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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【ENG SUB】《明星大侦探5》07案(上):MGQ时尚风云——黄明昊侯明昊浮夸登场 魏晨杨蓉化身职场白领“针锋相对” Who's the murderer S5 EP7【湖南卫视官方HD】

Difficulty: 0

Is the office too shining?

With the sunglasses

No, you are too shining

I love it

Where is our boss?

Should be here by now

Lets practice first

Sing when the boss arrives

Happy birthday to you

Rong Beauty is here

Is the boss not arrived yet?



Hi guys



Who did you call a pig?

Silly pig

I think these glasses suit me more

Hand them over

Different vibe now

Why can you always make fancy things

seem low?

I am down-to-earth

Someone is coming

Fellow colleagues



Who are you?

Bad connection

No signal

Why did you prepare gift, too?


Not necessary


Boss is here

Qi Driver and bodyguard


Do not act like someone shallow


These gifts

Put them in the car

Why are you carrying them?


You misunderstand me, boss

The gifts are all in the car

These are what we just got

in the last 5 steps


Too many fans

What is this dirty thing?

Toss it away




So this is our magazine

Are you the sponsor of our magazine?


Hello sir


Dont, boss

Mistaken, boss

I am the secretary

Go back to work now

Lets go in


This is a little gift from me

Please accept my heart

How do I call you, kid?

You can call me

Tommy Jia

Tommy Jia

I customized these especially for you


Hand-made long johns with 999 sequins of pure gold

Are they shape?

They should be bullet-proof

You got me a pair of gold long johns

Feeling fancy

Ill accept them for you


Thank you, and next?

My turn

You are so


So my gift

is not as cheesy as theirs

You got me

I hired someone

to write down my blessings

Hope. Pig


It means blessings

If you didnt tell us

I really could not tell

Thanks, Ill take the box then


OK, sponsor

How come he ends up being the sponsor?

You are really

The thing I got you

Although it looks simple

It is simple

I think it has deep meanings

You got me a flower in greenhouse

Its called

Forever living flower

I hope you can live



In our heart forever

Start the car. We are leaving


Lets leave here


Its a short-phrase

I hope our boss

can always live

Can always live in a life where

someone is willing to spend time with you

So its called forever living flower

A flower in heart

I want to take you home

We will be there for you forever


Besides the gift

I have another gift

Look over here

I cant stand it

I have office OCD

Why is there one piece missing?

We prepared for you

It means you cant be missing even one piece in the company

We hope you can lead us

the workers in MGQ

to the top

Fine, Ill put it on

And say the sentence that makes me happy




Happy birthday to you

Come on




Chief editor Zhen


The chief editor is not here yet

Some security said the chief editor just left


Left the company

What is that sound?

Whose phone is it?

I told you to put your phones in silence at work

What is going on?

It might come from here


Its here

[Blowing candles means its perfect]

Ill move it for you

Whats wrong, boss?

I heard something

Whats happening?


Is this how you celebrate my birthday?

Zhen is joking with you

She wants to surprise you

Chief editor

Come up now


Is her surprise to me is being cold?


[There is a shocking death in MGQ]

Now I have to

take out my detective board

My driver and security Qi and I

just arrived here

and weve not been here for a while

So we do not have suspicion at all

That makes me the detective today

and Qi my detective assistant

Today is Dec.27th, 2019

Now its 22:10

In the top magazine of the world

in the staircase of MGQ

there is a death case

The dead is my chief editor

Zhen. She is 42 years old

And she has been working here for a long time

The suspect that killed her

I think its in you 5

strange guys

Sa Couture, 40

Hou Assistant, 22

Rong Fashion


Jia Fashion, 22

Wei Secretary, 24

Now please come with me

and talk

What did you do before this

and what did you find?

[Alibi time]

Happy birthday to you

Hard to be happy now

As the boss of MGQ Magazine

I feel terrible

for the passing out of Zhen the chief editor

Thats a small case

Actually in this magazine

I dont know anyone else

but her

She came here when she was only 20

and in the past 22 years

she fought with me to make this magazine

the best fashion magazine

in the whole world

Everyone, tell me

how long you have been working here

and what your relations with her are

besides work

Lets start with the person next to me

Ive been working here for a long time, too

20 years

Zhen is 22 years

I was 2 years later than her

Whod know these 2 years

It means you still have 2 more years


Its about time

Zhen and I are male and female


In the 20 years, under her leadership

I am also growing up

I have been fully prepared

for the position of the chief editor

I want to ask, who is the most qualified

for the position after Zhen?


For what?

After Zhen

the most qualified person

is the one going into the cage today

You can figure it out on your own

Does anyone want the position more than him?

Jia just stood up

I am the next. But now

I dont want it

In this magazine

is it that hard to be honest?

This is fashion business

Now I want to ask

Hou Assistant

Actually I am a strong junior

that is so much better

than the senior

You mean that senior


I mean you, not her

So you were aiming at me

Didnt you know it?

How long have you been here?

6 months

And in the 6 months

I have been working with Sa Couture

for the special column Sa Style

This name

Qi, start the car now and make sure its warm enough

Its already started

Did you come here with a thermos bottle?

What is your relation with Zhen?

I didnt talk to her much

She was the leader of my leader

She didnt need the newbie


He doesnt give me any chance

to talk to Zhen

So he is the wall blocking you

from Zhen



Next, Rong Fashion

I am the best person to live in

the fashion business, the vanity fair, Rong Fashion

Of course, in this business

Im sure you all know that one day you are in and the next day you are out

Today you might be shining

and tomorrow you might be eliminated

So I am a hard worker

I take my work seriously

in which way that some over-the-top

peacock could never compare

I hope you can see my personal abilities

OK, so you and Zhen

She was my leader and my mentor


I came here soon after I graduated from college

And I have been working here for 8 years

I dedicated my youth here

And she taught me a lot

Was your mentor nice to you?

She was strict

But from the bottom of my heart

I feel grateful towards her

In that way?

Did you?

Jia Fashion, how long have you been here?

Introduce yourself please


He called you padre

OK, so how long have you been here?

One year

In the whole MGQ

and in the whole business I am the youngest editor

She is hard working. What about you?

