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Oh God! Snake.

Balaji, a snake is about to bite your friend Dhana Lakshmi.

Dhana Lakshmi.

Snake. - Dhana Lakshmi, go away. Yes, you, go away.

Dhana Lakshmi, listen to me. Run away.

l said run away. Go away, Dhana. Go away.

Go away.

Dhana dear.

lt's too late. Have some meals, girl.

You are my sweet girl, aren't you? Have some meals, girl.

Where is father? - He is on terrace talking on phone.

Have it, dear. - l will eat only when father comes.

Your aunt (stepmother) might beat you. - Subbaiah

Yes, ma'am. - Leave her. She will eat when she's hungry.

Rajeshwari, what's the matter?

What is my sweetheart up to there?

Oh ! What happened! lt seems my sweetheart it angry there.

My sweetheart never gets angry.

She never gets angry no matter what.

My sweetheart is such a nice girl.

Here is your new pen.

Thank you, father.

Balaji. Who is this Balaji?

He is Miss. Dhana's classmate.

Dhana Lakshmi.

''Lullabies, fun games and affection.''

''An honest laugh and spotless heart.''

''A child's heart knows nothing other than that.''

''That's what brings a smile on a child's face.''

''O love!''

''O love!''

''O love!''

''O love!''

Dhana, why are you crying like that?

lf my father was alive he would've lifted me..

..and played with me, you know..

Dhana Lakshmi.

Hey, put her down.

lf you step inside the fence l will break your legs.

Get lost from here. Get lost.

Dhana, why are you standing here..

..when everyone is going into the class?

l am waiting for Balaji, teacher.

His father has got a transfer. He left this city.

Balaji won't come to school again.

Balaji. Balaji. Balaji.

Girl. - Where is Balaji?

They left to city. He wanted to meet you once..

..but his father has beaten him up and took him away.

Dear. - Yes, coming.

Dhana's state-first rank in tenth standard.. not an ordinary achievement.

l heard that you are still not very keen..

..on sending Dhana to college.

She lost both her mother and father.

You are the one who has to take care of her. - Alright.

Goodbye. - Goodbye.

Did you see that, brother?

That scoundrel left mere 50 lakhs for me..

..and left 50 crores for his daughter.

That fact is already giving me heartburn.

And to add to my worries here comes a new problem.

What's the big deal, sister! lf we get her married.. a man who'd follow our orders she'll be in our hands.

Dhana Lakshmi. Letter.


'Dhana Lakshmi, how are you?'

'lt's me. Balaji.'

'l read it in papers that you got state-first rank in 10th standard.'

'Congrats! l am so very happy for you.'

'Right now l am in Hyderabad..'

Balaji. Balaji. Balaji. You didn't forget him yet?

Aunt, please don't tear it. Please.

Aunt. Aunt, please give it to me.

l'll kill you.

Yes, we had to arrange Dhana Lakshmi's engagement..

Team DG

Yes, l will personally come to your place to invite you.

Greetings. - Greetings, madam.

Subbaiyah, is Dhana back?

Dhana Lakshmi didn't go to college today.

l searched her everywhere, but l couldn't find her anywhere.

Dhana Lakshmi ran away.

Hello everybody! l welcome one and all..

..who came to the felicitation ceremony..

..of the top industrialist Mr. Narayana Rao.

lt's a proud moment for us that we got an opportunity.. felicitate him.

Our Narayana Rao who started out.. just another mechanic has today reached great heights..

..whom all of us look up to, and the reason behind it.. his untiring efforts, hard work, focus and determination.

Now notable industrialist Mr. Sharma..

..will felicitate Narayana Rao with a garland.

Greetings to everyone. My hard work is not..

..the only reason behind my success.

But the credit also goes to my family who stood by me.. thick and thin.

Thank you. They too have a share in this success.

That's why l want to introduce you to them..

..through this screen.

She is my wife Kamala. She doesn't know anything..

..outside the family.

He is my elder son Shekhar. After completing M Tech..

..he is working as chief engineer in BHEL.

That girl is my daughter-in-law Krishnaveni.

Not just my daughter-in-law, but my niece as well.

This girl is my only daughter Surekha.

Come in. How are you? - l am fine, but the rice.. gave me last week for dosas isn't find, mom.

Oh no! l will give you better rice this time.

Mummy, bye. l'll come next week. - Ok, take care.

The man following her is my son-in-law.

Don't underestimate him as he is carrying goods.

He is also a software engineer.

He is my grandson Chintu. My daughter's son.

He stays with us.

Uncle. Uncle. Ask your son to study well. - Why?

Only if he studies well l would be able to..

..copy from his paper and pass the exams.

He's a bit active.

This is my family. - Sir, he's lying.

He has another son. The next shots were his shots.

That's not true. - Then continue it.

Why are you hesitating? Continue it.

Because it would be insulting to him we know about him.

Switch it on.

Hey! Hey! Aravind.

He's running away with my bag.

He looks like a good fellow. He has got helping nature as well.

Watch it completely, sir. - Continue, Mr. Narayana.

Excuse me!

l have been following you from the restaurant.

You set out to help that girl, but you came here?

What about that girl? - ls it that girl?

Aravind, three will be enough?

My, he's running away with my bag.

And the thief?

ls it him? - Buddy, we got the tickets.

Hey, you ! All of you are from the same team? - Ya.

But why did you do so? - That hotel bill was 3,500 rupees.

Will your dad pay the bill?

Narayana, you gave such a major shock?

Did your wife conceive him while watching Crime Watch?

You have got such a son? -

We give him foreign cars for repair and his son..

..goes out with his friends on them as if he owns them.

Those who see that think that we are using his car.

You who can't even put your son in control..

..don't deserve this garland and this felicitation. Cancel.

Sir, l have four daughters.

l had to move out of this area as l wasn't able to..

..put up with him and his idiotic gang's idiotic deeds, sir.

Stand up. - l am already standing.

Stand up on the bench.

ls that so? Coat canceled.

Tie cancelled.

Shirt cancelled.

Pant cancelled.

Underwear cancelled.

Thank God, l have still got my clothes on.

His son goes out with his friends on our cars.. if he owns them. Those who see that think that..

..we are using his car.

Oh God! He gave his car for servicing.

Thank God the car's here.

Kamala. Kamala. - Oh God! - Where's your stupid son?

l am worshipping here and you are ruining mood.

You take a bath and go to the workshop.

lf you wake up at 7 and go to work we will shut shop soon.

l praised you so much in the dreams.

Dear, how's the Upma? - lt's great. Pour some more.

Pour some more?

Good morning, father. - Good morning.

The Taxi Owners' Association was about to..

..felicitate you today, right? - That's what l am tensed about.

Tensed? - l mean it's about Aravind.

l feared that he might have fled with the car..

..l park outside when l was in sleep.

What's there to get so tensed, father?

lt's not an ordinary car. - ls it a secondhand one?

Shut up! lt's a new Benz car. lt goes on high speed.

You know how much it costs? 50 lakhs.

lts owner gave it to me for servicing with great fear.

l have to hand it over to him in flowers.

You know what would happen if Aravind gets such a costly car!

We will have to sell it to the garbage-vendor.

You take a bath, uncle. l will serve the breakfast.

Alright. Alright. And where is my grandson?

l am here, grandpa. l am watching TV news.

Very good. And why are you watching news channel..

..instead of watching cartoons like other kids do?

ln weather report they are forecasting rains.

They would announce it on TV if we get a leave.

That's the reason.

Mom. - Where are you?

The old man has woken up? - You come fast.

Ok. Ok. l'm coming.

Look how the top ten figures of our area..

..are revolving around him.

My blood starts burning like acid when..

..that ordinary mechanic's son hangs out in a new car..

..with a new girl everyday. - Cool, buddy. Cool.

We will get him some day.

Who locked the door? Kamala. Kamala. Open the door.

Centipede. Centipede. There's a centipede here.

Coming. l'm coming. - Open the door.

Where's the centipede, uncle?

Forget the centipede and first tell me who bolted the door.

Hey, good-for-nothing fellow, you are out of your mind?

What do you think you are doing!

Hello! - ls this mechanic Narayana's house?

Yes, it's me. Tell me. - Sir, we are talking..

..from L & T Company. We are thinking of giving..

..our company's 50 cars to your service centre.

What did you say, madam? Say it again.

You heard it right. We are thinking of giving..

..our 50 cars to your service centre. - 50 cars?

How did you find out about our company?

Oh come on ! Your servicing centre is very famous.. the city, you don't know that? - l don't know.

Yes, l know now. You just said it.

Ok. Ok. How much do you charge to service one car?

How much? 500 rupees. - 500 rupees.

500 multiplied by 50 makes it 25,000 rupees.

Ok, take 50,000 rupees instead.

How do you accept payments? By check or cash?

l accept both. - Then we will have to close our company.

No, no. l didn't mean that. We accept payments..

..through both cash and checks. - Then l'll pay in cash.

25,000 in cash? Madam, is this for real?

Of course, it's real. You are not my uncle..

..that l would joke with you. - That's not what l meant.

By the way when are you sending the cars?

When we buy them.

No. No. We are thinking of buying another 50 cars.

We will send all of them together. - Thanks, madam.

Get lost.

What happened, dad? - We got a nice order..

..from L & T company. - Your hard work didn't go waste, dad.

Now all the orders in the city will be yours.

Soon we will become the richest family in the city.

Hey, cut that crap! Dad, before you got the call.. were reprimanding him.

That car was worth 50 lakhs, wasn't it?

