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Alright, we are testing zoom in a new method because I've been having trouble about the past 20 minutes getting on here with you guys,

I wanted to share some exciting stuff on a three step Facebook funnel update the title here, because really it didn't work the way it was supposed to work, which is fine.

We've got alternatives with a different ways to get our content on streaming platforms, etc.

So thank you for joining me here and the patron remote group. I am mentioned Mathews.

I'm the founder of this group with some friends with some of you guys here. Let me grab my phone so I can see comments and make sure we are actually live.

And on top of that, I will have some time here at the end for questions. But essentially what we're going to go through here is, you know why, what are we talking about here?

We're talking about three step Facebook funnel, which basically is some that profile optimization how to get people into a group or on a list

and delivering on scarcity and a logical reason for people to take action right now and your business.

Sometimes that's through social proof. There's lots of levers of influence that can be used to reach the, I'm looking at all think we're live to reach the end of your means. So what is the goal that we're doing here?

A lot of the time, when when people talk about funnels, they're talking about getting people to opt in to a

list, like an email list or opt in to purchasing a product or something of this nature.

And that's exactly what we're talking about here. Each of us are business owners, and maybe I know you and we've worked together in this group,

but more likely, you were invited by somebody that worked with and they said maybe you'll find something useful in this group.

There's some some useful information here and I hope this is one of those things for you. What we're talking about is a three step Facebook funnel

where we'll going through some stuff like profile optimization. We're looking at the group, we're not live here, guys, so bare with me.

What we will do is continue to share what we're going to go through here. So, a lot of this stuff, it's not stuff I've invented, you know, it's it's stuff that I'm reading.

Here's a great book that if you haven't read this one before, and you own a business or you work in a sales team, this is a great one.

This is Chet homes, the ultimate sales machine.

A lot of this is on turbocharging your business on relentless focus on key strategies, simple things, doing them 1000 times

doing the simple things 1000 times versus doing every crazy thing, every thousand things, everything, right.

So, get running it, let's get right into it. So it doesn't take half an hour to explain three steps. But basically in step one,

you'll see that I invite people here in the group. And in doing that, I might say something like,

hey, check the Announcements page, because one of the most important things about the first step in any online sales strategy and branding and positioning is going to be profile optimization,

taking a look and, and making things stick. And we'll flip over to my personal profile here and I'll give you some examples.

Essentially, what we're talking about is the awareness bringing people awareness and then a call to action,

having them do something like get in our Facebook group Next, the second stage there and receive something of value,

some training, coaching and this particular case,

and then ultimately having a call to action Once there, what are they going to do are they going to get on your email list

so they create an opt in to get their physical address so that you know you can come by the

And showing your products or something of this nature. You know,

there's some strategy strategies that work for everybody. And there's some most, which will work for some people, right?

And depending on your business, you can adapt these methods to your business model.

But for a lot of us, we're doing online sales, we want people to get in the game, we want them to be part of the business that provides value to them,

right, our companies are built and when I'm putting myself when I say our, I'm talking about the good company, I keep myself in.

And that's you guys. Your businesses should have a good quality product. If they don't, you're probably gonna have a hard time no matter what we're doing.

So the first Step is going to be the profile optimization, it's bringing that awareness and a call to action.

And that's kind of what you see here on my Facebook page on my Facebook profile. And this is what we're discussing as a three step Facebook profile funnel, three step Facebook funnel.

And you can apply this inside a group. Once you get someone into a group. You can do this on other platforms as well, just not

they all have their own, just like our businesses nuances. So here, let's take a look, we see something here, a photo that kind of represents who we are.

If you go through the profile optimization webinar, look at the documentation that is in the announcements here in the group.

You'll see that we mentioned you should have add back percentage. So when we're going out to people saying "Hey, take a look at my profile." "Let's connect." "let's let's work together"

You should have some reason like a smile that maybe somebody wanted to talk to you. Little things like these are add back percentages in this case a little bit

Social Proof leveraging a group of friends like we get some friends together and we do things and people like people like themselves are like they want to be and and I work a lot with small business owners and families.

And so my profile is optimized to get that information across so that people can see who I am and have that little bit of an add back percentage

do check out the announcements, the video there in the announcements under profile optimization. And you'll you'll get a much more in depth,

about a three minute read of what action to take there (in the announcements).

a clear way to get into Facebook group where I'm going to coach and train and teach and do these things.

The next thing we want to do when someone hits here, if they're coming across our profile is give them a clear call to action,

The third factor I'll get to here in a second. So let's go back the first one profile optimization

Second one is get people on your list, get people into your program, get people, but you can't. I say you can't, it's not recommended.

And we've all had it happen where we meet somebody on Facebook, social media, or even in real life at a meetup or something.

