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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Illuminati or IllumiNOT?

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Some of your favorite celebrities might be a part of the Illuminati.

Let's talk about that.

♪ (theme music) ♪

- Good Mythical Morning. - If you've ever taken a little trip

down into a YouTube comment section on any video on the YouTubes, you probably


or just different conjecture about people being a part of the Illuminati.

- What is that? - But frequently "Illuminati Confirmed."

- Period. Right. - Frequently.

We're gonna get to the bottom of this today. I'm gonna explain a little bit

about the background of the Illuminati and we're gonna try to figure out who is

and who is not a part of the Illuminati.

Cool. The lights just flickered, by the way.

- They did. - Is that...

Well, because the Illuminati controls the power grid. And they know we're making

- this episode right now. - Right. But Nartu Forty...

Did he make his way over here?

- Let's not get into that. - I don't know if he followed us or not.

- Okay, anyway… - (stammering) Download it on me.

- So what's the history of this thing? - (laughing)

Well, it goes back to -- I'll download it, Link -- it goes back to 1776,

a little thing called Bavarian Illuminati. This is the very first secret society that

the modern-day one ismm, kinda based on.

- Okay. - Modern-day Germany. We're talking about

Bavaria; it's a region in Germany. The society's goals -- the Illuminati at

that point -- the society's goals were to oppose superstition and religious

influence over public life and the abuses of state power. Okay?

So kinda like a secular organization.

But in the 19 -- or in the 1780s, just a few years after it got started,

- 'Kay. - It, along with a lot of other secret

societies like the Freemasons, was outlawed.

- Outlawed. - But the conspiracy theory started

even back then that it continued to operate...

- …underground. Now, fast-forward to - Underground.

modern times. There's really no connection to the Bavarian Illuminati, but there is

still a belief that there is a global, elite secret society that controls a lot

of things, including the U.S. government, the British government, the U.N.,

the Space Program, global banks, and the entire entertainment industry.

This is a very popular conspiracy theory, and these people believe that

the Illuminati is working to get their hands into all these different things in

society and to establish a new world order.

I wonder if they like it being called a conspiracy theory. They probably

- just call it, like, analysis. - Right. They believe this to be 100% true.

Now, where you get into this "Illuminati confirmed" stuff is they think that the

Illuminati like to taunt people publicly. They like to taunt the masses publicly,

through all these different gestures and symbols and stuff like that. And so the

popular symbols that supposedly represent the Illuminati: you've got the pyramid

triangle with a eye in the middle of it that you see on the dollar bill.

You've got Satanic-related imagery like 666, pentagram, and the Baphomet, which

is that goat-headed dude that looks like a human but with a goat's head and

goat legs. And then the way it manifests itself in these hand signals is the "okay"

symbol that I was doing at the opening of this, if you caught that.

That is 666there's three sixes next to each other when you make the "okay" symbol.

And then there's also creating a triangle or a pyramid with your hands

and sometimes putting your eye in it, or sometimes just doing that.

Okay, so that's a symbol from Illuminati to other Illuminati and also a t...

- …a taunting… - A taunt. It's a tuant to the masses.

- It's a veiled tauntthat people - Right.

spend a lot of time trying to spot and call out.

So apparently, all you got to be able to do is find people doing this and this

and this, and you can confirm the Illuminati. And so today, what we're gonna

do: we're gonna look at some of the celebrities who are most often

purported to be a part of the Illuminati. And I'm gonna present these to you

and me, also. Mostly to you, since I did the research.

- Okay. - And you're gonna tell me...

- ♪ (mysterious music) ♪ - ...Illuminati, or IllumiNOT?

- All right. Let's do it. - Let's get started with the power couple:

Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Illuminati up and d-- well, maybe. I don't know.

Now, I can see right off the bat with Jay-Z there. If you're in the balcony,

and if you're positioned just right, his eye might be going through that triangle.

- But, you know, if there's no balcony, - True.

he might just be blocking the light in his eyes.

- (Rhett) Mm. - He's like, "Hey, man, get the...

get that light outta my eyes. I can't see my people, I gotta…"

He's smiling though. He's smiling like, "Illuminati, yeah."

I think he's got kind of a grimace on his face. I think there's justhe's got on

- sunglasses, but that's not doin' it. - (Rhett) Psh. Okay.

- What about his wife? - Oh my, look at this.

(Link) She's doing the "okay" symbol. What is she saying?

She's saying "Illuminati." Look at that.

