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[sighs] It's kinda lonely in here all by myself.

Hmm... Oh...

-[muffled noises]

-Hey, what's that?

-Whoa! Hello, that was fun.

[laughs] -Hey, you're an orange!

-Hey, you're an orange!

-I'm an orange! -I'm an orange!

-That's what I said. -That's what I said.

-Hey, hey Orange, you wanna hear a joke?


-Why'd the chicken cross the--

-Hey, hey Orange! -What?

-Why'd the orange go blind?


-'Cause he was low on Vitamin C. [guffaws]

-Hey, I was telling jokes.

-Get it? Vitamin C? [guffawing]

-Hey, hey Orange!

What'd the orange say before he went to work?

-"Back to the rind." [guffaws]

-Hey, that's my joke!

[guffawing continues]

Hey, hey Orange,

how many oranges does it take to screw in a light bulb?

[grunts, farts]

[laughs] -What was that?

I was in the middle of telling a joke and then you just--

-[wet fart] Oh.

There was a little pulp in that one.


-What is wrong with you?

-I think I'm a little ripe. [guffaws]

-Oh yeah? Well, I bet you can't do this.

[burps, laughs]

-Oh, anybody can do that. Watch.

[belches loudly]

Told you I'm ripe.

-You're annoying.

-No, I'm not. I'm an orange.

-Well you're-- -Hey, hey Orange,

why'd the orange fall out of a tree?

-'Cause you're stupid?

-'Cause he went out on a limb. [laughs]


-[continues laughing]

I'm so funny. I tell the best jokes in the world.

-Hey, Orange! -What? What is it, Orange?





-[agonized screams]

-Hey Orange, way to go.

You've got lots of guts. [laughs]

Get it? Guts?


Oh, that's a lot better. Peace and quiet.

Hey, what are you doing?

-Oh! -Whoa! Ow!

-Hey, watch out. -No.

-Hey, another orange! -Hey, it's another orange!

-Hey, Orange! -Hey, Orange!


Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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