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daily schedule I wake up every morning

at 7 o clock I take a shower I eat my

breakfast I usually have toast or cereal

I brush my teeth I put on my clothes I

catch the school bus I ride to school in

my class we have math and English before

recess at recess time the girls skip or

walk around and talk the boys play in

the playground or play baseball after

recess we have physical education and

geography we eat lunch and then we play

outside when the bell rings we line up

to go back into the classroom after

lunch we have history and science at

recess we play ball again some of the

girls play ball too in the winter we

build snowmen if it is too cold we stay

indoors and talk to each other after

recess we have music and health we get

out of school at 3:30 I sometimes walk

home with my friends or I take the bus I

have a snack and change my clothes when

I get home if it is raining I watch

television if it is nice outside I play

with my friends I have supper at 5:30 on

some nights I help my mother to do the

dishes after supper I do my homework I

wash my face and hands and brush my

teeth I change into my pajamas I go to

bed at 9 o'clock

meals breakfast is very rushed at our

house my brothers and sisters and I have

toast or cereal we also have orange

juice on weekends my mother makes bacon

and eggs for us

my father just has a cup of coffee for


my mother packs a lunch for all of us we

usually have a sandwich a piece of fruit

and a drink of juice or milk my favorite

sandwiches are egg salad tuna roast beef

and ham my brother always wants peanut

butter and jam sandwiches my mother

sometimes packs a treat for us today we

had cookies with our lunch at suppertime

the family sits around the table and

talks about what they did all day my

mother makes good suppers we sometimes

have spaghetti my mother makes a roast

of beef with potatoes and vegetables

quite often she makes many different

dishes out of chicken she makes soups or

stews she also makes casseroles my

brothers and sisters and I have milk

with our dinner my parents sometimes

have wine with their dinner sometimes we

have salad before our dinner I set the

table for my mother I put out the forks

the knives and spoons I also put out

glasses and fill them full of milk or

water for dessert we sometimes have ice

cream cake or pie my mother says that it

is better to have fruit because it is

better for you tonight I ate a peach for

dessert my favorite fruits are apples

peaches plums and bananas after supper

my mother always has a cup of tea with

sugar and cream in it after dinner I

helped my mother with the dishes usually

she washes the dishes and I will dry


seasons there are four seasons winter is

the cold season it snows in the winter

the winds blow and ice forms on the

water we play hockey on the ice we play

in the snow

after winter is the spring that is when

it begins to get warmer trees get buds

on them flowers start to bloom it rains

a lot in the spring spring is followed

by the summer it can get very hot in the

summertime the Sun shines brightly we go

swimming in the summer we spend a lot of

time outdoors many people go on

vacations in the summer we get a summer

vacation from school summer is followed

by the fall or autumn the leaves on the

trees change colors they change from

green to red orange and brown the leaves

fall off the trees the weather gets

cooler the days get shorter we go back

to school in the fall then winter comes

again the seasons follow one after each


whether you can watch the weatherman on

TV to find out what the weather will be

like it might be a nice clear day with

no clouds in the sky the Sun might be

shining it could be a cloudy day

sometimes cloudy days are just dull on

some cloudy days it begins to rain or


some days are rainy you need a raincoat

umbrella and boots on a rainy day rain

makes the flowers and grass grow the

weather forecast

might say that it will be windy you

could have a gentle breeze it might be

very gusty so that the wind pushes you

it is dangerous if the wind is very

strong a hurricane or tornado is very

dangerous once in a while the weatherman

says there will be hail hail stones are

hard cold pellets of ice that fall from

the sky sometimes the weatherman will

say that there will be snow flurries

sometimes there is just a light dusting

of snow sometimes there is a blizzard or

a snow storm it can be dangerous driving

through a blizzard if there is a lot of

snow the streets have to be plowed you

need a hat coat mittens and boots on a

very cold day sometimes the weather

forecast is wrong the weatherman might

say that it will be a sunny day but then

the clouds come in and it rains that is

not good if you are planning a picnic I

prefer sunny days that are warm but not

too hot I like to feel a gentle breeze

to cool me down

house a house is divided into different

rooms in my house there is a living room

there is a couch two chairs a coffee

table and a television set in the living

room in the kitchen there is a stove and

