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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG/JP) THE BOYZ (더보이즈) 셀카바보멤 논란종식 시킵니다! 본편보다 ?잼ㅣ히든트랙_비하인드ㅣ피카소 현재ㅣ탁구왕 주연ㅣ모닝콜 선우ㅣ REVEALㅣ

Difficulty: 0

A behind the scenes episode has come full of moments of The Boyz.

He is currently talking about the time he went to an art academy.

He is talking about the time where he swept away the basement.

The camera is being set up to film the speed quiz.

The Boyz are harmonious today too.

Game rules: The game subject is about drama / time limit is 100 seconds / there are 10 questions

If they can answer 10 questions within 100 seconds, all members will have the chance to choose a prize

If they can answer 7 questions out of 10 questions, 4 members will have the chance to choose a prize

If they can answer 3 questions out of 10 questions, only 1 member will have the chance to choose a prize.

The good-looking art teacher has arrived.

Hyun Jae, good luck with drawing.

How many words is it?


Hyun Jae finally began to draw.

Stairway to Heaven

Is that a hotel?

Ah! Hotel del Luna!


Hyun Jae got confident and began drawing quickly.

Boys Over Flowers


Are they sharing minds?

What's the next question?

Unexpected, surprised.

I thought I could have you if I did this.

This drama came out even before the members were born. (Hour Glass was aired in 1995)

Can the members answer such a difficult question?

He decided to stay calm and start drawing.

Comb-pattern pottery. LOL

Hour Glass.

Oh my gosh.

He is calmer than anyone.

Am I a genius or what?

I think New is the genius.

My Love from the Star!

I am a genius!

A performance from the genius.

Let's answer this question together.

School 2019

School 2018

Hyun Jae is drawing someone unrecognizable.

Is that a prison? Prison?

What is he drawing?




The answer will be revealed after the game.

There are 20 seconds remaining.

Oh my.

He is surprised but it seems that he will still try.

What is that.

Tree With Deep Roots? Feeling frustrated.

Why is he showing his cute side when all of them are frustrated?

This is the Eiffel Tower in Hyun Jae's eyes.

Eiffel Tower

Lovers in Paris!


New is definitely a genius.

You are so bad at drawing.

Sad and dejected.

That is the Eiffel Tower?

The members are flabbergasted.

I thought it was a three-legged squid.

A total of 5 questions are answered.

What about the question that was passed?

Prison Playbook.

What the.

He is embarrassed to the top of his head.

It's Prison Playbook but there is no prison. Why did you draw just one person?

Is that a prison uniform?

He gets it!

Next drawing.

There's no way you can call that the Eiffel tower.

I have seen the Eiffel Tower during a Europe tour.

The actual Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower in my head.

The Boyz's art ability amounts to this much.

The next artist is going to be Kevin.

The never ending battle of The Boyz: Pro Selfie Taker VS Poor Selfie Taker

Sang Yeon received a selfie light as his prize.

There is always this conflict between the pro selfie taker and poor selfie taker.

Everyone is pointing at Chan-hee.

Sang Yeon also acknowledges New

With various angles, poses, and atmosphere.

Next up is the poor selfie taker.

He can't accept this.

He turns into a fish whenever he takes a selfie.

Q sets up the stage

and the members all got the message.

Suddenly Eric

Why is me all of a sudden!

I mean he looks great.

Sang Yeon is dissing him when he should be choosing the poor selfie taker.

He is good looking, but he takes pictures like an alien.

Suddenly talking about how Eric looks like an alien.

I would like to donate this present to Eric, who can't take good selfies.

Thank you, leader Sang Yeon.

And since New is a pro selfie taker,

This the a chance to witness how a pro selfie taker takes a selfie.

Let's compare the skills between a pro selfie taker and a poor selfie taker.

He is trying to find an angle.

Oh my, there's no way I can't see this.

He twisted his neck 90 degrees.

The members are disclosing all of New's selfie tricks.

The Boyz had fun teasing New.

1, 2, 3.

It's like they are laying down.

The angle which they all have experimented and studied to be a pro selfie taker.

I was the butt of the joke again.

I can't take it!

The kind members are looking away so New can take his selfie.

The pro selfie taker finally took a selfie with difficulty.

Like a pro, New finished his selfie photo in one take.

Did you take it with a normal camera?

A glimmering angle.

Who are you talking to?

But it came out well.

Will another pro selfie taker acknowledge Eric's selfie?

MC Shanee is checking the photo.

Eric is showing a lot of friendliness in desperation.

The MC is the only one who takes care of the MC.

Starting today they are brothers

Good at making friends.

The members are all looking at the selfie.

Perhaps that was Eric's best photo in his life?

Aren't you curious? The photo will be revealed.

The final judgement rests in your hands.

What is table tennis to The Boyz?

Setting the camera before picking the prize.

The Boyz are asking how to play table tennis to the MC.

Practicing a lot.

Sun Woo's advice helped him.

After succeeding once, Hak Nyeon is teaching Kevin.

I think he's going to be similar in skill.

What is wrong with this man.

Now it's the real game.

Let's see if their hard work paid off.

The members are anxious.

Are you trying to hit a fly?

Have you never played table tennis before?


I played badminton.

They gave him all the chance he needed.

The king of table tennis is shocked,

The Boyz's king of table tennis, Ju Yeon has arrived.

Ju Yeon says he is the king of table tennis.

I love to play table tennis.

He enjoys it.

He is planning to take the prize after he takes his chance.

The members are excited.

What is the king of table tennis' goal?

Transmission rights to the music video.

The king of table tennis is warming up as an interval.

Was it just me who noticed how he was a little sloppy?

The king of table tennis challenges!

Give him another chance.

One more chance because he was cute.

He hits it carefully

The transmission rights for the music video has been achieved for a month.

We acknowledge Ju Hak Nyeon as the king of table tennis and as a man who takes the opportunity when he sees it.

Post-credit scene.

During break time.

(Manager) Sun Woo, isn't this yours?

Sun Woo's alarm was ringing.

The stage crew laughed out loud. LOL

He shook it looking back as an act of courtesy.

Well this has to go in.

His roommate Q always sees this scene in the morning.

What are you doing?

Oh, the alarm turns off if I shake it.

The Description of (ENG/JP) THE BOYZ (더보이즈) 셀카바보멤 논란종식 시킵니다! 본편보다 ?잼ㅣ히든트랙_비하인드ㅣ피카소 현재ㅣ탁구왕 주연ㅣ모닝콜 선우ㅣ REVEALㅣ