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Hello internet, Ric here. Profanity is a strange concept. Theyre just words right? But its

the meaning we assign to them and meaning by those who here them that give them relevance.

Cultural influence affects these words too but then again thats pretty much how language

works in general, even alien ones. In this fashion, a well-constructed roast can cut

deeper than a string of expletives uttered in anger but those same expletives can add

emotional emphasis to statements. As such a glossary of swear words can be a useful

tool for any interstellar encounter. In theory this video wont be demonetised

right? Alright, lets do this. Science fiction swear words, here we go.

This list is not comprehensive, nor in any particular order, but after asking the community

for some examples, Ive got enough to compile a list of curses and insults, what fun!

Starting off with a strong one is Battlestar Galacticas famous swear, Frack. This curse

word is a stand in for Ffff. Hrm. and dynamically used in the same ways. Multipurpose and ffffunctional,

its the Swiss-army-knife of curse words. Originally spelled F-R-A-C-K for the original

series, the remake wanted to make it hasher and shorter so dropped the C making it a four

letter word like its real world counterpart. If you really want to hurl insults towards

the Cylons, the mechanised enemies of the Colonial Fffleet, why not throw in the term

toasters too? Fraking toasters. Also a nice touch was that instead of exclaimingGod!”

likeGoddamn itthe primary religion was a polytheistic one thereforeGods

plural were used instead. Lets turn our attention to a galaxy far,

far away and see if we can find some additions to our vulgar lexicon. Well, the Star Wars

galaxy is ancient and home to many alien civilizations, so many if fact that you could probably just

string together some sounds and insult someone or something somewhere. But some common ones

include, Karabast, a favourite damnation and expletive of Zeb Orrelios. Quite simply its

just like saying blast it, bugger or damn it.

A far older term dates back to around 1000 BBY at least and thats Kriff. Kriffing

is pretty much there to be a profane emphasis, for example: “you Kriffing Jedi think youre

so cool”. Oryou better Kriffing well have done what Id asked”, orGo Kriff

yourself.” While were here there are also terms like

Sleemo, to call someone a sleazy jerk, and the Huttese term Poodoo. This, despite its

sound refers to the stuff that goes into a digestive tract, not out of it. It actually

means fodder or animal feed. You also have insults like the infamous Nerf Herder. Oh,

so rude! What does it mean; well a Nerf is a big buffalo like creature from Alderaan.

And a nerf herder is someone who herds themSo wait, in means shepherd? OkayI guess its

a class based insult? Right, lets Kriffing move on to the next

pile of Bantha Poodoo. Firefly was set in a future where the two

greatest space powers of America and China led most of the space faring and established

the colony planets of theVerse. To reflect this, an entire language was derived that

was a hybrid and degradation of both English and Chinese lingos. Naturally folk maintained

a majority of words from both languages, but a few new terms popped up here and there,

both good and bad. Saying something wasShinywas akin to saying all is well, but if something

was afoul, you best Gorram run. Gorram seems to be used in the same way youd

say Goddamn and probably evolved from that exact phrase, though most insults and extensive

profanity was done in Chinese to maintain its certificate 12 viewer rating. I mean because

it was more creative, Gorram it. Speaking of Firelfy, Shepherd was a character

and also the name of the main character in Mass Effect. That was the sound of me trying

to catch my Segway. Mass Effect, like Star Wars has numerous alien

languages to draw from, but the one curse that stands out the most is probably the one

uttered frequently by the most unassuming and lovable, TaliZorah? Well she is a scrappy

mechanic by trade so, perhaps her calling everything a Boshtet isnt too unexpected.

