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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I'll Eat ANYTHING That Starts With The FIRST LETTERS of My Name

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- [Both] Hey guys! - I'm Marissa!

- I'm Brookie!

- And today we're only going to be eating food

that starts with the first letter in our name.

(acoustic guitar)

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Anyway we're at the store right now

and we're gonna go inside.

We have ten minutes to get

all of the things that we can think of

that start with the first letter

of our name. - Yes.

- My name is Marissa so I'm getting stuff

that starts with M.

- My name is Brookie or Brooklyn

and I have to get letters with


Food with B.

- These are not super common well actually,

what's like a common letter

that most foods starts with?

(crickets chirping)

I don't know. - I feel like just

all over the place.

- All over, well let's go!

- [Marissa] My timer has started.

- And we're off.

All right we have ten minutes

to go and get all of our food, so let's go.

- Mandarin oranges.

Got my first thing down

within 20 seconds, yes!

- There's so many people here

it's very, very it's gonna be interesting.

- I was thinking in my head before the challenge started

and I'm like, Milano Cookies.

I really like the mint chocolate.

These were like my favorite things when I was younger.

- So there's B, banana.

I don't really like bananas.

But I got some bananas.

Add them to the cart

- Microwave popcorn, oh my gosh.

Literally right here.

I'm gonna get this.


- Broccoli, I really don't want that.

We're not getting broccoli.

We're not getting broccoli.

- Also I don't know who wins the challenge,

if you get more stuff or if you get like better stuff,

if you know what I mean?

Pringles, that sounds really good.

I'm just getting all the junk food.

- I think berries were over here like raspberries.

I'm gonna go with blueberries or blackberries.

I'm gonna go with blackberries.

- [Marissa] I have Muddy Buddies, oranges,

microwave popcorn and Milano cookies.

- It's pretty good, blackberries.

I could get like a,

I don't know!

- [Marissa] Looking at candy.

Mini, Mini Starbursts.

Guys I love this challenge!

- This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I don't know what we're going to do.

B, oh bagels.

Bagels, bagels.

- I feel like I need to get some healthy stuff too.

Maybe I'm going to get fruit.

I have six minutes left.

- Mini bagels, those are the best.

Ooh Crunch Berries.

Crunch Berries, you know what I mean?

Those are the best.

- I am trying to look for mangoes,

but I don't really know where to start looking for that.

M is hard.

- Okay we have seven minutes left,

and I kind of need to hurry

because I - [Marissa] Beans.

- do not have enough but--

- Also, I don't know if it counts

if it's the brand that starts with an M

or the actual food that starts with an M.

- I'm going to get a burrito

because that sounds much better than beans.

So like there's a lot of beans, yeah.

- I'm also looking in the freezer section,

looking for anything, anything that starts

with an M or has a letter of M on it.

- This cart is really, really loud.

Okay what is happening with this cart?

It's like (squeaking).

- Ooh, I want to get a drink too.

any chips that start with an M?

- Gummy bears, yeah.

- [Marissa] Mesquite BBQ, yes.

- Wild Berry LifeSavers.

I mean like, berry.

We're working with it.

- [Marissa] I'm gonna get orange mango Cascade Ice.

- Blue, strawberry, raspberry straw things?

- [Marissa] Mellow Yellow, I don't know what this is

but that looks good, Mellow Yellow.

- Got some bread.

Oh I could get some berry jam.

- Once again, I'm going for junk food.

M & M's, can't forget about those.

- Oh look what I found, I found some bread sticks!

Blueberry Eggos.

Why not?

- [Marissa] Wow I have a junk food cart.

This is amazing.

I love challenges like this

because we get to eat food

and sometimes it's not the healthiest.

- I'm getting a beef.

See I'm so good at this, like what the crap like.

I'm out of breath.

- Guys I have one minute to finish my round.

I've no idea what to get.

- We need to hurry.

We have like, a minute left.

I need to get some jam for my toast.

- [Marissa] I have ten seconds.

I think I'm gonna get some Mochi Ice Cream balls.

Mango Sweet.

- Oh watermelon is kind of a berry.

Ooh strawberry, strawberry.

- All right guys, time just ran out.

Here's Brookie, Brook!

Are you done? - Time's up, time's up.

Yep, I got a lot of stuff! - You got way more stuff

than I did. - [Brookie] Wow, what is this?


I've always wanted to

try that. - [Marissa} Yeah, I'm really

excited for this and I got the mango kind.

Okay let's go check out and then we can reveal

what we got at home. - Yes.

