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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pindi Street Food | Quail, Sajji, Seafood etc at Stadium Road | Pakistani Street Food | Islamabad

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Assalam-u Alaikum. I hope you all are doing great!

I am going to Islamabad...

...and I heard that there's a really amazing food street near Stadium Road, Rawalpindi.

So lets go to Islamabad/Rawalpindi to check out what's happening there.

Let's Go!

Chicken and Rice. usually I don't like the food on flights...

...but this one's quite good!

So I am at Islamabad's F10 Markaz(Market) right now...

...and these are my friends Ahmer and Mairaaj and they'll be accompanying me in this journey.

So lets explore Islamabad now and see what's happening here.

These Autumn leaves and the aura of this season is what we miss in Karachi.

Assalam-u-Alaikum Brother!

Making Egg Bun Kebab's here?

These Egg Shami kebab burgers are famous from Karachi all the way to Islamabad.

Shah Jee's Chai and Shah Jee's Soup.

Here's this really nice cabin selling soup on front...

...and they are making Juice, Chai and Paratha inside.

This guy looks like a Paratha Expert to me!

This one's with the Potato's inside?

No this one's with Chicken and the other is with Potato's.

This is Chicken? Yes this is Chicken Paratha.

And this is the Aloo (Potato) Paratha? Yes.

And my time's up now I have to go for prayer.

Yeah yeah you should go. We have already prayed.

The sun has set now so its time for some tea...

...and try the Parathas as well.

What are you doing here uncle? Massage?

Can you make that sound again?

This massage is amazing specially in winters!

We're now going from Islamabad's 9th avenue to Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

There's a really nice food street at the back side of the Stadium....

...and there's a large variety of food items available there.

So lets check out and have some dinner there.

This is the food street and there are a lot of shops behind me.

And it starts form here.

This is the real thing!

Assalam-u-Alaikum. How are you doing?

I am fine.

We have got Finger Fish here as well as Black Rohu and Normal Rohu.

You have Chargha's as well? Yes.

And what fish is this? This is Finger Fish.

This guy here fries Finger Fish. He is a very skilled chef.

Yeah he looks like a good chef.

You'll like his fish a lot! I guarantee you that.


He has fried Finger Fish right now.

These are quails!

How much are these for? Rs.80 each.

Rs.900 a dozen.

Khanroz has these amazing Quails hanging here so we'll start off our dinner with this.

Fry four of these for us.


Were these half cooked?

Yes these were half cooked.

I will full fry them right now.

It has been marinated with the spices and lemon juice.

Quails are ready now.

They are ready? Yes completely ready.

Tiny little Quails.

Wow! Its taste is really unique beacuse it's actually a fish stall...

...and the spices for fish and quail and their oils after mixing up have created a really unique taste.


The quails were very nice. I enjoyed them a lot !

Now we'll go further.

What are you frying?

This is fish.

They have quails here too.

What type of fish is this?

This is called China Fish.

China Fish? Yes this is named China.

Chinese Fish is also coming in the market?

I am hearing this name for the first time.

This is Mutton Namkeen being prepared right here.

There's a food street in Peshawar called "Namak Mandi"...

...but you'll also find there items in Rawalpindi's food street as well.

Namak Mandi Shinwari.

There's a restaurant named "Shaheen Shinwari" in Karachi

Yeah I have heard about it.

I have also made a video about it on my channel "Street Food PK".

This is "Tandoori Matka Chai"

we'll take this Matka (Clay Pot) out of this tandoor...

...and then we'll add tea into it which will give it a nice aroma.

So let's make one for us as well.

This is the real thing!

This is the "Butt Karahi of Lakshmi Chowk Lahore"

You guys are the original ones? Yes sir!

Sure? Yeah

Where are the Country Chickens?

They are right there sir.

Oh there they are!

Whats the rate of Mutton? Mutton is Rs. 1600.

And the country chickens? Rs. 1700.

1700!!? Yes Rs.1700/Kg without butter.

And Rs.1900/Kg with butter.


Yeah but that tastes good too.

Now we're at the end of the street at "Shahinshah Tikka House".

And it looks like they are preparing Sajji here as well...

...and it looks we're gonna be having our dinner here.

This is where they're preparing Karahi.

Just check out the butter they've added!

You should try out the Sajji of Shahinshah Tikka House and you'll love it!

The Sajji is now ready? Yes the Sajji is ready now.

Specially made for us? Yeah this one's specially made for you!

We'll apply some lemon on it right now.

Lemon with Sajji enhances the taste of it.

The best Sajji from Shainshah Tikka House.

Once you'll try it, you'll know how amazing it is.

We prepare it from the best spices we have.

Look at this Sajji !!

Just check this out !

This hot and spicy Sajji tastes amazing in the winters of Rawalpindi.


The best thing is that its not raw from inside. It's completely cooked...

...and its not dry from inside.


This is a half paan.

Will I be able to put it in my mouth? Yes.

So this concludes today's episode...

...and if you guys liked it then like subscribe and comment down below.

And this journey will be continued in the next episode.

Allah Hafiz!

My mouth is completely full right now.

This is a Half Paan !!

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