!


In the dome in the dome in the dome in the dome in the dome wooaaahh

Chrome in the dome, chrome in the dome!

Oh boy!

Come around the corner bitch!

Oh, what that? You hit in head? Woah!

Fuck! Barely got that up in time!

Holy shi- yeah!

Take some of that bitch!!

Oh shit yeah! Okay where's your friend?


How am I doing on health? Eh pretty good! The blocks work!

The blocks definitely, 100% work!

...And your friend here- where is he at?


I'm using up a few more bullets than I would like but-

Maybe I can switch to the knife if I get just one of 'em because I should be able to dance around it and block enough that I would- woah!

Okay are you back, what the hell?!

Are you the same one that you were before?! Fuck.

Come on you...

Fuck stop twitching- there we go!

Went down, ech I'm wasting bullets though...

Ugh I gotta be better about that.

I mean, I know I'm only missing by that much, but I should be a much better first person shooter than I am right now.

Alright. So let's just take this calm and carefully because there's death around every single god damn corner-

I do like that this game- ooh, AH FUCKING GOD DAMNIT!

Fuck me! Jesus Christmas!! Ahhh, don't do that!

There we go! Woap, ohh you only got one arm, woah fuck.

Ahh!! Don't, woah.

He's only got one arm.

Woah this one's tough! Alright there he goes.

God damnit! I am just blasting through all of my bullets, I- I think I gotta do the knife...

on the next one that I find, cause otherwise I'm just gonna be completely out, I don't wanna constantly be crafting,

like bullets, I should conserve that chem fluid for,

other stuff I suspect, but I don't wanna go toe to toe with one of those bastards!

Egh, anything over here?

This is, gonna be quiet in here- woah fuck, AW COME ON!!


They just sneak- OH FUCK

Alright well, tha- change of plans goin' gun gun!

Ohh blam blaming your fam fam!

Oh man, going that way is just a goddamn nightmare!

Okay if I can just get one of you- uh nope ai- ain't gonna happen.


Uh no no no no, ooh fuck, ooh fuck, woah, what the fuck?

What the fuck was that?

He just disappeared??

So if you go to far away from where their

origin point is, they just melt...

So you can get away from them!

Maybe I don't even need to kill all of them!


Okay I- I'm apologizing if this all, like, you already know this but I'm learning this as I go...

So apparently I don't need to kill all of them...

Woah and there's another one! Okay that guy forms, right there.



I'ma go toe to toe with 'em!

Woap, block!

Woah, AH WOAH WOAH woah

Ow, aw ow, I need to goop- goop!

Okay, this was a bad idea! This is one of those bad ideas! Okay...

Holy shit

Woah fuck- come on!

Woah! God damnit!

Holy shi- oh fUCK!


Okay so- alright.

Holy shit.

*Read text on screen*

Maybe that's what I should do!

They- they are fucking ridiculous,

like unbelievable!

Oh my god...

So, I'm gonna go back

because, I thin- oh yeah the scorpion key!

I have that! Oh shit god damnit I forgot I'm before I dumped my shit in my

Holy shit, alright, sorry guys! I- I know that I'm not 100% good at this but

I'm still learning everything I can about these enemies they're just fucking terrifying-

I'm playing on normal, an these guys are giving me, the most shit I've ever had in my life

like my god, it is astonishing how much they are beating my ass into the ground!

So what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna put that stuff away, I need to get more inventory space so I'm gonna put my craftables...

in the bag... because I don't wanna waste 'em right now, I know there's bullets in that one,

but maybe I'll be able to craft up some shotgun shells after I get the shotgun,

because I think I need to go upstairs,

I need to go in grandma's room.

Then I need to carry on outta here.

Use the scorpion key, ka-chunkers! Okay.

So I'm gonna go back- oohh shit we're here.

Oh fuck.

Alright then I can deal with that.