I am talented

I studied in France

During my interview

Zhen only asked me one question

and only my answer

pleased her

What was the question?

People that follow trends are colorful

so what color are those who dont get fashion?

And you said

My answer was

Ordures (Garbage)


Did this question impress her?


She felt like

I was the talent she needed

The ordures she needed

So you got hired

for being mean

Its not being mean

I am the best with colors in the business

Do do think Zhen was a

nice leader?

She was amazing

So from experience

this is 20 years

6 months

8 years

one year

OK, Wei Secretary

Ive been working here for 300

and 62 days

65 days

So detailed

But do you know what kind of coffee

did your mentor

your leader like?


Only I know it

Because I was working with her all day

and I took care of her

All of her needs

She only drank that made of Colombian

single coffee beans

The milk must be the one from Alps

high mountain low fat milk

I know all about her life

and habits

So from what you know

who do you think is the most possible one?

The one that wants to be the chief editor

Do you want it?

Yes, or why

did I kill her?

Or why did I take care of her?

I came to the company

for a better career

to be a better version of myself

Please tell me

your timeline after work

We go to work at 10am every day

until 8pm

Its 10 hours a day

I left soon after work today

Went home

At 9:40, I thought

I should come for bosss birthday

So I came back

Where is the chief editor?

Some security said she just left

The security told us at ten that

30 minutes ago

that Zhen left the magazine

So she left at 9:30

and you came back at 9:40

When you came back

did you run into Zhen?

I have to tell you one thing

Zhen never

took our courses

She had her special exit backdoors

Hou Assistant

As usual

I went to the gym after work at 8

until 9:40

then I arrived here

to the gate

to wait for you

Rong Fashion

Everyone was off work at 8

I went to pick up

the gift for you

So I went to pick it up

until 9:40

then I came back here

Jia Fashion

At 8

I went to pick

the long johns for the boss

and I came back at 9:40

You, too

Wei Secretary

Today is your birthday

I was in charge of all

the detailed things

Ive been working all day

to prepare

such a big and warm event

So you were not with Zhen today

No, wasnt she supposed to go on a business trip today?

She didnt take you along

She usually didnt

I am usually in charge of chores

Until 8

I went to prepare your gift

and I came back at 9:40

when I saw

Sa and Jia were already here

Now we will be divided into two teams to look for evidence

The first team is I, Hou and Jia

Why dont you take me, boss?

I only want to be with the people I like

The number is limited

or Id take Rong and Wei, too

Ill be out of your sight then

Start the car

Sorry, guys

Its fine

Sent me to be with the secretary

Lets start

Nothing will be found

Start the car


Lets go

[The international top fashion magazine MGQ]

[Has a strange death case]

[The builder Zhen the chief editor]

[was killed]

[Who is the murderer]

Why don't we check the crime scene first?


To see my chief editor

[Staircase at the backdoor]

To the chief editors special parking lot

It means

it will go up

Yes, its below the stairs

I think the key is her phone

A six-digital password


You should know it

She is 42

Born in 77

In which month?


Not known yet

Lets take it

How was she killed?

Take these away

Take her out

Slow down


Really heavy

Put down here

Any blood?

Red and swollen here

Strangulation mark

Besides the chief editor

others can only open this door from inside the magazine

Only out, not in

Only one person can open this door

That is the chief editor

This door was locked when we came

This is a locked room

When he was doing it

the door should stay opened

Or he would not be able to get out

He could go out from the parking lot

Ill go to her office

My favorite lipstick color

Where are her lipsticks?

So many

Lets see

which one is used



This one


This one has much left

What about yours?


Got it

[Zhen was talking to the frontier] Public password

This is important

Handphone password

Behind the picture

The day I became the chief editor

was the happiest day of my life

So it means

this has something to do with her password

When did she become the chief editor?

Is there any appointment letter of it?

Anything inside?

There is a locked box

Need a key

Light remote control

Did you find anything?

I found a light controller

But I dont know what it is for

Anything in the drawer?

A bunch of stuff

Job resumes


June, 2008


Got it

Her alarm

Blowing off the candles at 10:10

Changed the flight sooner

to go back to M city

Going to the magazine now to wait for you to celebrate your birthday


Ill go check Hous

Here is my desk

Do you have password?


[Death notice of Hao Secretary of MGQ]


What is your password?

Hou Assistant

Sa Couture took Hous articles

as his

[To Sa]

At this time, Sa wants

to go to other companies

He wants to change jobs

Did you get anything?

A little

A phone here

Phone of Sa

Lets see

Sa Couture

you are an old worker in the company

But Im sorry to tell you

that you need to leave MGQ now

A short video

We used to be handsome guys too

Now we are called as cheesy uncles

Didnt know Id lose hair when I was young

Doing housework every day

Dont have energy for night life

Account book


Sa lent much money

So sad

You have 5 minutes left

Jia Fashion

All kinds of beauty tutorials

Jia, is this your selfie?


Password to the computer

[Tommy Jias favorite]

Too hard to find

Found something

Jia has social media account

Please enter verification code

for locked audio

Need passwords

Zero finding


MGQ beauty January proposal

All denied

Found a note

I will recommend a person for my place

when I leave

I recommend Jia Fashion

to be the next chief editor

when I leave MGQ

Zhen wrote this

on December 20th, 2019

[Tea Room]

[A camera facing the backdoor]


OK, the frontier

The public password


The security checks CCTV every 30 minutes

The cameras stay on after work

Download every hour

Group chat

9:40 tonight I ran into

The Hao Secretary that died from overwork

saying my death is wrong

Went to chief editors office again

I just changed her water

and saw Jia came in

The white face

I dont believe if there is nothing

going on between them

Do you think

that Jia Fashion


Tommies are all the same

Front door and backdoor

Only by walking

Needs 32 minutes

You have one minute left

It opens on its own

The chief editor goes in

The light is off

Sa comes in

Jia comes in

Wei comes in

Rong comes in

These four

Hou is not here


They are each others witnesses

But no one knows what Hou was doing



Time up

Please leave the scene

Lets go

Sa editor

Are you alright, Sa?