- (Rhett) Illuminati, illuminati… (etc.) - (Link) No, not that many syllables.

- I don't know what she's saying. - Okay, Link, you gotta...

- She's dancing, though… - …make a decision.

- Illuminati or IlluminNOT? - UhI don't know, that's pretty

obvious. I mean, she's not trying to hide it. Yes.

(Link) She is Illuminati. He is illuminNOT.

(Rhett) Really? you don't think they're in it together? Okay. What about

- Leo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp? - Oh!

- They're not a couple. - But right off the bat...

- But they're both making the same signal. - Thank you for the clarif--

(Link) They are. They are certainly doing the same thing. Now, is that Leo's

own arm, or is that someone else's arm coming in?

- (Rhett) I'm assuming that's his own arm. - (Link) Is he being forced into the...

- …Illuminati? - Possibly, but I see a shoulder there.

- And does Johnny Depp have a left eye? - (Rhett) Mm.

You know, it's scary. All of these questions are not apropos to our

- conversation. Umhm. - No, they're not.

I think that Johnny DeppI think he's IllumiNOT. Because he's just covering

- the fact that he only has one eyeball. - (exhales) But I've seen two eyeballs...

- Leonardo -- but not in this photo. - …on Johnny Depp.

Leonardo DiCaprio, he's got a sly look on his face. I think that's a taunting

- look. I'm saying that's Illuminati. - (Rhett) I think they're both just doing

- one half of the binoculars move. - Right.

You know, and so when they get together, they do the double binoculars.

- This is not Illuminati. - And if you turn 'em upside-down,

- you've gotthe owl thingy. - That thing.

Yeah, that's definitely Illuminati. Okay, how about Bush and Obama.

- (Link) Oh, gettin'... - (Rhett) Those are two Presidents...

- (Link) gettin' political here. - (Rhett) of the Unitied States.

And now they're doing the devil horn imagery. This is not the 666.

(Link) Okay, for Bush, I'm gonna ignore the obvious explanation that he is at

a college event where the mascot has horns.

- Right, like Texas, or… - (Link) And I'm gonna definitely say

- that he is Illuminati. - (Rhett though laughter) Okay!

For Obama, I'm gonna looks closely at that hand and say, 'Well, that's...

- he's doing the 'I love you' sign." - Really?

That is not the devil horn. He's saying "I love you," in sign language.

- (Link) I can'tIllumiNOT. - (Rhett) He's got his (stammering)

- (Rhett) finger up. so Obama is not Illuminati. That's not gonna go over well

with the Illuminati conspiracy people. They definitely thing Obama's in it.

Well, I mean, not in this photo. He's saying "I love you" in this photo.

Okay, so those are some celebrities that get talked about all the time in reference

to the Illuminati but there's another guy that I have found. He's a co-host of a

Internet show called Good Mythical Morning: Link Neal.

A lot of people have made Internet videos with lots of evidence about his

involvement in Illuminati, and instead of just showing those videos, I'm going to

analyze the evidence myself. Link, I think...

- All right. Lemme take a look, too. - This guy's got some things to answers...

answer to.

That was horrible. Now, I mean, I know that, I… (stammering)

- (shutter sound) - (Rhett) Okay.

(Link) Oh, I did catch that, there. You did the double 66.

- Hold on… - Um...

- (Rhett) Got the same shirt as you. - (Link) Got the same shirt as me.

- Weird. - Wow!

Link, how do you explain that. If this guy...

First of all, I don't have to explain anything, but my analysis is that

this guy, umwas about to do the double owl thing and then he just changed

- his mind. - (Laughing) Oh really? He backed off the

- double owl? - Yeah, I can see it in his eyes, that he

wasI think he's the type of guy that likes to do this a lot,

(silly voice) "Hey, isn't this funny? Look at me. I've got a narwhal shirt on."

- (laughing) Okay. - But he's just indecisive.

- What about… - And he left himself hanging.

Well, explain this.

- (Link) Advocating smoking, not cool. - (video Rhett) …you're smoking something.

- (laughing) You're smart! - Okay, is it

Something with cigarette lighter?

- I need a specific guess, here. - (shutter sound)

(Rhett) So this guy does the smoking thing.

He's got another weird t-shirt on, and then he does the "okay" symbol again.

This guy's becoming more suspicious, and more annoying the more I watch him.

Show me another one.

- (Rhett laughing) - (Link) Okay, so what I have.