a refrigerator there is also a sink and

a dishwasher in the kitchen there is a

kitchen table and chairs we most of our

meals at the kitchen table we have a

dining room there is a dining table and

chairs in there there is a washroom or

bathroom there is a toilet sink and

bathtub in the bathroom there is also a

shower in the bathroom we have three

bedrooms the bedrooms are upstairs my

brother's room my room and my parents

room all have beds in them we also have

dressers in our rooms there are closets

in all of the bedrooms we keep our

clothes in the closets there is a

basement in our house we store things in

the basement there is a laundry room in

the basement there is a washing machine

and a dryer in the laundry room this is

where we wash and dry our clothes there

is a garage attached to the house we

keep the car in the garage you drive up

the driveway and into the garage we also

have a front yard and a back yard there

is a vegetable garden in the back yard

there are some flowers and a tree

planted in the front yard

school there are different types of

schools there is an elementary school

the children at the elementary school

are young there is a playground for them

to play in the classrooms are bright and


there are blackboards in the classrooms

the children sit in desks to do their

work there is a parking lot for the

teachers to park in there is a cafeteria

for the students to get food the

principal has an office nobody wants to

go to the principal's office it usually

means that you are in trouble if you

have to go to the principal's office

when you finish elementary school you go

to high school most of the students in

high school are teenagers there is a

parking lot outside the high school

there is also a football field outside

the students go to classes in different

classrooms they move from classroom to

classroom for each subject there is a

cafeteria where they can get their

lunches or eat the lunches that they

have brought from home there is a

gymnasium where students have physical

education dances are also held in the

gymnasium some students go on to

university from high school students at

the university are older some of the

students are even senior citizens people

come from all over the world to attend

the university there are lots of

different things at the University there

is a theater where plays and concerts

are held there is a bookstore where

students can buy their textbooks there

is a physical education building that

has a swimming pool in it the parking

lot at the university is very big they

call the land that the university is on

a campus some of the students live on

campus in residence

subjects there are many subjects that

you can take at school my favorite

subject is music I like to sing and to

play the clarinet I also like art I am

quite good at drawing and painting

history is a good subject I like

learning about the past

geography is very interesting we look at

many maps in geography we learn where

there are deserts and mountains I know

the names of all the continents in all

the oceans mathematics is my least

favorite subject I'm not very good with

numbers I am good at addition and

subtraction but I'm not good at division

and multiplication in my school we learn

to speak French we learn French because

Canada has French and English speaking

citizens English literature is a good

subject I enjoy reading books I also

like to write compositions and poetry

science is my brother's favorite subject

he is interested in plants and he likes

to do experiments we also take drama at

my school I like to act I got the lead

role in the school play

international students we have many

international students at my school some

of the students come from England they

speak English but they have an accent

that is different from a Canadian accent

many students are from Japan they are

learning our language and our customs we

have students from Germany Italy China

Korea and Iran we try to make those

students feel welcome here the students

like to see what is here they go

sightseeing they visit all the places

that the tourists like to go to Niagara

Falls and Toronto are interesting places

to visit the students practice their

English by talking to Canadians when

they first get here we show them around

they do many exercises to learn the

language they listen to English songs

they read story books that are written

in English they listen to English

language tapes the best way to learn the

language is to talk to other people it

is good to ask questions in English

Canadians try to be helpful to

international students some of the

international students live with host

families the host families have the

students living in their homes it is a

good way for the host families and the

students to make friends many of the

international students stay in contact

with their friends and host families

even after they have gone back to their

homelands the international students

learn a lot from their host families

because they eat Canadian foods and they