Stop it! l am not wandering in city on your cars like a nomad.

l charge 50 rupees from everyone who sits in the car..

..and earn 500 rupees everyday..

..and hand over that money to mom.

To me? - What! He gives you 500 rupees daily?

That makes it 15,000 rupees per month.

What do you do with that money? - Actually..

Why are you panicking, aunt?

You donate 1,000 rupees in lord Venkateshwara's temple..

..on his name every now and then, don't you?

Yes. Yes. - Worship. Donation. 1,000 rupees.

l donate 1,000 rupees.. - 1,000 rupees?

That's the reason we got 50 cars.

l too have responsibilities. - Good joke. Good joke.

Good joke? Don't you know anything else..

..other than creating rifts? Go away. Go to office.

Carry on. Carry on. - Why are you shouting at him?

Aren't you ashamed to earn on someone else's cars?

Dad, if you abuse me in that way..

..l will run away from the house.

Don't worry! No one will miss you here.

Of course you will, as l will flee in that Benz car.

What's the matter? Why is everyone so dull?

This morning a terrible incident took place.. Banda Ganesh's life. He ditched us all..

..and went to jogging this morning to chase skirts.

What happened then was..

Would you like to join me?

Will you have biscuits?

Excuse me! Will you come here tomorrow as well?

We would jog together. - That's not possible.

Why? - l jog only with my Peter.

That rascal fell ill today. That's why l asked you to join me.

So l look like your Peter? - You look just like that.

But the only thing is that it's my dog. - Your dog?

And right now you are eating dog biscuits, you dog.

Dog biscuits?

Excuse me! Who is Subramaniam among you?

Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Hey, l think he doesn't know our Subramaniam.

l will tell him that l am Subramaniam..

..and pocket that money. - Don't do that. - Get lost.

Yes, l am Subramaniam. - ls that so? - Yes.

How dare you to write love letter to my wife!

You rascal! How dare you !

l am scared to even give electricity bill to my wife..

..and you give her love letter? - Not just to your wife..

..but l won't write love letter to my wife as well, sir. - Hey!

Beware! Or else you'll die. - O God!

My mouth is bleeding. He broke my teeth.

Why are you staring as if a movie is going on here?

Someone come forward and give me a hand.

Hello! - l am Subramaniam speaking. - Yes.

lf someone comes there and asks for Subramaniam..

..while counting money don't say you are Subramaniam.

Alright. - You are too greedy.

That's why l'm telling you. - Alright.

Alright? l have seen everything.

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''Our lives are filled with fun. - Every hour is filled with joy.''

''lf we miss these moments.. - We will suffer all our lives.''

''Let's not stop this joyful ride.''

''Jump in joy. Jump in joy. Come on, jump in joy.''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''Let's spread the review of the movie..''

''..even before the first show ends.''

''Before a movies leaves the theatre let's rip it apart.''

''Before they file a case against us let's file a complaint.''

''Before our names come out let's thrash the rival gang.''

''Before the final list comes out let's fill the subject fee.''

''Before we fall in the trappings of life let's catch a figure.''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''Before we leave the college let's sell the library.''

''Before we spend that money let's sell our lab.''

''Before the principal catches us let's leave the college.''

''lf we get caught we can fall back on our parents.''

''Before we cross this age let's never face boredom.''

''Before this vow comes to an end let's see the whole world.''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

''What a fun ! What a delight!''

Sir, no one can play in the ground for a week. - Why?

ln the nearby RTO the meditation classes..

..are about to start from tomorrow. - So what?

lf you play here the class might get disturbed.. the colony association's secretary barred everyone..

..from the ground. - Who's that secretary?

Hey, that's the biscuit party.

That means he's that secretary?

Hey, get lost. - Who are you?

We are celebrity figures, you know..

Your faces say that you are good-for-nothing fellows.

l see. - Why? Does that sound funny? - Ya.

l heard that you passed orders to stop us..

..from playing in the playground. - Yes, l did.

To run the meditation classes? - What the heck can you do..

..if l run those classes?

Darling. - Yes. - l will bring biscuits.

Not today. - No, no, no. You can job only if you eat biscuits.

l am eating everyday. Spare me today. - You have to. Ok?

Hey, he eats dog biscuits everyday.

How did they find it out?

That's enough for us to rip you apart, buddy.

lf you conduct meditation classes you're a dead man.

Hey, let's go.

That secretary started meditation classes..

..even though we warned them.

Ganesh, your mom and dad are coming this way.

Just look at my son, how wise he has become.

You are my sweetheart. l am so proud of you.

Are you learning Yoga, dear? - Yes, mom.

Take care of your health.

l took after my mom. That's why she loves me so much.

Hey, come here. You may go.

Hey, come here. - Hey, what's that shirt..

..and what's that appearance? - They will allow us.. the meditation classes only if we wear this.

Meditation? What's that?

Meditation means we have to set our eyes on one point..

Where? On that girl? - Stop it. He's saying something.

Carry on, sir. - We have to breathe in..

..and breathe out slowly. That is it.

Are we doing anything different now? - You're right.

That's the reason l never tell you anything.

Hey, come here.


You want meditation? Get lost.

l'll hit you. Get lost.

Hey, do you really need meditation? Stand there.

Hey, you thought of leaving us all here..

..and going there alone, rascal?

What do we do with these sages now?

There's a bike in our shed without a silencer.

Can they conduct meditation classes..

..if we ride that bike here? - Superb.

Where must be she gone? - Nitu, you're friend is..

..not at home. She gave me the keys. - Thanks, aunt.

Nitu, it's been a week since that girl came here.

She doesn't look like a girl who mingles with everyone.

ls that so? - Nitu, listen, is she your childhood friend?

Yes, aunt. - Her mother and father..

Aunt, please. Please. l am a bit busy right now.

l will tell you everything later, ok? - Alright.

Sorry. l'm really sorry.

Please don't mind. - lt's ok.

Where are the meditation classes going on?

Over there.


Hey, what's that rush?

Stop there. What's that? Where are you going?

To meditation classes, mom. - And you need..

..your father's shirt for that? - Father's not important here..

..but the shirt's important. - What happened to him?

Why didn't he return yet? - Yes.

He said he would bring the bike with broken silencer.

What happened to him?

Who is he roaming in our area like Jawaharlal Nehru?

lt's Aravind. - Right. - Bye.

Aravind. - Bye.

Aravind. - Bye-bye!

l am strict regarding many matters, you know.. Hey, stop!

Good morning, sir. - Good morning, sir. - Ok.


Go inside.

Why is this idiot coming this way? - Greetings, master.

You said you would come to meditation classes..

..and do something, right? - l will do meditation.

'And he wants to do meditation now. l know him very well.'

'He must have seen some girl and must have come here..'

' impress her.' - 'You got it, didn't you, dog?'

'Send me inside or else l will tell everyone in the city..'

'..about those dog biscuits. You got it?'

Yes. Go inside. Go inside.

He's the no. 1 scoundrel of their gang.

Greetings, uncle. - Greetings.

How's your health now, uncle? - l'm fine.

That's good news, uncle. l shall go inside. - Carry on.

You know who he is? Scoundrel no. 2 of this gang.

He made a great sketch and is trying to impress my girl.

She won't fall so easily. - She fell.

What happened? - Last evening l saw your daughter..

..sitting on his bike and holding him tight at the signal.

Oh ! Come on ! You must've mistaken her.

l too felt the same way, but your daughter looked and said..

Uncle, how are you?

Did she wish you? - Yes.

My daughter? - Yes. - You saw her? My daughter?

She fell in his eyes.

Hey, sit down.

Excuse me! Hi!

Dress change.

Hi! Hello!

l love meditating. Ok.


Sir, why are you staring at me?

Let me meditate.

Sir, he is..

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

'She asked me to wait for her at the bus stop..'

'..but didn't come yet.'


Hey, you !

Didn't you get any other car to lean on? Get lost.

Oh no!

Hi, darling! l forgot the phone in the car.

So l couldn't receive your call. Honestly, trust me.

l'll be there in a while, darling. l'll about to leave.

l will be there in half an hour. Trust me.

l will definitely be there, darling. Take my word. Bye.

Did it rain on such a hot day?

l am so small and the car is so big.

Oh God!

New kerchief. lt cost me 50 rupees.

l hope no one saw me.

Filthy smell.

Hi, l am Aravind. Your good name please.

lt's Dhana Lakshmi, right? l found it out in meditation class.

What a nice name! - Hey, rascal!

What! What's that dress! l'll hit you with a sandal.

What do you think of yourself! You won't leave any girl?

Scoundrel. l'll teach you a lesson when l'll meet you.

Where can you escape! l will see you soon.

Why are you looking at me in that way?

You felt they were scolding me?

l too felt the same way. lndecent fellows.

Hello! - Where are you? How long do l have to wait for you?

l got hooked to this book and completely forgot about you.

l'll be there in a while. - No, no. - Why?

lt's just nearby. l know it. l will come.

Ok, then, bring something from Moonlight restaurant to eat.

Where is Moonlight restaurant? - Restaurant?

lt's on the way to our colony. Bring a parcel, ok? Bye. - Bye.

Thank God!

Madam, please sit here. - Rascal!

lt's reserved? - lt's not reserved. There's no one here.

Some fool must've placed them there.

You sit there, madam. - Thank you.

One minute, madam.

Hi, Miss. Dhana Lakshmi! - What a surprise!

What a co-incidence that we are bumping into each other..

..again and again.

O God! - What would you like to take, madam?

One vegetable sandwich and Pepsi. - No.

The sandwich tastes like crap in this restaurant.