Lets check the crime scene first

To the chief editors personal parking lot

Lets carry this away

I think its really cruel

to put those dummies on her

Normally the murderer is that fake



I didnt want to push her when I did it

Its just later

Murderer, who is the murderer?

I think we dont

need to be here all

Its a waste of time

Do people look like this in this world?

The length of legs doesnt seem right

They are up to my chest

Look with you

Just right

Take them

back to your home

Truth can be cruel

Do we need to take it out?

Do you think she was killed here

or she was carried inside after the murder?

The latter

Coming out

12 go

A hat

Is this the weapon?


So you dont care how she was killed

I do

Its alright

You can share it with me later

Rong, I dont think you need to lie about this

As long as I dont die from work yet

I will work until I die

If a person

no matter how hardworking he is

works like this every day

he wont be able to take it

There is a phone



the patterned carpet for the birthday ball

is too ugly

Change it before 10 tonight


Change the carpet before the event

But he didnt change it

[Fashion office]

Hao Secretary

Please, I will do anything

Anyone that tries to get me out of MGQ

I will kill him

Rong Fashion, I order you

to leave MGQ within next month

Do not forget about my favor to you

Why did Zhen ask her to leave?

You have 5 minutes left

Take two pictures

A key here

I need a key


You are next me

Kill them

They are all guilty

None of them is nice person

Zhen the chief editor is a monster

She is torturing you

So many

Officelady perfume



From nothing to everything

Rest is the best

What do they mean?

My favorite two scents of perfume

These two?



is password

Not it

They all smell the same

All the same

Did they mix up?

Im getting dizzy now

Sa editor

Are you sensitive to smells?

Are you familiar with perfumes?

The beauty editor should be

I am

I am about clothes

No the thing is

Do they smell the same?

They smell like HA

This is carbamide

What about this?

Cute and charming villain

You spilled it all over

They smell the same


Remember, I am the doggie detective

I can recognize it

Is it the same?

No, can you change a place to try it?

This is wasabi

This one?

Doesnt seem like it

You dont seem smart

You have one last minute

Smell the Childish again

I will be the best to smell later



Cute and charming villain

Yes, I like them


Cute and charming villain

Finally, nice nose

10 seconds countdown


What about the thing you promised me?


Time up

Please leave the scene [What did they see?]

[What is hiding in Rongs computer?]

[First group deliberation]

Lets talk about the relations

They are mentor and student

Hao in between

These two

Cant be explained

Beauty business

These two should be leader and worker

He has only one name, Hey

She didnt respect him at all

These two

I think they have a one-month relationship


Bring in the suspects

And lets talk


Lets take turns to share

what youve found

and who is your suspect

Lets start with Jia Fashion

You got it

Jia Fashion

First I want to say

how she was killed


was wearing a silk scarf

After we took it off

we can see

an obvious strangulation mark


She should have been strangled to death by the silk scarf


I mainly went to search

Sa Couture

and Hou Assistants rooms

Lets talk about Sa first

Sa is not doing well with health lately

Because he is losing hair

Due to pressure

No way, he has been like this for 5 seasons

He can not be losing hair

I think this

might lead to two things

Its physically

or mentally

I think its more likely

that he is having mental problems

He is feeling guilty

This mainly leads to one thing

For this magazine

I am dedicating

my whole life


Mental fights


And on his desk

I found a check

He spent millions on cars and houses


Why did you loan so much money ?

Not much, only several millions

You can only buy a house

and a car with it

What about his paycheck?

He gets paid 120k every month

So much

Very much

But here is the thing

He has a big family

to support

Although he gets paid 120k every month

he needs to pay the loans

and pay for the family dinners

and for the house loans

and for his daughters dance classes

and for his sons tutors

and for his mother-in-laws medicines

and for family trips

and for his mothers relatives

and for gas

So he only gets 1 yuan left every month

This month he has 1.44 left

And next month he has 0.61


Stop it

So he is the moon in my mind

Work for a month

and lose money when the moon is full

I have parents and dogs

We have two Samoyeds, too

Their food is more pricy than the kids milk powder

This video

is about his current situation

Going home

is actually terrifying

Going home is actually terrifying

I have kids and two parents

Two parents

Four parents

Yours and hers

Two pairs of parents


And the dogs

I am placed at the 8th in home

Sad story

Parents and dogs

Doing all the housework with my bare hands

So he really needs money

He really needs this job

Whod know a person of 120k monthly paycheck also needs money?

Boss, you are on the top

But at this time

he really needs this job

Then I found

a mail from

Zhen to Sa


On 20191222

5 days ago

She said

Sa, you are an old worker in the company

You need to leave MGQ for now

Believe me

you will have a better future

You dont have to come from next week

She wanted to fire you


I found something in the garbage can

A SD card

I saw that


asked Sa over for a talk

Youve been doing great all these years

Go home and rest from next week

You will have a better future


I have parents and dogs

My whole family depends on this job

I cant lose it

This cant change now

I will tell the boss tomorrow on his birthday event

And I found Sa

applying for new jobs

to different companies

But they said

you are too old

He says, they all know

we should not yell at young people

They will quit right away

but you can yell and curse the middle-aged workers

especially those who have houses, cars and kids

This is about Sa

and how he cant find a job

Really sad

Office people in his age are really in a place of disadvantage

They are not as sharp as young people

and they dont have much room left

We are sharp

we just cant

So you take medicines

So many bosses see that

and sometimes do bad things to them

Its called squeezing


Squeeze out the last drop of blood of ours

Sa has little room left

If he gets fired, his family will be ruined

He needs much money every month

Why would she fire you?

No reasons

I dont know why

I found something in Hous

We all know Sa

has this Sa Style

And Hou actually wrote

many articles in it

But when they are published

the name is always Sa


So for all this time

Sa has been using

Hous articles

You are so selfless

Thank you so much


I am furious

I have to tell you

a past that I hate to talk about

Sa is my leader

But since I came to this company

Sa has been treating me horribly

and squeezing me

Why is he doing so?

