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Daria, why don't you make the preparations today?

6 cups


Time out!

Welcome to Time Out!

Me Daria

Chocolate Mousse!

Making chocolate mousse!

Welcome to Time Out

Today you're here with me and Daria

And we're gonna make some chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

I love chocolate


Egg white

So now we're gonna whisk these egg whites

Okay? Yeah

Ready? Yeah

You get some chocolate and you have to put it in a sauce pan

Can you put it into a sauce pan?


There you go! Good job

Can you see it?

I can see it. Yes, okay

Now don't grab the chocolate. Put it back

Take it. There you go

Is it nice?

Thank you!


Put it in the sauce pan. Thank you

Now Daria we are gonna simmer this over hot water for it to melt okay.


I want to eat it.

It's very hot Daria.

Mix the egg yolk first.

Daria what did you do?

Mixing chocolate into egg yolk

Daria let's put it back over the water and let it cook.

Yeah. Okay


Okay now let's fold it.

I have to mix

Remember how mumma told you

Fold. Fold it baby

It's chocolate mousse.

Yes. We have to set it now in the fridge.

Chocolate mousse

Do you like chocolate mousse? Yeah

I like chocolate mousse.

And now that we're ready, we have to decorate it.

Can you help mumma decorate it? Yeah

You will do swirly swirly?

Yeah. Okay so whipped cream. This is whipped cream

We're gonna use it through this okay


I want to do it.

Let's put some chocolate shavings on it okay

Chocolate shavings on it


Where are the small spoons, here.

My spoon.

Yeah. See, mumma's gonna sprinkle some chocolate shavings

I want to eat it

Try it together

One, two, three.

It's yummy!

It's yummy.



You want more?

Big one!

Cheers mumma, cheers!

Yumm, chocolate!

Chocolate mousse

Okay, are you ready to say bye bye?

Bye bye!

Don't eat my chocolate

Okay Daria

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Welcome to Time out!

Me Daria

We are making mango fool.

Mango fool!

The ingredients are

Mangoes, fresh cream, sugar and egg white.

Ready, steady, go!

Now we're gonna blend the egg whites first okay

Can you pour this in for mumma? Yeah

Okay Daria now we're gonna whip the cream


Hold on.

We have to keep going until the peaks go under it.


No eating sugar sweetheart.

Let's put the sugar into the egg white.

One, two, three, four.

Good job Daria

No that's it in this.

In this recipe that's it.

Will you help mumma? Yeah. Come on

Stop. Okay

Sugar. Here's the sugar

You're gonna help me pour it?


I pour it

There you go

Let me pour it.

Okay you pour it.


Good job!

And now mumma's gonna blend this.

Mango ice cream

It looks ice cream, but it's mango fool

Yummy yummy!

Mango fool

Mumma bite

Oh it's yummy

I love it.

Mango! I like mango


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