learn what it is like to live in a

Canadian household

interests and hobbies it is very

rewarding to have different interests

and hobbies some people like to play

computer games other people spend a lot

of time watching television there are

people who would rather watch movies

some people prefer more physical things

they would rather play a sport like

baseball hockey or basketball

some people do exercises at a gym or

they just go for walks there are many

ways to exercise they can ride a bicycle

or lift weights there are people who

like to collect things they can collect

all kinds of different things you can

collect stamps coins dolls postcards

movies rocks or posters some people even

collect bugs or leaves some people are

lucky enough to be able to travel you

can travel to a nearby place or you can

travel far away to a different country

there are people who like to listen to

music people have different tastes in


some people like rock music rap

classical music or folk music there are

many different types of music some

people would rather play music than

listen to it you can play an instrument

or you can sing many people learn to

play the guitar or the piano some people

join bands or orchestras there are

people who like to read books there are

a lot of different hobbies it depends on

what you consider to be fun you can have

more than one hobby or interest it is

good to be interested in a lot of

different things

movies I go to the movies almost every

week sometimes I rent movies from the

video store my favorite films are action

films I like to watch car chases

I like it when the bad guy has a

shootout with the good guys I like the

good guys to win I also like science

fiction movies I like things that take

place in the future I like movies that

have aliens from different planets in

them some of the science fiction movies

can be silly and unbelievable I don't

like those ones my mother likes dramas

she has a lot of favorite actors and

actresses she sometimes watches sad

movies that make her cry she also likes

comedies she laughs out loud if a comedy

is very funny my father likes horror

movies he likes movies with monsters in

them he also likes thrillers

I have watched some thrillers that keep

you tense and on the edge of your seat

sometimes I have to shut my eyes if the

movie gets too scary my brother likes

animated films in animated films there

are no actors just cartoon characters my

brother goes to the movies on Saturday

afternoons with his friends he goes to

the matinee he gets popcorn candy and

pop he usually comes back with a

stomachache because he eats so much

sometimes my father watches

documentaries documentaries are about

real things you can learn a lot from

watching a documentary i watch

documentaries with him sometimes but I

would rather see a good action film


there are hundreds of different types of

flowers most people like roses roses

grow on bushes and they smell beautiful

you have to be careful that you don't

prick your finger on a rose thorn roses

come in many colors there are red pink

yellow and white roses in the spring

tulips are in bloom in Ottawa

there are many tulips some people go

there just to see all the tulips in the

spring forget-me-nots are also spring

flowers they are tiny and blue lilies of

the valley look like white bells many of

the trees have blossoms on them in the

springtime the apple and cherry trees

look particularly beautiful when they

are in blossom we have a Blossom

Festival in my town my neighbors like to

plant geraniums petunias and marigolds

in the summer some people plant

sunflowers sunflowers grow very tall

they have bright yellow petals all of

those flowers grow best in the sunshine

if your garden is shady you have to

plant different things

hostas grow well in a shady garden

chrysanthemums are fall flowers

chrysanthemums come in many colors also

there are purple yellow and white

chrysanthemums flowers are good to give

as gifts women like to receive a dozen

roses on Valentine's Day

carnations also make a nice gift they

have a very sweet smell many people give

away lilies for Easter poinsettias are

very festive

at Christmastime if someone goes to a

dance they often give their partner a

flower to wear if you go to a wedding

you will probably see a lot of flowers

there flowers help to make places


the shopping mall

there are many different stores in the

shopping mall there are ladieswear

stores they sell dresses blouses and

many kinds of clothes for women in the

menswear stores there are suits ties

shirts and slacks

there are also clothing stores that

appeal just to teenagers some clothing

stores only sell children's clothes

there is even a store that sells bathing

suits and cover-ups for the beach or

pool there are lingerie stores that sell

ladies underwear and nightwear there are

hardware stores that sell tools there

are shoe stores you buy shoes and boots

in a shoe store there are book stores

you can buy a book on almost any topic

at the book store there are stores that

sell compact discs those stores also