Hey, come on, buddy! - Then one Pepsi will be enough.

Ok, madam. What do you want?

We came together.

First of all bring what Dhana ordered.

Just for fun.

Miss. Dhana Lakshmi. Miss. Dhana Lakshmi. - What?

Look there. Over there.

Oh !

What a funny thing you know!

Whose house did you come as a guest?

Who told you that l am a guest?

l never saw a fairy like you in this area before.

l see. So you don't like it when l talk like that, right?

Ok, then, l never saw such an ugly face in this place before.

'Oh God! lt seems he won't leave me so easily.'

Yes, l came to my friend Nitu's house.

Nitu? - You know her?

And you.. - To tell you about me..

l am like a king in this area. To put it simply l am Aravind.

Born in 1984, on Sep 4th, my father have you know..

..very famous, good mechanic shop. My mother kitchen-wife.

My brother chief engineer in BHEL. We live in H-block.

l don't like taking risks. That's why l am finishing my studies..

And doing nothing.

What! You will do nothing. What else can you do?

l'll hit you. What does that stare mean?

Excuse me! Gentle boy. You, you..

Come here. - Myself? - Ya. Ya. Come. Come, sir.

Talk slowly. What you are talking suits us.

You can go outside and talk as much as you want to.

Carry on. Please.

You already got up? - l need to go now.

You know when l talk to you l feel like l am talking.. my childhood classmate. - Classmate?

What's that girl's name? - Name? What shall l say?

Meenakshi. - For how long was she your classmate?

'The matter is diverting to some other direction.'

Till fourth standard. - And after that?

She left. - Where? - She got married and went to..

..her in-laws' place.

Ok, bye. - What's this! We are having so much fun here.

You want to leave? - l will come tomorrow.

We can talk then. - Tomorrow we shall talk.. least for an hour. - Alright. Alright. Bye.

''She's so beautiful. She's so beautiful.''

''l just can't believe my eyes.''

''Even after l see you for so long.''

''l still can't keep my eyes off you.''

''She comes, she looks at me..''

''..and she takes away my heart.''

''l don't understand if it's a dream or it's for real.''

''O my beloved one! How can you be so beautiful?''

''O my beloved one! How can you be so attractive?''

''O my beloved one! How can you be so gorgeous?''

''O my beloved one! How can you do this to me?''

''Have you come to earth from the sky for me?''

''Will you take me to the end of the earth?''

''She's so beautiful. She's so beautiful.''

''l just can't believe my eyes.''

''Even after l see you for so long.''

''l still can't keep my eyes off you.''

''O dear! O dear! You are my princess.''

''You are the cynosure of my eyes.''

'' would look like you.''

''O baby, you are my life. l can feel you every time.''

''O baby, you are my life. l can feel you every time.''

''You give sunflowers and daisies a huge complex.''

''Have you come to earth from the sky for me?''

''Will you take me to the end of the earth?''

Ganesh, your mom and dad.

Son, did you have meals?

lf you don't have it you will become weak and thin, son.

Son, go and have meals. - Won't your mom and dad..

..sit at home? Do they roam on Scooty all their lives?

Who is he? He is dominating the stars of our area.

He is going a bit overboard, right? - Very much.

Hey, Shekharam, it's me Malli Babu. - Hey, Malli!

Where are you these days? What are you doing?

l have become a marriage contractor in Kolkata.

Marriage contractor means.. - We do everything..

..that is needed in a marriage ceremony. A to Z service.

l see. - And why are you so dull?

What shall l say? - l am neck-deep in debts.

l don't feel like living anymore.

How can you talk like that when your friend is here!

You want to insult me? Tell me how much you owe people.

One lakh rupees. - You are becoming so dull..

..for after all one lakh rupees? You need one lakh rupees..

..urgently to become happy, right?

Will you become happy if l give you one lakh rupees?

Just smile once.



Here's your one lakh.

Why are you staring at me in that way?

Can't l do this much for a friend? Here's you one lakh.

Throw it on their faces and clear their debts.

But never ever appear dull in front of me.

Who is he who gives one lakh rupees to his friend just like that?

He looks like a very rich man. - l will also tell him..

..a sorry tale and extract some money from him. - No, buddy.

Do not be greedy. You already have lot of flashbacks.

You have always been like that.

Hey! - Take it. Take it. - Stop.

Hey, bring a hot pizza and a large Pepsi for Mr. Malli Babu.

Alright, sir. - Who are you?

You look like an over-burnt Tandoori chicken.

Sir, l became your fan after l saw you helping your friend.

You are my fan? - Yes, sir. And l want to sponsor..

..for such a rare scene, sir. Hey, bring it fast.

Also get me two King size packets. - Ok, sir.

The taxi's standing there. Pay the fare.

And when you return bring back the bag that is there in it.

What are you still doing here? Go. - Ok, sir.

Hey, buddy! Pay the taxi fare. Please.

Fan. - Sir. - lt was a great treat.

Thank you, sir. - l shall go now then. - Wait a minute.

Basically you are very scared of debts, aren't you? - Yes.

Then how come you have one lakh rupees debt?

You know our Kishor, don't you? - Yes.

When he was going to Dubai..

..l got him one lakh rupees on credit from a money-lender.

He disappeared with that 50 lakhs..

..and l got trapped with this money-lender. - Shut up!

You forgot your status and got someone else 50,000 rupees?

Hey, you don't know the value of money at all.

This Malli Babu can forgive someone who doesn't know..

..the worth of a human being, but doesn't forgive someone..

..who doesn't know the worth of money.

l don't take any responsibility in this 50,000 rupees.

50,000 rupees cut. - What a twist!

Now give me the account for this 50,000 rupees.

Three months ago when l was going on my scooter..

..l met with an accident and got a fracture.

l lost 10,000 rupees there. - l'll hit you with this plate, idiot.

Have you completely lost it? You can't even cycle..

..a bicycle properly and bought a scooter?

Again you behaved without knowing the worth of money.

Listen, Malli Babu might forgive someone who doesn't..

..know the worth of a human being.. - ..but doesn't forgive..

..someone who doesn't know the worth of money. - Exactly.

You lost this 10,000 as well. Next.

l told you right in the beginning not to get into this.

How do you owe the remaining 10,000 rupees?

'Why? You want to take back that as well?

l won't let him take this 10,000 back.'

No, Malli Babu. l am giving you a huge trouble.. telling you about my problems.

Now l understood one thing. - What?

lf one has a friend like you one can solve..

..any problem very easily.

You boosted my confidence.

l will solve my problem on my own.

Say it again. Say it again. - l'll solve my problem on my own.

Great. Did you get it at least now!

Malli Babu rescues those who are in trouble..

..and appreciate them who have confidence.

When you would solve your problem on your own.. won't need this 10,000 rupees.

Does anyone among you needs help? - O God!

Hey, what happened? - Don't go there. Don't go.

Aravind. - Cousin. - Cousin.

Cousin. - Cousin.

Cousin. - Cousin.

Hi and hello to my sister's family.

Brother, how are you? - l am very fine, dear.

When did you come? - l came here just now, uncle.

How is everyone? - Just a minute. l'll bring coffee.

No, aunt. - Why? - l want Boost.

Boost is the secret of his energy.

Uncle, don't tell secrets outside. - Ok. Ok.

What's this nonsense! What's this furniture and what's this hall!

lt's pretty cheap. ls this how a chief engineer's house..

..should look like? A Plasma TV on that side..

..a 5.1 Surround system here, stand-less sofa set this side..

..a classy dining table and a costly carpet..

How would it look then? - l will be left with 50,000 rupees debt.

What are you saying! You won't get all these things..

..for a paltry 50,000 rupees. lt would cost minimum one lakh.

Where would l get one lakh rupees from now?

You need one lakh rupees, right?

Brother, please. Brother, l am very happy here.

Please don't take out that one lakh and ruin my life.

Please. Please. - What are you saying, sister!

No. l have been watching that one lakh rupees with you..

..since seven years. Please don't show me that again.

Please. - At least tell me what l should do.

lf you drink Boost here you will get late for your train.

So leave immediately.

Sister. - Alright. - What? What's the matter?

Uncle, actually what happened is that.. - Nothing, uncle.

Just a small talk between brother and sister. - l will..

Are you talking about his one lakh rupees? - Yes, uncle.

l'll kill you, scoundrel. lf you bring that one lakh rupees.. this house again l will cut you into pieces.

Get lost. Get lost.

Hello! - Nitu. - What are you doing?

l can find out what is where in this kitchen.

Why do you bother? l will cook after l return.

Nitu. Nitu.

Excuse me. - Yes. - Where is the lCU?

On the right.

Sister, Nitu. - There's nothing to worry about it.

She will be shifted into the room in a while. - Thank you.

Who admitted Nitu in the hospital? - We admitted her.

Thanks a lot. How did this accident take place?

Accident? lt's a case of eve-teasing.

Do you know who did it? - lt's alright. Tell me.

lf we tell you about them you will file police complaint..

..about them and then we will be in deep trouble.

We are not on good terms with them.

Please tell me who it is. - lf you assure us..

..that you won't tell anyone that we told you this..

l won't tell anyone. Tell me who it is.

lt's Aravind, Subramaniam, Venkatesh, Ganesh..

..Raj Babu, Karri Raju, Bobby of H-block. lt's their batch.

Buddy, you got Aravind trapped in this?

lt wasn't preplanned. l got idea all of a sudden.

l wanted to get even with since a long time and today l will.


Who is Aravind among you? - lt's me.