Because he envies me

My face

My talent

and my height

Makes sense

The key is the youth


So everything I gave him

My fashion articles

are rejected by him

Because he denies me

He is actually out of skills

but he refuses to admit

the fact that I am way better

than you

I am a seasoned queen

After he rejects you

you find out that

your articles are published

by his name

Yes, so I ask him

where my name is

He says I dont deserve it

So direct


Since that moment

I dare not hit him

This is office violence

You will worry. He is old

He might use it against you


I dare not



Someone hit me

CPR, here

Fake insurance claiming, live version

Sa is such an annoying colleague

So annoying

I dare not resist

He is my leader after all

So in the following 6 months

I wrote every edition

of Sa Style

But I dont deserve to use my name


He is wrong

He understands it

from his aspect

Actually my thing is really simple

Is it easy for us to work here?

A young person makes a mistake

They say he is still young

Someone like me makes a mistake

They will charge us all

We have no chance to make mistakes


You have to think about natural rules

Especially in our business



Its your life

When we were young

we also had great times

The thoughts just came to us like that



The sparkle just comes with a snap


You rub

and run


My thing is that

Young people come in

Finally I have someone to help me

I was doing it all by myself before


I could not take care of all the things

in home

When my parents are sick

I have to go to the hospital

When my kids go to school

I have to pay my attention

Sometimes I have to be distracted

At first I rejected your articles

not because of jealousy

Then what is it?

They were not good indeed

Why did you use them then?

The readers love them

To me they are just

So who is not good?

I can only say that the time has changed

I am old

I cant hold onto the trends as I used to

I really dont like what he gives to me

But one time

I really could not

catch the deadline

So I took one of his

for that one time

If the article got hated

I would take the responsibilities

It was in my column after all

The Sa Style

So you wanted to carry the responsibility for me

I wanted to make up to the number with yours

But who knew

It was a hit

That episode was a hit

So I realized

it could solve many problems

I didnt have to work overtime all the time

or to try that hard for inspirations

I could use his


he could have more experience

And why

He cant use his name


Its called Sa Style

If we use his name

the chief editor would think

I am useless

So I had to keep my current position


In my mind I know it clearly

that one day if I leave this place

what I have now

would be all yours

No need to rush, young guy

On the 22nd

when you got the notice

Why didnt you tell me

to be the editor?

I didnt plan to quit

But she already fired you

You wanted me to

He did not quit

He got fired


I got it

Continue with Hou

There is a notice


the chief editors secretary

Hao Secretary

passed away from overworking on Dec.29th

He was only 30 years old

So I was thinking

Why was Hou reading this?

I think its normal

Before I came here, I heard

about the death that happened in here

So I got curious

and searched about it

Arent you curious?

People only get curious about

things about them

They wont just get curious

about any death case in some magazine

Isnt your name Hou Assistant?

The dead one is Hao Secretary

They are the same pronunciation in cantonese

So I was thinking

if you are Haos younger brother

Your goal here

is not to work

but to find out why your bother died

No wonder youve been

baring with me for such a long time

I thought you have great potentials

Many people

comment on it

Unimportant cafeteria worker says

every time Hao came for meals

he was working on a computer

and he was working overtime all day

Some unimportant cleaner says

Hao was found dead in his office desk at night

Some unimportant intern says

I wanted to stay

but now I just want to finish my internship and leave

I dont want to die in a young age from overworking

The cleaner also says

I hear that his parents

made a scene in the company

He mustve died from overworking

So it means his family

thought it was the companys fault

Not mentioned brother


So your guess that

Hou is Haos brother

is a reasonable guess

But we still lack evidence


The most important is the last one saying

some HR says

Alright, stop it now

Zhen said it this morning

that anyone talks about it will be punished seriously

Do not talk about it anymore

So Zhen

warned people

to stop talking about it in the company

So I suspect this thing

might not about overworking

but behind it

there was another thing

Your suspect is

I think its the one that knows Zhen very well

When she came back

When she get out from the backdoor

I think that person is

Wei Secretary



Thank you Jia Fashion

Thank you

We know the competition is hard

in the beauty department

Jia Fashion just finished

Lets continue with Rong Fashion

A direct competition

Lets see who has more clues

I do think the same like him

Although I dont like his style

I think

All the daily details of our chief editor

are known the best by Wei

So I went to Weis room

to know about his story


I found on his wall

a picture saying

that he comes from a small town

and he went to a very famous

fashion school

This is a

very fancy school

And his goal to himself

is to become editor in one year

and to become chief editor in 5 years

Cheer up

And a clip of his moms interview

My son is doing so well

He will be a top

fashion chief editor of the world

I didnt know you graduated from great college



Keep it a low-key


he tells himself

as long as I dont die from work yet

I will work until I die

So he is a



A person that is

strict with his life

Youve been to the company for 362 days

In this year

He has to be an editor

in 3 days

The due-day is 3 days later

He will deliver an editor

Deliver an editor

To become, not to deliver


Such an

ambitious young man

What is he doing

in this year?

From 8:30-9am

his first thing in the morning is to

shower Zhens dog

To prepare coffee for everyone from 9-10

Every one has different requests

Half-sweet, sweet, non-sweet and more

We will give him notes

Sometimes the chief editor would

call us as




A single word

Actually he is Wei

We would think its fun

So we also call him as




on our notes

he circled the word Hey

I dont want to listen to that word anymore

Did you tell her to not call you Hey?

I wanted to but I dared not

You bared with it

Every time when she called you Hey

would you be upset for a moment?

I think she called me so

out of her own habit

But they all call me so

like her

It makes me unhappy

Very much

You know in working environment

people often have nicknames or something

but we never ask

especially ask

the juniors

if they like the nicknames


Sometimes we just be like


But in fact

for the person being called so

every simple nickname

is a time of office violence

Its sticking into my heart

If you are upset

why dont you just tell us?

Actually you should

get her coffee

since your are her assistant

But you are not our assistant

You dont have to do it for us

So you did know that

But you keep telling me to do so


When I asked you to do so

I was only like, would you pour me a cup of coffee?

Maybe your first answer was Sure

So I think you are okay with it

Then the second time

I would be like, come on and pour me coffee

The third time, coffee

Do not take the kindness from other people

as granted, will you?

