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hello and welcome back to real English with real teachers my name is Harry I'm

not with child today because he has a cold when she only has a cold the world

stops so it's just going to be me today what we're going to do is look at some

of my favorite expressions in Spanish and we're going to translate them into

English or try to find out the equivalents in British and American

English today I'm going to try something a little bit different I'm going to do a

video in Spanish for the first time

Before I start I'm gonna tell you something really quickly.. or as quickly as I can in my

primitive Spanish. This video is sponsored by a company that I love

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The first expression that we have today is "me cago en algo" (I poo in sth) .. it's a little vile but I like it

and it's used a lot in Spain to express very strong emotions.. and there

many versions of this expression, you can poo in any container! For example..

I poo in ten, i poo in god (lord, forgive me!), I poo in the prostitute, I poo in the milk..

I poo in the now i'm going to read you a couple of examples in spanish and

then translate them into english..

Jesus christ this isn't Star Wars!

I'm her blood

relative for f*** sake.

Jesus f***ing christ Dexter, get the f*** out

Oh for f*** sake

Hold him bloody hell!

bloody hell a thousand euros!

And in American what I say, god damn it.

God damn it! We live in Manchester and they charge us for water!?

Let's go onto the next one. OK the next expression is "a tomar por culo" (take it up the bottom)

or if you are really posh you can say "a tomar por EL culo". Perfect grammar!

As far as I know you use this phrase to tell someone

to go away, to leave you in peace. And nowadays you can use it another way which I really like

If you are talking about a place which is really far away you can say

it is "a tomar por culo". Let's see how we translate it.

F*** off phony, I always dance alone

That sounds really American so I'm gonna read it

with an American accent. F*** off phony I always dance alone

you guys can both f*** off

Please f*** off after the beep.

Now, get the f*** out of here.

Ohh my! The translation of this one is just marvellous!

you can go yourself on the head. Now I don't think we say that you

can go f*** yourself on the head we'd probably have to say f*** yourself IN the

head but I don't think anyone would say this I would just say you go f*** yourself

umm get lost piss off mate and now we're going to

translate the other meaning of this expression which means really really far

away..some examples..

Carlos lives f***ing far.

Noo, let's not go to the bus

station, it's in the middle of nowhere!

And now we've got two English equivalents

in English that aren't at all familiar to me.

Jose lives in butt-f*** Egypt.. so apparently they'd say that in America

and in the UK apparently we say Jose lives in bum-f*** Egypt now I've never heard

of those expressions so if you have please tell me in the comments below and let

me know if anyone actually uses those hideous expressions.. let's go onto the next one

the next one is absolutely great and it's used a lot, at least, amongst

Spanish people that I know, they use it loads! The word is "coñazo".. as far as I know this means

that something is really annoying, or a situation is very inconvenient.

some examples.. I couldn't sleep on the plane because there was

a baby crying, que coñazo! I couldn't sleep on the plane 'cos

there was a baby crying, what a pain in the arse!

stop being a pain! No one wants to organise the

party because it's a coñazo having

to call everybody! Nobody wants to organise the party because calling

everybody is a pain in the neck. Your friend is a coñazo, his negativity and pessimism

ruined the fun. Your friend is a drag! His negativity and

pessimism ruined the fun. And now, the best one!

No one wants to organise Jorge's party because it's a coñazo having to call everyone!

No one wants to organise Jose's party because it's a complete ballache having to call everyone that's my

favorite's really funny. It's so annoying having to organise Jose's party

that it makes your balls ache.. as it's so annoying!

Well don't do it then! Stop hanging around with Jose! So that's all for today's video

I hope that you've enjoyed it and that you've learnt something new in

English and give the video a 'like' if you want more videos translating

expressions from Spanish to English.. thanks for watching and see you in the next one

Big kiss!

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