have tapes and videos there are sports

stores that sell special shoes and

clothes for sports they also sell sports

equipment and t-shirts and hats with the

logo of your favorite teams there are

gift stores that sell all kinds of

things that someone might want for their

house there are kitchen stores where you

can buy utensils and pots and pans those

kinds of stores also sell aprons and

napkins and anything you might need for

your kitchen there is a movie theater at

the mall there is a jewelry store that

has a lot of gold and silver jewelry

there is a hairdresser in the mall

sometimes I go in there to get my hair

cut there are fast-food places in the

mall you can get a quick lunch like a

hamburger or some french fries

there are also fancier restaurants in

the mall you can sit down for a nice

meal there is a furniture store in the

mall you can buy a new sofa or bed at

the furniture store the

our bulk food stores at a bulk food

store all the foods are in bins you take

as much as you want and pay for it at

the counter

there is even a telephone store and an

electronics store at the mall my

brother's favorite store is the toy

store he could spend hours in there

there are also department stores at the

mall department stores sell all kinds of


they sell perfume clothes shoes kitchen

utensils or just about anything you

might need you can get almost anything

you want at the shopping mall


it is fun to take a trip to a faraway

place my brother just went to Italy and

France he got on a plane at Toronto

Airport he took a flight to France he

stayed there for a couple of days he

visited the Eiffel Tower he was in Paris

he said that he enjoyed the food in

France he then traveled to Italy he saw

many towns and villages in Italy he went

to Rome and visited many of the tourist

attractions in Venice he saw the canals

he tried to speak Italian but he is not

too good at it

he said that the people were very

helpful they tried to understand him he

bought souvenirs for us when he was in

Italy he ate Italian food he said that

pizza in Italy is quite different from

the pizza we eat here in Canada he saw

many streets that were made of

cobblestones he saw many old buildings a

lot of people in Italy travel around on

scooters he stayed at a very nice hotel

in Italy he was sorry when it was time

to come home my brother likes to travel

he likes to fly in airplanes

the airlines lost his luggage once he

was not too pleased about that next year

he would like to travel to England

the farm

my uncle is a farmer he lives on a farm

he has many different types of animals

in the barn there are horses and cows

the cows swish the Flies away from

themselves with their tails

it sounds very loud if a cow says Moo

when you are standing there the cows eat

the grass from my uncle's field he gets

milk from the cows I put a saddle on one

of the horses and went for a ride there

are pigs in the Pigpen

he has goats he says that the goats will

eat just about anything

he has a chicken coop with chickens in

it the chickens lay eggs have you ever

seen baby chicks they are very cute

my uncle collects the eggs every morning

there is a rooster too the rooster crows

when the Sun comes up my uncle also has

a goose the goose makes a honking noise

I don't think that the goose likes me it

nips me when I go near it

many cats live in my uncle's barn

they are stray cats but he lets them

stay there because they keep the mice

away my uncle feeds the cats my uncle

says that he would like to get some

sheep for his farm you can get wool from

sheep there are a lot of animals on my

uncle's farm


every family that I know has at least

one car some families have two or even

three cars most people get their license

to drive when they are 16 in my house

we just have one car if my father takes

the car to work my mother will take the

bus I ride in a school bus to school my

sister works in another town

she gets on the train to go to work

the train station is not far from my

house the train tracks run right by my

house my grandfather from Ireland comes

to visit us he came over by boat

he had to cross the ocean we went to

Florida last year we flew on a plane

the plane flew right through the clouds

my friend's brother drives a motorcycle

he wears a helmet I wrote on his

motorcycle once I had to sit on the back

and hold on tight I ride my bicycle when

the weather is nice I also have a

scooter that I used to travel around I

took a helicopter ride once

the helicopters propellers were going

around when I got on I went straight up

in the air I enjoyed the ride I would

like to learn how to fly a plane or a

helicopter I like flying through the air

holidays in Canada we have many

different days that we celebrate on the

first day of January there is New Year's

Day that is when we ring in the New Year

and say goodbye to the old year in

February there is Valentine's Day that

is the day when you tell your girlfriend

or boyfriend that you love them you can

buy them flowers or candy or take them

out to dinner in March there is st.