So what I need to do is I need to find the doors that are scorpion doors-

Is that someone? AH IT'S SOMEONE! OH GOD HI!!



Fuck man!

Ah boy! Do I have to deal with him? Oh boy I do don't I?! What's in the box?

Please be bullets! Oh fuck it is bullets! Okay you wanna- you wanna fuck on me old man?

Huh? I'll fuck you up dude.

Nah, I'm gonna piss you off as much as I can dude.

Woah boy.

Okay I'm just gonna run you around this big ass circle! Woo chem fluid.

And then uh- woo.

Yeh, I know.

Oh, ohohohohohoh ohhh!!! GET REKT BITCH!

Okay, I can't promise that he's gonna stay down for long.

Slice you up a bit.

Carve up your nice- eh that's not what I wanted to do, but I- I guess that's okay too.


Fuck yeah, yeah! Ya like- Oh woah woah woah woah!

Oh oh! Okay! So that guy's just like, a permanent fucking threat?!

How the fuck am I gonna be able to get away from that guy?!

Oh shit, well that's not a good sound.

Okay, this is all, much worse than it needed to be!

I don't know why..

Oh boy...

I don't know where he is, but I'm gonna get in here, gonna get what I need!

Gonna use the god damn skeleton key! Waah, scorpion key! Skeleton scorpion key! Get in here! HI GRANDMA!

Hey grandma! Oh fuck, what the fuck.

Get what I need. Get everything.

"Dear Mrs. Baker, How have you been feeling recently? It's been a long time since you last came in for your-" he's still there! Ohh fuck. Oh fuck.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck come on!

Don't fuck me up... I need to read this goddamn letter...

Should have closed the damn door...

Please don't fucking COME OVER HERE!! Oh fuck.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh no... nonononono, nononono...


Okay. Good! Great! Now that we got that date saved!

Let's meet in the evening! Or the morning, or tomorrow, or next month...

Go on a lovely date...

And you can just, fuck off.

*Reading the letter*

*says parathite instead of parasite, corrects self*

*Continues reading text on screen*


That means that the biological contamination, whatever is keeping these people alive in related to a fungus.

Which is really interesting, definitely interesting, but right now I have bigger thoughts.

Close that, hope he didn't hear that.

*Reading text on screen*

Wait- the "living room grandfather clock"? But I did that didn't I?

Maybe I should try that again because it didn't seem to work.

Maybe I clicked on the wrong thing, I have no idea but I'm gonna try that again.

Uh, "dissection room in the basement" okay I can do that.

So I got- I was almost at the dissection room but I was just- like I was hindered by so many people in front of me.

Okay, so...

DIdn't I pick up the dissection room key? I have no idea, I'm gonna- I'll, I'll have to look back again.

"Handgun ammo". Ooh fuck. Okay, where was the?

There was a shotgun in here...

Oh there!

I don't have enough space. Okay so

broken shotgun... I got shotgun shells,

Two chem-fluids.

Eeeh nowhere. Oh fuck, nowhere

nowhere, nowhere. Nowhere dude. Nowhere.

So I need to, ah

Why doesn't the chem fluids stack

That's annoying

That's really annoying




eeehh uuuuh EEUUUH

Okay I'll put those back jesus

Okay, so I need to do something about this I gotta go to the box

Woah, fuck that guy

I'm gonna go for it before I get down the stairs

get what I need dropped off then be able to come back here.

[worried mark] Still don't know if he is gonna be near by

Then at the same time im going to try to open the grandfather clock and then hopefully thats going to help me

Close the damn door Close the damn- oh fine you know what- fu- fuck it

Imma just gonna go for it

So I- hopefully

Hopefully I'm gonna be able to get what I need to get and then get outta here.

So, I'll be right back... once I figured that shit out.

Let's gddy gddy gddy gdddy gdddy gddy gdddy Daddy: LUCAS! Mark: HI!