OK got it

So for Wei

the simple Hey

has been a stick in his heart

But this is not enough to kill


I think Wei is a really kind guy

A really nice guy is the most likely one

to kill out of explosions

But I always feel like

if there was nothing else

but being called Wei

Actually he is working hard

And in the closet

there are some bathroom amenities

If he work overtime at night

it might be overnight

So he would use them the next day

He is really working hard

I am actually a really excellent

young man with big dreams

I was called the honor of M town

I worked hard in school

And before I came to MGQ

I was in a very extraordinary magazine

called Ordinary Magazine

I was am editor there

Actually I was already an editor

But last year

December 30th

I got the call from MGQ

MGQ is an internationally

famous magazine

So when I got the call

I thought

it was my time to shine

So I made up my mind

to quit from

the magazine

to work here

Please note the date he came

December 30th

On the 29th

Hao died in the company

And after that

Zhen hired an editor from her competitors

to be her secretary

I found in his phone

his conversation with Zhen

Hey, book me a flight ticket right now

He says


Hey, a cup of coffee


Hey call a cab leaving now


Hey, pick up Lauris for me in home at 3

To take a shower in the vets

He says


Ill cancel my physical examination

Following up

Chief editor, about the meeting today

I have a great idea to tell you

She says

Go back now. I am busy

I dont have time to listen

Do your work well

Hey, why are you so stupid

to make such simple mistakes?

I thought you graduated from great college

Hey, what took you so long?

The company doesnt need useless people

Mean to him

She never thought I was a good worker

Then he sent

Chief editor

I know Im not doing good enough

Do you have time? I want to talk to you

about how to improve

Then Zhen said

Hey, are you having tempers now?

I criticize you for your own good

for you to grow up

He replied


can I go to my physical examination tomorrow morning?

Hey, do you forget?

We have meeting tomorrow morning


The patterned carpet for the birthday event

is so ugly

Change it before 10pm

The patterned carpet for the birthday event

is so ugly

Did you change it?



I dont want to

You always


her orders

Why didnt you change it?

Because you thought

shed never have the chance to see if the carpet was changed

It doesnt matter if you changed it

since she would be gone before 10pm

Not necessarily

I had other plans anyway

Maybe the little lamb finally lost it

He is a working man with emotions

And he is

about to break out

every day

He is trying to control it

And his interactions with Zhen

were really loveless

He talked about

his health

But his leader didnt care

His opinions

about the company

didnt matter to her

His progress

was not applauded

She even thought he was making mistakes

and being stupid

Talking about useless

So I think maybe he is not happy

with such a leader

In real offices

many bosses

are really like her

They treat their people like that

I want to remind them

to not do so

People die, you know

People die

Actually she treated me like this in the first place

but I really thought

since I was new here

I hope people to see how hardworking I am

and to give me more chances

So besides the boss

other people also give me orders

They know you want to do better

Like Jia Fashion

He asked me to try on his lipsticks

One time

I tried more than 100 lipsticks in one day


Got allergic

Lips were like sausages

Including Rong Fashion

She would divide my body into tablets

to try on suncream

So I looked

really bad

You treat me like this

I am willing to help you

But I think you should

show me some respect at least

Even to say thanks to me

or to call me by my name

would be enough to me

Even call you Wei


From now on

lets stop calling him Hey


Call as secretary


I dont have a name in your mind

I still

hold each one of you in my heart


I prepared for you

So moving

Not so fast

I dont think its

Music should be on now

Broad music

Is this one right?

Epitome of sophistication

You are the one

Working machine

I love working overtime

I love how everyone is playing along

The slippery

He is wit

What about Jia?

Im most pleased with his name

Live ETC

Do not overthink it

He would carry

many conversations

Live ETC

Being mean 24/7


The last one is scary

On top of his closet there is a white

locked box

Inside there are many


blood red words

Kill them

They are all guilty

They wont appreciate you

They all think you have it coming

Zhen the chief editor is a monster

She is torturing you

You are next me

Where did you get these?

From the printer

they kept coming out

So creepy

Do you think they are for you?


I got a phone call

Late in September

there were rumors about ghost in the company

They dont like working overtime

With such rumors

they dont like it even more

So in late September

I was the only one working overtime in weekends

On that day I firstly got a phone call

where a man saying


Wei Secretary

you are next me

Wer Secretary

You are next me

The printer started to work

I was freaking out, you know

I was terrified

And I ran and cried

the all way

down the hall in office

Then the lights just


Can you imagine how I felt?

I ran because I was scared

but I cried because I was moved

Finally someone called me as

Wei Secretary in the company

You know

I wanted to know who that person was

I really wanted to meet him

So hard

So moving

Look back

Hi brother

Have a seat

I was really scared

yet moved

This is sad

Werent you curious who sent you those?

Did you investigate on it?

Of course I was


I asked later

I dont know

Dont you know?

That person is Hao Secretary

My phone call

was from Hao

How did you know it was Hao?

The number showed

and I looked it up

He was Hao

But Hao was already dead

How far did you go?

This far


when he gave me a hard time

Hao would talk to me through printer

I think he is like a friend that really gets me

I am expecting to hear from him again

to call me Wei Secretary

But he never called again

but only used that printer

Thats all I have to say

So your suspect is

I dont know

From what I got

we know

that he is upset about her


there might be other clues

So it might not be him

I dont know yet

OK thanks


Your turn

Sa Couture

Are you thirsty?


Do you want some coffee?


Latte coffee without wolf berry


Why dont you fix me a cup of coffee?

What about a cup of silk latte?

Ive only heard of silk milk tea

Its my first time hearing about silk latte

Drink it

and you cant breathe

I still pay more attention to the crime scene

The process of the crime

When I tried to recreate the crime

I wanted to know who could really do it

under such circumstances

My first thing to think about

Although the dead is a female

she is also an adult


To move such a body

into a box

after strangling her to death

who could do it alone?

And it doesnt show fighting in the scene

A living person

if to be strangled by silk scarf

The scene would never be so clean

let alone with all the fighting

So who is capable to control a living person

to even strangle her to death?

Or maybe they used something

like medicine

to knock her out

before she was strangled to death

Because this might

be easier to control

for the murderer

The security said the dead left at 9:30

So lets assume at 9:30

she was still alive

We got together at 10

to welcome He

But in this way

didnt we see each other then?

No, we saw each other at 9:40

And for a while

we were hiving tea in that small room


Were you there?


