Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Incognito - short film

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Yeah, and this guy threw punches at me incessantly, like a madman, you know?

I kept defending, avoiding his fists and waiting for a good time to strike.

Although, when deflecting blows, your mind is hardly focused on something else.

And that's how it went, man.

I remembered what the coach taught me and I smashed his face in.

Are you a lefty, Alex?


Then what's with the reversed guard?

What do you mean reversed?

The left hand should be near your mouth and the right... near HIS mouth.

No, no, it's the other way around.

The left hand should be in the front if you're a right hand user.

What you're holding is called reversed stance.

Unbelievable, he's telling me...

Paul, it's as he says, dude.

Think about it, it's more logical this way.

The stronger hand should be closer to the opponent,

in order to strike faster.

So, the right hand should be in the front.

Yeah, yeah, you're probably right. That's just how I thought it was...

Right... He hasn't watched a boxing match in his life

and he's arguing with me about boxing.

He has no idea what boxing is but he's arguing with people that practiced it.

Boxing? Yeah, boxing.

You mean that sport that appeared in Etiopia in around 4000 B.C.,

in Europe in around 1500 B.C.,

sport that became olympic in 688 B.C. and named "pygme" by the greeks?!

The sport that, after the fall of the Roman Empire,

only resurfaced in the 18th century's England?!

That's the sport you're talking about, right?!

If you really practiced boxing, Alex, you would know to hold your guard correctly.

But you never did practice boxing.

Your lack of self sincerity is proportional to your ignorance.

What am I gonna' do with you, boy?

Paul! I'll fail you!

It can't go on like this, don't imagine it can!

Write down: Nicolae Bãlcescu.

Nicolae Bãlcescu was a great...

...historian, writer and revolutionary.

What, Paul?

Nothing... I read from the book out loud...

He was born in 1819...

and he wrote "Românii supt Mihai Voievod Viteazul"...

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