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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SCAMBAITING DOCUMENTARY on 419 Scammers Filmed in London (with subtitles) HD

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Dont call my line again, OK? Barrister, this is important.


What you are about to see is footage of Scammers that were intended to be part of a UK TV Documentary.

We have been in 2 national TV programmes so far

and as you listen to this you can see some stills from past programmes

and also from the filming at our home for this aborted documentary.

This time, I had been asked to persuade as many Scammers as I could

to meet a victim (that's my scambaiting character Mr Pricky)

in Central London, where he would hand over large sums of cash for their various scams.

It was planned that as each Scammer arrived and at a given signal from me

the TV crew would suddenly appear and I and another ScamBaiter would confront the Scammers on camera.

Working alone, I spent 4 weeks 12 to 18 hours a day

6 or 7 days a week harvesting Scammers for the filming.

Getting these lowlifes to turn up on a certain day to a certain place

and within a specified time window is one of the most difficult tasks in scambaiting.

419Scammers are naturally suspicious and also very lazy.

At the last moment, the TV company pulled out.

I was very disappointed and after a little thought

decided that I would still travel up to London and covertly film and photograph the Scammers myself from a distance.

Without the film crew there would be no confrontations

but at least I could have a fun day, watching these thieves

wander around in the city for hours on end.

So, I arranged to meet up in London with ScamBaiters Mr Babangoh and Mountain Goat.

We had a memorable day, sitting watching these Scammers turn up one after the other

desperately phoning me pacing around and becoming increasingly frustrated.

I'll answer a couple of possible questions. Q1. First, why werent they arrested?

A: On what charge? They were each turning up on behalf of their bosses

most of whom were in West Africa. If interviewed by the Police

each would have claimed that they knew nothing about the scam

but had just come to collect money for a pal in Nigeria.

Of course, they didn't know that I had recorded our phone calls proving that each was indeed culpable.

The UK Police does not have the resources to spend weeks trawling through emails and phone call recordings

to try and build cases against these slippery low level thieves.

If they had been carrying drugs or weapons, it would have been different.

Q2: Second, what was achieved from my scambaiting?

A: I can best put it this way: Imagine that you were told you'd won a lottery.

You had to travel to a nearby city in a few weeks time to collect the cash.

Meanwhile, you're discussing it with your family and friends, making plans on how you'd spend the money.

Each day leading up to the meeting was filled with anticipation and excitement.

You are 100% convinced that you will be collecting the cash.

Then, on the day, you spend fruitless frustrating hours

wandering around London, trying desperately to get hold of the man with your money.

As each hour passes, you become more and more depressed and more and more angry.

As you eventually give up and make the long journey home

the memory of this experience will stay with you for years

and that's how their day went. Even worse would have been the reactions of their bosses in Nigeria.

These characters were expecting their UK contacts

to collect the cash, take a cut and send the rest off to West Africa.

When it didn't happen, some very angry phone calls and emails would have been sent and accusations flying across the world.

Most importantly is that during the weeks I was baiting these scumbags

they were less able to scam real prospective victims.

Finally, please don't expect top quality filming with synchronised speech.

This was shot from a distance, through glass, on a hand-held videocam.

I am eternally grateful to Alex who generously offered to edit this production for me.


Folks, I hope that you will enjoy the video.

Two Nigerian Scammers in the Republic of Ireland

told me that they were Diplomats and had a trunk box for me containing millions.

When I insisted on a face-to-face meet in London to pay their fee of £4800 GBP

they got cold feet and introduced so-called Junior DiplomatMick McDonald

who, after an argument, agreed to meet me in London on their behalf and collect the cash

Mickbrought with him a contract for the trunk box, which I would have to sign.

'Mick' flew from Dublin to Luton and then took the train into Central London.

I was delighted to watch this idiot pace the streets of another country for over an hour

until very angry, he stormed off, back to the airport.

Actually, I'm still very busy in Belfast in Northern Ireland.

So, I was suggesting that I will send one of my associates

to meet up with you in London. Is that OK by you?

Yes, of course, James. As long as the man is a trusted man I'd be very happy to meet with him.

He is a trusted man. A very trusted man. He is an Irishman and we been working together for the past 17 years.

Ill be landing over there I think I could be around 1000 hrs. I should be in Covent Garden for around 1000 hrs, 1030 hrs.

Oh, that's great. If you give me a call when you've landed and then we'll meet up

and once I've given you the money they say that I've got to sign a form or a contract or something.

Correct, yes. This, this package suits you.

Over in Nigeria, a Scammer posing as the Senate President

advised that I had a trunk box of cash on its way to me.