What does it mean? Well its never translated but you can call someone a Boshtet and

they dont take it too well so I guess its not great? Also, in plain terms, Krogan have

four balls so when they talk about their quad, they mean their nutsack. Hey I bet Jack knows

a few swear words we could learn. Red Dwarf, where its cold outside and theres

no kind of atmosphere. There is a word that perfectly fits any situation and like a 4x

optical scope, can be affixed to many things to improve their efficiency and damage. Emotional

damage. That word is Smeg. On its own a humble exclamation of unhappiness, its true potential

is harnessed with the power of the imagination! Smeghead, a common insult, smeg-fo-brains,

oooh seething. Smeggin smeg. Too much. But what does Smeg mean? Wellit comes from

the term smegma. Which you should not google. Seriously dont when asked by a child to

explain what Smeg meant, the actors crawled off stage in hysterics. I wish I could find

that clip. Even the civilized Star Trek galaxy has its

myriad of curses, a majority of which are Klingon in origin such as PetaQ, KPekt,

MakDar, TGla, Tohzah, Toruk-Doh and Yintagh. What a lovely contribution the Klingons

have made to galactic linguistics. We dont even have translations for most of these,

but Im going to guess that at least one of these means coward, or perhaps theyre

just various ways of clearing phlegm from the back of your throat. Theres also ToBa

which seems to be a mild insult and PetaQ roughly translates as an insulting term for

servant. Most of the insults in Trek are actually just

comparisons to undesirable animals and creatures that have bad reputations but a select few

could be construed as potentially speciesist. McCoy has often called Spock things like a

Green-blooded hobgoblin in regards to a seeming lack of empathy or compassion stemming from

his Vulcan heritage and Klingons and Ferengi do consider being compared to a human as being

soft. Also calling a Ferengi Lobeless would be saying that they suck at business, I guess

itd be like insinuating theyre kind of dumb.

Im pretty sure people have called the Ferengi trolls too at some point. Because of their

appearance. And the Bajorans and those who fought against the Cardassians often call

them Spoonheads, cause of their cranial ridges, or Cardies as offensive slang. In fact, the

more I look into it, the more I find. Shran calling all humans pink-skins is a complete

generalisation, something Id never noticed before. Star Trek! Im shocked. Though most

of these do come from cultures other than humanity, so I guess those aliens races all

are all kind of jerks. Even in the pages of comics profanity finds

its home, when not being covered by Grawlix text (thats the name for all the signs

censoring swears in comics) alien vulgarity is a-plenty. The Kree from Marvel Comics for

example use the termDastas a mild sort of dammit and DCs main man, Lobo often

calls people aBastichwhich as probably exactly as it sounds.

A standout from Farscape isFrellas a stand in for our not-advertise-friendly

four letter fffreind. Dren can be swapped out for calling something a steaming pile

of refuse. Shards is an exclamation from McCafferys

Dragon books, Ill have to take your word for it on that one.

Even the titular Doctor from Doctor Who once told the Daleks toSpack off!”

Science fiction parody Rick and Morty has the multi-layered term toSquanch”, but

in of itself this word has a complex and near infinite meaning but when used carelessly

is just simply disgusting. Squanch it and move on.

But by far, the worst vulgarity come from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which itself

has numerous swears of alien origin like joojoflop, swut but these pale in comparison to the word

reserved for the most dire circumstances, when no hope remains and even rock-bottom

has fallen out from under you, then and only then is it acceptable to sigh and say the

word…. Mmmm, no I cant say itBelgium. There. I said it!

Im deeply sorry if Ive offended any viewers with his video, human or alien origin

but at the end of the day, were all people. Fallible and fun-loving so you know what its

no surprise that we invented curse words for even enlightened alien cultures.

In honesty I think its a fun idea to develop a language to make your science fiction race

more fleshed out and believable and it is a subtle reminder that more often than not,

alien cultures are used to reflect different aspects of our own societies, warts and all.

So frag it all, for Drokks sake, lets just enjoy ourselves because at the end of

the day, all words are made up. So lets have a few more.

Know any others? By the way, YouTube automatically flags comments with English swear words, but

the same restriction isnt placed on fictional ones so go wild!

Thanks for watching, until next time Ill see you around!

The Description of Some #$%@ Words in Science Fiction