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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Smoothie Challenge w/ Shopkins Real Littles Toys!

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- [Mom] This video is sponsored by Moose.

Hi everybody!

Thank you for watching us today.

We are going to have an epic video today

with a smoothie challenge pinning

Maya against Addy, and our smoothie

challenge is going to be inspired by

the newest line of Shopkins called Real Littles.

Now we all know and love Shopkins.

They're the original collectible brand

that brings all of these inanimate objects

to life with adorable faces and unique names.

But these new Real Littles are real brands...

- Real little...

- And real cute.

- That's right.

Picture your favorite brands that you find

in the supermarket or at the stores turned into Shopkins.

- Like Welch's grape jelly.

- That's right.

This Welch's grape mini pack

opens up with a Shopkins inside.

All right, you want to open it

and see what's inside?

- [Maya] It's Amanda Grape Jelly.

- And then Addy's gonna check out one of the new

Skechers mini packs - Ooh!

- It looks just like a shoebox!

Why don't you see who's inside?

- Ooh, can't wait to see.

Oh my gosh, it's so cute and cool!

It's Heart Lights!

- [Mom] So cute!

And here are two of my favorites,

Berry Cute Snacks and Sour Cream Pringle.

I love these because I love

to eat fruit snacks and Pringles.

- And I got Apple Jacks.

One of my favorite cereals.

- That's true.

And who do you have, Addy?

- Krispie Treat Twins!

I love Rice Krispie Treats.

- So now that you know what Real Littles are,

you might be wondering how our smoothie competition

is going to work.

Well, let me tell you, it's gonna be pretty easy.

First of all, the girls are each

going to be adding four ingredients

to their smoothies, and they're not gonna be

your typical smoothie ingredients,

lemme tell you that.

Are you nervous?

- Yeah.

- The ingredients they're going to be adding

are going to be inspired

by some of the Shopkins Real Littles.

I have eight mini baskets laid out on the table

and each basket contains one Shopkins Real Littles.

The girls are going to take turns

picking a number between one and eight,

I'll give them the corresponding baskets,

and they'll get to keep that Shopkins

to add to their collection, but here's the catch.

The girls will have to put the corresponding

real life food item into their blender

to be a part of their smoothie.

So for example, if one of the girls drew JP Pop-tart,

they would have to put the corresponding

brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tart into their blender

to be a part of their smoothie.

So are you two ready for this?

- Well I'm excited to get the Real Littles,

but I'm kinda nervous about the smoothie part.

- I would be a little bit nervous too.

So you might be wondering how we

decide who the winner is, well I'll be the judge.

I'm going to judge whoever makes

the best smoothie is the winner.

- And what do we win?

- Good question Maya, and I bet

you at home wanna know too.

We have some Shopkins Real Littles

prizes to give away to the winner.

Let me give you a quick peek.

The winner will get this Shopkins Real Littles

Shopping Cart pack that comes with

this cute Little Shoppies.

She is the exclusive Chrissy Puffs Shoppie.

And I love this little cereal bowl

that's spilling over on her head.

And then she comes with two Shopkins Real Littles

inside her shopping cart.

Inside this Welch's orange juice mini pack

we have this cute little Shopkins.

Ooh, she makes me want some orange juice.

And then inside this mini pack, we have Cindy Cereal.

And both of these are exclusives.

Plus girls, we have a really super

exciting surprise that I'm gonna

let be a little bit mysterious right now.

But right behind here, I have something extra special.

This actually transforms into a Cutie O's

Mini Mega Mart.

And it is super duper cool, but

we're not going to reveal how that works

until the end of the video when we have the winner.

So who wants to win?

- Me!

- Who do you think is gonna win?

- Me.

- Me.

All right, well I think it's time

to get us started, even though

we're only doing eight different

Real Littles in this video, there

are actually over 50 to collect.

Addy, I'm gonna start with you since you're oldest.

- Yes.

- I want you to pick a number between one and eight.

- I'm gonna go...



- Four, okay!

One, two, three, four!

So who did you get?

- [Addy] Frosted Flakes!

