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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 400번(+2000) 저어 만드는 달고나커피 | 실패하지않는 방법

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400 times stir-fried dalgona coffee

I made it out of Maxim's mixed coffee.

two and four spoons of sugar

Pour a little bit of water.

Add water because it doesn't melt well.

I thought I'd just have to stir it 400 times.

black dalgona over 500 and over 1000

It's a success that it's thickened, but there's a lot of coffee in there.

I'll try again with a canoe.

two and four spoons of sugar

It's a little water.

It's a little watery.


Over 1,000 times this time.

Color is a success, but water control failed.


two and five spoons of sugar

Three spoons of water carefully.

Melt the coffee and sugar well.

I'm going for 400.

It didn't work out well in front of me, so I put in a lot of effort

It's different this time.

a color that lightens up before you know it.

five hundred times elapsed

I finally made it.

lose one's fingers and get a dalgona

Put a lot of ice and pour milk.

The dalgona is finally done.

I'll try it.

It tastes like dalgona and it makes you feel good.

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