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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Viagra Epidemic Among Young Men And Its Dangers | High Society

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The first time we had sex,

-Yeah. -I was using Viagra.

-No, youre lying.

-Nah. -No, youre lying.

-I, I was... -No youre lying!

-No, youre lying. -Im not.

-Youre lying. -Im being deadly serious.


When you hear the word Viagra you might think of old men keeping

the dream alive with blue pills prescribed by doctors

or ordered online from dodgy websites

that assault your spam folder.

Boom! Erectile dysfunction treatment.

Well, let me tell you, the times, they are a changin

with the advent of Viagra Connect in March 2019, which can be bought

over the counter without a prescription,

grossing £4.3 million in its first 12 weeks,

and the almost hysterical spread of glossy online websites

marketed specifically to millennials and Gen Z.

This trendy marketing alongside the removal of the embarrassment of

doctors appointments has started to normalise Viagra use amongst

young men who dont suffer from erectile dysfunction,

including myself.

That night I took a Viagra. Worst decision of my life.

Annual sales of Viagra and its competitors

now amount to over $5 billion.

And it is also the most counterfeited drug in the world.

Put your hand up if you've taken Viagra.

My name is Obi Juwah,

a 24-year-old healthy young man without ED

who takes Viagra.

Im hoping to discover whats behind this boner renaissance,

and whether young men like myself

really should be taking erectile dysfunction medication.

The first time I took Viagra, it was pilly willy basically.

One of my dealer friends, he offered some pills.

We took some. We found some girls that we knew,

started chatting to them.

We were lipsin’, about to get down to business, and my dick was asleep.

In my head I was like, “What the f**k is wrong with me? Like,

s**t, this has never happened before.”

So thats the reason why I started taking it more,

and I got a bad dick report one time.

Tell me that wouldnt fuck you up, just slightly.

Im still disappointed in the trash dick I got yesterday.”

Bro, I was actually shaking. And then she sent another one.

Oh my God, youre so tight.”

First of all we didnt do enough foreplay.”

So I was like, “OK, I dont really like this feeling,

how can I avoid it from happening?”

I wasn't getting into any pharmacy and asking for Viagra.

Firstly, the confidence I had. Hell! I would be so embarrassed,

and secondly, they would be looking at me like,

Youre obviously lying, youre a young man what do you need it for.”

It's very easy to get.

So I just googled it.

Look at this website right here: ‘hims

I think they are quite cynically targeting

people my age or Gen Z or whatever.

Looks like a f***ing Urban Outfitters website.

Its just seeming like the end goal is to make

Viagra usage in young people just normal.

Oh Snap! This is the one I take then.

Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Oh my God, theyve given it little pet names as well.

Lasts up to 36 hours!

Big Man!

We know which one we are getting.

Theres a 36...

theres a 36 hour Viagra. What the f**k!

Thats unnecessary!

In my current stage of life

I take Viagra from time to time. Im not always on it but maybe if

theres some situation where I think that, “Oh my god shes stunning

and shes actually giving me time of day,

I might bring it along with me or I might use it.

But I do want to get to a point in my life where

Im like, “I dont need thisand maybe I can prevent other people

from actually going down the same path that I did

and buying it so willy nilly because they think that they need it.

Nobody actually needs it unless you actually have erectile dysfunction.

One of the biggest reasons Viagra has suddenly spread to young men is

the ability to buy it on a high street without a prescription.

I went to a pharmacy to see how easy the process is now.

So I just bought some Viagra.

It was quite an easy experience like they gave me a little questionnaire

and then she went through all of the health risks and stuff like that.

They asked me if I had erectile dysfunction.

I didnt straight out lie to them but I said that sometimes

I have symptoms of it, it does happen from time to time.

I basically got Viagra within like two minutes of walking into

a high street pharmacy brand.

Considering how easy it is to get your hands on Viagra.

I was surprised to hear some people still get it from a dealer.

But strangely this scene is still thriving.

I went up to Birmingham to meet one such dealer who serves

his Viagra with a side of dildo.

Im gonna drop a dildo off

and a packet of liquid Viagra.

Why would you say like people come to you rather than going over

the counter and buying it from like Boots and s**t?

I mean you go to Boots, chemists and youre paying all that money

for only half the dosage and youve gotta sign a disclosure form.

You know, nobody wants to do that really.

Who are your customers?

I have more young customers than I do over 40s

-Swear down? -I do yeah.

Jeez! Do you think youve noticed an increase in usage

like more in the recent times?

Most definitely.