- [Mom] Frosted Flakes!

I love how it's like a real little

Frosted Flake, it looks like, inside,

like a bag cereal comes in.

Now Frosted Flakes is actually

part of the breakfast collection,

and in looking at the collector's guide,

there are eight collections that

these Shopkins Real Littles come from.

They can be breakfast, dessert, drinks, dinner,

pantry, shoes, sweet snacks, and savory snacks.

- I hope I get some sweet snacks!

- I think we all do.

All right, so Addy got a cool Shopkins

to add to her collection, but we have to add

Frosted Flakes to her smoothie now.

Okay, Addy, Frosted Flakes in the blender.

- Okay.

- Can you pour some in?

- Yep.

- All right.

- Whoa, it looks so good.

- More! (laughs)

All right, well a Frosted Flakes smoothie




It's your turn.

What number do you wanna choose?

It has to be between one and eight,

we've already chosen four.

- Well since she chose four, I wanna do...


- Five?


One, two, three, four, five!

So who did you get Maya?

- A cute cherry Pop-tart.

- [Mom] Oh wow, that one's adorable!

And cherry Pop-tart is a part of the

sweet snacks collection!

I hope you like them because they're

going in your smoothie.

Do you like cherry Pop-tarts?

- A lot.

- Oh, good!

All right Maya, cherry Pop-tart in the blender!

All right, you may have to break it up some.

Okay, in there it goes!

I think you have still part of it in here.

- My smoothie's gonna be good.

- Now before we move on and they add

their second ingredient to their blenders,

I wanna show you something else

that's really cool with the Real Littles collection,

Addy, pass it over here.

You can get a whole collector's case

to store all of your Real Littles inside.

The case holds 52 Real Littles inside their mini packs,

so it's a really manageable collection, and this provides

an easy way to store them and transport them.

We currently have stuff with some of our

other Shopkins collections, but you can see here

that there's a place for each of the Real Littles.

So for example, when you collect this

Skecher Real Littles, you can place it

right inside the appropriate container!

So it looks like we have a lot

of collecting to do, girls!

But now it's time to continue on with the competition!

It's Addy's turn, so Addy, a number

between one and eight, but four and five

have already been chosen.

- Hm, I'm gonna choose eight.

- Eight, let's see what it is!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!

So who did you get, Addy?

- Anna Mel Cookies!

- [Mom] Anna Mel Cookies, how cute!

Anna Mel Cookies is part of the

sweet snacks collection, and it's

personally one of my favorite sweet treats.

The original Circus Animal Cookies!

All right, we're gonna add some to the blender.

Oh, these look so good, I kinda wanna eat one now!

- Hey!

- All right, I think Addy's smoothie

might not be half bad so far.

But Maya, it's on to your turn.

Number between one and eight, but

it can't be four, five, or eight.

- Hm.

- I want, since Colin's three, I'm gonna do two.

- Since he's three, you're gonna do two?

- Mhm.

- I don't know how much sense that logic makes,

but we'll go with it, and I think

she's gonna be happy with choice number two.

One, two!

Yum yum.

What was in basket number two?

- Fudgy Stripes!

- [Mom] Fudgy Stripes!

Which is absolutely adorable, and the

real life version is absolutely delicious.

So let me grab the Fudge Stripes,

and we'll add it to Maya's blender.

All right Maya, let's add a few of these in here.

What do you say?

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

I like these on their own, I'm not sure how

much I'm gonna like them in a smoothie,

but we'll find out, I guess.

Ooh, that's a lot!

- [Maya] Yeah! (laughs)

- These smoothies are getting interesting,

their Real Littles collections are growing,

and it's time to continue on.

Addie, you can choose number one, three, six, or seven.

- Six.

- [Mom] One, two, three, four, five, six.


Addie, I think this is our first one

from the savory snacks collection, who'd you get?

- Corinne Crackers!

- Corinne Crackers!

She looks like Club Crackers!

So we're gonna be adding Club Crackers

to Frosted Flakes and Circus Animal Cookies.

Here they are!

Okay, Addy!

She loves her Club Crackers.