So we cant put that period of time out

for every one

So I extend the time until 10pm

when we gathered together to wait for Boss He

So from 9:30-10

In that 30 minutes

there are two possibilities

One, from 9:30 to 9:40


Its when she died

At that time

None of us arrived back to the company


The murderer

could not close the door to kill her

He was not afraid to be caught


From 9:40 to 10

In that 20 minutes

if the murderer did it

he had to close the door

Because we were all in the company

How could he open the door if he closed it?


This is important

Then I found a

same pair of clothes

as she was wearing

In our working area

So I want to ask you

Who can clothes say?

I dont know

but I dont think its a coincidence

You should ask my leader then


I am a leader that doesnt pay much attention to work

To these clothes

you might know better than I do

Young man

Offer evidence before you say anything

I went to Rongs room

and found her perfume box

It says

There are 100 times when you want to quit work

but one time of insisting

that moves you

Promotion and more paycheck

are afar

Working overtime

happens all the time

Although life is poetic

work makes you independent economically

So hang in there

You will thank

the current you in future

You didnt write this, did you?


My mentor

the dead

Zhen sent it to me

I am actually a

normal college graduate

and this is my first job

I went here knowing nothing

and always ran into


and confusion

At first my stuff

got rejected

since I knew nothing

I also got

yelled badly

But in my mind


I really want to gain abilities

I want to be valuable

to survive in this market


Hardworking is necessary

Its a must

So the way to get with the boss

better be that

one, understand the requests

two, keep up with the tempo


adjust my emotions

and do my own work well

This is my idea

I hate to say that one day

when I am really over 40

I am still a woman

maybe I am married

Who are you talking about?

Sharp eyes

Who are you talking about?


I dont want middle-age crisis

Who are you thinking about?

So I am making different choices than him

When I am still young

I have to work harder

So can I take it as

you were close?

Zhen was her mentor

and she keeps the note Zhen sent her

on her desk

So she cares about what Zhen thought

And in her phone

there are two series of conversations

One is with Zhen


Rong Fashion, on the 24th

I request you to leave MGQ

next month

When Boss He has his birthday

I will tell him

that you are leaving

Do not ask me why

Just do it

Do not forget about

my old favor to you


You are the same as me

Who told you that?

We are totally different

Lets start up new business together

And the other is in last year

this is from my

good friend

Zhen Secretary

July 20th

Do not mess with me

I have high blood pressure

My blood pressure gets high with tempers

and Im able to do anything

You care about MGQ

I might make you leave here without dignity

Rong the ten says


I will do anything

No matter who asks me to leave MGQ

I will fight him with my life

So did you fight him with your life?

I dont think this is about Hao

but no matter who that asks her to leave

Now who asked her to leave?

Including your mentor

Your mentor just asked you to leave

Since you got this text

from August 15th

September 15th

October 15th

November 15th

There was transferred money

to Hao

from Rong Fashion

From 10k to 15k to 20k

to 25k

It gets more and more

I dont know why

One more

There is a video in the computer

that reveals too much information


What about the thing you promised me?

I will keep my promises

You can have MGQ

I know you dont like Rong

You know about what I did

to Rong and Hao a year ago

I will settle them well


On He Bosss birthday event next week

I will tell him that I quit

Are you satisfied now?

Rong shot this

from the door

On He Bosss birthday event next week

I will tell him that I quit

So there are many people leaving today

including the chief editor herself

She already decided to give her position

to him

Jia Fashion

What is your relation with her?

She was


Why did you call her honey?

I call her honey

because I studied in France

You dont call me honey

This is how fashionistas are


Whats up?

Why was she so nice to you then?

She was not very nice to me

I just got something of her

Over there

Thats all I have to share

Who is your suspect?

My suspect is

I think its somehow related to Hao


Thank you

Jia already indicated


he might have some kind of relationship

with Zhen the chief editor

To figure it out

I went to

your area

First he is a

very ambitious person

I am ambitious

In her studio

he took out some magazines

and wrote on the covers

that what I want is your position

no one could block me

Your taste is so ordinary

One day I will pass you

The face

is Hes

So his ambition is much more than chief editor

Maybe he wants

to be in a higher position

even like Boss Hes

Because I believe

that with my abilities

to pass Boss He

I dont need to kill people at all

With my abilities

it will happen sooner or later

Now Ill introduce your so-called abilities

Every month

he has this beauty column

but the style is really cringy

You can have a look

On the eyebrows

he tries to draw sports brands

and to draw hair on the noses

to show his characters

The thing is that they never got passed





You dont understand

But we can notice

this information

The first time he pitched this column

was in the December 2018

But the one to check was

Rong Fashion


And after that

it became to Zhen

Right past her

So in one month

from an assistant

he came to the same position with Rong


Normally speaking

to be the fashion beauty editor

in a top magazine like ours

you need at least 10 years

I work so hard

to be here in 5 years

He used only one month


He is still making coffee after one year

You are lucky enough

I am a hard worker

A totally different level

And in his level

to try lipsticks on living human

In his level

I feel bad for my lips

You can question my qualities

but not my fashion sense


So, we all know his abilities now

So I think he

cannot be counting on his abilities

I so am

You mentioned that you had something of hers

I do

I found that

I found his phone

His phone

And I tried to figure out the password

Then I found out

His locking screen

has his degree on it

I looked

at the graduation date

It was 20181125

Then I unlocked his phone

with it

Got in

I found an audio


You guys were so brave last night

Its not bad to plan to fake it

but I saw it

and shot it

Who do you think we should do with it now?

What do you want?

You and Rong would be ruined

if I say it out

Ill be direct then

Promotion and more money for me

I want to be in the same position as Rong Fashion

I want to be in charge of the beauty department

Then I can pretend that I didnt see anything

Isnt it easy for you?

Such a standard villain tone

After the new year you will be like Rong

to be a beauty editor

Are you happy now?

You are sincere, maam

I recorded this conversation

Do not break your promise

The time of this audio is


Hao died on 1229

This was my first time

blackmailed her

And I made her to promote me to be a beauty editor

She agreed

And he said

he saw Zhen and Rong


Zhen and Rong faked a thing together

What did you fake, Rong?