Daddy: Don't worry I'm still here! *shatters table* Mark: AIH! fug it- WHAT THE FUCK

HolY Shit


That was your dinner table!

daddy: yahhhhs in a distance* God damn it, how am I gonna replace this?

I don't know! You did it!

Jesus Christ, eugh.

Fuck dude

Hah- fuck. Okay- alright eh fuck o0o

Fuck can i close this door- ugh- I can't!



God dammit, how am I supposed to deal with this asshole?!

Can I do this-

OH fuck Okay I DID IT-AH!!!!!!!






Is he gonna be able to get me in here?

I can only assume this is a saVe space!

And I got the dog's head!

I thought I did that last time... Maybe I clicked on the wrong item accidentally

but holy shet

Geezums okay!

So Imma put that awa- *someone calling Ethan in the background*

-you do know my name THAT'S VERY CLEVER OF YOU GOOD JOB


Also, I wanted to say something yesterdabay- yesterday about the- video from Mia

I-I realized now I was excluding the possibility that she made that in the time, that both of us had been kidnapped.

And that she had recovered from her...

..... shotgun to the faceness?

Or her deadness?

Her extreme deadness

Yeah she had somehow recovered from that because none of these people seem to be able to DIE.

But uh...

It- It just didn't seem possible, I thought it was like.. an older thing...

How would they have made a VHS of it already.

You know what I mean?

It just seem like a bit of a stretch for me but

it's entirely possible that 'that' could be the way that it is....

So I just wanted to address that~ also!


GGGHH! Okay!

These people are Un-Friendly to say the least.


Oh, he's upstairs isn't he



WOAH boy

oh boy

kay he's going upstairs

That's GOOOD I guess?

It's where I need to GO but okay

*whispers* FUCK THIS GUY

Fck this A-hole

Alright so somehow, I gotta sneak upstairs, around him

Daddy: I can smell youuuu

I dont know how you can smell me.... WHEN EVERYTHING IS ROT-TEN AND FETID around here



GRAB IT! Here we go!

Daddy: Here I come!


Which way you going?

Daddy: NGH!


*panicked* ohkay

alright ngyeh NGEYH


Did he see me? Did he hear me shout?!

He probably did.... oh boy YEP HE probably did

Lets just not talk about


Come on!

That's pretty mean don't you think?

Alright I'm just gonna go for it, gonna go for it, gonna get the shotgun, gonna replace the two of 'em

grab one grab the other

I need enough inventory space to do that


Grab that!

Replace it with the broken one....

Broken one.... There we go! And we're done! Okay, we're outta here!


Alright. So either way, I've got shotgun *cocking gun* I donno if I know how to make shotgun BUL-LETS

But at least I've got the shotgun and I've got lockpick

So I can make something and hopefully pick up some shotgun ammo on the go now.


I got two weapons so im gonna put this.... it's gonna be number 3....

How I move this?

Nah whatever I guess it's 4 and stuck that way


SOOOOOO I'm gonna SAVE.... *groans* ughhh fck


God this game just give me the heebie jeebies

I mean

it's really well done.... with the way that they work the enemies in this game. It's unbelievably well done,

it is aways terrifying

It is always feeling like they're gonna kill me, because...... it's like every enemy is that enemy from Dead Space

They're all gonna kill you ded

And you have no chance of survival

GEEZ UMS so what im gonna do right now is i'm going to........

I'm gonna make

c-can I make- aww I still can't make shotgun ammo yet, but

*sigh* at least I can make handgun ammo and use up the chem fluid

So, MY PISTOL IS STILL MY BEST BET but NOW I HAVE THE SHOTGUN to be able to do moar with

so... uhh boy

okay so I don't know if I need the skeleton key right away- I can always come back for it

uh.... it's just taking up a lot of space

and uh.....

Okay that should be OK. Alright. GOOD.

and we're good.

aight this should be good enough

Shoud I use my lock pick on this?


ehhh.... it's not necessarily that I wanna use that though

okay.. let's just carry on! Oh boy here we go.