- All right guys, we are back

from the grocery store and--

- We're in the studio

(fans screaming)

- But we are here back in the studio.

It actually feels pretty good.

So we thought it would be fun

to switch this up a little bit and play a game.

So the game is, I'm going to pull something out

or like you'll pull

something out. - Yeah

- And then we're gonna have to match it

or like give something better than that

from our selection that we got at the store.

Do you just want to do rock, paper, scissors

to see who goes first? - Sure

- [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

- All right - So you go first.

So I get to like one-up her.

- Okay well these are pretty good.

They're the Crunch Blueberries.

- B as in berries.

- So I got blueberries, they're the best.

I love them so much.

- Kinda similar, they're kind of crunchy.

I'm gonna go with my Mesquite BBQ Kettle Cooked Chips.

I am so excited for these.

Do you wanna open them up? - Okay.

- Well I guess I'll just eat cereal without milk,

but like it's still good.

- I actually love these.


- I just love food videos

because I mean there's food in them,

so like-- - We get to eat.

It just makes it

so much better. - It's so good.

- All right.

- These are pretty good chips.

- All the berries in them.

That was good.

- If you were to choose, would you choose chips

or cereal with no milk?

Like honestly I would

pick chips - I would pick chips.

- So I guess that's one point for me,

zero points for Brookie.


- Next round.

- Now my turn to get one.

I don't really know what this is.

It's called Mellow Yellow.

- I don't know, I don't know

that either. - Its like, I think it's...

I think it has caffeine in it.

It looks really good. - Take a little squirt

you know

- Citrus-flavored soda.

It looks kind of like a Sprite.

- I'm gonna go with

Gummy Bears. - Ooh.

- I love Gummy Bears.

They're so yummy. - That's a hard decision.

Okay I'm gonna try this.

I'm really excited actually.

Oh my gosh, it's so good.

That is so good.

That tastes like lemonade and Sprite together.

- It probably is.

For me Gummy Bears are just always good.

- Okay so that's the next round.

Would you rather eat well this is hard

because I like both of them.

It just depends on my mood, if I'm like,

thirsty or like-- - Like right now,

right now. - Right now?

I would go with this because I'm like thirsty.

- I'll go with this.

I love Gummy Bears. - So I think our mom

has to be the tiebreaker.

- [Mom] Gummy bears.

- Yeah!

- Oooh!

So one-one - One-one.

- All right I'm gonna go with blackberries.

- Blackberries? - Blackberries are

pretty good.

Mandarin oranges.

I love oranges.

Oranges are just a staple, you know?

These are both healthy.

I think like the only healthy thing I got.


Also I love the orange smell.

- Okay at first it was like,

so hard to find something in your name.

But then like once like you dug a little bit,

like you could

find a bunch. - I was debating on

whether or not it was cheating

if you got something

where the brand started with M

instead of like the actual food.

This for example.

Oranges isn't an M, but Mandarin oranges yes.

- I don't think it's cheating

like it's the brand so like it's okay.

- I would rather eat oranges

because I don't like blackberries.

- I would rather eat these.

- [Both] Mom!

- [Mom] I say berries

because you can get oranges

any time of the year.

- Yeah! - What?

I'm gonna go with

I'm so excited for these. - Oh I've been wanting

to try these. - I'm so excited for these.

these are the Mochi Ice Cream Balls.

And I was like, this was within the last

ten seconds of the game.

I just saw these in the freezer section

so I was just about dying.

- (mumbling) They are like frozen,

you see that?

- Wow, that is so weird.

Okay how can I one this up?

- I don't think you can one this up honey.

- Brownies.

I don't know, I don't know.

- I'm just excited to try these.

These are the mango, - I do wanna try those.

- the sweet mango.

- I wanna try them.

- Oh, I hate the texture of it.


Oh it's so weird guys, it's so weird.

(upbeat music)

The outside has like corn starch on it

and is like rubbery.

And then the inside is filled with

ice cream which is so good. - (Brookie) Oh my gosh

- Brookie's first time trying it.

- It's not that bad.

- I just don't like the outside.

Ice cream is really good.

- The ice cream's good.

- My fingers are numb.


- My teeth are so cold.

- Okay the brownies or Mochi balls?


- Those are really good too.

Actually, I prefer brownies.

What do you prefer Brookie?

- Mochi. - Mochi?


- [Mom] I'd have to say, Mochi.

- Mochi!

- No, I only got one there.

- Yes!

- Well both of them are really good though so,

but I like Mochi.-- - But the mochi is

just like interesting and fun.