She could eat Club Crackers all day.

- Every meal.

- But do you think you could eat them,

or drink them in a smoothie?

- Um...

This is gonna be a crunchy smoothie.

- Yeah, it will be a crunchy smoothie.

- That's all I have to say.

- All right, a few more in there, I think.

Looks delicious!

And now, it's Miss Maya's turn to choose!

One, three, or seven, what are you gonna go with?

- Mm, one.

- One, lucky number one!

Here's number one!

She is from the breakfast collection of Real Littles,

and what's her name?

- Ella Eggo!

- [Mom] She's an Eggo Waffle, and mm-mm, delicious!

And you love Eggo Waffles too, don't you?

- All right, let's see how much we love them

in a smoothie though.

She's the thick and fluffy variety!

Eggo Waffles are pretty big, so I think

one should be good enough.

- Yeah.

- And I don't think these are frozen, either.

- Oh, yeah.

- Are they frozen still?

Nope, wanna tear it up and put them in here?

Mm, nice and fluffy!

Oh gosh, this doesn't look too good for a smoothie.

- [Addy] Uh-uh.

- Well you girls have collected

some really cute Real Littles and it's time to continue on.

There's only two left, so Addy, you can choose

between numbers three and seven.

What's it gonna be?

- Seven.

- Seven, all right.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Okay, so Addy got an adorable Shopkins

from the savory snack collection, and who is it?

Do you know?

- [Addy] No. - [Mom] Cheddar Pringles.

- Ooh.

- You love Pringles, don't you?

- Yeah, and I love cheddar.

- And I like how the Shopkins looks like

the whole stack of Pringles.

Pretty cute.

Okay, cheddar Pringles, adding it to the smoothie!

Okay, let's put, how about a good stack in there.

Ooh, that's a good stack.

Couple more, maybe?

- Hm.

Maybe like two.

- Two more, okay.

All right, smoothie looks pretty good.

And I think you've added all your ingredients for now,

which means Maya, it's your turn,

and there's only one basket left.

You get number three.

One, two, and number three!

You got a cutie patootie from the savory snacks,

who is it?

- Cheez-It.

- Cheez-It!

And I love how glittery and sparkly Cheez-It is.

Isn't that cute?

- [Maya] Mhm.

- Do you think Cheez-Its are gonna be good in your smoothie?

We'll find out, I guess.

Here we go!

All right Maya, Cheez-Its in the blender!

- [Girls] Ooh!

- What do you think about this?

- I don't know if it's gonna be a good smoothie.

- I don't know either.

- I think mine's gonna be good.

- You think...

- Do you have some in your mouth, too?


I think we're eating more than we're

putting in the blender.

- Yeah.

Can I have some?

- (laughs)

So the girls have each collected four Real Littles

and they've each added four ingredients

to their blenders, but...

These concoctions look like they're missing something.

What do you think they're missing?

- A liquid!

- A liquid!

- A liquid!

It would be a really weird smoothie without a liquid.


Maya, you're the youngest, pick a hand.

- Um...

I feel good with Addy's.

- This one?

All right, let's see what you got.

- [Maya] Welch's grape juice.

- And why don't you see what little Shopkins

is inside that adorable little mini pack?

- (gasps)

- Oh, it's so cute!

That's Glen Grape Juice from the drinks collection!

- He's so cute.

- He is, and it also means that we're

gonna be adding grape juice to Maya's smoothie.

Not bad.

And now let's see what Addy gets.

So you have this hand, wanna see what it is?

- Yeah.

- [Mom] Welch's white grape juice!

Now this is just the mini pack, why don't you

peek inside and see what the Real Littles Shopkins

is inside that you get to keep.

- (gasps)


It's Quinn Grape Juice!

- That's right, and Quinn Grape Juice

is a rare from the drinks collection!

- A rare?

- Mhm, I think Maya's was actually

a rare too, so you both got some rare drinks,

and we're gonna be adding white grape juice to your blender.

For Maya's smoothie, and for Addy's smoothie.

The grape juices are ready to go, let's

add them in the blenders and then we're gonna

blend them up and we'll have the taste, ooh!

