Practice English Speaking&Listening with: intoYOLO - student hazing / studentendoop (ep 2)

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Ad fundum is to chug your drink.

And if you fail to do that, then youll be given an additional one. OK? - Yes master!

I think theyll be throwing up quite a bit tonight.

Its filth theyre drinking. Pure filth.

Dont forget to finish the egg as well!

Chug, chug! Drink it all!

They have to realize their place is below us. Otherwise theyll suffer a lot more.

Vinegar, scorzonera, carbonade,

Are we off to the park? - Yes!

Then off we go!

Kiss! Kiss! - No laughing!

Im a freshie, a big, stupid, wuss.

Home is where the heart is!

If you dont throw up, youre not worth it!

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