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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Drawing Blood and Saved by the Law Student

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Hi, good morning.

Good morning, you have two parking tickets.

One is an expired meter on Pearl Street.

Anything you wanna tell me about that?

At the moment I was pregnant

and I was getting blood drawn.

Oh, at that moment you mean?

Yeah. Not this moment?

Yeah I was pregnant.

The parking ticket I already had my baby.

You were pregnant.


That was, all right.

And I was getting blood drawn and I put in

enough for 30 minutes, I believe

and it ended up taking a lot longer, about like two hours.

When was the baby born?

January 28th.

Boy, you were only four months pregnant at the time?

Yeah, I was four months.

Yeah. I was there by myself so I was up next

to get blood drawn so I didn't want to leave.

I think it's wonderful.

I'm not criticizing you.


Did you have a boy or a girl?

A girl.

What's her name?




Beautiful name.

Thank you.

Is she here today?

I was going to bring her, but I didn't think I could

so I was like, I left her at home.

Oh, we love to have kids in the Courtroom.

Yeah. She was beautiful. I would have showed her off.

Oh, Okay, we'll continue the case, come back tomorrow.

(audience laughing)

Obviously I'm gonna dismiss that case.

You were taking blood, you were pregnant, you know,

things beyond your control.

Thank you, Sir.

Now you were charged with parking during an emergency.

Was the car towed?


It was, how much did it cost you?


How do you feel about that inspector

because she has the receipt for the tow.

Yeah, I saw the receipt when she walked up

yes I saw the receipt.

She's already been towed Your Honor

I think she's been punished enough.


So the city will move

to dismiss that violation.

He's a softy.

He's a softy for young kids.

Yeah, I should've brought her then.

He knows all about that, ya know.

He's got a grandson that bosses him.

Yeah, oh my gosh.

You see how big he is?

His grandson twirls him around with his finger like this.

No doubt.

Is that true inspector?

Yes Your Honor.

It is, yeah.

Alright the matter is dismissed.

Good luck with the baby!

Thank you!

The Judge is correct.

I do have a grandson, Charlie.

However he's exaggerating when he says

that Charlie can twirl me around on his little finger.

That would mean that he has super powers

and as much as I would love that, it's simply not true.

It's also not true that he's the boss.

I am the boss.

And trust me, Charlie knows Poppa's rules.

Desert comes first, TV is your friend,

and whatever happens at Poppa's house

stays at Poppa's house.

We have a young lady who is visiting.

She is a, last year of Law School in Florida.

I'm not sure what she is doing up here

with this cold weather

but she goes to St. Thomas School of Law in Miami

and she's home for the,

here visiting from Rode Island for the holidays

and her name is Julie Vega.

Julie you want to come up here?

He want's you to come up.

Thank you for allowing me to sit in.

Okay Julie just wants you all of you to know

that she's gonna be a lawyer pretty soon

and she wants business.

Anyway, stay up here

and maybe you can help me out with a couple of these cases.


Jennifer Kena.

Good evening.


This is summons #174096.

The charge is Jennifer was going through a red light

on Roger Williams Avenue and Elmwood Avenue at 12:41PM.

Okay, the motorist approached the red light

and made a right hand turn.

And this is on Roger Williams and Elmwood Avenues.

Inspector Carrigon,

I don't see a sign prohibiting making a right turn.

No your honor.

She's in the wrong lane.

This is the right hand lane on this side but--

Oh, I didn't even see that.

She is in the wrong lane.

There are no signs at all--


...On this side of the road.

They are on the other side.

You also have a parking ticket, lights please,

on Clifton street, parking at an expired meter.

Are you aware of that?

That actually goes back seven years ago.

Oh God no.

You were driving an Oldsmobile back then,


Did you have this registration back in 2010?



Did you have this registration?


No, that's just from my last car.


So, what do you think about the red light?

I see how that mistake could've been made.

That street seems to be

where everybody's kinda running the light.

She's practicing being a defense lawyer. I can tell that.

I didn't see anybody running the light. I just saw one car.

That's the first one for that intersection

for that light.

For that light?

Oh, gotcha.

However, I think that she seems like a nice girl

and she's not gonna do it again.

Well, everybody in the court room's nice.

If I used the nice person standard

with the exception of Inspector Carrigon

I'd have to dismiss everything.

I don't think you did it willfully.


So on that basis

I think I'll listen to Julie

and she can win her first case.

For the rest of your career

I want you to tell everyone that the first case you won

was in the Providence Municipal Court.


On a red light violation.

I'll remember it.


Put that in your resume.


Good luck.

Thank you.

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