You think you are some goon? l heard you are eve-teasing.

You know a girl was admitted in the hospital because of you.

ln the hospital? - You are talking as if.. don't know anything. - Sir, even if you are policeman.. doesn't give you right to hold our collars.

What's your name? - Subramaniam.

Yours was the first name in the complaint. Take him inside.

Yes, sir. - What's your name? - Raja Babu, sir.

What's your name? - Venkatesh, sir.

What's your name? Hey!

Ganesh, sir. - What's your name?

Karri Raju. - Take them away. - Yes, sir.

Hey! - Sir. - Come here.

Sir. - Who is he sitting there..

..even when so much is going on over here?

He is our gang's leader, sir.

What? They already discharged you?

Did you file a police complaint? - Yes. Why?

Who told you that they eve-teased me?

The guys who admitted you in the hospital.

Along with the help they created a problem as well.

What happened? - There are two gangs in this area.

They are arch rivals. So they made up the eve-teasing bit..

..and gave other gang's names. Police bashed them up.

You know what happened after that?

Look, girl, who among them..

Who among them teased them?

l will break their remaining bones.

Why are you standing there? Go there..

Go there and show your ugly faces to that girl. Come on !

Stop it! - So it's him?

Girl. - Shut up! What's this harassment, sir!

Did l tell you that they were eve-teasing me?

l don't even know who they are.

l never even saw them before.

We were waiting for that one word, Mr. Sl.

Police's atrocities on students.

Youth manhandled in the cell.

We will file hundred cases against you..

..for beating us students without valid evidence..

..and send you behind bars. - Hey, my uncle is MLA.

What's this, madam? When you don't know who they are..

..why did you make your friend complain about them?

Complaint? Friend? - So your friend complained about us?

Who is she? Where does she live?

How can she file complaints against celebrity figures like us!

He had hurt us. Tell us where that girl lives. Which city?

Ask her. Bring her here in half an hour.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Without giving a gap..

..from court to the station. - From station to home.

From house to court. - From court to station.

We will drag her and torture her. Come on, tell us.

My uncle is MLA, you know that?

O my God! What happened then?

l hit upon a superb idea right then.

Without getting aggressive kindly listen to me.

l can call that girl here if you ask me to.

But the problem is that she won't remember any of you.

Why? - She is affected by specified amnesia.

My uncle is MLA. - Rascal, you don't understand English.

Nonsense. Girl, talk in Telugu.

Last year on 14th Dec when she came to meet me..

..her car met with an accident. Poor girl, she lost her parents..

..right there and then, but she survived. But what's the use!

As she got a major blow on her head..

..a part of her mind damaged.

Since then she can't remember anything.

ls that so? - She remembers everything..

..that happened till Dec 14th. But after 14th Dec..

..whatever happens she forgets the next day.

Every day is a new day for her.

Oh no! You say she forgets today's incident tomorrow.

Then how does she remember you?

Actually.. Actually we are friends since childhood.

That's how she remembers me. After the accident..

So she forgets everything she sees after the accident.

You have got a sharp mind, sir.

lt sounds like 'Gajini' movie. - No, sir.

ln that story hero Surya forgets everything every 15 minutes.

Am l right? - Yes. - But in this story she forgets..

..everything every 24 hours. - So this is a story? - Yes.

Hey! - lt's not a story, sir. lt's for real.

lf you wish you can check her X-ray report.

X-ray? When did they take my X-ray?

They took my leg's X-ray yesterday. l showed them that.

You showed the leg's X-ray as brain's X-ray?

Couldn't they find out? - They are not that smart.

They are idiots. You should've seen their show off..

..when they were looking at it.

What's this! The brain is so long.

The brain has split into two pieces. lt's some juice.

My heart weeps when l think about that girl.

So do we reach a compromise here? - No, my uncle is MLA.

Forget it. lt's not sir's mistake. - Thank you.

Son. - Yes. - What's your uncle's name?

MLA. - What's his name? - Metta Lingachari.

MLA in short.

Ok. Ok. What happened has happened.

At least from now onwards take care of your friend.

Don't leave her outside every now and then..

..and create problems for me.

lf this happens one more time you know about us, don't you?

Yes, l do. - Be careful. Let's go.

Hey, my X-ray. - Will you give me your X-ray?

l need to explain my friend about brain.

Aren't you going a bit overboard? - Right.

Keep it there.

That's why l am warning you right now..

Don't talk to anyone without knowing.

Even if you talk to someone you will have to pretend.. the next day as if you don't know them.

Especially to the guys of this college.

lf they find out that we lied to them we will be in trouble.

Be careful, ok?

Dhana, you remember what l said, right?

Come back straight to home as soon as..

..the meditation classes are over.

Don't talk to anyone on the way. - Ok, bye. - Bye.

Dhana, come here.

What? - l told you that a gang came to the hospital..

..and created a scene, didn't l? He is the biggest scoundrel..

..of that gang.

lt's him? He came to me yesterday..

..and gave me a hard time for half an hour with some crap.

God! We need to be careful with him.

When you are in front of him..

..behave as if you have got memory loss problem.

Pretend to forget everything. - Ok.

But he doesn't know that l am that memory loss patient, right?

l will take care of that. You go. - Ok. Bye. - Bye.

Good morning, Miss. Dhana Lakshmi.

You know since how long l have been waiting for you?

Why were you waiting for me? Who are you?

What's the matter you are talking as if.. don't even know me! - And you are talking.. if you know me.

What a funny joke! What's this, Dhanna! You and l were..

..talking in the restaurant yesterday itself, right?

Didn't my friend tell you about me that l do nothing?

Shut up! What's this nuisance!

l don't know who you are. lf you disturb me again..

..l will file a police complaint against you, ok. ldiot.


Hello! She's the girl who filed a complaint..

..against you yesterday. l told you about that girl's accident.

Dhana Lakshmi?


Girl, so according to that she would forget..

..whatever we talked yesterday?

Yes, she forgot it. Will you forget tomorrow..

..what we talked today?

How about photographing today's incidents..

..and showing her tomorrow? - She's slap you.

lf she knows about her illness..

..she will also remember the fact that she lost her parents.

And it might put her life at risk. - You are impossible.

Stop scaring me.

Cool. Cool. Why are you getting so emotional?

Don't get me wrong, girl, but Dhana talked to me..

..very well yesterday. - Look, mister, l'm telling you..

..again and again. Don't assume things..

..and trouble Dhana. lt's not good.

You will have to forget Dhana from today onwards.

lf l come to know that something happened.. Dhana Lakshmi because of you l won't spare you. Bye.

Hey, lit it! Lit it!



Don't get scared. Don't get scared.

Listen to me.

Look at this, sir, what these kids did.

Why is he staring at me in that way!

He looks like a police officer. Well, who cares!

Excuse me!

Dhana Lakshmi.

You are.. - Lady Gajini.

l am Aravind. - You did a great job. - Thanks.

Dhana, what's this! You appear and make me happy..

..and disappear all of sudden.

You are such a waste-fellow. - What are you saying!

What else should l say? She's the one who came to you..

..and introduced herself to you, didn't she? - Yes.

You should've talked smart and befriended her..

..and got her on your bike and painted the town red.

Ok, using my talent if l had painted the town red..

..with her on my bike, still what's the use!

She would've forgotten me by the next day.

So what! Save similar guy in front of her again tomorrow.

She might be impressed and introduce herself to you.

That's her character, isn't it? - Wow!

lf l save a similar guy every day l can follow her.

That's your character. - Well-said.

The idea is fine, but where will we get such a guy everyday?

That's not a big problem. How about someone..

..from our gang acting as that helpless guy?

Who has such got such a destitute face in our gang?

Hey, l will kill you all. You think l am some fool.

Have you seen your faces in mirror?

Everyone shares the same view. - What view!

Look at your face in the mirror.

- Hey, stop it! What do you think of our Ganesh?

He's the one who stands first in our gang.. looks, talent and personality.

Aravind. - Am l right or wrong? - Yes, but..

That's why l say you should play that part.

Hey, they are better than you. At least they are direct.

You won't play that part? - No, l won't.

You asked me for 5,000 rupees to go to..

..Ocean Park next Sunday with your girlfriend, didn't you?

l was wondering how to arrange that money.

Mom said she doesn't have any money. lt's of no use asking father.

That means your program is cancelled..

What shall we do now? - Aravind, l'll play that part.

l will kill anyone who tries to stop me.

You are my real friend. My real friend.

What, brother? Yesterday you thrashed us..

..and today you are giving us money to do the same thing?

Hey, do what you are asked to do. - Hey, are you ready?

Hi! Hi! Hi! - Hey, who is this new guy?

Hey, l know him very well. He eats leftovers.. wedding buffets.

Forget it. Come on. You got everything, right? - Yes.

We are getting late. Carry on. - Come on.


2,000 extra. - Buddy..

Help! Help!

They are burning me. They are burning me.

'You all were thrashed yesterday itself, weren't you?'

'Still you didn't mend your ways?'

'You all are in deep trouble. l won't leave you.'

O mom!

You shut your mouth. l knew it long ago..

..that this would happen to him.

Aravind, the fatso is coming. - The girl is also coming.

'This policeman is here today as well?'

'He will rip me apart if he knows that this is an act.'

'Then l would never get Dhana Lakshmi again.'

'What shall l do now? l think l should..

..cancel the program.' Hello, sir.

Hello again, sir. - Aravind.

Fatso Ganesh is coming. - Police.


Run. Run.

Hey, you ! Come here. You can eat the chips later on.