Patrick's Day everyone pretends that

they are Irish on st. Patrick's Day

they all wear green

Easter comes in the spring Easter is a

religious holiday some people celebrate

by going to church some people think

that the Easter Bunny comes and leaves

chocolate eggs for them in May there is

Victoria Day we celebrate this day in

honor of England's Queen Victoria there

are fireworks on Victoria Day July the

first is Canada Day in September there

is Labor Day this is the day that we

honor the working man or woman in

October there is Thanksgiving we give

thanks for all the things that we are

fortunate enough to have we usually have

a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day on

the last day of October there is

Halloween the children dress up in

costumes and go from door to door

collecting candies Remembrance Day is in

November people wear red poppies and

they remember all the people that died

for their country Christmas comes in

December Christmas is also a religious

holiday but many children believe that

Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve in

a sleigh pulled by reindeer they believe

that Santa Claus fills up their

stockings with toys and goodies he gets

in and out of people's houses through

their chimneys we don't get off work or

school for all these days but many of

them are holidays from work and school

diseases some diseases are very deadly

and some are not so serious

most people catch a cold sometimes a

cold makes you cough and sneeze colds

can be passed on from person to person

some people get the flu with the flu you

get chills and a fever a fever is a high

temperature if you have the flu you will

feel very bad you have to stay home in

bed there are diseases that children get

the mumps make you have lumps in your

neck chicken pox and measles leave you

with red itchy dots on your skin older

people sometimes get arthritis their

bones get stiff and sore there are

people who get heart disease in many

cases a healthy lifestyle can prevent

heart disease cancer can attack

different parts of the body many smokers

get lung cancer some diseases are

treated with pills or medicine other

diseases need to be treated in the

hospital sometimes doctors need to give

you tests to find out what kind of

disease you have the doctor might have

to do a blood test or an x-ray to find

out what is wrong with you most diseases

can be cured by a doctor

jobs there are many different jobs that

you can choose from you can be a doctor

or a nurse you could work in a hospital

or doctor's office you might be a

firefighter and put out fires a

policeman enforces the law an actor

plays roles on stage or in the movies

you could drive a taxi or be the pilot

of an airplane what kinds of things do

you like to do you might want to be a

sales clerk in a store maybe you are

good at a sport you could be a baseball

player or a hockey player being a

dentist is a good job a dentist fixes

teeth if you are good at arguing you

might want to be a lawyer do you like to

fix people's hair you could be a

hairdresser or a barber if you are good

with your hands you might want to be a

carpenter or a mechanic if you like to

travel you could be a stewardess or a

travel agent you could be a teacher or a


are you artistic or creative you might

want to be an artist or a writer you

could work on construction and build

houses you could look after animals and

be a veterinarian if you like to cook

you could be a cook or a chef there are

so many places to work and so many jobs

to do maybe you could fix computers or

work in a library you could wash windows

or be the captain of a ship there is no

limit to what you can be

my body

on the top of my head I have hair below

my hair is my face I have two eyes

I have eyebrows and eyelashes below my

eyes I have a nose my mouth is below my

nose I have lips if I open my lips you

will see my teeth and my tongue below my

mouth is my chin on the sides of my head

I have two ears my cheeks are on either

side of my nose my neck holds up my head

my neck attaches my head to my chest on

either side of my chest are my shoulders

my arms hang down from my shoulders I

have wrists on my arms my hands are

attached to my wrists my fingers are

part of my hands I have ten fingers and

ten fingernails my back is at the back

of me further down there is my waist if

I wear a belt I put it on my waist my

hips are below my waist my legs come

down from my hips my legs are made up of

my thighs my knees and my calves my

knees can bend my ankles are below my

legs my feet are attached to my ankles

my toes are part of my feet I have ten

toes and ten toenails I am me from the

top of my head to the tip of my toes


I changed my clothes a lot if I am going

somewhere fancy I wear a dress I wear

stockings on my legs and I wear a pair

of nice shoes if I am going to play

sports I wear sweatshirt and jeans if I

am going to the beach I wear a bathing

suit or a bikini

my brother wears swimming trunks to the

beach at work I wear skirt and a blouse

underneath my clothes I wear underwear a

lady wears a bra and panties as

underwear a man wears boxer or jockey

shorts as underwear today I am wearing a

blouse and a pair of jeans over my

underwear I have socks and shoes on my

feet in the summer I often wear sandals

on my feet in the summer the tops that I

wear are usually sleeveless I usually

wear shorts in the summer sometimes I

wear a sweater or a jacket if the

weather is cool I wear a cap or a hat on

my head I wear a belt to hold up my

jeans or my slacks women sometimes wear

a dress or a skirt men wear a pair of

