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What if I told you there exists a version of windows that you can't find anywhere on Microsoft's website?

One that won't track your online activities one that's optimized for speed and reliability

And that performs better than Windows 7 or windows 10

Well, follow me down the rabbit hole and I'll meet you on the other side

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Now Microsoft's official reasoning for [not] releasing Windows 9, was that seven eight nine. Oh

but we know better meet windows nine.

An unofficial custom-built OS based on windows 8.1

Embedded industry pro of all things that applies this

extensive list of tweaks to look and feel like Windows 7

Because it's an embedded OS intended for use in

payment terminals, digital signage, or other industrial applications

8.1 industry pro lacks telemetry and tracking

and is considerably leaner than your standard copy of 8.1 with fewer services running by default

Despite its looks. It's still windows 8.1

Under the hood, which by the way, is a good thing you get newer features like SMB3

DISM recovery tools, better memory management, the newer file Copy dialog and task manager

secure boot and Perhaps most importantly to enthusiasts

Native support for Usb 3 so that shiny new Z-270 board will be able to install Windows 9

without worrying about

Slipstreaming drivers for those of us who keep our optical drives in a bin rather than in our box

Well that all sounds great Linus - what's the catch

well first of all you're trusting some dude on the internet who's providing you a modded version of windows and

Second it's virtually impossible to get a legit license for windows 8.1

Embedded industry pro since it's only sold as part of an embedded system

That means that you're probably going to be limited to a trial install which obviously isn't ideal

So what can we do about it?

We're going to make our own

So we're going to take one part legitimate widely available os add two parts modification and tweaks and boom



While it's not going to replicate windows 9 exactly it's going to bring us pretty close

and we are able to use windows 10 to do it

So we start with a fresh install of windows 10. Only the updates and benchmark tools that we'll need for later

First order of business make Windows 10 look the part. This was not trivial

but with the help of a few free tools and resources

We made it work the first of these was a windows 7 styled theme for windows 10 by Deviantart user sagorpirbd

Ok, I don't know next we installed Aero glass a free tool. That does what it says on the tin

Oh, shiny

We followed that with classic Shell a well-known

Alternative start menu and theme utility which with a few tweaks to its settings and a couple of community provided textures

Gives us our windows 7 start button start menu and taskbar

Mostly then we still needed [7] [+] taskbar tweaker to make our show desktop button look right and then while we're at it

Oldo explorer does a great job of restoring the Windows 7 style explorer look

Finally uxstyle community edition unlocks the theme we installed earlier to complete the look

All it took from there were a couple registry tweaks a [wallah]

Windows 7

of course

Windows 9 is more than just a pretty face it also disables windows phone home

Functionality some services and some other miscellaneous nonsense, so we followed their lead and disabled the same items

Now while we can't guarantee that our windows

9.5 has all of the tweaks windows 9 does the key ones are all in there

You can find the full details of the registry and telemetry tweaks in the blog post on our forums linked below

So how do we know we've succeeded?

Well we use our RGB test bench and three separate Kingston KC

400 [one] Terabyte ssds each one was secured erased then loaded with Windows 7 Windows 9 and Windows 10

So we could perform the best possible apples to Apples [comparison]

Then we ran our tests multiple times on each windows and our own 9.5

Mod the results honestly weren't quite what we were expecting in rise of the tomb Raider

we can see that compared to Windows 7 Windows 9 scored almost identically on average while windows 10 and

9.5 were basically identical [-]

Okay moving on to deus Ex mankind divided. We can see that windows 9 actually flunked the test

Yeah, no matter what we did square Enix's drm

Triggered every time on 9 but otherwise our results were basically the same

[City] Skylines showed off better CPU performance in 10 and

9.5 with a tangible boost of 5 to 6 frames per second

Likely down to support for intel speed-shift technology on our Kabe lake platform and then rounding out our gaming tests Crysis 3

Brings us back to basically a wash across the os is tested today

This is starting to feel like [a] workshop video

Next we tested system performance starting with a networked file transfer over 10 gigabit LAN

This one was actually pretty surprising because windows 7 held its own against our newer operating systems in spite of SmB3.0,

even when testing with groups of smaller and mixed size files

Pc Mark However tells a very different story

Windows 7 was blown away by all our other operating systems with 9 sandwiched in the middle

interestingly that trend continued through our final ATTOI/O benchmark where windows 7 was handily beaten by

Everything else the windows 10 edge over 9 wasn't something we'd expected to see going into these tests today, but there it is

so then is it worth tracking down the unicorn license for 8.1 embedded or

Navigating the labyrinths and depths of Deviantart the short answer by the numbers is

No, even windows 9 didn't perform as well as we expected it to the long answer though has a lot in common with our


$1000 [Windows] perform better the video. We did back in late January the difference between

Editions of windows just doesn't seem to matter much even across

generations while there are some cases where drivers or support for hardware features like speed Shift can make or break a

Certain Workload it really just boils down to user experience

privacy features and support and that

[is] Where mods like Windows 9 or?

9.5 shine, but what do you guys think did you expect the numbers we got?

Are you going to run windows 9 or go to the effort of making your own nine and a half?

[let] us know in the comments down below

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