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IMy favorite box thus far

Let's open it. Are you ready?

Yeah, okay

But we fight over everything in the boxes always so now we get our own

Boxes and you guys I don't know if you know this

But you can actually make some selections - on the website and customize your box, which is really really cool

Okay, so let's talk about you get a magazine

It tells you all about the products inside you guys the fabfitfun box, which is really cool

So if you have any questions or anything like that, it's all inside for you

If you don't know how to use the product or whatever

Okay, you guys I'm so excited for this okay, wait do not open no

No, no cussing I have to be hey you wanted the car. Oh, I need wait

I'll have to get that. Well, in the meantime, I need scissors girls know how much we love

Beauty blenders. We are always using our be blenders

in fact

I'm keeping this because I need anyone but we are always using our beauty blenders whether it's a girl

foundation some mixing your concealer or bronzer, whatever it may be, you know you guys the box

Um has over a two hundred dollar value and if you use code Kim live you get $10 off

It's usually retails for $49.99. You can get it for $39.99

We all know a beauty blenders like $20 just that alone and there's so many other products in here. So it's really cool

I don't know what my son is doing in the background, but he thinks he's being slick

Let's see here. Oh

My god, I'm gonna end up slicing my finger off babe. The tape here is like super there we go

Okay, you guys bear with me here we go, okay, I got it

So I have the grown out chemist I drove her parents daydream, which is awesome because it is free from skin


I am obsessed with the alfred ceramic stainless-steel

Teapot that I have to show you that is in this fall box

And this is why this box is gonna sell out SuperDuper fast. I can guarantee it. I think this is so folks

There's no parabens. Nothing. Look at this you guys literally we unwrapped everything because I already I'm just I'm like literally so in love

You literally put your tea leaves or what have you in here

Inside look at how cute this is you guys. I'm literally obsessed

Stainless steel a little teapot ceramic stainless steel teapot babkin fun. We love it. And this is mine Brielle. Nice try though

Okay. Well, these are my favorite thing in this box probably is the glam glow bubble sheet mask

I think that they're so awesome because I love glam glow all things Glen glow their mouths are amazing

I actually haven't tried these ones yet, and I'm super excited to try them because

They have really got that for sure

This is a detox bath you guys which is really really cool

Tonight it's post practice relaxing soak ritual. It says has mediterranean sea salts in it berry extracts you guys

I don't know if you've tried salts of any kind

But these are incredible they help you detox definitely drink a lot of water when you use this

Yeah, I know they're really really awesome

It detox is you but again always make sure you're drinking at least eight ounces of water before the bath and then during the bath

Look at this kitchen towel

I already have mine in my kitchen because my kitchen goes with these colors two towels two kitchen towels that are so nice and

Their grain cream so they go with most kitchens you guys again the code is Kim live for the fabfitfun box head over to fabfitfun

Calm use code Kim live to get $10 off your box. Now you guys they sell out so fast

So a lot of times I do the editors box because these are usually gone

so I'm warning you that if you do not head over to fabfitfun now, you're probably not gonna get to fall box or


Makeup brush bag. Were you gonna say? Alright, we still like dancing around in the background. I don't like to think about it you guys

amazing crown makeup brushes

This set you can literally put in your purse and this is all you'll need for a night out

Which is really insane because you need a blush brush. You need a powder brushes

You can't touch out where you need to fucking highlight. You need some real stop cussing. Sorry

You need to highlight you need to do under eye shadow and you just literally have it

All right here if you're busy you're planning on going out of town. You don't feel like bringing every


Makeup brush that you have this will show you again you guys this has the crown makeup brush set

which is awesome the quality these brushes is so incredible literally throw it in your purse and

They're so small

Wireless earbuds you guys how insane?

Again this box is only $39.99 using the code Kim live

How much your earbuds, you know a Beauty Blender a tea pot makeup brushes

Two kitchen towels like high quality. I think the beauty butter alone is probably version

20 $25 that's half with the box. It's insane

There's always over a 200 dollar value you guys every season the Box gets better and better. I'm obsessed

This also makes a really cool gift. I give this gift the fabfitfun you get it four times a year

It's like Christmas four times a year

but I give this away as a gift a seasonal subscription for a year to a lot of people and they absolutely

Love it. It makes an easy gift every woman is in love with it

They support fabfitfun supports all businesses that are run by women, which is really cool a great gift to give and of course receive

Get this blue in Capri shower gel which I've actually been using for the past week our skin is so sensitive

So this is really really cool and the smell of it is awesome you guys

This one's still got that I wish that you could like how its share scents


know I wish we could like we shall I wonder if we're gonna have that maybe in 10 years or you just like put your

nose to your phone and

Smell it so crazy. I'd be cool

Anyways, you guys didn't have the detox bath. These are just some of the stuff. Oh my god, but Yelp steals all my stuff

Again, you guys head over to fabfitfun calm and use code Kim alive to get $10 off your box

Think about it this alone is worth and what this box costs just these. Yes

She though honestly


Is she not so cute?

I'm literally obsessed and they actually teamed up with Alfred the

Puppy company in Albania or wherever in common. Yeah, Los Angeles feed in LA and

I think they also have like a coffee mug. They have they have a

For coffee, what do you call it? A coffee, press yep

Press all so that you can select so you guys can customize your box at fabfitfun bomb

I mean if you get there soon, right because they are selling out. Yes, you have to get

the customizable

Customizable items are limited you guys I chose the teapot because I'm obsessed

But a head over to fabfitfun calm you spoke Kim live do it

Now you guys because I know they're gonna email me and say Kim we're sold out

So a rapido and I will see you guys soon. Thanks so much for tuning in to our live

I love to update you guys on gifts that I'm obsessed with items that I love

There's so many products in the world. And if you thought this is this is this is it you guys ordered now the

Christmas or I guess winter box. It's my favorite because don't don't


About the cute boy a little cute little secret about no in the box, but you guys

Husbands that are watching wives love fabfitfun mothers sister-in-laws daughters. I mean, it's a great gift to give

You get the box four times a year a seasonal subscription box always full-size products

Which is really cool because you know people like to put these little samples and stuff

Always full-size products and then of course you get the magazine. So we love you guys

use code

And I'm taking this to my room

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