Hey, the girl is coming. Let's carry on with our plan.

Policeman is here. - Policeman? l'll run. O God!

Hello, sir.

Dad, shall we go now?

'The girl is coming this way. The policeman is gone.'

'Now l can continue with my plan.'

'Aravind, go and save him.'

Hey, stop there!

Why are you all troubling him? - Sister. Sister.

lf you do this again l am going to.. Sister, l don't know anything.

He's the one who gave me money to do this.

Sister, he is also a set-up.

O God!

What's the big deal everyone is so depressed?

Dhana found out my drama. How do l show her my face?

That girl doesn't remember today's incidents tomorrow.

What happened? - You are right.

What a great brain ! What a great brain !

Now you will see how l will befriend her from tomorrow.

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

''You forget the past everyday.''

''Don't kill me this way, O lady Gajini.''

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

l'm Aravind.

''When it's raining like an umbrella..''

''..l want to be caged in your hands.'' l'm Aravind.

''When you are moody l'll become a movie-ticket..''

''When you are leisurely l'll become a TV channel..''

''When you are worried l'll become some good news..''

''..and follow you everyday.''

''Tell me what l shall do to make you remember me.''

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

''l shall bump into you at morning like a coffee..''

''..and wish you good morning.''

''When you switch on the cell-phone l'll become network..''

''When you are driving l want to be helmet..''

''l want to be the bed-light when you are asleep..''

''l shall be everything you need.''

''Tell me what l shall do to make you remember me.''

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

''O Dhana dear, how long will this go on?''

''What will l have to do today?''

''You forget the past everyday.''

''Don't kill me this way, O lady Gajini.''

Coffee. - Hi, l am Aravind. Your good name please.

l'm going to..


What? - You will roll on floor laughing if l ask for something.

What's that? - Leave it.

l too have comedy sense. l will also laugh. - Leave it, mom.

Tell me. - l need 500 rupees.

Mom, please. Give me the money for one last time.

Get lost. Get lost from here.

Came to trouble me so early in the morning.

'My time is not good today.' - Hi!

Uncle, l will give you 500 rupees. - Hey, rascal!

We are giving you pocket money as you are..

..going to school regularly unlike this idiot..

..and you gave that money to him? l am going to..

Granny, don't talk without knowing the subject.

Uncle badly needs money right now.

Really? Why does he need that money?

Uncle got a girl. - Oh no! He put me in trouble.

Aravind. Aravind. lntroduce me to that girl once.

You don't finance me but you want to meet my girl?

Hey, please show us the girl.

You can't see her just like that. lt will cost you.

We are ready to pay. - Ok, get ready with 1,000 rupees.

l will show her at Ameerpet bus-stop.

Does she sell fruits there? - Jealousy?

Hey, don't disturb me. - Alright, brother.

Mom, look at him. - Aravind, stop there.

Hey, you are giving such a build-up in front of them?

You put so much effort each day to meet that girl.

How will you manage them all now?

Tomorrow l will talk to that girl with their help itself.

Mom, she's coming.

'lt's him?'

Who are you? Why are sitting next to me?

Talk slowly. You are in great danger right now.

l sat here only to save you. - What's that danger?

l'm Aravind. Your good name please.

'He got started all over again.'

Dhana Lakshmi. - Miss. Dhana Lakshmi, look back once.

Who are they all? Why are they smiling at me?

l'll tell you. Now look in the front.

Hi. - Who is she?

They are a chain-snatching gang.

The moment you get down the bus they will talk to you nicely..

..and then they will drug you and then snatch your chain.

How do you know that? - Theirs is a big gang.

l know this area very well.

'ls he telling the truth?'

'What if they are real thieves?' what shall l do now?

Not too much. When you get down the bus just hold my hand.

They will think you came here with someone known..

..and stop chasing you. l'm getting down at the next stop.

l will also come. - Hold my hand while you get down.

Only then will they understand that we are pretty close.



'These chain-snatchers came to the temple as well.'

'Other than buses and trains they steal in temples as well?'

Oh no! My chain? - 'Chain? They must've stolen it.'

Mom. - Yes. What? - Mom, l can't see my chain.

Where did you drop it? - Somewhere around.

Oh no! lt's 44 gm chain. - Did l say it's 22 gm chain?

Aravind. - Yes, sister-in-law. - Sister-in-law?

Your brother lost his chain somewhere around.

Search it for him. - He doesn't know anything..

..except losing thing, mom. - Mom?

'Rascal, you call your mom and your family thieves?'

'You will rot in hell.'

Sister-in-law, here's the chain. - Thanks, Aravind.

l would've been in deep trouble had l lost the chain.

l know very well why you came to the temple.

To search the chain? - Stop kidding.

You called your darling here, didn't you? - Darling?

You finally found it even though l acted ignorant.

lntroduce us to her at least now. - lntroduction?

lntroduction? - Yes. - ln a moment.

Excuse me! l am Aravind. Your good name please.

What's the matter? - Both good people and bad people..

..come to a temple. Some good people lost this..

..good chain at a good place and a good person like me got it.

So l guessed that some good person must've dropped it here..

..and thought that it would be yours who look best..

..among everyone present here. Check if this good chain belongs.. your good neck.

'Rascal, you are trying to talk to me..'

'..with the excuse of this chain?'

'l don't even get proper abuses to abuse you..'

'..who calls his family members thieves.'

'l will definitely teach you a lesson.'

Yes, it's mine.


What's this, Aravind, your darling is leaving?

You won't introduce her to us? - God is dying with hunger..

..and the priest wants the holy offering. - Holy offering?

What happened? ls she upset with you? - Yes.

Alright. Alright. Give me my chain. - Which chain?

The one you took from me just now.

Do you have any evidence? - Evidence?

Hey, you think it's funny. - Your husband lost it..

..and you are asking for that chain? - l see.

So you are coming in that route?

Alright. Alright. Let it be. That chain is not mine..

..but it's your sister's chain. She will come here next week.

lt's sister's chain.

Where is it? Where is my chain?

Will you give me the chain or will you die?

Oh God!

Enough of that. Stop it. My body starts burning..

..when l think of the cheap tricks he does to talk to me.

Does anyone call his family members fraud?

He will come. He will definitely come here for the chain.

Here he is. Give him a harsh warning and tell him..

..l am not here and send him away, ok.

Hi, Miss. Nitu ! How are you? - What's the matter?

Tirupati's holy offering. - Give it to me.

We shouldn't offer it to someone outside. - Ok, come in.

Wow! What a beautiful home! - And then..

Your friend took a chain from me. - ls it a gift?

lt's not my chain to gift it. - So it's hers?

lt's not hers as well. She took it assuming it to be hers.

The person whom that chain belongs to is torturing me.

l already told you once not to follow her..

..but you didn't listen to me. - Please, girl, my chain.

Alright, l will give you the chain, but one condition.

You shouldn't see her, you shouldn't follow her.. shouldn't talk to her. ls that all?

So you don't want the chain. - From now onwards l won't..

..look at Dhana Lakshmi, l won't follow her..

..and l won't talk to her. Hi, l am Aravind. - Hey!

Who is he? - You don't know him. You go.

Please give me my chain back.

Leave this place and don't turn around.

lf you don't mind will you please come here once!

What for? - Please. Tell me what for. - Please, please.

Tell me what it is. - Please tell me.

What is it? - Please come, madam.

Tell me why you called me out.

What's the matter you are talking about rules!

You want me to stop following Dhana?

Should l follow you then? l'll hit you hard.

Look, l love Dhana Lakshmi sincerely.

For l have love, pyar, kadhal, everything..

l want to marry her and l will.

You can do whatever you can do to stop me. Get lost.

You love me?

You want to marry me as well?

Sorry, l don't like all these things. - But Dhana Lakshmi..

You must be thinking that this girl with amnesia..

..would talk just like that. - No, that's not the thing..

As you think l don't have any short term memory loss.

l remember all the stupid things you did all these days.

l don't want to talk to you anymore.

Get lost from here.

Hey, you ! Have you gone mad or what!

Why did you tell him the truth?

Don't worry. Except in my matter..

..Aravind is a good fellow in the rest of the things.

l will convince him. You don't worry.

Oh ! Brother, what's this!

What did l tell you and what are you doing!

l ask you to turn it that side and you are turning it this side.

lt's after all a Luna, brother.

You are taking one week to put a chain to this.

l don't understand when you will go to a scooter from Luna..

..and from scooter to car and maintain this shed?

No, brother. l really don't get it. - Hey!

l am already not in a good mood. lf you shout too much..

Brother. - What? - Look, someone's there.

Where has he gone? Hey, ask her what she wants.

Excuse me, any problem?

l will talk to the chief mechanic.

She wants chief mechanic.

What's the matter? - l need to talk to you.

l don't need to talk to anyone.

What's the problem, girl?

The scooter stopped all of a sudden.

Hey, did you drop some change here..

..that you are searching here. - No, father.

l am just checking the engine. - What!

You're checking the engine? Rascal. Scoundrel. ldiot.

Since a week you couldn't even put a chain to that Luna..

..and you are checking the engine. You rascal.

Father, talk slowly. - You want me to talk slowly?

You are raising your voice at me? What's that look!

Customers are waiting there and you are standing here?

Go and deliver that lnnova to Mr. Acharya in Ameerpet.

Go. Go. - Ok. - Go l said.

Uncle, l too need to go to Ameerpet. lt's very urgent.

Please tell him to drop me there.

Hey, you are going to Ameerpet, aren't you?

Drop this girl there. - lt's not our vehicle, but it's customer's.