Brave mark* Let's do this!

We gotta get the third dog head from down here, if we don't get this dog head we're not getting out of here.

I just gotta figure out which way to go do it


Down the back way with all those generators seems to be a lot of death

so I'm gonna try the other direction first...

see if that works out any better for me

and I dont know if it will... but I'm just gonna try it

There maybe just equally as many enemies but at least I know that I can get away from them.

so I don't always have to try to kill them

I can try to get away!

*heavy breathing*

Kay, what have we got here

OOooo That was shotgun ammo?

OH SHIT, this is a snake door!

I don't have a snake key for this!

Alright, so there's only one way to go now.

FuUuck. I should also try to figure out what these psychostimulants do.

*banging croaking noise* SHITDUDE

Alright... *noise gets closer* FUCCCK

Alright so there's a few more down here I gotta deal with, and I gotta deal with it intelligently.....

eaaah I'm not gonna do that right now~ gonna do THAT after I kill these bastards

I- I would shotgun 'em-



Wha- OHHHH this is before I did this! I forgot to save


ayeyaye.... don't even try- !! *screech scratch* woah- okay don't even try!

OW okay

There one down!

ehhhh...... you can't get me!

There we go TWO DOWN! Two down! Not too bad... it went down pretty smoothly!

Too bad they don't drop any items; I totally forgot that this was before I actually did these

ughhh fck.... let's see do I have UHHHHHHH I got a chem fluid and no gunpowder- I should- I should keep gunpowder on me

but there's stanky- dank over here I can just combine it with that. I can always use more of that.

Okay combine these two, gimme some more health cause I DON'T WANNA die again.

That is number 1 priority: NOT TO DIE AGAIN.

I know it seems like ohOHoh fuck I forgot about you

Yeah fuck!

eynananana * scratch* okay alright



AH.. just go down, GO DOWN.

JEEZUMS..... oh fck gimme stanky dank!

ARHRAGH Goop juice!

Fuck. God damn it he went away- I dont know if it means he recovered his health

Gawd why were these guys such a problem?

Alright come on back oh c'mon oh c'mon

Where're you~ where're you at? Where're you at? Where're you at? HUH?

Aww another one huh?

Alright okay


Oh fuck that double hit but I think I blocked that one.

WOOOAAWOOA okay I'm completely out. Cheese ums OWO

Imma comPLETEly out FUCK YOU DUDE!

OHHHH fuck off!

Oh hell yeah!


Alright, how am I doing on health?

I'm doing okay I'm still in the green, so long as I am in the green, i'm not gonna take any goop juice.

Where'you at buddy? Where's this friend?


I've got three bullets to my name!

That's- OH Fuck it! Fuck! Woah!




BOOOOOOOM! -oh fuck

shit okay

BOOOOOOM! okay I'm completely out!

And that's a bad thing


I am, I'm literally completely out of ammo

How in the fuck?

That's ridiculous! Is that a shotgun? YEAH! okay!

I've got two shots left, which means if I'm veeeeery smart about this, I can kill two more creatures.

Or run away screaming like a little bitch baby


Chem fluid~ WHAAAT?

Can I use that to make shotgun shells?

Is that what I can do? I'm gonna take the psychostimulants

see where items are for a limited time...

wokay oh!

alright~ oh! shit!


lock pick?

Doesn't fit this lock??? Oh this is the dissection room!

Oh okay okay okay I know- I know this one, I need to go get the dissection room key

That's why I thought I had that, because I forgot this reset.

Did I miss you? How did I miss that?

I completely forget!

Okay oh shit

BUT as long as I get that- oooh!

WOOAAH! That is hidden- holy shit

okay but is there more stuff in here?

I put it in my box! I put it in the box! I put it in the box- I definitely put it in the box!

I'll brb

I'll brb, I definitely put it in the box!

Oh no! NonoNono! It's over here!

