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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Unboxing - "Voltaïc" - Björk

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Hello, folks! How are you?

I'm Bruno and today on "Un-Björk-xing"

I gonna talk about the last Björk Live release,

To end up the Björk Live releases:

Which is Voltaïc

On Special Vinyl Edition

And the Special Edition on CD

But I got the Malaysian edition

There's a very cool history behind this edition

And I hope you enjoy it!

Voltaïc was released on June, 2009.

And contains two live concerts

One from Volta Tour, recorded in Paris

And another one, recorded in Reykjavik

With a choir and a brass quartet

For your information, brass are wind instruments,

A category of musical instruments

The second concert, mix songs from Volta and Medúlla

As Björk never toured with Medúlla

She took few Medúlla songs and added

To release at this concert in Reykjavik

Besides, this boxset contains a live session,

At Olympic Studios

A remix CD

And a DVD containing the "Volta videos"

And the Top Ten Runners Up from the "Innocence" video competition

To release the "Innocence" video, Björk made a competition on her website

Where the contestants sent videos

And ran up to make the Innocence official video.

Besides the vinyl edition,

That I am unboxing now for you,

Voltaïc was released on CD only,

with the live Olympic Studios recording,

Another version with the CD and DVD with concerts,

And the 2 CD and 2 DVD version

The Volta Tour, as well as Biophilia Live,

Was screened in movie theaters

But only in 15 cinemas in USA, during the month of release

And in 1 cinema, in Reykjavik

Voltaic means, in portuguese "Voltaico"

And it's related to phenomena

that involves electricity and electric currents

Specially, when they are generated by chemical reactions

And I think this name fits the album

It's very colourful , very energetic

It's a very excited tour

Björk gigged in a lot of countries with "Volta Tour", including Brasil

Where I had the opportunity to watch her concert live, on "Tim festival"

It was very thrilling and unforgettable

The DVD recording had some problems, too.

Björk was ill, during the night of the Paris concert

Her voice was edited in post-production studio.

Now I gonna show you the CD and DVD Malaysian version

This version is special for what reason?

When Björk released "Voltaïc"

She decided to cut few songs off

Due to manufacturing box error,

20.000 have been destroyed and then,

Björk decided to cut four songs from the album.

But, few copies already were shipped for sale in stores

Then, some people got this copy that has been destroyed

Which is this one I have.

I bought it in an auction

And I think it's the most important item I own, because of this.

It has became a collector's item

Nowadays, it's very hard to find this for sale

And if you do, it's very expensive.

This was another "UnBjörk-xing"

I hope you have enjoyed it

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Which songs you liked

If you'd add another version

Have you been in her concerts, here in Brasil?

Have you been in any gig around the world?

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And thank you so much!


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