Most definitely.

They call this oneThe Snapper’, it splits down the middle.

You can snap it in half and that will split in half so she could have half

or you could have half because it works on women as well.

Oh snap!

That would make her clitoris erected.

These youd rip off or you would

cut it with a scissors and this would get you really hard. Yeah.

Fantastic product. But the young kids like these because if theyre coming

out of a nightclub and theyre sniffed up with coke and they

know it ain't gonna work and they've just pulled a bird

theyll take that and itll start working in 10 minutes

without them, without the bird even knowing.

Im just gonna pop to this customer. OK?

Bust your shot rudeboy. Rah, this is the dildo.

Pearl and shine blowing vibrator. Rah.

And then the Viagra obviously.

Its for a guy.

Hes in his 50s. He loves them.

Oh, and another, yeah, this is a vibrator as well.

Its a good toy.

And err, oh God, there is a cockring in there somewhere.

-Its in the back. -Oh, I think I found it.

Yep yep.

There you go.

So he's gonna have a nice afternoon with his partner.

-Alright? -Yeah.

We're on our way to a pub now.

So what, do you get a lot of deliveries at pubs?

-Oh mainly pubs, yeah. -Swear!

How old are you?

Im 24.

Ah, bloody hell.

Well, you dont need them.

What you need is what I sell a lot of: delayed spray.

I mean Ive took it once in my life.

I couldnt come and I ended up snapping my foreskin

and I never used it again.


Thats the truth.

After meeting with Viagra Kev

and seeing how like it might be a bit embarrassing

to talk about your dick to a stranger,

to any doctor filling in a quiz,

when on the other hand you can literally just give my man a call

and hes there in your house, within a couple of hours innit.

But with that being said, its a bit ropey.

Viagra is a strong piece of medicine,

like it needs to be given to you, prescribed to you.

What I want to do is speak to a doctor, to find out whether

this, like, ease of purchase

for people that actually dont even have ED,

whether that causes a psychological problem

down the line or even health risks.

Basically Ive been taking Cialis and I dont

have erectile dysfunction.

And why have you been taking it?

Just as a way that Im sure that I can get up

when Im about to have sex.

Now the problem when you're going to take a pill to help you with your

erections is that you will be dependent on these pills for

the rest of your life and so it's almost like you're dependent

on something when you don't really need it.

What you're describing seems to me like performance anxiety rather than

a physical weak erection or actually whats probably

happening to you is that each time you are with your partner you are

expecting failure.

In my head Ive been thinking that girls would expect me to f**k them

like a porn star and like last hours in bed.

Have you spoken to your partners about what they want?

Why don't you try speaking to your partner about what

she expects from you?

Are there any risks involved other than the psychological dependency?

The other problem that can happen is priapism, which is a prolonged

erection lasting more than six hours.

The problem when you have this prolonged erection is that there is

no active circulation so there is not enough oxygenated blood reaching

these tissues so smooth muscles of the penis begin to die and scar.

And therefore you can permanently develop genuine weak erection with

scarring and shrinking of the penis.

And one last thing.

What the hell is this?

This is a penile implant or penile prostheses and it's used to treat

men with physical weak erection when nothing else works.

So men... or when you get a priapism.

You have these two balloons

that go inside the penis.

You have this reservoir that goes inside your tummy and you have this

pump in your scrotum.

When you want to achieve an erection you will

squeeze the pump like this.

And what you see is happening: fluid is migrating from the reservoir

filling the cylinders.

Everything is good if you really need it.

If you dont need it, why?

It seems the best thing I can do is work on

my confidence and speak to my partners rather than use erectile

dysfunction medicine as a temporary fix.

Hearing about priapisms and dick pumps has pranged me out

as well, and I wanted to hear about these horrific consequences from

someone thats going through it currently.

This guy took Viagra and an enhancement injection on a night out

and is now hospitalised with a three week erection,

which might spell the end of his dick.

Man, how are you feeling right now?

Well, right now I just feel a bit rubbish so thats great compared to

the agonising pain I was going through.

Talk us through that fateful day please.

I was at Lab. A men-only fetish party in Berlin.

I take Viagra because its hard for me to get an erection when Im

drinking due to my anxiety medication.

Anyway, Im at the party, I meet a man, I took him home

turns out he was quite into giving people erection enhancing injections.

I wasnt a big fan of the idea,

but I was drunk and I thought, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Yeah. Worst decision of my life.

The Sunday morning I realised that there was something very wrong.

The level of pain was just getting worse and worse.