- (Rhett) Whoa, whoa. - (Link) Look at that. Right off the bat,

this dude can't keep his mouth shut and his hands down.

- He just, look. And then he just - (crew offscreen laughing)

- keeps it going. Look. - (Link) Oh my goodness.

- (video Link) …different things that supposedly, different situations --

That was a good seven seconds of just (silly voice) "Illuminati. I'm...

- definitely a part of the Illuminati." - Right.

- I totally agree with you. I mean, um… - Okay.

- Yeah, put him in the Illuminati pot. - It doesn't stop there.

There's another one for this guy?

Keep your hands away from those ears, dude, because this one's true!

(devilish scream)

(Link) Whoa. (Rhett) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- That dude just was possessed. - "Wooow!" I mean, that was

- double devil sign, and a devil sound - Double taunting.

- came out of this mouth. - Double taun-- you know,

it's funny. That reminds me of some evidence I have. There's people all across

the Internet pointing out that a co-host of same show, different name:

- The other guy? The guy on the left. - Rhett McLaug-- Rhett McLaughlin.

- Yeah, the better looking one. - Now that you point it out.

- (crew laughing offscreen) - Yeah, I've got some images

of him. Check it out.

- Yeah, I would love to get some of that. - I would get b-- (shutter sound)

- (Link) Did you see that? - Psh, really early. Just (spits)

He threw up a 666, too. Just like it wasn't anything. Right off the bat.

I think he was justhold on a second. Play that again.

- Yeah, I would love to get some of that. - I would get b-- (shutter sound)

He said it on the "back", though, and he made -- it's also a "b" symbol.

It's like, "BACK." He said it on the "b." It was just emphasis. That's what that

- was. That's not Illuminati. - Maybe spelling with his hands?

- He's just spelling. - Here's another one.

Researchers also discovered that not only do the palm veins, uhcan they be

- used to id (shutter sound) - (Rhett) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- (Link) Look at that. He had his hand floating for a long time, and then all of

- a sudden -- whoop! - A then just bubbled right out.

- Went down into it. - Yeah, but hold on...

I'm not finding these, by the way. There's people on the Internet who are putting

these videos forward. I'm just gathering them.

But if you look in that little hole that he's creating, there's a cactus from

his shirt on there. I think he's just saying, "Hey, check out the cactus.

You wanna close-up of the cactus? Check out the cactus."

- (stammering) I don't see it here. - He's really interested in you seeing

- the cactus on his shirt? - Yeah.

What does that -- what kinda guy does that?

- All right, more evidence. - That guy.

lose, then a very common gesture that you perform, the adjusting of the

- glasses, will become officially - The a-- (shutter sound)

(Link) And there you go. There you have it. Is this just a little habit?

Does he wanna show a little part of the plaid swatch on his shirt now?

It is compelling, but it's more about the plaid. But here's the thing:

I think when these guys work together, is when it really, really gets interesting.

(Rhett) Okay, before we even play this video, I wanna point out something.

- The guy on the left has… - McLaughlin.

Yeah, McLaughlin on the left has Illuminati shirt on. This is, like, the

sweatshirt that you get when you join the Illuminati.

(laughing) Not to be worn in public, usually.

- And then the guy on the right has… - He probably got a fine for wearing that

- on the Internet. - …these three triangles.

(Rhett) So it's like, first of all, we're all Illuminati. We've got the clothes on.

- Look at that stupid smirk on his face. - (Rhett) But what are the chances that

this happens. Check this out.

- Scientists are sleepy people. - I think they want people to sleep,

and then they want to invent things we don't know about 'cause we're sleepin'.

- Illuminati. - (shutter sound)

- He said, "Illuminati." - That was a mistake.

- He just came out and said it. - (crew offscreen laughing)

They got the clothes on, and then they said, "Illuminati." But that's only the

beginning, 'cause watch what happens with the hands.

They shouldn't have left that guy in. He lets it slip out every time he...

- …am in love with sleep. - Well, that's what we're go--

(Rhett) Okay, so right there. There was a little...

- He flashed the sixes. - Little 666.

(Rhett) Oh! And then he's just lettin' it ride.

He's letting 666 ride right there on his neck. And then it changes to devil horns.

Did you see that? Left guy went from 666 to devil horn all in one motion.

And then he comes back and holds out devil horns.

I don't even think we need to weigh in on this one. You guys be the judge:

- Illuminati or IllumiNOT. - Illuminati. These two guys,

the Good Mythical Morning hosts, definitely part of the Illuminati.

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