slacks and a shirt

some men wear a suit and a shirt and tie

if it is very cold outside I wear winter

coat if it is cold I like to wear gloves

or mittens on my hands

sometimes I wrap a scarf around my neck

to keep warm

I wear a toque on my head in cold

weather I wear boots on my feet in the

winter if it is raining I wear a

raincoat the way that I dress depends a

lot on the weather me

I am special nobody in the world is

exactly like I am they might have the

same hair color and eyes that I do but

they are not exactly like me I am the

only person in the world who thinks my

thoughts no two people in the world are

exactly alike it is good to be your own

person it is good to be creative and be

natural people have to follow the laws

and the rules people should always be

kind to others I try to follow all the

rules I am kind to others I am a lot

like many other people yet I am

different I am like my friend Jane but

she has red hair and I have dark hair

she has a loud voice and I have a soft

voice she likes to eat vegetables and I

do not Jane and I are the same height we

both like movies and we are both afraid

of spiders we wear the same size shoes

and we both have the same favorite color

we are best friends but sometimes we

disagree about things we are alike in

many ways and different in many ways if

we were all exactly the same the world

would be a very boring place I am myself

and I am glad that I am special you are

special to use your own special talents

and take the time to meet other people

the world is made up of a lot of

different people and that's what makes

life exciting

my cat

I got my cat when she was just a tiny


I named her puff because her fur is soft

and fluffy she has white fur but her

tail paws and ears are black she has a

little pink nose and yellow eyes

she says meow whenever she wants a bowl

of milk I feed her cat food and treats

she washes her face with her paw when

she is finished eating my whole family

loves her and we can tell that she loves


she loves to curl up in our laps she

purrs whenever we pet her she is very


we sometimes roll off a piece of paper

and throw it to her she loves to chase

the paper and hit it with her paws she

also chases bugs last night she chased a

spider but she was afraid to touch it at

night she curls up in my bed with me

she likes to be warm I have given her a

blanket of her own but when I put her on


her tail twitches her tail twitches

whenever she's upset or angry I know she

doesn't want to be on her blanket she

wants to be in my bed I let her into my

bed and she falls asleep purring loudly


my family is very musical my father

plays the guitar he plays in a band the

band plays country music my mother is a

singer in the band she also plays the


I took the flute in music class at

school I play the flute in the school

band I also sing in the school choir I

have a low voice my sister has a high

voice she is a soprano at home I like to

practice the drums but my mother says

that it's too loud sometimes I play so

loudly that I break a drumstick I

practice whenever she goes out I would

like to be in a rock band some of my

friends and I are thinking of starting

our own rock band my sister is a very

good piano player she has won many

awards at music festivals she likes to

play classical music but sometimes I get

her to play rock music with me she is

also a very good singer I like to sing

with her we sing in harmony I listen to

music all the time on the radio I know a

lot of songs I can sing along with most

of the songs that come on the radio I

memorized the lyrics of the songs my

sister and I sometimes get together and

sing our favorite songs maybe someday we

will start our own rock band and I will

be the drummer


it rains a lot in the spring the trees

are full of buds and the flowers are

starting to bloom my favorite spring

flowers are tulips and daffodils the

birds come back from the south I can

always tell that spring is here when I

see my first Robin of the season

the Robins pull worms from the wet

ground when it isn't raining my friends

and I go outside and toss a ball around

we look forward to the summer but we are

glad to get outside after the long

winter the air smells so fresh in the


my mother always tells me not to track

mud into the house it's very muddy in

our yard in the springtime I wipe my

muddy feet before I go into the house

there are a lot of puddles in my yard

I sometimes splash in the puddles and I

get wet and cold so I have to go into

the house I like it when the snow has

melted the rain has stopped and the Sun

comes out on sunny days I always get

together with my friends on those days

we either ride our bikes or play ball my

parents like to go for walks on spring

evenings they also like to clean up the

yard in the spring everyone seems to be

outside the spring time brings people

out of their houses

the birthday party

yesterday I went to a birthday party my

friend Jane had her 10th birthday her

house was decorated with balloons and

streamers her mother had baked a big

birthday cake the cake had happy 10th

birthday Jane written on it there were

10 candles on the cake

Jane blew out the candles and made a

wish I wonder what she wished for your

wish won't come true if you tell anyone

what it was

we sang happy birthday to you at the

party we played some games I won one of

the games so I got a prize

we also swam in Jane swimming pool Jane

opened her gifts her gifts were wrapped

in bright paper and bows she got lots of

nice gifts she got some compact discs

some clothes and some computer games