Wait what the fuck is down- What the fuck did I just pick up?

God-d stop that! God I hate that!

Ugh, I keep thinking that's- ugh, fuck.

So I've got two strong chem fluids

So I can make enhanced gun ammo or strong first aid med

Well that's good. Alright, I'll use that.

And this is what I was looking for, dissection room key


There's nothing else in any of these, so this is good

Alright, this is okay, this is good this is good this is good

I just need to go back, I need to get gunpowder to make more bullets and then I should be okay.

Er. Man, this, this, this game takes a lot of planning

I hope they give me more inventory space eventually because this is reeallly really tight to worry about all stuff.

But it makes sense. It does make sense.

I can't exactly carry a whole lotta stuff on my person

So it is good that there's just not a constant stream of materials that're going up my ass

At least I'll be able to go through here

I'll be able to take care of these enemies now because I got more powerful bullets

which should be able ta

better take the heads off of 'em.

Alright, come out come out wherever you are!

After I've already killed you.

There better not be more of you, you better not have respawned or anything like that.



Okaay, I'm trustin' ya!

I'm trustin' ya.

Alright, let's do this.

Blamo blamo!


I've got a lot of ammo.

Wooh, that's a hard one.

Where's- woah.

What the fuck?

What the fuck.

Oh my god, it's the guy-

*Door slams*


Hoh, fuck

It's the cop from the garage, how did he get down here?

oowoAEY, oh,okay.

Oh shit.

Is he gonna to do something to the body of the cop?

Oh shit he is isn't he.

Oh fuck.

Cuz I see...I see something moving on his body which means,

maybe he's already been infected with whatever,

strange fungus is here.

No idea.

Okay. But, at least I've gotta a lot of shotgun shells now, so that's good.

And, also,

He took the dog's head, so that's the last dog head that I need.

And he's got it, so I gotta go somewhere down there.

Oh man, something is happening to that body.

Something is definitely happening to that body.


No time like the present, we gotta carry on.


Alright let's go.

Hoo boy.


So if I gotta face off with the dad again, at least I'll be able to stun him, and they're giving me a lot of shotgun shells!

Oh they are givin' me a lot of shotgun shells.

So I think that standard policy, the best practice is, to always carry,

the herbs and the gunpowder, whenever you have them,

and then whenever you get cra- chem fluid, you just instantly

*hears noise* craft it into whatever you need.

God, I never know what noises are noises and what ar-



Ohh, this looks like an arena!

I'm not too keen on the arena aspect of this.

Oh boy.

Hoh boy.

hhoh boy.

Oh bo- oh my god.

Oh my god.


Poor deputy, something's happening to the deputy!

Jesus, ugh.

Oh my god.

Should I be- just be staring at this because it's probably a bad idea just to be here,

and watching this happen, even the shadow's moving.


Seems like he might be getting a bit bulkier.

Oh god he is.

Oh god he is.

Oh I shouldn't be standing here. This guy's getting waay bulkier!

Oh I shouldn't be standing here.

This guy is getting waaay bulkier.

He's getting ripped as shit bruh.

He's getting ripped as shit bruh.

Holy fuck.

Holy fuck.

Ooh boy.

Ohh boy.

Okay, so anything else in here that I need?

Okay so anything else in here that I need?

Doesn't look to be the caase!

Doesn't look to be the caaase!

Woo what was that.


Haang on there. Don't lock me in here with the deputy!

Not yet anyway! There we go, chem fluid.

Woo, is something in here?

So then I take that,

combine that with the stanky herbs.

Alright, got that.

Now move that. Moving on!

Ooo boy

Seems like, ugh. Seems like something could be crawling out of that any moment.

Alright. What's in here?

Wheah, why did I do that? Why would I have done that?

Why did I do that??


Oh fuck, hello.

Well this- ayyei- this is a trap!

This is very clearly a trap.

I'm gonna get kicked down there.

Get a boot shoved up my butt.

