Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Carrie Underwood Recorded Duet With Son ?‍?

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- I have to ask you about this photo.

So here, I'm gonna put it up for you.

This is awesome.

So, here's the thing I love about this picture.

My kids and actually,

they gravitate towards Ursula, not Little Mermaid.

They gravitate towards Gaston not the Beast.

I don't know what's wrong with them.

But does yours gravitate towards "The Grinch"

instead of Santa?

- He just loves kind of the creepy, like aspect of things.

So he would like "Nightmare Before Christmas"

which is, you know, a Christmas movie

- Yeah.

- But he likes like the creepyness of it.

I mean, he loves Santa.

He has the sweetest heart.

He, I don't know he is my child.

I like scary movies and the creepy stuff too.

I swear I have not imposed any of my stuff onto him.

And this is just what he likes going for us.

So he loves "The Grinch"

- It's so funny, 'cause I'm opposite.

Like I don't like anything scary and my kids love it.

Like I'm the one sitting on the couch going,

"Why can't we just like, watch like something really happy?"

Like why does everything have to scare me here?

Speaking of children though, Isaiah.

So you sing a duet with him on the record.

And I saw in the special as well

there's video footage of him as well.

So was he excited to hear himself on the record?

- He was, I had no idea what was gonna happen.

He's never been in that kind of situation before.

I don't think he's even been

like in the studio with me ever before.

He probably, I don't know if he knows what I do at all

but I just thought I could hear his voice

on it in my head when I was singing it in the studio.

And I just thought I'd ask him and see if he might want to.

And he did such a great job and listening back, like

I feel like he's just so proud of himself.

And he went to school and he's like,

"Hey, my songs out, wanna hear my songs."

And they were like listening to it in his class.

- I think it's adorable.

And it's cool.

I think that when we're singers that our kids take some kind

of interest in what we do, that's kind of cool.

Cause we work a lot.

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