Jane thanked everyone we ate a lot of

food at Jane's party we had hotdogs

I put mustard and ketchup on my hot dog

then we ate cake and ice cream

we had popped a drink I think I had too

much cake and ice cream I was very full

by the time the party was over

we thank Jane and her mother before we

all went home it was a very good party

everyone had a good time I hope Jane had

a happy 10th birthday

my classroom

my classroom is a large room it's full

of brightly colored pictures my teacher

hangs pictures up all over the walls

there are blackboards at the front of

the room my teacher always has writing

all over the blackboards sometimes the

chalk squeaks when she writes on the

blackboard we cover our ears when that

happens our classroom is full of desks

there are a lot of students in our class

our desks are full of books notebooks

and pens I try to keep my desk neat but

I have a lot of things in there my ruler

and pencils are always falling out of my

desk at the back of the room is a

bookcase full of books we can sign those

books out and take them home to read I

have read a lot of the books I like

mysteries and biographies so I have

taken many of those home

there are also tables at the back of the

room that's where we do our artwork we

spread out big sheets of paper and use

paints or crayons to make pictures

sometimes we cut things out of magazines

with scissors and we glue pictures to

the paper I like art class after school

my friends and I often erase the

blackboards for the teacher then we take

the erasers outside and clap them

together to get the chalk dust out of

them my friends and I walk home together

and talk about what we did in school and

what we're going to do after supper


my family and I went on vacation to Lake

Huron the water is beautiful and blue

there and the sand is nice and white the

week that we were there was very hot the

Sun was hot but the water was still very

cold I went swimming and tried to catch

little fish in my hands I was careful

not to get sunburned we stayed at a

hotel that had a pool and a game room

I played pinball and video games

sometimes I like to swim in the hotel

pool but I like the beach better I would

lie on a big beach towel and get warm

then I would jump in the water and cool

off sometimes I would just lie on the

sand and watch the waves roll up on

shore I found some seashells and saw a

crab walking on the sand at first I was

a bit lonely because I didn't know

anyone there it wasn't long before I met

some other kids my age

we built sandcastles together and swam

in the lake the other kids were from

different towns so we told each other

stories about our schools and friends we

found that we had a lot in common even

though we were from different places our

families got together and went to

restaurants together we played

volleyball on the beach and we sat

around a campfire at night and sang

songs at the campfire we would roast

marshmallows on a stick

I always burn my marshmallows that is ok

I like them that way mostly we just swam

in the lake until we were very tired I

was sorry when our vacation was over I

had a good time at Lake Huron I met some

very good friends there we still write

to each other maybe we'll see each other

next summer

my house

I live in a two-story house the bottom

of the house is painted white the upper

part of the house is made of red brick

the chimney is also made of red brick if

you go through the front door and turn

right you'll see the living room the

living room is very large and

comfortable there are easy chairs a

coffee table and a sofa in there I like

to sit in there and relax next to the

living room is the dining room

there are a dining table and chairs in

there we use this room whenever we have

visitors over for dinner beside the

dining room is the kitchen the kitchen

has a stove and a refrigerator in it

there's also a kitchen table with some

benches at it most of the time we eat in

the kitchen upstairs there are three

bedrooms my parents bedroom is very big

they have a large queen sized bed in

there and there are two closets for

their clothes my room is smaller my room

is painted pink and I have ruffled

curtains on the windows from my bedroom

window you can see the front yard there

is a pine tree in the front yard my

brother's bedroom he's painted blue

he has blinds on the windows he has a

bunk bed in his room if he has a friend

stay over one of them can sleep on the

top bunk and the other can sleep on the

bottom bunk you can see the backyard

from his bedroom window there are rose

bushes and a picnic table in the

backyard there is also a white fence

that has a gate in it in the basement

there is a recreation room this is where

we watch television and have friends

over to visit the laundry room is also

in the basement there's a washing

machine and a dryer in there beside our

house is a garage we keep the car in the

garage whenever the weather is bad our

house is just the right size for our

family friends are always welcome at our


my family

my grandparents are coming to visit us

from Calgary Alberta my father is very

happy because they are his parents and

he's glad that he will see them we don't

see them very often because Calgary is a

long way from Toronto my grandparents

have two sons my father and my uncle

bill uncle bill is married to my aunt

Susan they have a daughter who is my

cousin my cousin is a lot older than I

so we do not have a lot in common they

also have a son who is the same age as

me he is my favorite cousin because we

both like the same television shows and