We can't drive people around in it.

And you are telling me that?

Shut your mouth and do what l say. You go with him, girl.

Look, Aravind, did l tell you that l have got memory loss?

My friend told you so. How can you blame me for that!

My only mistake is hiding her lie.

Think about it once. When we go to a new place..

..we don't know how people are there.

We should behave how our friends tell us to do, right?

That's what happened in my case too.

Please, Aravind. lf l hurt you without my knowledge..

..l am extremely sorry.

Let's forget this matter here itself. We are friends, ok?

Look, l don't love a girl whom l call friend.

And l can't be friends with a girl l love.

l love you. Talk to me if it's ok with you, or else goodbye.

Ok, goodbye.

Hey, there's Dhana. Stop the van. Stop it.


Please, please start the car. - l don't want to hear 'please'.

l will start the car only if you agree to love me.

Hey, stop there.

Get her.

Get into the van. Everyone is tensed for you there..

..and you are enjoying here? Get into the van.

Sir, sir, sir. Sir, who are you?

Why are you dragging the girl with you? - Who are you? Kill him.

Leave me.


Leave me.



Who are they all?

What's the relation between them and you?

Marriage against my wish. l don't know where Balaraju is.

l fled from my home and came to my friend's place.

Now they found out that l am here.

l don't know what l should do.

Ever since childhood there was Balaji in my heart.

That's why l'm telling you. Please, Aravind, forget me.


Where is Balaji? - Balaji?

There is no one here with that name.

Listen, your son kidnapped my daughter Dhana Lakshmi.

Ask him to leave her or else it would be very bad for you.

Madam, l don't understand what you are saying.

Balaji? Kidnap? We are not that sort of people, l swear.

Even if you swear a lie don't become true.

Weren't you living in Nellore 12 years ago?

l in Nellore? We are living here since last 30 years.

No, sister. lt's his son who has beaten up.

And that girl is roaming with him.

Listen, we didn't kidnap Dhana Lakshmi as you think.

She lives with her friend in lV-Block, house no. 17.

What's the matter you got a shock? How dare you !

You fled from there and reached here?

Get ready. - l won't come.

Come. - Stop. Stop.

Madam. Madam, she doesn't want to come.

Please leave her. - Get lost.

Hello! Hello! Hello! What's the matter?

Where are you talking that girl to? Who are you by the way?

Sir, sir, sir, she is my daughter. She is eloping with someone..

..and l am trying to stop her and take her back to home.

She's lying, sir. l am a major. She's trying to get me married..

..against my wish. - We won't force her this marriage..

..if she doesn't want to, but since she left the home..

..people are saying different things about me.

l will do the enquiry and solve the problem.

But if you try to force her against her wish..

..l will have to take serve action against you. Beware!

You go inside, girl. - Come in. - Thank you, sir.

Sister, he's the one l was talking about.

Ok, sir. - lt's alright.

Stop there.

You can't come to this house from now onwards.

Father, l haven't done anything wrong as you think.

l just helped a girl who was in trouble.

Why don't you do that much help to us as well?

lf you stop coming home we will live with some respect.

What do you think of this house!

This is a house where well-respected women live.

Father, please listen to me. No one will come to out house..

..from now onwards. We won't face any problem from them.

You shouldn't be staying here.

Go to Kolkata immediately and stay with Malli Babu..

..and find some job. - Father, all of a sudden?

Few good things happen in life all of a sudden.

That's not the thing, father. - Just do what l said.

Aravind, come and have dinner.

What? Why? - l can't bear the fact..

..that Dhana Lakshmi loves someone else, sister-in-law.

Hey, are you mad or what! Love? You know what love is?

One doesn't even know the meaning of love in fourth class.

She lost her mother when she was small.

She didn't get mother's love since childhood.

Due to fear of her aunt her neighbors must also have..

..kept her away. And she must have become friends..

..with Balaji at that time. He must've shown affection..

..and she must've mistaken that affection for love.

So that is not love? - Definitely not.

You need not go to Kolkata as father-in-law said.

Continue with it. Dhana Lakshmi is yours.

''O my love! O my love! O my love!''

''Don't keep your eyes off me.''

''My heart is filled with my desires..''

''..and make me lust after you.''

''O my love! O my love! O my love!''

''Don't keep your eyes off me.''

''Light is far away.''

''Darkness is about to cover this place.''

''Hey, moonlight is falling on me..''

''..even though the moon is covered with clouds.''

''My shadow is with you.''

''lt doesn't want to come with me.''

''O my love! O my love! O my love!''

''Don't keep your eyes off me.''

''The eyes that look at the shore are stuck in the sea.''

''The heart floating on the flowers is stuck in doubt.''

''The breeze that touched you is making me crazy.''

''Your beloved one is entirely yours now.''

''O my love! O my love! O my love!''

''Don't keep your eyes off me.''

Aravind. Aravind.

Sorry. You fell in troubles because of me. - Forget it.

You look very beautiful in this orange color dress.

So you are still in love with me?

O God! l love orange color.

Not just you, but l like anyone who wears that color.

Look even the drink l am drinking is orange in color.

Subbu, bring two Pizzas and one coke. - For whom?

For you, of course.

Why are you laughing? - No, there's nothing.

Tell me it's ok.

lf it was Balaji in your place he would've first asked me..

..what l would like to take and then he would've ordered.

You missed such a great chance.

What an interesting character!

Tell me more about Balaji. - About Balaji?

Balaji was very active. He's a very nice boy.

Such a sweet guy. He used to die for me.

He used to be so stylist even at that age. - Got it.

l got Balaji. Who else does have that energy and that style?

lt must be style-star Allu Arjun.

lt sounds funny to you? - Sorry.

Allu Arjun is a movie-star, right?

Dhana. Dhana. Dhana. Please, Dhana.

Dhana, stop there.

Buddy, we went to SSC board as you told us.

ln five days we will get the details of all the Balajis..

..who wrote SSC exams in 2002 and in which colleges..

..they are studying now. - Tell that to that girl.

Now what's that look. l am not doing that because..

..l don't have anything worthwhile to do..

..but because l want to unite you with Balaji.

l'm sorry, Aravind. - You don't worry about Balaji.

l will find out very soon where he is. - Thank you, Aravind.

You are taking so much trouble for me.

That is the least l could do for you. You carry on.

Ok, bye. Bye.

Buddy, we lied to her that we will be searching Balaji.

What if she asks us tomorrow where that Balaji is?

Pretty simple. l will weave some stories and tell her..

..that he is here and there and in that time l'll impress her.

Then one day l will tell her that he became a sage..

..and make my love a success. She wants Balaji.

So you have such filthy ideas in your mind?

Even after knowing that l love someone else you love me?

Aren't you ashamed to think that way?

Ok, l won't let my mind contaminate..

..with such filthy thoughts. l will directly find a place.. your heart. - That won't happen till l am alive.

Don't talk like a fool. lf you talk and play with someone..

..when you were a kid that doesn't mean you love him.

Think about it for a moment and you will realize.. wrong you are in thinking so.

l might me wrong. l might not get Balaji.

But l won't love a fraud like you..

..who plays such games with people.

Stop there. Don't say just anything and everything.

Not just you, but even l have a mouth.

l am not a fool to marry a mad girl like you.

Buddy. - Stay out of this. Go and chase Balaji.

You will see what will happen to you at the end of the day.

lt's my fault to talk to you. - Then what are you waiting for?

Get lost.

Don't talk rubbish. You talk as if you are the only one.. know about love and you are the only lover in this world.

lf we try to find a match for you..

..we won't even get a girl who's seventh pass.

So you ask me to go to that med girl..

..and beg her to love me. All the times she is like..

Aravind, you know Balaji is a nice guy. Such a sweet guy.

Such a great guy. My heart starts burning.

O God! When she talks about him she's floating in air.

From this moment onwards there is no love, no Dhana..

..and no Balaji at all.

Mother, l am going to Kolkata.

Bless me that l return like the top industrialist Ambani.

May you get Dhana Lakshmi very soon ! - Mom.

Hey, listen to me. Dhana Lakshmi is a very beautiful girl.

Mother, if you wish l will bring a more beautiful girl..

..from Kolkata. - Get lost. l don't want a more beautiful..

..daughter-in-law. l want Dhana Lakshmi, that's all.

Father. - What? - They are asking me to..

Shut up!

What's going on there! - Go to hell. Let's go.

Go to hell.

Dear Dhana Lakshmi.

Grandpa Subbaiah, it's you?

When did you come? How are you? - l'm fine.

How are you, girl? - Fine.

l heard that your aunt came and created a scene here.

Nitu. - l know everything. You didn't even ask him.. come inside. - lt's alright, girl.

l need to tell you something very important. That's why..

..l came here without telling anyone back home.

We received a letter for you last week.

With the fear that she might read your letter..

..l didn't tell her about it. Since we don't get too many letters..

..addressed to your name l came to give to you.. l thought it might be very important.

'Hi, Dhana. lt's me, Balaji.' - Dhana Lakshmi.

'l miss you everyday. These days l miss you even more.'

'That's why l am writing you this letter.'

'l completed my studies. After gradual progress in business..'

'..l am earning good money now.'

'Whenever l think of our childhood l get teary-eyed.'

'When l think of you now my heart flies like a butterfly.'

'l think this is what is called love.'

'lf you too have such a feeling for me will you meet me once?'

Was that Balaji? - Didn't l tell you that l will meet..

..Balaji sooner or later? Thanks, grandpa.

You got lord's blessings, girl.

You will reach your beloved one. Goodbye, girl.

