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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Google Glass + Revolv

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Hi I'm John; I'm a senior dev here at Revolv where we do smart home automation for your smart phone.


in my spare time, I get to play with Google Glass. So today we're going to give you a little demo on

what it's like to control your house on these things. So let's put em on here...

I'm actually going to give you guys a view of what I see as you control your home.

So first let's come over here, and with a quick tap, I can turn the lights on.

Now choosing our Insteon switch

if we come over here, we've got some hue lights

let's tap and turn those on

and I can even come out here and turn on our Yale lock.

slide there

Now we need some music, so let's come on in here and

let's turn on some

music on our Sonos!

So that was really neat

but we've also got voice control on these things

so let's click on that and say "Revolv, we need MOAR PINK!"

Okay Andrew, fine fine. "Revolv, MOAR BLUE."

Is that better?

So thanks for watching! I'm John at Revolv and we'll keep you

up to date with all the cool stuff we're doing.

So we're at the end; let's turn the lights off.

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