Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Campus Life at the University of Illinois

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It is so important to make the most of your time here.

Well actually, I made a list of things I wanted to do before graduation

and there's so many things I have yet to do.

There's just a million things you can explore,

you know spark your interest.

I participated in broomball and basketball, soccer

what else did I do?

A great way to learn the campus is you can go running around the campus

go biking around the campus, rollerblading

When I came here, I grabbed my roommate the first week

he put on his rollerblades and I put on my running shorts

and we zoomed around campus.

and I was just walk out, maybe take my frisbee with me or just

go out to a field and start playing frisbee with a random group of people

It's a real nice way to meet people.

Football. Football is an awesome sport. I love playing with all the girls.

You don't usually get to do that in high school.

It's always fun to come to a school you can be proud to say you're from.

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