Testing competition, let me help you, Maya.

There we go, oh wow.

Before we blend them up, I wanna know

both of your favorite Shopkins Real Littles that

you've collected today.

- I like Fudgy Stripes the best!

- Oh yes, he is cute!

- And I like Anna Mel Cookies the best!

- Both good choices, and just a reminder

that whoever wins this competition

is gonna get this really cool surprise behind me

that we're gonna be opening pretty soon

and you are going to want to see what it is.

Okay, it's time to blend Maya's smoothie.

(blender whirring)

(cheerful guitar music)

- All right, well it looks pretty interesting.

Let's move on to Addy's now.

I'm gonna get the lid on and put it up on the blender.

Here we go!

(blender whirring)

(liquid bubbling)


Okay, the judging time has arrived.

Now, I'm the judge, but in order to

qualify for judging, you each

have to sample your own.

- Oh, gosh.

- Let's see what you think.

- (coughs)

- (laughs)

Not a fan of yours?

- No.

- You like yours?

- Mhm.

- Interesting.

But their opinions don't really matter.

All comes down to my opinion, so I'm

gonna see what I think of the two smoothie concoctions.


You drank yours?

- I almost finished.

- Wow, okay.

(mumbles) - She really likes hers.

I'll start with Maya's.


It's not actually that bad.

I wouldn't drink it again, but not that bad.


- Mm, mine's bad.

- Mm!


Yours is bad.

I think the winner is definitely Maya.

- Dang it.

- Look at this, I drank all of it.

- My goodness, you're a crazy girl.

But you know what that means?

- What?

- You get the prize.

You wanna check it out with us?

- Yeah!

- Let's do it!

Now you can take your Shoppies, and the Shopping Cart,

and I am going to go back here and

get the Cutie O's Mini Mega Mart!

Okay, so this Cutie O's Cereal Box

is gonna open up to reveal the coolest

shopping market that holds so many,

like 60 of your Real Littles Shopkins.


- Yeah.

- I'm gonna take this off, and we have

a cute little shelf here to display some of your Shopkins.

Now watch this.

We're gonna pop these open

to reveal - Whoa.

- More shelves...

And, we're not done yet.

- We're not?

- We're gonna pop these down

to make - Oh my gosh!

- Even more shelving areas.

Here's the cutest little freezer section

for all of our cold items.

We've got an adorable cash register over here

where our Little Shoppies can work.

And then, check this out.

This pops up and has even more frozen storage,

inside the little drawers, or inside the cupboards,

I should say.

Plus, over here we pop this up


and we have room for all of our dairy items.

And then over here on Addie's side,

we can pop this up for, what do we have?

- Breakfast!

- Breakfast items - Yay, I love breakfast.

- And then this pops up for pantry items.

- Yay!

I love breakfast and pantry.

- (laughs) I do too.

So I'm gonna bring in some more Real Littles

and we're gonna fill up this whole

Mega Mini Mart with the first part

of our collection.

- [Maya] Ooh, BB Cute Pringles goes in the pantry section.

- [Mom] I've got Chris P. Sprinkles here,

which is a Rice Krispie Treat,

definitely goes in the sweet section.

- (mumbles)

- Waffles are supposed to go in the frozen section.

- Oh, yes!

(music continues)

Oh, I'll need some more Cutie Pops for sure,

they're my favorite cereal.

Oh yes, more of these.

- Oh, and we also have a special on Christie Krispies!

- Oh yes, I love Christie Krispies.

Just like my favorite cereal, Rice Krispies.

- Oh and girls, there's also these exclusive

Cutie O's that come with the set.

Let's see what's inside!

Oh my goodness!

So cute!


- Let's add it to the pantry section!

- Good idea!

- I need some gummies!

Let's go find some gummies.

- Oh, hi!

We're gummies.

- Oh, thank you little gummies.

- Well, we hope you've had

a wonderful time checking out the Shopkins

Real Littles with us today, which are

Real brands, real little, and real cute.

We'll see you guys next time on Tic Tac Toy!


(cheerful instrumental music)

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