I didnt go to hospital until 3pm on Sunday.

I was screaming in an ambulance.

I could barely walk and then the procedures themselves

would sound like they were medieval torture.

Needles of different lengths inserted into my penis

with the blood drawn out didnt work.

Curly plastic nails pushed into each side.

I lost a lot of blood and was very sick for a few days.

It didn't work.

I've been in more pain than I thought was humanly

possible to experience.

So yeah, over 10 on the pain scale.

What are the next stages of your medical treatment?

Well it really depends how my cock responds naturally,

the stent might close on its own.

One of the worst case scenarios is a pump put into your scrotum

into your ballsack.

By shining a light on priapisms

I'm just really grateful and feel humble that I've been able to

potentially save so many guys from this horrible painful condition.

Clearly, Viagra is a stronger drug than people think.

And Im realising more and more that its not something I want to rely on.

One of the reasons I turn to is that Ive always felt alone in my

anxieties about performance.

With male society so drenched in bravado,

no one chats about this honestly.

I wanted to meet men who occasionally or regularly

turn to the drug, talk about our #feelings and get to

the bottom of this growing popularity among young men.

I brought you guys in here today because we all take Viagra and

I think it'll be better for society if you have a open

and honest conversation.

I think we should all be able to talk about our dicks without getting

embarrassed, and also guys

I've been told that there's a gospel session going on in

the next room so just try to keep the dick talk to a little bit...

a little minimum.

So put your hand up if you've taken Viagra.

Who here would like to get to a point where they don't have to

take Viagra anymore.

So yeah, whats your name and whats your story?

Hi, Im Samora and Ive been using viagra

well, sporadically I would say for about two years.

I was going through a bit of a sort of like an

under confident spell to be honest.

Because of that your mind then goes on to the fact that

you cant perform. When it starts to happen more frequently,

thats when it starts to become like, “All right, s**t,

like this is happening more often than I thought it would.”

My names Jason. Hey everyone.

So I take viagra just recreationally when Im combining it with chemsex.

So like meeting guys, and Mandy, drone, T.

Just those things where you just know, you pre-empt that youre

not going to be able to get it up,

so youve got to pop a bluey.

My names Luke, I did viagra once as a bit of a an experiment

and it was really exciting.

It was like, “It vibrates!”

Thats incredible. Ive never...”

You know that sense of it looks the same size but a little bit

bigger, its really weird.

Hello my name is Dima.

I do bodybuilding and, as well as that, I take Viagra because, as

taking steroids you have some side effects so you need to take Viagra

when you cannot perform.

So I'm Ricardo and I was seeing a girl that I met on Tinder.

She had such a high sex drive and I knew I couldnt match that and

I felt like I had to take Viagra.

I felt like Id then set the bar really high.

I was like I'm either gonna take this for life and just never tell

her and have loads of great sex or I should just stop taking it

and just call that a good night.

So Im Jamil and I was in a relationship and my partner

actually committed suicide and it left me riddled with all kinds of

- Sorry to hear that. - insecurities and...

but I was like, well, kept popping the pills,

the Viagra, being like, “Its fine.”

And its just like a little plaster really on a big open wound like

I never actually addressed the underlying issues.

Actually taking it, like,

it kind of hurt inside a bit I was like,

This... I should be able to do this.”

Like, “This is what young men should do, you know.”

Because we are programmed to,

that is the primary function, the biological function is to be

able to get hard and have sex.

Having had issues, loads of issues, around sexuality and intimacy theres

just so much to be said for working out these things through therapy.

And its like even when youre going through s**t and you can get it up,

you then, youve got to deal with the issue of premature ejaculation.

Whilst its going on or if you cant get it up, youre thinking,

Ah what is she, what is my partner thinking.” Like,

Are they gonna blame themselves are gonna blame me?”

I really like this person,

I dont want them to feel like its their fault.”

And some girls do think that. They get even offended, some girls.

How can I not make the guy come?”

Then youre thinking to yourself,

What is the best excuse I can come up with?”

Is the fear of not being able to get it up

less of a problem in the gay scene?

Or is it around about the same?

Yeah yeah yeah. Id say so.

I think because youre on a mutual party where you both

have probably had the circumstance happen to you before.

Porn, funnily enough is

the biggest teacher to a lot of young people, their first experiences

with sex but its so far removed from how sex normally is.

Yeah, 100 percent. Porn puts even more expectation than just

being to be able to perform like that, like a machine,

with a like switch. Like, “Boom! Perform!”

