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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What's the Difference Between the /p/ and /b/ Sounds

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the difference between the P and the B

are our lips are exactly the same for

these two sounds the only difference is

one is voiced and one is voiceless do

you know which one is voiced and which

one is voiceless well well it's a voice

nobody's your voice and it's a voice in

this yep so B the B sound is voiced so

we turn our voice on the P sound is and

what we want to do is get a piece of

paper and we want to go because there's

a burst of air that happens with the P

sound okay

whereas B sound when we do B

buh-buh-buh-buh there's not gonna be

movement in that piece of paper okay

so P has a burst of air B does not so

when you're practicing those two words

you have to see you have to actually

physically get a piece of paper or that

helps but in mouth as you're going

through those P sound and see paper I

play so do do a few of those hi

Pryor yeah very good

pot for spit folks yeah pot called good

hi peach

do that for me peach good good so I'm

hearing a really good burst of sound for

that P sound so in the bonus lessons I

don't know if you've seen the bonus

lessons I have lessons on the P and B

and contrasting those two

so go into the bonus lessons and pull up

that worksheet for the P sound and and

get a few little piece of paper out and

go through that worksheet and make sure

you have that burst of air for the P

sound and with the B sound

buh bye bye bye bye bye bye hi

yeah that's the biggest difference okay

alright now we'll help you kind of be

able to get that difference in your

mouth and in the hearing of it okay

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