You will leave so soon? - l lied to your aunt..

..that l am going to my native place.

That demon shouldn't know that l came here. Goodbye.

Take care of Dhana Lakshmi. - Ok, grandpa.

'She came here as well? l will get mad if l sit next to her.'

Excuse me, sir. My berth number is 34.

Facing problem. As per Vastu l can't sit there.

What will happen if you sit there?

Nothing will happen to me, but the train will be in trouble.

Did you laugh?

Give it to me.

Sir, l need to go to toilet urgently.

Keep an eye on my bag.

No, just keep an eye on my seat.

Don't finish it. Leave some for later. - l know.

Sir, there's some disturbance over there.

Will l get another berth?

They have no common sense at all.

l think my time's not good today.

'What's this now! She's appearing wherever l go..'

' the moon in the sky.'

What's this! He is following me like the monkey's tail.

Uncle, you tell who sat here first. - Who are you?

Excuse me! l too gave an order. - lt's not written here.



Take it.

No, thanks. - You look very hungry. Take it.

Did l ask for it?

What happened? Tell me fast. The train stopped here.

Sir, do we get any eatables here?

No, you don't get anything here, girl.

Check what the problem is and send a message, ok?

Excuse me!

Take it.

Take it.

O God!

Hey, stop!


''A slim, beautiful girl is here..''

''..with a smile on her face.''

''A slim, beautiful girl..''

Hey, who pushed me? ''A slim, beautiful girl..''

Why are you following me?

You won't follow me if you have even a bit of shame.

l brought the biscuit packet for you with so much difficulty..

..and you rejected it. l am so angry right now that..

Carry this as well.

Hello! Hello! Where?

He has got the dog and l got you.

Get lost, rascal.

You get angry? You don't? That's better.

Follow me.

Still how far? - Till Kolkata.

You got down at a great station. No train stops here.

Dear, take 50 from them.

Saroja, give two Biryanis here. - Yes, coming.

Dear, take 100 from them. - Ok.

Your wife will take money when there is no mutton.. the Biryani? What do you sell here?

Sir, no fights here. - No fights?

You know who l am? l am the big brother of this area.

You dared to ask money from me?

You want money? You want money?

Saroja, no. No.

You are saying 'no' to her. - Sir, no.

Please no fights here. - No fights here?

Saroja, no. - Make her touch my feet and apologize to me..

..and then send her with me, or else l will kill you.

What did you say! Scoundrel..

Sir, didn't l tell you? Did l warn you?

But you didn't listen to me.

Saroja, no.. Saroja, no..

When he was saying 'no, Saroja' l didn't get it.

So this is it for?

You are not a human being.

My blood starts boiling when l see you.

l am not coming back for love or anything..

..but l am coming back to save my father's reputation.

Rajamma, l am driving the car here. What's that noise!

l am making noise? But when my sister talks.. hear with a wide grin, rascal.

Rajamma, l told you thousand times..

..not to hit me when l am driving. lt's a very bad habit.

Sir, we missed the train. Will you please give us lift?

Not possible. - Possible. - Possible.

Thank you, madam.

Madam looks just like Eliyana, doesn't she?

Yes, she is Eliyana and l am Mahesh Babu.

Both of us are going to Kashmir to sing a duet.

Shouldn't l be cracking jokes?

Earlier you used to ask me to crack jokes.

l gave you lift and you put me in trouble?

Sir, fights are common between husband and wife.

Sir, l will give you a formula. lf you follow that formula..

..that love will come back into your lives.

What's that formula? - That is called the one and only..

..the great flashback phobia treatment. - That means?

Whenever there is a problem between you two..

..think about some beautiful memory of the past..

..and rewind it and play it again. - lf we do so?

Then those beautiful moments of the past will be back.

lt's ok with me.

lt's ok with me too.

Where were we five years back?

Kodaikanal. - At that time you were looking at me.. the restaurant with lustful eyes and bit my father's hand..

..assuming it to be a sandwich.

That was at afternoon. - That evening you were coming..

..along the path across the pond and l winked at you..

..and you got a jerk and bumped into an old lady..

..going on the road and fell down. - That was at evening.

And at night? - O come on ! You are making me blush.

Shall l narrate that incident?

That night it was very cold and l was waiting for you.. our room with fire of separation.

And the electricity goes off. - Yes, l too remember it.

At that time you open the door and come inside..

..with the fragrance of jasmine flowers.

You looked like goddess in that moonlight.

And then unable to resist myself l.. - Hey!

That night l went to bed at 7 O' clock.

lt was my sister who brought milk for you then.

Oh God!

Scoundrel, l will not come back to you again.

Rajamma. Rajamma. Rajamma, don't leave.

Stop it. - Rajamma, it's a lorry. Don't get into that.

Please, Rajamma.

Rajamma. Rajamma.


l will be indebted to the advice you gave me.

Will you do me a small favor?

What, sir?

l don't have energy to do that. There is a gun in my car.

Will you bring it for me? - What for, sir?

So that l could shoot you. So that l could shoot you.

Hey, l will shoot..

You fool!

You could've stayed silent there.

l didn't know that he would give such a twist.

ldea. - What? - Look there, it's a guesthouse.

Sir is about to take rest there. - l won't come.

But who called you? You go on some lorry. Bye.

You are doing this only with pride that l will have to.. follow you no matter whatever you do, right?


No, no, no. Follow me.

Madam. Sir.


Am l the only one who should call out? You too call them.



Madam. - Who are you? What do you want?

We are coming from Hyderabad. Our car broke down.

We want to sleep here tonight. We'll leave tomorrow morning.

l see. Come in. Come in.

Thank you.

So you know Oriya as well? - Not just Oriya..

..but l know Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Tulu..

..German, Chinese, Japanese and girl, l know Telugu as well.

But you can't repair a Luna though.

l need to change the dress. You wait here. - Evil girl.

Madam. Madam. - What? - l will sleep here.

Ask him to sleep outside. Please. Please.

What are you saying? - He is mad. Mad.


Son. - Can l go inside, madam?

You sleep outside and that girl will sleep inside.

lt's so cold outside. - You have to sleep outside.

Have mercy upon me. - Don't irritate me. Go away.

Madam, please. - Go away.

Madam. Madam, please.

Boy, it's very cold out there. Take care.

So it's your deed? l'll tell you.

l can sleep happily now.

Who are you? Why are you sleeping here?

We missed out train. So we are..

You are Telugu? And why are you standing next to this house?

Why, sir? - A lady who used to live in this hut..

..committed suicide two years ago.

They say her spirit still lives here.

What! What are you saying? - Yes, son.

A few days ago a couple stayed at night..

..and died the very next day due to blood vomiting.

Only those who sleep inside will face the problem, right?

lt won't affect us, sir. - l told you what l needed to say.

Now it's up to you.

Aravind, whom were you talking to till now?

Some idiot. Don't disturb me.

ls that old lady really a spirit? - Hey, don't believe it..

..just because someone says something.

Don't irritate me by talking about ghosts and spirits?

Go to bed. We need to wake up early in the morning.

lt's very cold out here. Why don't you come inside to sleep?

Go away. - Aravind, please come inside.

l am feeling scared. Please.

Please. - Ok.



What! - That old lady.. No, she has become a ghost.

Sleep quietly.

''A thunderbolt reached the heart.''

''A lightening entered the heart.''

''My girl's touch set me ablaze.''

''My heart is set on fire every now and then.''

''You are the one who is setting me on fire.''

''My age is restless age.''

''And you're the reason behind my restlessness.''

''My heart is set on fire every now and then.''

''You are the one who is setting me on fire.''

''Your hug is most previous thing for me.''

''l am desperate for you. - When did l say no.''

''You are my final destination.''

''When l reach you.. - l spread my hand for you.''

''Your lips and my lips..''

''When they unite..''

''l am looking for such a chance.''

''Don't waste any further time.''

''Come to me, baby.''

''Your touch gives me the greatest joy.''

''l get great joy is chasing your shadow.''

''The separate bodies..''

''..burning with desires..''

''..will unite today.''

''Whatever hurdle we face..''

''..we won't separate..''

'' any cost today.''

''My heart is set on fire every now and then.''

Liter? Or half?

'So you fooled me with your spirit-stories?'


Hello! - ls that Dhana Lakshmi? - Ya.

Dhana Lakshmi? - Ya. - Dhana Lakshmi, it's me Balaji.

Bala.. - l'm Balaji. - Ya.


What a surprise! - Yes, Dhana. l too feel the same.

By the way who gave you this number? - Your friend Nitu.

Nitu? - Yes. - Hey, l missed the train.

Oh no! - lt's alright. l will come.

And your phone call made me forget all the trouble..

..l faced in this journey, but by calling me.. spoiled the thrill of our meeting.

So when are you coming? - l am leaving just now. - Ok.

Ok, bye. - Bye-bye.

Dhana, is it Balaji? - Didn't l tell you that Balaji..

..must also be waiting for me just like l am waiting for him.

Did you see my belief was true!

We are about to meet.

Aravind, l need to go to Kolkata urgently. Please help me.

You helped me on time. Thanks. Bye.

One ticket to Kolkata.

Come on !



Check it.

What is it? What is it? - l don't know, sir.

Who are you? Where did you come from? - l don't know..

..anything, sir. - From Mumbai or Delhi?

You look so beautiful and this is what you do for living?


Sir, she is innocent. He is the one who put that bag there.

That girl came with me. Tell them.

He's the convict in Ram Singh's case.

We are searching him since six months.

So where were you hidden till now? Take him away.

