Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introduction to Welding and Welding Imaging - Part 1: Introduction

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Whether you're a professional welder looking to broaden your horizons,

or a complete beginnerlooking to understand the basics of welding,

or even a welding instructor seeking unique educational content for your students,

this video was created specially for you.

As a supplement to our welding white paper

thisvideo consists of four main parts:

1) Introduction

2) Welding processes

3) Imagingtechniques

and 4) Objects of imaging.

Part 1: Intro

Welding refers to a process in which materials typically metals or thermoplastics

are joined together using high temperatures to melt the materials to form a joint.

Usually a filler material is also melted on the joint to make it stronger.

The success of the welding process and the strength of the final product depends on the

number of factors such as the profile of the world on the joint and the constant even flow

of the shielding gas to avoid the oxidization of the melted metals or the filler material.

Many of these factors can be imaged to study or track the welding process.

Throughout this video we will show you illustrations - welding footagetaken with normal cameras,

our welding camera,

and high-speed cameras matched with our CAVILUX Laser Illumination

which we will explain in detail in Part 3.

We hope that you enjoyed this video and you learned something new about welding.

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The Description of Introduction to Welding and Welding Imaging - Part 1: Introduction