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Hi everybody!

Here you go!

This is canned tuna.

What are you making with canned tuna?

You can add this to kimchi stew,

you can make salad, you can also make tuna pancakes

But today, probably you've never seen this.

I will make kind of a thick stew.

And this is going to be a really nice nice meal

and such an easy recipe!

And not very expensive!

I'm going to make really delicious Korean tuna stew.

Spicy tuna stew, chamchi-jjigae.

You can use any kind of canned tuna.

But canned tuna made in Korea, this is much much tastier for me.

This is kind of a large sized can.

Each one is 250 grams.

I will use 2 large cans of tuna.

Making this is so easy and fast!

And delicious!

You will be surprised.

I need a shallow pan. Small sized.

And then we need this onion.

Onion, green chili pepper, garlic, green onion

So first let's add onion.


Just dice this way.


...put this..

You see? This shallow pan, I just lined it with my onion.

And did you see this kind of green chili pepper?

Long, hot green chili pepper.

In New York City this is my favorite green chili pepper

because it's a little spicy and crispy I love this one.

I use 2. 2 large green chili peppers.

Green chili peppers are very very important for this recipe.

For me. (laughs)

Really tasty! That flavor is.

(chopping) Just slice this.

Mmmm! Smells very refreshing!

Ok, here.

And then tuna.

Whenever I open this, it's a challenge for me. (laughs)

You see? There is meat soaked in oil.

One more.

Lots of tuna, right?

And then, as I told you, I will make it spicy.

Let's add gochujang, 2 tablespoons.

And gochugaru, hot pepper flakes. Two tablespoons.

And soy sauce. 1 tablespoon.

And then add water. Water, one cup or one and a half cup.

All these ingredients are submerged, that's how much water I want to add.

I will add a half cup more.

This is my half cup.

And close the lid.

Heat it up!

And I will cook this 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes I'm going to add more green onion and garlic and green chili pepper.

4 large garlic cloves.


And two green onions.

Green onions, so chop it up.

Green chili pepper.

Already it starts boiling!

Wow, so quick! (laughs)

This recipe is very very quick, and just while I'm washing my lettuce

and making rice, and at the same time I make this.

Sooner or later my meal is ready!

Wow! I have to open this.

Just mix together.

But I like to cook 10 minutes at least.

Onion should be cooked,

so that the sweetness from onion comes out.

So we don't need to add any sugar this time.

Ok I just closed the lid half.

And then ssamjang, I will make ssamjang.

This is apple ssamjang. You guys made my apple ssamjang?

That's so delicious! Ssamjang is a mixture of Korean fermented soybean paste

hot pepper paste, garlic, green onion, and sesame oil, mixed together.

And usually we add sugar here to make it a little sweet.

But I use apple.

And then it turned out so good.

When I invented that recipe that year, it was for my first cookbook recipe

And I was so happy, all summer until fall, I always made this apple ssamjang.

Peel the apple.

Ok, this one, I like to cut it into tiny pieces like this.

This is a small Gala apple.

(timer rings)

Already 10 minutes passed.

Ok, I'm going to add all this stuff.

And garlic, green onion, and more green chili pepper.

I like to thicken this stew.

So that it's easy to scoop this and make a kind of lettuce wrap.

So I'm going to cook a little longer.

3 to 5 minutes.

Here I added Korean bean paste, hot pepper paste, green onion, and garlic.

And then here, apple.

And then sesame oil.

Around 1 tablespoon.

And sesame seeds.

And then mix.

That's apple ssamjang.

I guarantee you will love it.

I already posted this recipe apple ssamjang.

This exact ratio is on my website.

Let's check out our stew.

Such a delicious smell from this! I can't believe this is from canned tuna!

Ok, I just cooked 3 more minutes, I think that's enough because

sometimes we need to eat a little of this stew.

Ok turn off.

And ssamjang.

And this is kimchi and spinach, and ...

this is lettuce. So you can use all kinds of lettuce.

Just one kind of lettuce or perilla leaves are good but these days it's not easy to find perilla leaves.

So I skipped them. And then instead of that I chose butterhead and different kinds.

Romaine, and red lettuce.

Also kale. I made a kind of vegetable basket.

So you can eat it raw. Very nicely wash and rinse.

I will bring my stew here.

Exciting! (laughs)

I made my multigrain rice here.

I will show you how to eat this.

Ok, open sesame!

Yay! You are going to share this stew with your family members

In that case use another wooden spoon or another spoon.

And so that you will see how we are going to enjoy this.

Lettuce, two.

And rice. Just a little rice.

And then tuna stew.

You can put this spoon back.

I like to add more ssamjang here.

And then wrap.

Say "Ahh!" (laughs) I can put this into your mouth!

(laughs) To my mouth!

Mm! (laughs)

The funny thing is that if I make a small wrap, it's not tasty.

It has to be really really full in my mouth!

So that I can feel this is so tasty.

I have a story about this recipe. When I was young, in the city where I grew up

every year in May it was anchovy peak season.

And the size of anchovies was large.

During the anchovy season we made anchovy fish sauce.

We fermented it. Added lots of salt together and then put it into an earthenware crock.

And then one year later it'll all be well-fermented.

Also, around that time we used to make this kind of stew with whole anchovies.

Head and all everything in the stew after removing the guts.

Rice and this. And a lot of lot of lettuce.

And we make lettuce wraps like this.

But the anchovy fish bones are very tiny so they are chewable

So you can eat them.

But when I was young, I choked all the time

A fish bone caught in my throat.

And I just like this!

Think about it, children are small, everything is small and tiny.

For adults no problem! But around that time no adults care about children

They just make it and say, "Ok, let's eat."

I had to solve the problem, so I ate a big, huge chunk of kimchi

and I just chewed it around two times and then on purpose I swallowed it.

And then all the fish bones are gone.

That's my tip (laughs)

But I really miss this anchovy stew.

With lettuce wraps, because it's very delicious I just did an experiment with this tuna.

So I developed this recipe a couple of years ago. It turned out yummy!

Smells exactly the same, and the even better thing is that I don't have to deal with fish bones! (laughs)

Someday when I visit Korea, if I happen to visit in May in anchovy season,

I'm going to make a video for you guys to show you exactly what it looks like.

I will have one more.

Apple ssamjang...

And wrap.

(Crunches) (Laughs)

Mmm! Very very delicious!

This is very savory and also the mixture of green chili pepper altogether, you will see

when you make this, why Maangchi loves this flavor.

I will show you my freshly made kimchi.


Today we made spicy tuna stew.

Chamchi-jjigae. And this jjigae is a special jjigae.

Because we eat it with ssam. Lettuce wraps.

Enjoy my recipe. See you next time!


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