Take him away.

And you? - We came from Hyderabad.

Here's my lD card.

Take it. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can go.

Come on. Beat him till he tells the truth.

You leave urgently. - And you?

lf the police come back they will stop you here.. the name of interrogation. l have some other work.

You go. You go, Dhana.

Please, Dhana. Go on. Please.

Thanks a lot, Aravind. Bye.


Please stop.

Aravind. Aravind.


Check the BP frequently. - Ok, sir. - Doctor.

There's no need to worry, girl. He lost some blood.

He needs some rest. Make sure that he doesn't..

..get tensed. Did you complete all the formalities?

Everything is ok, sir.


Sorry. l disturbed you.

Yes, you are disturbing me a lot.

What if l hadn't seen you losing conscious..

..and something would've happened to you?

Nothing would happen to me. You don't worry.

Ok, give me your home number. l'll inform your parents.

No, no. - Why? - My mother cries for two days..

..even when someone dies in her TV serials.

lf she knows about this she would.. l will manage it.

Why are you so upset? Did doctor say that my life.. in danger? - No, he didn't say that.

Tell me how many hours l have now. Did they tell you..

..that even doctors from abroad can't save me?

l don't fear death, but l have a small wish before dying.

What's that? - l want to be photographed in this dress.

Aravind, are you mad or what! You joke even at this time?

Mental. - Saroja, no. No, Saroja. No.

No, Saroja. Saroja,.. control yourself.

Saroja. No, Saroja. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

What are you saying, uncle, Aravind left to Kolkata?

Then why didn't he reach here yet?

Alright, you don't worry. He is not a kid. He will come here.

Hey, pack everything properly.

Sir, you are..

You.. You didn't recognize me?

l am busy in my business from software to real estate.. import to export, but that doesn't mean.. would forget me. - l forgot you?

Ok. Ok. Ok. My monthly turnover is 100 crore.

That doesn't mean you will not recognize me.

l didn't recognize you? Sir. - Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir.

l came to buy Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. ls it my fault?

That doesn't mean you will call your childhood friend 'sir'.

'My childhood friend? Business in crores?'

'lt seems he might kill me if l do not recognize him.'

Hey, it's you? How are you?

Leave that aside. What are you doing here?

l feel very bad, l say.

Nilu. Nilu. Nilu.

Neelambari, my secretary.

How much? 50 crore rupees?

l will send it immediately online. Ok, bye, Nilu.

How are all our childhood friends?

Oh no! Battery down. Do you have laptop charger?

l didn't buy the charger as l don't have the laptop.

Oh no! Oh no!

Take this.

From today onwards l will change your life.

Note down my number. 999999999..

This is your phone?

l-phone! - No, sorry.

From today onwards this is your phone.

Ok, which car are you using? - Since l am in this business..

..l have a TCM lorry. - What! When you have to go out..

..somewhere with your family will you go out on TCM?

No, no, no. Take my Benz car.

No, buddy. So how are your wife and kids?

l am not married yet. - You are not married yet?

What? You will give me your wife as well?

You naughty guy! One sec.

Yes, Nilu. Tell me.

Cancel. 50 crore rupees business cancelled.

No, when l say something once l mean it hundred times.

Cancelled. - Brother, why are you tensed?

They are torturing me as it's just one lakh rupees is less.

They cancelled 50 crore rupees business..

..just because one lakh rupees is less? - Hey, no big deal.

Nilu, cancel that project.. No, no, no. - Nilu, l'm his friend.

l will give you that one lakh. l will give it now. - Stop it.

Okay that 50 crores business. Bye, Nilu. - Oh no!

lt's after all one lakh rupees. l will give you that money. - No.

Here it is. Take it. - No. No.

lf you don't take this money l won't let you go.

Hey, he's my friend, my friend. Sorry, security problem.

Call the taxi. - Hey, why do you call the taxi..

..when you have the Benz car? - lt was mine till a moment ago.

But from now onwards it's yours. Bye.

God does exist. - ls Malli Babu present here?

lt's me. - Hey, check all the properties. - Yes, sir.

Who are you? - lf you want cars for your ceremonies.. Baburao properties. Benz, BMW or Maruti..

..bikes, cycles, auto-rickshaw, we give everything on rent.

Then what about this laptop? - For single episode TV serials..

..and film shooting we supply costly dresses..

..chairs, telephones. lf you need these contact..

Baburao Properties! Baburao Properties! Baburao Properties!

Where is my l-phone? - l-phone?

l don't have any damn phone.

ls that all? - What more do you want?

lf possible a small chat and.. - l'll kick you.

What happened? lt is too painful? - No, sit down.

You carry on, Dhana. - What?

You left home to see Balaji, but after this happened..

..l forgot that matter altogether. You carry on.

l will call my friends and they will take care of me.

There's a train to Kolkata at 7 pm.

You can reach Kolkata by tomorrow morning.

l will get the tickets. You don't worry about me.

Madam, here's the ticket you asked for. The train's at 7 pm.

We got this ticket in Tatkal service.. you had to leave today at any cost.

Sorry, Aravind. l was about to tell you, but..

Hello! Balaji, please..

l will be there by tomorrow morning.

l told you, didn't l?

Sorry, Aravind. Please don't get me wrong.

We are about to meet after 15 years.

Please try to understand me. - Ok, carry on.

There's only 3 hours left now.

l will go and settle the bill. And your friends are coming, right?

Ok, then..

What happened, madam? - What shall l say, son !

10 km away from here a bridge collapsed..

..and the train to Kolkata met with an accident..

..and many lost their lives..

Dhana Lakshmi.

Dhana Lakshmi. Dhana Lakshmi.

Dhana Lakshmi, open the doors. Dhana Lakshmi.

Open the doors.

Aravind. - Dhana..

Here's Dhana Lakshmi. Didn't you tell him..

..that you didn't leave. We already have..

..a number of tensions here. You come with me.

Aravind, what's all this! - l can bear it if you leave me..

..but if l leave this earth..

l won't send you alone now.

l will personally take you to Balaji.

''Why did you forget sleeping after you saw me?''

''Why did you ask for my heart that is not with me anymore?''

''You crossed my path at once..''

Wait a minute. l will check it.

Who do you want? - We came for Mr. Balaji.

Ya. Ya. Ok. Sure.

Dhana Lakshmi.

Dhana Lakshmi.

Dhana Lakshmi.

Dhana Lakshmi.

Leave me, Balaji. - Hey, Dhana, it's me.

What are you staring at! lt's me, your Balaji.

You didn't recognize me? l have been waiting for you..

..since so long, you know.. l am happy today.

l am very, very happy today. Yes, yes, l got you.

Hey, Dhana. Dhana Lakshmi, you..

Aravind. Aravind.

''My love..''

''My love..''

''My love..''

''My love..''

''My heart yearns only for you.''

''You are my life.''


Miss, someone came for you.

Grandpa. - l am sorry, girl.

Your aunt came to know that l met you..

..and gave you that letter.

She sent men to search you all over Kolkata..

..and finally found out that you are here.

She came here with all the relatives.

What's this, Dhana! Ours is a well-respected family.

Doing such a thing is not right on your part. Let's go, girl.

Excuse me! Who are you all?

We all are Dhana Lakshmi's relatives. - Hello, greetings!

So you are that Balaji? So you are the one for whom..

..she left such a nice match? - Look, son.

Our girl staying in your house doesn't look that good.

We love each other. We are about to get married as well.

What makes you think that l will get my daughter..

..married to a worthless fellow like you? - That was then.

You know what is my son's property worth right now?

150 crores. - l don't want even a broke shell..

..from your property.

l will keep Dhana in my heart and look after her like a queen.

What objection do you have now, girl?

No, she's a girl. l feared that she might get fooled.. the name of love. That's why l tried to stop her.

What objection would l have if my daughter..

..gets a match from such a big family?

God is there on your side. That's why you got..

..such a nice man as your husband.

Look, she shouldn't have the grief..

..that she is getting married in her family's absence.

You stay here during our wedding..

..and give us your blessings.

Dhana, you are getting married to Balaji.

Why are you still so dull? - She's not dull, brother.

Actually Dhana is unable to believe that l agreed.. this match. Look, Dhana, now even God can't..

..stop this wedding. What are you staring at?

You came here running for this particular Balaji, right?

Aravind, this is our work spot. Get down.

Hey, get down everything.

There are three days left for the wedding.

Everything must be done at a fast pace. - One minute.

l am leaving. l don't want to work here. - Why?

l don't want to work here. l want to leave. Tell my cousin.

Ok, once the lorry is unloaded you can go back..

..on this lorry itself. - Ok.

Aravind, why are you killing me in this way?

l came here without knowing this is your house.

l am sorry, Dhana. - lt was Aravind for real.

Where? - Aravind. - Aravind?

Hello, Aravind! Wait a minute.

Hi, Aravind! l am Balaji.

After bringing my heart from Hyderabad to Kolkata.. are leaving without meeting me?

That's not the thing.

Why did you leave without even telling me once?

Ok, anyhow, you came here on right time.

l am giving a treat to my fiancE. You must also come.

Sorry. l came here for your wedding arrangements.

l have got a lot of work. - No, no. You are coming. That's it.


Dhana, what do you want? First choice is yours.

lf it was Balaji in your place he would have asked me..

..what l would have wanted and then he would've..

..given the order. - Sir, you are doing exactly the way..

..Dhana told me about you. Dhana is very lucky, sir.

ls it? Thank you. - Hello!

Hi, tell me.. Stay on line for a second.

Sir. Sir, bill..