And their approach to us is, Hey, hi, what's your name? buy my stuff. And I don't know anywhere that that really works unless you're in dire need. There's ratios like 3% of people are ready to buy your product right now.

And and you can do you know, you could survey next time you're in a room, you kind of ask and see how that works. You know, you probably need 100 people to kind of get a good idea because 3% such a low number.

But that being said, we we could probably reduce that number if we approach them in the wrong manner. If we come here on fire and come by myself, right, and said, We want to nurture those relationships, but we also want to be really cool.

Because some people may be looking for exactly what we're offering. So you'll see here that I've added a link.

But how do people know instead of putting the group of pictures most people put a big swath of pictures their their favorite pictures and said that is put a simple call to action. This is that simple. Get in the group. Thanks to Dave G. Dave gam bro who

helped me get the wording for this I say helped me get doordash chose his wording he you know, change change up a little bit.

But simply look, join my facebook group now for help grow your impact in your income. And I mentioned Dave G.

And I mentioned this book as part of this process to really I'm not reinventing the wheel we're doing what works, right.

And so I'm giving this advice step one to the profile optimization, look the part be a solution be somebody that can help somebody and be seen as that person

You are the authority in your field so you can develop your brand, your personal brand and build your list so that you can impact and transform lives and impact business.

So with that being said, you see fancy right arrow, get up here, click Get to the group. And once we're in the group,

we have a pretty clear call to action here Wednesday. 3pm It's Wednesday. Three, it's 3pm. Eastern, it's 340. Eastern I am in central time so my clock here you see on my screen

is lying to you but you guys are all welcome to join me here in zoom directly on this zoom ID every Wednesday at 3pm.

I love working together on challenges we do this like a nice coaching training, and then break into Q and A's and and try to make it a marathon.

See if we get everyone's questions everyone's concerns answered and elevate our level of business and how we do business with others.

So again, we're Having this clear call to action, there's a little social proof here, people might have some curiosity and wonder what this is wonder what this picture is about.

I recommend that you add a description that maybe would trigger that curiosity, give them a clear call to action here get paid to promote your own business. That's the group we're in.

That's where you're watching this where I want to help others get paid to promote their own business better.

There's a multitude of ways of doing that. But simply put this as a members only forum for discovering strategies and helping people generate tools and strategies generate a sustainable income.

A lot of you out here like our like me, where you're helping people find tools in their business, and giving them a vehicle upon which to conduct business

at the level that the pros are when we go out there and compete for advertising space on Facebook or Instagram, which are paid to play platforms, meaning a very small percentage of your content gets publish.

Ever (post) something and then go, "I have 100 friends, how come only eight people saw this"? or eight people said something. They may have never even seen it because unless you're paying to play,

you know, Facebook doesn't necessarily put that on everyone's wall like, like the good old MySpace days.

So anyhow, getting back to it. The third step, right? That's some scarcity. It doesn't need to be false scarcity.

I'm asking people to get into introduce themselves, introduce their business and tell me their big dreams in the group.

Because that information lets me know who I can put my time with. I don't have a whole lot of extra time to come.

Do lives and do one on one time with everybody because I have a large number of clients and businesses and consultations and things that I'm invested in family as well.

You know, our I'm heavily invested in spending enjoyable time with my family.

What's the point of being a dad, if we can't do some of that or being a brother or being a son or daughter, if we can't really go out and be the best of that for ourselves?

Same idea in business, that scarcity is that logical reason that we want to give someone a reason to take action right now, whether that's some time based scarcity, like I mentioned, I don't have a whole lot of time. So I spend this time with you.

One on One, after each to every day, I'm actually available on this same zoom ID at 3pm. Eastern Time. 2pm Central, but we do these prepared trainings so that it's here whenever you're available.

If you want to have some more one on one time, with someone whose time is limited, usually there's something like some way to get that -- if it's a coaching

If you're a coach, someone needs to buy your time. If you're a trainer, something physical trainer, if you're a massage therapist, if you're a beautician, people want time with you, they have to come pay to sit in your chair. Sit at this table.

There's other ways of doing scarcity that isn't false (You dont have to be fake). Like, Oh, I'm so busy, because a lot of us want to help them. Before I found my full system and started developing all of these.

Before I found a way to put all the systems I learned from all these people together to way that affected my life.

I didn't have time scarcity. I had plenty of time, I had no one to spend it with no customers, I didn't know who to talk to you. So with that being said,

you know, at the beginning, I told you what we're going to talk about, you know, the three steps of Facebook funnel to get people a logical reason to take action now.

And then I kind of told you a little bit about what we do and now I kind of want to circle back why the Why is in those logical reasons.

Like the time the space, maybe it's a price range like get this down and Labor Day Sale or what have you.