All I had to do was complete a few formalities and it would be mine.

He introduced me to another Scammer. They wanted their four-figure fee sent by money transfer.

I refused and insisted on a face-to-face meet in Central London.

After much arguing, I was connected with another so-called Diplomat

Roland Biquet’, who was based in England. He pushed me to meet him in Luton.

I refused to travel there and after arguing he agreed to meet me in Covent Garden.

Whilst Roland was a jolly crook his minder was clearly nervous

and chain-smoked throughout their 2 hours, wandering around in the street.

What fun we had, sat watching them!

Here are 2 calls with 'Roland'. The first before the day of the meeting and the second afterwards.

The fee you are coming with is the handling fee from the Customs.

I will clear up the consignment then bring it down. It is a large sum of money.

Hello? Oh, hello my friend, its Mr Pricky.

So, what happened on Thursday in Covent Garden? You look at me like a piece of sh*t?

Im a big man. I know what I'm doing. I'm a big man.

Come on, you f*cked with me. You really, really f*cked with me.

I was calling you. You werent picking my call. I gave you 50 missed calls. You did not even return it

The whole people who are put on green that very day, I asked after them.

I said, “Please, man, are you Mr Prick?”. He say, “No”. I asked everybody.

Sir, do you mean that you stopped all the men in the street who were wearing green?

Yes! All wearing green. I stopped all the men.

I spent over £100 GBP that very day. £100 GBP. Sir, do you mean you got a taxi from Luton to Covent Garden?

Yes! I took a taxi. All the way! Wow! That's 40 miles. That cost £100 GBP.

I told them that I was wearing a green jacket and this guy's just told me

that every time he saw a man there with a green jacket he went up to them and said: “Are you Pricky?”.

Mr Owusuwas a gold Scammer in West Africa. His scam works like this:

I agree to buy 5 kg of gold from him at $34 000 USD per kg.

He would supply me with a 5g sample of gold for me to assay.

I would pay 50% of the fee upfront and the further 50% on delivery of the gold to my home

Of course, there was no gold.

I baitedMr Owusufor a year, before he agreed to send his man in London

Mr Kwameto meet me with the 5g sample. I would give 'Kwame' the $85 000 USD in cash

and as he then slipped away into the London crowd, that would be the last I would ever see of him and of my money.

You will now hear 3 brief extracts from my calls withKwame’.

His audacity was stunning. This was an $85 000 USD deal

and he still wanted me to buy him a £10 GBP top-up voucher for his mobile phone.

I was especially pleased to convinceKwamethat he would be stealing a huge sum of money from me

and then waste and frustrate him for an entire afternoon

as he stormed around Covent Garden angrily searching for me,

his Victim.

Hopefully Monday. I'll be moving to Mayfair? Mayfair?!

Yeah. Wow! That's very expensive. That's one of the plushest addresses in London.

When you change the money the equivalent is £55 000 GBP?

Well, I did a conversion last week using Barclaysrates.

How much is that in dollars? In dollars it is $85 000 USD upfront.

The Leica mobile. You're using Leica. I've got you.

What you do for me is if you have chance tomorrow, you can buy me a top-up and just send it through a message.

What do you want me to do? To top-up there's a £10 or £20 GBP credit.


A Scammer in Lagos was masquerading as Mr Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He told me that a trunk box full of cash was on its way to me

but was now held up in UK Customs pending a demurrage fee.

Not to worry, his Diplomat in LondonMr James Okon

was on hand to clear the consignment for me and send it to my home.

All I had to do was send so-called Emefiele almost £5000 GBP upfront by bank transfer.

I refused and insisted on a cash handover at a face-to-face meet in London

and so, the trap was set.

'Okon' was a shrewd and crafty thief and he brought a spotter with him.

This second Scammer hid under a tree in the distance

watching the underground station exit for my appearance and constantly updating 'Okon' by phone.

You will see some photos of the spotter in the footage. *We spotted him*

My name is Mr Okon. I'm calling on behalf of Mr Godwin Emefiele.

I'm calling regarding the consignment, which has been lying down probably for a week or 2 now.

I want to give you an assistance as how to clear it. So, that is why I'm giving you a call now.

OK, sir. Well, I will be available in the Covent Garden area on that day between 1000-1600 hrs.

OK, let me just make it clear, yeah? Yes. There's a consignment, which I think you are aware about

Yes. Yeah, and it's been here for about a week.

There's a customs fee of about £4800 GBP. I don't know if you're aware of that

Yes, sir, that's right. We've agreed that, yes sir. OK. So, is there any possibility of sending the cash before you come?