the same games I have two brothers and

one sister my brothers are both younger

than I they are twins so they have the

same birthday

my sister is one year older than I

people say that my sister and I look


we both have blonde hair and blue eyes

my mother's parents live near us

they are my grandmother and grandfather

who visit us often my mother does not

have any brothers or sisters she is an

only child I like it when all my family

is together I don't have a lot of

cousins like some people do but I have

fun with my relatives my uncle will

often take my cousin and me to the

movies I like to take my grandparents

for walks so they can see my school and

they can meet my friends my parents

talked to my brothers and my sister and

I a lot we are a very close-knit family

people who have close families are very



once the fall is over and the snowflakes

start to fall I get very excited I can

hardly wait for the ground to be covered

with a blanket of white snow I put on my

mittens my scarf my hat coat and winter

boots and I run out into the fluffy snow

I have to be careful not to slip on the

ice it can get very icy and cold in the

winter the first thing that I do is to

build a snowman

I sometimes build a snow fort too my

friends and I have a good snowball fight

we laugh a lot and our cheeks and noses

get very red when we get too cold we go

into the house and have a cup of hot


my father fills the backyard with water

that freezes and turns into an ice rink

when the ice is hard enough my friends

and I get our skates and we go out on

the ice to play hockey all of my friends

own hockey sticks I am usually the

goalie and I have to keep the puck from

going into the net my sister and her

friends don't really like to play hockey

they would rather just skate around on

the ice I took skating lessons so I

don't usually fall down my little

brother is just learning to skate so he

falls down a lot

my father has to shovel the snow off the

paths and the driveway in the winter I

helped him shovelling snow is hard work

when my dad and I finished shoveling the

driveway we go into the house and warm

our hands and feet in front of the

fireplace there is probably nothing more

beautiful than fresh fallen snow on the

trees in the morning when the Sun shines

on the snow it glistens I like to leave

my footprints in the snow winter can be

very beautiful and exciting


some people call autumn the fall you can

call it either one autumn is the time

when the leaves change color they change

from green to beautiful shades of gold

orange and red it looks like an artist

has come along and painted all the trees

the air starts to get a little colder in

the autumn we begin to wear jackets or

sweaters we go back to school in the

autumn the teachers sometimes gets us to

make leaf collections we collect

different types of leaves and make a

display of them autumn is the time when

old friends get back together and talk

about what they did on their summer

vacations Halloween comes in the autumn

we dress up in costumes some of them are

scary and some of them are funny we go

from door to door and say Trick or Treat

and people give us candies we wear masks

on our faces and we have a lot of fun

the autumn winds start to blow the wind

blows the leaves right off the trees

until the trees have bare branches my

friends and I have a lot of fun outside

before the winter leaves us shivering we

play football and soccer at school after

school we ride our bikes through the

piles of dry leaves the leaves go flying

through the air as we drive through them

my parents rake the leaves up and put

them in a big pile I like to jump in the

big piles of leaves but then my parents

just have to rake them up again the

skies get a little cloudier in the

autumn and we know that soon there will

be snow so we enjoy the brisk autumn

weather while we can


yah-hoo school is over we are free for

the summer my friends and I run out on

the last day of school into the bright

summer Sun we sing a song about no more

pencils and no more books we can hardly

wait to do all the summer things that we

like to do we go swimming we play

baseball we ride our bikes and we go to

the beach we go on vacations or some of

us go to summer camp it is just nice to

run barefoot through the grass or lie on

your back and look up at the clouds

summer days are lazy days we don't have

to do schoolwork we listen to the

buzzing of the bees we watch the birds

as they fly from tree to tree we go down

to the pond and toss rocks into the

water we eat ice cream and we have

barbecues some of my friends parents

have boats so we go for rides in their

boats some of my friends go to their

cottages they have cottages on legs some

of my friends even have summer jobs my

best friend works at a supermarket my

father pays me to do jobs for him I cut

the grass take out the garbage and wash

the car I like to be outside in the

sunshine on Sundays my mother will pack

a picnic lunch and we go down to the

park sometimes we play baseball there is

also a tennis court at the park I'm a

very good tennis player my sister just

likes to swing on the swings and slide

down the slide we eat our sandwiches and

watch out for the ants that always seem

to be a picnics after we have our lunch

my sister and I run off to play with the

other children

my dad has a nap and my mother reads her

book my skin gets brown from the Sun in

the summer summer is my favorite season

I like the sounds smells and feelings

that come with the Summer Sun summer is

a lot of fun I wish summer could go on


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