Or maybe it's losing something like, like we do a lot of bonuses and and in businesses that we work with. So say somebody, sales team gets a bonus by doing something right? We'll have them leverage that same type of mentality

by saying, let's say you're a coach, and you have your new platform coming up, and you've got a new class coming up.

Well, that will include all the previous classes for the first 75 people or something right.

That's simple after that the bonuses get reviewed, removed. that leverages it's one of the many leavers I can't remember the guys name.

But a levers of influence you there's a great book on it. I can see his name but I can't pronounce anyhow.

So long story short, three steps profile optimization. Let's look the part let's get people aware of who we are and get them curious so that they can engage on that call to action.

Step two will be get them into your group or put them on your list, build your list, get them in your list, get them in your group, get them on your newsletter,

something like this in your messenger bot sequence, if that's the rate, you're going,

I'm not meaning all of these. Just do one of them.

Each product, you have a single funnel, if they're not a already in your list, you need to make that something fast free, something great for them something of value.

And so that will circle back to, in, in this page here what you see the profile, profile, photo cover photo, right, social proof, call to action, saying get up here to link.

Also add this here where there's a list of the resources and the ability to schedule with us one on one.

So some people can learn more about this group. The idea that there's a no pitch group It's not a sales pitch, there's not some,

you know, right hook that come in, they come in the door and then buy this product.

The idea of this group is for people to learn and for us all to benefit from that because ultimately, when we build a strong business, on networking and on relationships,

we're able to identify intuitively who might be able to help someone else in our network. And "do you like referrals" is the first question I ask people.

If your business likes referrals, if you're looking to have a steady book of business, if you're looking to scale your business in a way that everyone in your team can have a consistent appointment book,

consistent income get off the roller coaster of never knowing if you're going to have an appointment or knowing how many appointments and what that that might convert to,

then please invite your friends here in this group. Again, that's the point is for us to tell you what you're gonna tell you, right I'm gonna tell you what I'm going to tell you.

The group is -- a coaching and training platform.

Why? -- Because it's fun to help other people succeed.

And and in between those two is all of the information, it's the announcements in there, in (stutter) the group will have a series there's about six or seven videos in there right now

that I think all of us can find useful in our business in some area or another, or we have friends that will be able to find that useful.

We never know who's looking to buy our products or use our services until we let them know and let them become aware.

So please use this and your business to offer yourself up in a way that that makes it desirable and delightful to be connected with.

I do hope this is useful for you there is quite a bit more available on the content management system.

If you have already received there's about 120 of us in the group, there's about 40 of you guys that have already received the paid to promote content management system with tutorials,

white papers, all the training everything. Again, that is a no opt-in, all yours -- it's on Google Sheets, everything like that.

A paint by number system. I don't know how easier how much easier we could make it. Please take a look.

Find the person who invited you to the group, thank them because we are going to make a huge impact in your business.

If you're ready to take action. I can give you all this but if you don't take action, now that's going to matter.

And I hear rain maybe that's why I was having a hard time connecting with zoom Here in the Facebook group.

I will finish and let zoom upload this to the cloud, I will cut off the part of me trying to get it to post and post this here in the group for you guys.

If you find this useful invite a friend like I said, happy to have you here. Let's get committed to giving the gift

and helping people get paid better to promote their business better. It's a simple process. We all want to grow our influence we're all influencers whether you believe that or not.

You're influencing the people around us by our attitudes by how we approach life. And some of us only share the A sides I've had quite a few Besides, since the beginning of the year.

If you've been here for long you've seen the struggles of leaving a company that been with for 10 years losing thousands and thousands of contacts through that and and what we've done to stay positive and build a business but multiple successful businesses since then.

I couldn't do without you can do without great supportive friends and family and people just like you.

So let's get out there get committed to giving the gift so we can appreciate those people that are supporting us. And a little quick tip, I want to throw a little bonus in here.

Have a little note over here it says, get in the game, right, let's get out here. If you don't already have a Facebook group, let's take little formulas like this.

We have recipes, I can help you set them up or to help you set them up. And if you have a face for radio, there are programs out there where you can do the video like this.

You can keep it tight, keep it real simple. And then go use something like can via PowerPoint, you know, to make slides and use a tool like loom like this little tool here.

So we'll just put the slides up and instead of sharing my face, we just be sharing the slides just go through the slides. It's so much easier than doing these lives anyway.

Get committed to giving the gift let's make it happen. I'll drop a photo of what I what I'm talking about.

Make it simple for you guys. If you have any questions, let me know here in the comments and I'll see you again 2pm every day this link 3pm Eastern time.

You can see it in the header of the group here. Thanks for joining and I'll see you at the top or TO THE LEFT OF THE DECIMAL for all my crypto lovers out there.

See you guys <3

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