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Sunday, you're given a seminar here in London now

That's not different because you travel the world teaching people this knowledge like you said all this knowledge. You've accumulated

wrestling background [Jiu-Jitsu]

I mean you were hanging out with the Gracie's before the UFC was it started we would talk more about that later

[I'd] love to hear your thoughts on the UFC, but you're given the seminar on Sunday

I'm breathing a bren work from Breath work from 9:00 a.m.. Until

5:00 p.m.. Breath work only and I want to know more [about] it

And you mentioned it last time and I heard you say it

But it went in one [ear] out the other or maybe you sowed a seed in me

I don't know and since then I picked up a few [other] pieces and we had weymouth iceman in here

And I saw him do some breath work and funny enough

We had a super focus group on Friday 100 of our London reelers came our academy members came

and I led them in like a 25 breath breath work exercise two of them and

collectively in the room

Something powerful happened steve. I don't know what it was, but when I do the breathing on my own

It's good, but when I do it in a room with these people something shifted

And I thought I should ask you about it since you probably have forgotten more about breath work than most people know

What is it about the breath? It's important, when did you realize [it] and what can you tell us?

I was actually later in life when I really got serious about it

I was always aware of you know breathing [and] breath work as Marshall is a physical education major

And then as a wrestler and so forth yeah

You know I mean everyone's experienced that that horrible feeling of being winded or out of breath which vocal role panic response

the first time I became acutely aware of breathing was training with the Gracie's and


Master [Hickson] Gracie was a real breath master as well as being probably the greatest expression of

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yeah, possibly Jiu-Jitsu ever

Some people might argue that

Kimura and

Maybe my [Aida] who taught that Gracie's would be right up there

But certainly [Hickson] would stand out as one of the greatest right well

And we have footage of him in modern times that we can see it but but all his brothers also were privy to a lot

Of the same information, and I would hear them when they're training and wrestling

Breathing in this particular style, but they weren't teaching it at the time, okay?

And all I know is that they weren't out of breath

And I was part of that was the technique I would watch Hickson and hoist and boiler

Literally wrestle an entire room full of people during seminars and not be out of breath

I'm thinking how [can] they do that? What are they doing and

They weren't teaching it now

They are hicks

And I see in all his seminars now

Actually does like an hour and a half to two hours sometimes of just breath work before you even start doing

These it's [really] and he's famous in the movie choke for doing that

Breathing you know sequence in the movie was you know using moving his stomach as collapsing and he's doing that breathing piece

You know that's an epic piece. Well, you know I'm really into superheroes. [there] was a really cool

where he's teaching

Dr.. Banner [the] Incredible Hulk

Breathing to keep calm down. You know did you ever see the movie is pretty good? Oh?

Yeah, anywhere in the mood Norton was playing. He's in the movie right yeah, I heard about this. He's like this

You know he's hiding out from the world in the Amazon and he meets this


martial arts Guru and he teaches him how to breathe okay [that] takes an awesome, but that that's

You know that was real life it was he was playing himself in that movie it was but the point is this

sitting chair sitting and the Sedentary Lifestyle of

America and

Most of the industrialized countries in the world you would have to include you know Japan certainly the uk Germany and so forth

People [are] no [longer] breathing diaphragmatic

Ly a lot of people are inhaling through the mouth

Breathing in the upper chest where the panic receptors are and they're not bringing the breath down into the lower lobes of the lungs

the lower lobes of the Lung is

where the calming receptors are it keeps you calm even in an emergency and

It's a great advantage to be able to learn to breathe into those lower lobes of the lungs all the time even [during]

Athletic training especially in combat now the Russians have this system of martial arts?

It's actually called the system systema where it's all based on the breath they claim it comes from way

Back to the ancient Christian monks who were defending christendom against the infidel

You know the - Tarz?


Mongolians you know all these

Russia was always constantly invaded by all these different [guys] and these Christian monks developed their own martial art very similar to the Shaolin box

But it's interesting because the Shaolin monks [use] the same type of breathing the yogi's use the same type of breathing the pranayama

You'll find it. She Kong tai chi

Kung Fu Rushton [systema] and

Brazilian [Jiu] [Jitsu] now where they learned it. I don't know but

[that's] when I first became aware of it okay, so I [start] [interest] independently are coming up with similar to and I'm just yeah

I'm thinking that you know all great minds think alike

Yeah, people came up with the same conclusion same ideas all over the world similar, but slightly different

So I started looking into the breathing thing a lot and I

first went to the systema guys were studied with up in Toronto with

vitamin of the cilia later with Michael react go in in

Moscow took a lot of workshops. [I] went down to krasnodar. There was another type of system was more than one type of system

[Alexei] Alexei, Visca - Nick off is it like an old man a lot of people credited him with?

the Russian military Martial art Style, but

These were different things I hooked into myself as a student

I've studied Yoga pranayama

[Dr.]. Pissant, [Lod]. There's a aerobatic physician in New Mexico

He also has a clinic in India somewhere, but I went to [a] workshop in New Mexico

And he taught me 13 different ways of breathing for different health aspects

So I've been piecing this stuff together. I ran of course because of my affiliation with the russian sistema guys I

Ran into the boot [yaeko]. Who was boot. [yenko] was a russian physician who treated his patients with

specific breathing and

You know all these things together I kind of made the seem actual version, okay?

But eight hours of breathing don't the students want that?

I want some steve maxwell well we first we test them first, okay. You know first we find out

What kind of breathe you are are you convicted or you intercostal you diaphragmatic?

how do you tell in air and so there's a little test you can do you can just ask people to breathe and you just

Observe their structure okay, and once you determine what kind of breather. They are are they inhaling through the nose or their mouth?

Then you teach them how [well] then you measure how many times a minute? They're breathing

There's a test called the control pause or some people call [it] the bolt test body oxygen level test

How long can you comfortably hold your breath on the exhale? Yeah not to you bleed from the eyes

It's not like competitive, but on the exhale. [you] just time yourself to see how

[long] it is until you feel like you really want to breathe and

Then you should be able to resume normal breathing or you pushed it too hard that tells a lot about a person's

General Health and

their Co2

Tolerance [it] also tells you how well [the] tissues are being?

Oxygenated so very simple little test that people can even do it. Huh once you have this information

Then you can start to prescribe

Breathing exercises to help them improve that bolt score that body oxygen level test because if they have a short

Short timeframe between the breaths it means that the breathing is very inefficient

And they're not getting the proper oxygen like we could argue all day about

Diets let's say for example high carb. Low carb. You know

Different nutrients. I mean people. You know bla Bla bother

It almost turns into fistfights sometimes, but yeah, I met a training versus Paleo versus Eskimo

You know versus Vegans. I mean it just goes on and on right, but I think we all could agree that we need calories

proteins fats and carbohydrates

Some people would even argue don't need carb

I think we would definitely agree [that] you definitely need water, but the one nutrient that people are not talking about is oxygen, okay?

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