In a flowerpot

behind he desk, I found

a referee

Dear Mr.He of MGQ

due to my rights

when I leave

I can recommend and decide

the next chief editor

The middle parts is nice words about Mr.Jia

And then the last

Why dont you read it out?

Do not pass it

Read it out

Since December 2018, mr.Jia Fashion

joined our magazine

He has been inter beauty editor

and official beauty editor

He has been doing great

in his job

His understanding towards the magazine

is deep

He is good at catching trends

I suggest that when I leave


Jia takes over the portion of chief editor

Zhen wrote this herself

There is also a stamp

I want to say something

On December 20th

I thought my current position

was still to low

So again

I blackmailed Zhen

I wanted to be the vice chief editor

But this time it was odd

Not only she agreed to my request

she even said

she would give MGQ to me

She would announce it on his birthday

that she was leaving

I also find it odd

Because you didnt ask to be the chief editor

It really had nothing to do with me

Didnt you have something on her?

Didnt you blackmail her?

He just asked to be the vice-chief editor

In Zhens contract, it says

she has the right

that when she leaves

she can recommend the next chief editor

This should be in Zhens

How did you get it?

But he blackmailed

his way up to be the chief editor

Why would he kill her?

So his motive

doesnt seem too obvious to me

After looking at his



Zhen had other plans

In Zhens room there is a computer

In her computer

the first thing we see

is the public password

This leads to

the public computer

This is really useful

Another thing

The video that we all wanted to know

The video of the tea room

This video is


10:15, Saturday

It records

that Hao and Rong meet in the tea room

They are fighting over something

Rong pushes him

and he dies

Hao didnt die from overworking

but being pushed by Rong in accident and died

Because he had high blood pressure

He fell down to the floor

At that time the chief editor comes

Zhen and Rong talk about it for a while

Please notice that

little head


Was I that obvious?

Very obvious

Your head is here

and you see everything

Then Zhen makes up the mind

to carry Hao

with Rong

out from the tea room

So they drag him out

to put him in his desk

to fake his death

in his desk

This is what weve talking about

Her thing in his hands

And what happened to Hao


So Rong

Hao had something on you

You all know

I am a hard working woman


Hard to deal with

I am working hard

But I also know

As a woman

if I can find a

great boyfriend

or a great husband to marry to

Then I found that Zhens secretary

was a very hard working person

to me


And he was generous

So I decided to be with him

This happened in last June

But in July I found out

that his money

was all from gambling

If he won

he would have money

If he lost

he would borrow money from usury

And his so-called hardworking

His working overnight

was actually him gambling in office


Then he would post on internet that life is hard

we have to work hard, something like that

And the location was in the office

So all of us thought he was hardworking

This is who he actually was

So I got upset

I wanted to leave him


He didnt let you go



I cared a lot about my current job

And he said

if so

I will public our relationship

Because office romance

is not allowed in our magazine

This is one


he had some intimate photos

How intimate?

So intimate that they cant be posted

Yes, some intimate photos

And he said

if so

I would publish these photos

unless you give me some money

I want to settle this thing down

So I agreed

10k, 15k, 20k, 25k

Yes, every month

he asked for more


December 19th

He came to me again

It was really late at night

We started to argue

As you all saw

I only pushed him

but he really

fell down and died

You killed him in accident


Then the chief editor passed by

There was no other ways

She saw it

So I had to tell her


She might also think

that I was on her side

She was willing to help me

So she said

He is not healthy after all

and we all know

about his hardworking character


We carried him to his desk

The chief editor loved you so much

that she could do such thing for you

So I felt grateful to her very much

Did she tell you

about Jia blackmailing her?


So she carried this thing on her own

But since he came

I found my leaders

attitude toward me has been changing


he walked over what took me 5 years to finish

in one month

He always gets her some flowers and coffee

to flatter her

No matter when

her office

was open-doored

But only when he went in

the door was shut

Because he was blackmailing her

So I went to shoot that video

So at that time

you knew that he knew


In my mind

What did you want to do?

Zhen said

finally I came from M village

to my dream world MGQ

I will become the chief editor one day

The day I become the chief editor

will be the happiest day of my life

This is also

how we unlocked her phone

What you said basically match your CVs

In yours

there is a note

written by Zhen

Do you know why I hired you?

I always hire fancy

slim young people

who admire this magazine

But not every one can hold on to this job

after they get yelled at to tears

Only you

You are hardworking


and brave

You are just like me when I was young

We are both from M village

I know you want the same thing as I did

Rest assure

I will help you

So over you

she felt naturally protective

Because she felt like

you are the younger version of herself

So she was trying to protect you

Then why would she

fire me?

I unlocked her phone

and entered your group chat

10:30am today

she sent you a group message

Then Sa, Wei

Jia, Hou

and Rong all replied

And Sa replied in a fancy way saying No problem

Very fancy -Because

Because you are old

You need to be pretentious

You are Sa


This is my style


Lets see what Zhen said

I am going on a business trip to the nearby city

If you need me in the company

talk to me online

Do you all remember today

is He Bosss birthday?

Get the gifts ready

And about the event settings

Hey, you take care of it

Ive booked the plane ticket to come back tonight

In plan I will arrive in the company

10 minutes before the event

But its very likely

that I have another important plan tonight

Im sot sure about it yet

If I dont show up

you guys take good care of He Boss

We all got it

Several things here

First, she told you in the morning

that she was going to another city for a business trip

This is the first


she asked you to

prepare gifts

You all did


she was being bossy and saying


Take care of the event settings


she might be back

10 minutes before the event starts at 10pm

But she said another thing

that she had an important thing today

If she didnt arrive

you guys should take good care of the boss

To the whole magazine

I might come here only today in the whole year

Its an important event

She might be missing

this important event

What was she going to do?

We dont know yet

So What was Zhen

going to do?