- All right my turn to choose,

and I'm gonna go with Sour Punch Blueberry thingabobbers.

- Mini Starbursts.

- Oh those are... - So they are both candy.

You can't go wrong with Mini Starbursts.

- I love those.

- But these are fun.

- I don't know.

- Oh those a re sour.

I think that I'm going to go with Starburst.

- Same.

I like them better. - Starbursts, yeah.

- And now it's three to two.

- I'm loosing! - Brook is loosing.

I'm choosing Microwave popcorn.

- I'm... - This is a cheddar

which is my favorite.

- Am gonna one you up with breadsticks.

Oh, that's hot.

- Oh my gosh.

I could not find anything in the freezer section

besides those Mochi balls.

- Mochi balls (laughing)

- [Marissa] Yum!

Can I try the other half?

- (mumbles)

- Wait those are so good.

Dipped in some sauce, and that would be delicious.

- And like the garlic on it, ooh.

- I'd rather pick bread sticks.

- All the way.

- Three to three.

- All right next round.

- It's your turn girl.

Oh my.

- I have LifeSaver Gummies wild berry.

- I have orange mango Cascade Ice.

I'm so excited for this. - Oh I want one so bad.

- I didn't get any drinks

because I could not find one drink.

- Root Beer

- Oh yeah. (laughing)

Idiot. - Why didn't you

think of that?

- I'm too weak to cut.

- (rip) That's always...

What in the world did you just do?

They're all over girl.

- No!

- Crud.

- No!

Well that was so sad.

- All right and for that round,

we decided on Cascade Ice.

- Yeah. - yeah!

- This time I'm really thirsty right now.

- So now it's either four to three,

or five three, or four four.

My favorite one of all is

the Milano Mint Chocolate cookies.

- I have strawberry gum, like strawberry.

I know that's like stretching it a bit like--

- It's strawberry, right.

That does not count.

- Yes it...

- That does not count. - Excuse you, it has berry.

- Berry, it's straw,

that doesn't even start with the letter B.

- It's berry gum!

- The challenge is starting - No.

- Find food that that starts with

the letter of your name. - Then it's berry gum.

- It is Strawberry gum, - It's berry gum.

it is strawberry, - It is berry gum.

- not berry. - It's berry gum.

- No, this is not acceptable.

- That's a cookie.

- Milano, you cannot argue that.


- (Screaming and pounding gum on table)

- I can't open this.

My hands are really, really tired,

and I feel like I can't move,

and not coordinated right now.

I actually don't wanna eat gum right now.

- Me neither.

- So I'm just going to give it to Milano

because I love Milano. - Woo!

What's the score?

I have no idea.

All right, My next one just came hot

out of the oven. - It looks so good.

so good.

- And I got Taquitos!

- I'm going to argue with M&Ms.

- M&Ms?

- I would honestly pick Taquitos though,

especially right now because that's like, actual food.

- Kind of.

- Really good.

And then M&Ms.


- My new saying is, "Girl".



- Okay. - It's stuck.

I can't.

- Peanut Butter M&Ms are my favorite by the way,

but Brookie gets a point for that round.

- It's stuck.

All right we both agreed on Taquitos

so I get that one.

I don't even know the score anymore,

but you know

we'll just say it's at-- - This is my last one.

- Seven four.

- Oh I'm going to win then. - I'm gonna,

- No, you're not. - Yeah I've more items,

so you can't one up me.

- Well, I have Muddy Buddies.

And this one ups all.

You have bread honey?

Well I have Muddy Buddies - No, I have blueberry Eggos.

- That does not one-up this.

- They're cold!

- Oh it's so good.

I would always get these on road trips.

Yeah I'm not even trying that.

- (mumbling)

I definitely like Buddies a lot more than cold Eggos.

- Cold eggos.

That was my last item.

- Then you can't one up my bananas.

So I get that point. - Dang it.

You can't one up my bread.

So I get that point.

You can't one up my bagels.

You can't get that point.

So I win.

- So I don't know.


- Ah thank you. - How?

How do I do, how?

- You just didn't get enough stuff so you know,

take the L.

- Okay I'm taking it.

Okay so that's the end of our challenge.

It looks like Brookie won because

she had more items than me.

But comment down below whose items

you thought were better.

And give this video a thumbs up

if you liked this challenge.

I loved it, it was really fun.

- I know like food.

- Me too. - So anyways,

thank you so much for watching.

We'll see you next time.

Bye - Peace.

(upbeat music)

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