The reason why I said that the longer the consignment stays there

it could incur charges or something so that's why I'm saying that.

Lagos LadOsman Hassan' told me that he had sent me a trunk box containing $1.5M USD in cash.

To get my riches, I simply had to send him a few thousand Pounds

and it would be released from storage and delivered to me by courier.

Once 'Osman' had finally accepted that there was no way I would send him the money

and it had to be a face-to -face meet over here

he soon introduced me to his fellowguymanin London

who pretended to be a Diplomat namedEdward Cooker’.

After a phone call withCookerthe London meet was on.

We were surprised at how scruffy 'Cooker' and his pal were.

They were supposed to be Diplomats but looked like a pair of ragamuffin street boys.

We had some fun with them. They met and recognised 3 of the other Scammers in this video.

Nigerian 'guymen' tend to live in the same areas in foreign countries.

They use the same Churches and they know each other.

The other 3 Scammers each told 'Cooker' that they were here to meet a Mr Pricky

which caused great consternation and suspicion amongst them all.

To round the day off, I spoke with 'Osman Hassan' in Lagos and I told him

I had actually met his man 'Cooker' and had handed him over the cash.

This often causes trouble, suspicion and accusations inside Scammer gangs and we much enjoy doing it.

Hello? Ah, hello, sir. It's Mr Pricky.

What kind of game are you playing in London? What do you mean, sir? ‘Game’? What do you mean? I don't understand.

What kind of game are you playing in London? I got my Diplomat in London, you are just joking with him.

You made the Diplomatyou are just keeping him… … keeping him waiting.

He waited for you where you told him to stay. He came there and he didnt see you.

You keep on saying you are coming. I am calling you here, leaving you message.

I met your man in Covent Garden and I gave him the money, £4800 GBP in cash.

So, will you explain to me what you mean when you say I didn't meet him?

You give him the cash?! Are you telling me you don't know about this?

I'm not aware of this. He didn't meet you. He said he didnt meet you.

What do you mean, he said he didn't meet me?! I gave him the money!

Are you trying to scam me?! Are you scamming me?!

I gave him the money! £4800 GBP in cash! Do you know how much this money means to me?!

No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't believe you. I don't believe you, because he was there, calling me

telling me that he was waiting for you and you didnt showed up.

Well, I have a photograph of him which I can send you, if you don't believe me. I was there.

I don't believe you.

I put some doubt in his mind and he's going to be on the phone to 'Cooker' now unless I can get to him first.

Hello? Oh, hello Edward. It's Mr Pricky.

What happened in London on Thursday? I dont really understand

because you give me an appointment to meet you somewhere

and I was there and you said I should come down to Covent Garden in that scenario there

theres some people bringing a camera up and down and there's some people, I met some people there that I KNEW THEM

and they are looking for you, waiting for you as well.

I don't understand. You said you met someone that was looking for me?

There was a guy that you knew that was looking for me?

Three people, not even one. Three people, looking for you there.

There are 3 people looking for me? Yeah, giving them the same appointment. The same place

and none of them could see you. Uh-huh.

Theres some people sit of which I know is you and one lady and one black man.

What were they doing? What were they doing in there?

OK. Imagine. Imagine. I spent almost one hour waiting in that small place and we couldnt see.

Well, Ive just spoken with Dr Osman. I just spoke with him on the phone. OK.

I told him that I gave you the money. You told him that you gave me the money?


You are joking.

No. I told him. He's very angry. He thinks that you'vechopped his dollar’ (‘eaten his money’).

I chopped his dollar? Yeah. He's very angry, my friend.

He's going to take your name to his shrine and get the Sakawa man (Juju Priest)

to send Ogun (African spirit) go kill you. That's what he told me.

If he send Ogun to kill him, maybe the Ogun will fight to the right person that took his money.

I think the Ogun will know the right person to kill.

I told your boss that you chopped his Dollar

Why dont you meet me in the first time? Why did you give me an appointment when you know you are not going to see me?

No, I came to see you my friend and I did give you the money.

I've told your boss that you have the money so you must send him the money

by money transfer and take your cut. You know this.

Get off the phone, my brother. I dont understand what you are saying.


Thanks very much for watching. I hope this video gives an insight

into the thin veneer of respectability that419Scammers use to try to sanitise their true intentions.

Beware of any unexpected email that promises you millions

or offers you an incredibly lucrative business proposal.

It is complete nonsense that only fools get taken in by these scams.

Scammers can be shrewd, devious and highly manipulative.

The message I would like to leave you with is when you are online

always be on your guard and stay safe.

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You wanted to tell me good news. I didn't understand what you said.

I said the good news isFuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck you.

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