She had a Mango Circle

and she commented on my Circle

Happy birthday boss

I rescheduled my planed

and Im back in M city already

Going to the magazine to wait for you

to celebrate your birthday. 8:05

She was arrived at 8:05

Alright back

You were off work at 8

And you went to do your own things

and came back at 9:40

And the security said that 9:30

he saw her left the company

through the backdoor

This was her usual way to get out

The door can open from inside

but only she can open it

from outside

She went through that door at 9:30

But we all know that she was already back

at 8:05


We didnt

So this Mango Circle is leading to us


Move on

In the tea room

that big tea room

We only got one useful clue

that is on the camera

Qi found a note


This equipment got updated

This is a new one

This means the tape

of the 29th in the tea room

has been gone

Zhen took it away

This is not cleaning

but changing

She changed it the next day of Haos death

She should be helping me

Yes, to hide this for you

But this new camera

leaves a very important clue

Do you still remember the public password?

We used it to unlock the computer in the reception

There were four notes

in the computer



The cleaning guys should clean the company every hour

So it could not happen

at 9


Because there were cleaners at that time



should check the CCTV every 30 minutes

Report anything odd

So it could not be at 9:30

No way


The reception should take every phone call

Do not miss anything


Office hour is 10am-8pm

The CCTV will be on after work

In every hour

the tape will be loaded


In this computer there is a searching history

Someone wanted to go back to the reception from the backdoor

Please notice

that from the backdoor to the reception

there is one and only one walking course

that needs 30 minutes of walking

for you to go back to the reception

So he didnt have the chance

Even if he ran

In that short amount of time

you cant run back


Because all people

came back at 9:40

The scarier part is

that we found two tapes

From 8 to 9

this is about

the door of the tea room

It was closed

for one hour

Nothing happened

Its like this

The first hour nothing happened

The door was closed

Then its 9-10

It loads every hour

Its the same in the first 30 minutes

Qi and I were thinking

what it meant

At 9:30

the door opened on its own

No one was outside

It just opened

No one

I know

So he used this door to keep the backdoor open

The backdoor was closed

This is creepy


Zhen appeared

wearing that coat and that silk scarf

She went through the backdoor

The light went on and off

And it got dark

The light went back on after 15 seconds

The door was closed

And no one was showing up

Then fast speed

to 45

Sa went into the tea room

Jia, Wei, Rong

all went into the tea room

Attention, in this whole time

the door was open

and we can see the backdoor was closed

and no one went through it

Then you left

leaving the camera


at the half-opened tea room door

and no one went through the backdoor

He did it

in 15 seconds

and came out


why was the tea room door

suddenly open on its own?


For us to see the backdoor

This is the first


in that 15 seconds

he would not finish all the murdering and hiding

So how did he come out?

The camera was always on it

So when?

At 9:30

He used 15 seconds

How did he come out?

And the door opened on its own

The coat

and the silk scarf

I found they are the same

as she was wearing

There is one possibility that is

she was already dead inside

and the murdered then went inside

In that 15 seconds of darkness

he came out

Isnt it easy?

Why was the door open on its own?

He wanted you to see

thatIcame in


But thisIwas not the chief editor


It was the murderer

The murderer made you

to see that he went in


fake the fact that the dead was still alive at 9:30


After he went in

it didnt matter

how long it was

Since she was already dead inside

But the key is how the murderer went out

in that 15 seconds

He went in, took off the clothes

and went back through that door

No need to take off the clothes

He had two sets

He could come out in those clothes

He had two sets

This is so

The cloth is not yours


And not yours


I want to tell you

that in her room there is a very

pretentious indoor golf set

I found a little thing inside

Its a light remote control

It controls all the lights in the company

This explains why at 9:30

the light went off

So we know now

that Zhen the chief editor was already dead

before 9:30


And the murderer left through the backdoor

After 30 minutes of walking

he came back

In some way

He dresses like Zhen

and walked through that door again


But after he went in

he didnt close the door


But he left

Because after he went in

he controlled the lights

to turn them off

during which time

he held onto the door to keep it open

and when the lights turned off

he left

Went out

and closed the door

Then he changed into his own clothes

and walked in

with you all at 9:40

I think he was

using this tape

To show us what he wants us to see

To open the tea room door


Another possibility

He was hiding here

like this

and opened the door a little


Look, yes

So I would

be the door

The door opens like this

and you are over here

And the camera is like this

OK and the door is here


Im hiding here


And then

He can easily

push it open

And bounce back


Now basically

if there is no other evidence

we can basically confirm

how he did it

But I think whats important now

is that the story is not complete yet

Because now the people of motive are

the one that never gets respected

Wei Secretary

The one that thought she got

betrayed about her accidental kill

by her mentor

Rong Fashion

Jia,I havent found her motive yet

because he needs Zhen alive

to pass on the seat

Sa needs the job the most

but his boss didnt give him any reason

before she fired him

So he might be holding grudge

Hou, I think its very possible

that he is related to Hao

Or its odd for him to stay here


Who was pretending to be the dead,

the Hao Secretary

to freak us out?

What is his purpose?

We dont know yet


Ill vote for the first time now

And then lets start the second round of finding evidence

to solve other problems


Good luck to me




I have to tell you one more thing

I have to

Please listen to my confession

Actually I dont feel so upset

about the dead

We are just coworkers

Before I got fired

my only thing towards her was

that sometimes she really didnt leave face to us

For example she was a workaholic

and she asked us to never turn off the phones

But after work

I often switch my phone to no-disturb mode

because my family is a lot to deal with already

But one time she called me

and I missed it

So the next day

she asked me why I didnt pick up her call

I just randomly said

no connection

Then in front of every one

she said damn your phone

and gave me a new one

This is really humiliating

I didnt smile at all when I received it

But its your birthday tonight

I didnt have enough time

to buy you presents


Ill give you the same phone

Are you cheap or were you occupied?

I thought this phone is perfect for him

What he said means Zhen didnt give up on him

Zhen was actually kind to him


Zhen did cherish the past 20 years

although you are useless

She still wanted to keep you

I am not useless

Even a tissue

even a pair of panties is useful


You really warmed up my heart

Give me back my phone

No way


Lets start to eliminate


I dont think its Hou

because its too obvious now

If the one walking in was the fake dead

he would never leave the clothes in his own space


So it eliminates

Hou and Sa

Then its between Jia, Wei and Rong

I think Jia is the least likely one now

But the thing is

that we still dont know one thing about him


I think

up to now

none of them had the must-kill motive yet

[Who did the detective vote to?]

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