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hi guys welcome to MinnieMollyReviews, so today i am not doing a review but i am doing

my 2 year anniversary and perfume collection, so i say this every time i'm really not bragging

about this, this collection is of the fragrances i've collected over 3-4 years so it's taken

a really long time to get this collection, so i'm just going to take you through it and

i hope you guys enjoy it. so this is the collection, and it's changed a bit since you guys last

saw it so, over here we've got 'killer queen' by Katy Perry so i've got the whole stand

and bag and everything to go with it how cool is that!? so then over here is 'intimately

Beckham' these 2 are from Victoria Beckham so that is also 'Beckham Signature' and then

to go with the Katy Perry collection there's 'Purr' and there's 'meow' and at the back

here is 'our moment' by one direction, and then there's 'someday' by Justin Bieber and

then here is 'Vivamore' by Selena Gomez and that's 'Selena Gomez' so that's these 2, so

again with the Katy Perry collection there is the 'Purr' rollerball that Perfume Maniac

got me, and at the back here is 'Jingle G' then there's 'Super G' then there's 'G of

the Sea' and then at the back here is the 'Sunshine Cuties Collection' then here is

the original 'Harajuku Lovers' collection, here is the 'Snow Bunnies collection' and

here is the 'Wicked Style collection' with it's really cool little house thing, and then

here is Kim Kardashian's mini set collection and then there's 'She By Usher' there and

then there's 'Wild Rose' which is by Avril Lavigne and i'm in love with that ring, quick,

like i said this is Perfume Maniac so i've got his first original letter and then the

little one that goes behind there. So starting at the top, them 2 are just 2 extras of 'G'

from the 'Snow Bunnies' collection, that is Cher Lloyd 'Pink Diamond' there so this is

Christina Aguilera's little section, so there's 'Inspire' then 'Christina Aguilera' then there's

'Red Sin' then there's 'Secret Potion' then there's 'Royal Desire' 'By Night' and 'XPose

Desire' there. and then you go across to Rihanna's collection so we've got 'Reb l Fleur' we've

got 'Rebelle' we've got 'Nude' and then we've got 'Rogue' there and then down here, we've

got Mariah Carey here, as well as here so we've got 'M' we've got 'Forever' back there,

we've got 'inseparable' we've got 'Vision of love' and then we've also got 'Never forget

you' and then here, there you've got 'ultra pink' then you've got 'ribbon' then you've

got 'mine again' then you've got 'honey' then you've got 'luscious pink' and then you've

got 'luscious pink deluxe edition'. Then here is Taylor Swift's collection, you've got 'Taylor

By Taylor Swift' you've got 'Wonderstruck' and 'Wonderstruck Enchanted' and then that's

the free bag that i got, it's really cool, so with 'Wonderstruck' as well i've got a

little collection of it, look at the tiny one there, erm.. then this is Shakira's little

collection here, so there's 'S Aquamarine' there's 'S Eau Florale' then there's 'S' there,

then there's 'Elixir' and 'Wild Elixir' that took me absolutely absolutely ages to find

it was very hard to find. Okay, so this is Britney's collection, and as you can see we've

got all the little pictures all in a row, the same picture she has used for different

fragrances, so then here at the back you've got 'radiance' 'Believe' and 'Cosmic Radiance'

and a little one, then there's 'Island Fantasy' 'Circus Fantasy' 'Midnight Fantasy' 'Fantasy'

then there's 'Hidden Fantasy' then there's 'Fantasy: 10th Anniversary Edition' then there's

'Curious' then there's 'Curious In Control' then there's 'Curious Heart' there and then

there's 'Fantasy Twist' which is 'Midnight Fantasy' and 'Fantasy' together. Right, so

this is Beyonce's collection, so... right, i don't know where to start! there's 'Heat'

then it goes 'Midnight Heat' then it goes 'Heat Rush' there then there is 'Heat Ultimate