Its just the phallocentric nature of heterosexual sex.

Its like this assumption that women want to get f****d you know, whereas,

you know, you cant get it up, whatever.

If you say, “Sorry I cant get it up,

but would you like 90 minutes of oral sex?”

-Theyre not going to be like, “Ow.” -“Thats a shift, f**k!”

Before having sex if you communicate with your partner,

number one, the sex would be better.

And number two, even if it is a one night stand,

theres like a level of trust that youve built with that person.

If Im gonna be open and honest enough saying like,

I wanna have sex in this certain way.”

Or, “How would you like to have sex?” Then you might feel open and honest

enough to relay that information back to me.

This is very sage advice,

but I havent always followed it in the past.

I was intimidated by a girl and took Viagra before sex

without telling her.

I've learned that communication is clearly key.

So I've arranged to meet her for a drink to come clean and speak

about my anxieties that led to me popping the bluey.

Maria, I brought you here today because

the first time that we had sex.


I was, I was, I was

using Viagra.

No you're lying.

-Nah -No youre lying.

No youre lying!

-No, youre lying -Im not

-Youre lying. -Im being deadly serious.


Because I was actually so nervous that I wasn't going to be able to

perform or I wasnt going to be able to get a boner or anything, yeah

because I remember chatting to you and genuinely thought like,

Rah, this girl is really beautiful.

I dont wanna f**k it up or anything like that.”

If, lets say, we had sex and

I couldnt get up, or like I only could last two minutes or whatever.

We would resolve it together.

Wed find ways.

So you wouldnt like think Im less of a man or anything like that?

No. We resolve it together. No.

-So yeah. -Im shook.

Im shook that youve actually done it.

-Youre shook? -Yeah!

-Oh wow. -Have you done it again?

Eh? Nah, not with us.

-Oh. -No.

You sneaky!

As in sneaky! But like, its funny because literally as a guy

youll be thinking, “Ah f**k! like shes now gonna be

telling her friends.”

And if you cant perform in the bedroom like youre not a man.

So like in a situation where men couldnt get,

like doesnt get it up,

what would your first thought be?

My initial first honest thought would be like, “Its because of me.”

Like, “Im not hot enough,” like, “Im not doing something right.”

Because Ive had that situation before

and I thought OK theres something wrong with me.

Obviously with guys of this generation we base a lot of sexual

experiences on porn and we sometimes tend to think that we need to last

five hours and hammer it.

Yeah but also in porn the girl seems to be able to suck dick for three

hours and I cant do that!

So, I mean, its unrealistic altogether!

Would you ever want me to take Viagra again?

The first time that we done it, it was good.

But, comparing that first time to the other times that weve done it

the other times were much better when you didnt take anything.

-Swear down! -Yeah.


Like much better.

I never would have actually expected that, you know.

I cant even lie. Maybe

like obviously familiarity and we know what works

-with our bodies and stuff like that. -Yeah, exactly.

Yeah its just I think it was just mainly lack of confidence built up.

Its like you said once youre comfortable with that person

you dont even have to think about it you just go straight into it

and its like good.

Its all about having the conversation and

like finding OK you know what this is actually what I like.

And then the other person say like, “Oh this is what my

kind of preferences are.”

And then you find what works with like you both and then you don't

need to take it.

Yeah Ive realised that and through talking to you

Ive realised that I shouldnt have worried at all.


I used to think that I had cracked life with the secret blue weapon in

my wallet that would allow me to own any sexual situation and be known

as the biggest don on Earth.

I know now that I was just slapping a plaster on insecurities that

needed to be defeated through thought and conversation.

I'm not alone and I think these lessons could benefit thousands of

men who jumped the gun and bought Viagra in increasingly easy ways.

Marketing specifically targeted at young men that make erectile

dysfunction medicine look cool and casual is not helpful

and may be creating a new generation who are hooked on the drugs,

not able to function without them.

I reached out to one such company, Men of Manual, with my concerns

and they responded.

Our aim is to destigmatize the use of ED medication so men seek help

rather than brush their problems under the carpet.”

I would however argue that taking it without actual ED is in fact

exactly that:

brushing it under the carpet.

Mandem, if you get nervous and cant get it up:

Chill. Chat to your partner, and if all else fails listen to this guy

and go down on her for 90 minutes. Youre welcome.

90 minutes is a bit long though, still.

Maybe like 10 minutes. Fam, my jaws gonna start hurting I swear.

The Description of The Viagra Epidemic Among Young Men And Its Dangers | High Society