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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: If Herobrine Played Pokémon Go - Minecraft

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What a lovely day!

I think I will do some Griefing today!

Who dares to disturb me?


Pokemon Go is available now,

You should downloaded my friend

Yes, I know


I think I should check out this new Pokemon Go game

It could be fun to play it!

I will try out this game now!

It's time to catch some Pokemon!

Oh my god!

A Squirtle is nearby!

It got away... Let me search another Pokemon!

Oh no!

That was my last Pokeball!

I need to find a Pokestop!

42 Minutes later...

Yay... A Pokestop!

I will get some new Pokeballs here!

Alright! I got one more Pokeball!

I will continue looking for Pokemons in the forest!


Let me catch this Pikachu!


If Herobrine plays Pokemon Go, He would probably rage quit!

The Description of If Herobrine Played Pokémon Go - Minecraft