Elixir' there and then, this one which is the newest 'Heat' this is 'Beyonce Heat: The

Mrs Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition' and then here is... right so there's 'Pulse'

there is 'Pulse Summer Edition' and then there's 'Pulse NYC' there then i've also got the little

deodorant there as well. Okay, and then onto J.lo's collection so we'll go from the back,

there's 'LA Glow' 'Sunkissed Glow' 'Glow After Dark' the original 'Glow' 'Miami Glow' 'Blue

glow' and 'Love at first Glow' and then there is 'Glow Shimmer' there is 'Eau De Glow' there's

'My Glow' there's 'Glowing' there's! there's 'Glowing' and 'Forever Glowing' and

then there is a little tester of 'JLOVE' so it kind of ruins the whole Glow theme going

on, then there's 'Live' 'Live Platinum' 'Live Luxe' then there is 'Love and Light' 'Love

and Glamour' 'Love and Light' and 'Love and Glamour' there's 'Still' 'Deseo' and 'Deseo

Forever' and then here is mainly Kylie Minogue and then there is also Lady Gaga's and Madonna's

so there's 'Lady Gaga's FAME' and there's 'Madonna's Truth Or Dare' and then at the

back, you can't see it very well, that's 'sexy darling' by Kylie Minogue then there's 'Darling'

'Dazzling Darling' 'Music Box' 'Showtime' 'POP Pink Sparkle' and 'Pink Sparkle' and

then finally here is Nicki Minaj's collection, so we've got 'Pink Friday' we've got 'Pink

Friday Special Edition' 'Pink Friday Deluxe Edition' and 'Minajesty' so that is the full

collection! and i'm now sat on the floor, that is the full collection! So if you're

wondering where the boxes are, they're in my wardrobe, so i've pretty much got most

boxes in here they're all piled together, these go there and that goes there, and then

you close the wardrobe like that. Just because there's enough being taken up without all

the boxes. Okay so it's now been 2 Years on YouTube so the last time i did it was obviously

my 1 Year Anniversary and then i had about 100 subscribers and a---hundred? 10,000 views!

and now 2 Years: i've got 800 subscribers and then almost 100,000 views, so thank you

guys so much! it's all because of you! All because of you guys who have subscribed to

me and keep watching me videos so thank you so much! so yeah, it's been a long road really,

you could say that, and i love hearing from you guys all the time, all the comments and

the inboxes i get on YouTube and i love getting letters from you guys as well like from Perfume

Maniac i love talking to you guys so we could be pen pals! so just inbox me on YouTube and

tell me if you wanna send me a letter or something i will! well... i won't write because i've

got awful handwriting, so i'll type and then i'll draw some really pretty pictures for

you guys, so yeah i absolutely love hearing from you guys, hearing from my subscribers,

a lot of you have been tweeting me recently so i always tweet back, i always do, i don't

normally message back because it's kind of went a bit weird on my twitter with all the

messages so if you can, just tweet me instead so yeah! I really love hearing from you guys

and thank you so so so so so much for everything and thank you for watching my videos! it's

all because of your guys' support so much, if you didn't watch the videos and if you

didn't comment back what you wanted, you always respect my opinion on everything and even

some of you guys even go out and buy fragrances on what i've said so that's a lot of pressure

but i'm really thankful that you guys enjoy them afterwards and i love hearing about you

guys going out and getting them and saying... what your opinions are of the fragrances so

thank you so much, so this is the end of my perfume collection and 2 years on YouTube,

so i really hope you guys enjoy these videos, that's the main thing, is that you guys enjoy

it! So thank you so much for watching them, i've got loads more reviews and videos coming

up in the new year so there's... obviously if you guys watch them all the time you'll

know by now that i post a video on MinnieMollyReviews every Sunday and w

Wednesday, it might be like Thursday and Monday for people in different timezones and then

i post a video on TheMinnieMolly every week, so thank you guys so much again for all your

support i hope you guys enjoy my videos! bye!xo

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