Lemme just make sure that I've got everything that I need.

Well eventually I'm gonna get the snake key apparently, but

I just wanna see everything first before I go down there.

Gunpowder, good

euggh, got a whole cattle down here.

anything else, anything else, anything else... no?


well, let's get to it then.

Bring it on i guess... Alright, here we go.

I haven't saved in a while but I think I can make it through this.

AND...... yep, I knew it, I knew it. Hey, how's it goin', how ya doin?

HHAAUUGGH, I got kicked down here!

Who'd a thunked'd it?

Alright okay alright

Woah hey whoa.

Ow, okay, alright. I'm gonna shotgun you...

Yeah well how do you like that, buddy?

BOOM, bitch!

Woah, fuck.. woah, fuck what is that?

Should I shoot that? OHH my god. Oh my god.

It is like the Ouroboros virus!

okay let me load up with the more powerful stuff

Oh shit, that's not good.

Okay well-oh, that's not good.

Daddy:"GROOVY" Ethan:"That's not groovy!"


Woah, I can't block that, most likely.


Okay so, that's what I'm doing with that.

Okay, alright, okay

Okay, alright, wooowowoWOAAaah

Okay c'mon load up-WOWOWOWOAH

Okay, alright okay


Holy fucking shit

Oh boy, oh boy

*mark screaming* Oh boy.

Oh boy, oh boy WAAAA

Fuck man, I'm almost out of ammo!

Oh wait, chainsaw! AAAAAAA

Chainsaw, fuck, yeah!

Oh, boy, oh boy.

Oh boy, oh boy oOH fuck. Ok.


Oh boy.

Oh boy.

Lemme just preemptively

Just in case

I dunno if I should

Ah fuck, g-g-get juice!

There we go, there we go

Oh boy, that's not good

Holy fucking shit





Ooookayyy, that's not okay

That's not okay

There was like a face, did you see it?

Oh. my. GOD.

Did you see that though?

There was like a face!

In whatever was bulbousing out of his body

There was literally a face

Like, I don't know what it was, but I definitely saw skull-like features and whatnot

I have no idea how accurate that is, but

I'll have to review that that was LEGIT

That was FUCKING intense

Oh good, shotgun shells

Coulda used that.

Is this gunna break the the th-

This is gunna break the chainsaw, isn't it?

Yuuup okay gooood GREAT

That would have been incredibly useful in the entirety of the game

Good GOD

Oh my goodness gracious gravy

Okay well, I made it out of there

I used my BRAiN-

ow I just poked myself in the eye

BUT I used my brain and I used all the skills I had

brought with me in this endeavour

Where is this way. So what I need to find

I need to get the do- did I get the dog head? Ya I have the dog head

And then over here

Further deeper there's a snake door

Which I can only assume leads back somewhere

But I don't know if

If I have the snake key

or if the snake key is available

How's this guy doing? ugh

still bad okay, still bad

So I'm just going to do, I'm going to do a comb-over

to make sure that the snake key isn't down here

and then I am going to get out of here.

(Grandma starts humming)

Hi grandma - Hey

How you doin' Grandma? Nice singing

Grandma, maybe I should just shoot Grandma

in the back of the head, but I'm gonna save

before I do that. Oh boy


Is that a big herb? Oh

boyo, okay. So I'm savin'

You have reached the maximum number of save slots

and you can't create new saves" Alright I'll just go back from the

beginning again. Override this one yes

please. Haiyaiyaiya

iyayaiyaiy YAI Well that was

Fucking intense but I got better as time went

along so... Thank you everybody so

much for watching let me know what you think of this down

below and let me know how I'm doing because

I think I'm getting better! Oddly enough third

episode in, I'm not terribly sucking

I died a few times, but that's okay

So thank you everybody so much for watching

and as always I'll see you

in the next video


The Description of DADDY'S TRUE FORM!! | Resident Evil 7 - Part 3