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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Most FUNNY Makeup HACKS using WEIRD Tools - ऐसा Challenge कभी ना देखा होगा | Anaysa

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what Action!!

would you here for doing makeup??

yeah.. we gonna to do makeup

so are you prepared??

so lets start


don't try these stunts at home

or otherwise we're not responsible

today we gonna to do makeup using home tools

we gossiped a lot

now lets start with the video now

so what gonna you use to apply primer

I am using the one which is available in every house

and that is scotch brite

and I am using this spoon

which is the one and only eating tool for every person

no we can eat using our hands

I had never thought to use it for makeup

blend it properly from here

now we gonna to apply this foundation again using this spoon & scotch brite

As we've that same skin tone so we're using the same foundation

I am applying it quite smoothly with this sponge

would you find it easy to apply??

the one thing we've got now

you're a makeup obsessed person...LOL

you know I am having one more tool

I am gonna blend it with this

I am done with the foundation

thats why I suggest you that you had to choose the right tool

you're right

now we gonna to apply concealer using this Mushroom

and today we're using this as a beauty blender

and what you gonna to use??

I am using this potato

I think we're looking like Kunfu Panda after applying this...LOL

I've remembered a song seeing this potato

which song??

I think these Mushrooms taste like chiken

as I am vegetarian so may be I don't like these mushrooms

now we gonna to do contouring

so what you gonna to use

I'll do contouring using this plate

you always like choose that worst tool

by the way what you're using

with this duster & fork

so now what you gonna use to apply blush

with this wax

I am using this oil brush

so smile first

and apply the product on your cheek bone area

you were criticising about the tools which I use and now you look

how beautiful blush I've applied

I've remembered that movie "Mera naam Joker"

and I am remembered that monkey's red bum....LOL

did I applied it a bit more??

now we gonna to do eye makeup

so here I am using this tooth brush to set my eyebrows

and I am using this eraser

now its turn to apply eyeshadow

so what you use to apply eyeshadow?

with this gloves

tap it like this at outer corner of your eyes

and keep blending it inward side like this

and just blend this dark shade at the outer corner

now its your turn tell me what you gonna use

I am using this

put eyeshadow on it like this

and apply it like this

oh dear do it carefully

try to apply it from the other side

we use this hammer to fix the nails and for the first time I've seen using it for applying eyeshadow!!

yeah I've one more thing

guess what's this?

I think its Christmas bell

plz forgive us we won't be able to gossip while applying eyeliner

as we gonna to use worst tools for applying eyeliner

tongs and fork

plz never use these tongs to apply eyeliner

as its very painful

now what you use to apply highlighter

using this toothbrush

what happened to your voice?

and what you gonna to use?

well done Anku Sharma

now we gonna to apply lipsticks

and we use this screw driver & plier to apply the lipstick

finally our makeup is completed and thats without any tension

and I thing we aren't looking like a ghost this time.

so how was our Makeup today with these weird tools?

as we've used these weird tools

some work worked well and some not

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