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Cant you think of something that is slim where it is supposed to be, then curvy where it is supposed to be? Huh?

[Todays Ingredient] Loud Mouth

[Fork Your Boss Season 2] Ep.5 Exploding Pumpkin Octopus Stew

There is saying in my workplace

In the morning, she eavesdrops.

Hey Mr. Nam

Ive heard you started dating.

In the evening, she also eavesdrops.

-No. -I am sure Ive heard it.

Everyone knows. Dont act like you dont.

Excuse me. I need to go to bathroom.

Oh my gosh~ I am right. Right?

Hey Mr. Nam!

It seems you are pretty good at these things!

Wow. How come my mother always sends me this much?

What is this?


Have you heard?

Mr. Nam~

Is seeing someone who is 7 years younger than him.

Isnt that shocking?

Does he have some hidden secret or something?

He is not even that good looking anyway.

Ah how old were you again?

I am 28 years old.


Then that woman is even younger than you are.

How shocking!

She starts, again.


What an octopus

Havent you got home yesterday?

Hey! Wait a second.

You are seeing someone right?

Oh my gosh~!

Haha no I am not.

Oh well

If you really are, you cant be looking like this.

What the

When everyone else is dating

What have you done wrong?

This is all because I am worried about you.

Did you have something heavy last night?

Your face looks totally bloated.

What about you?

You look like a ugly pumpkin.


Loud Mouth Ms. Yeo

I am really quick at noticing others feeling.

I am also very curious of everything surrounding me.


Maybe that is why I dont age.

I do not have any wrinkles on my neck.


Why did it print like this?

Youve done something wrong, havent you?

I majored engineering, come on.

I am really good at handling these stuffs.

What a liar.

This is clearly broken.

Look at this.


What is it?

What are you two doing?

I promise I will keep it as secret.

Hey Yeo Bin!

You do know that the girl needs to play a little game in love


Hey Yeo Bin!

You havent dated anyone right?

I can totally see it.

I know what can fix this. Your hairstyle!

I know you can never get anywhere with that style.

You are listening to this right?

What are you doing? Are you doing No. 2?

You are not seriously constipated, are you?


I really wanted to be alone.


Hey Yeo Bin, Are you doing No. 2?

Fork you.

I know ~

That there isnt a person like me in here, who really cares about others.

Hey Gun Joo

It seems like you like older woman.

No it is not what you think..

Younger guys tend to prefer a woman like me.

Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness Oh my goodness Oh my goodness


Gun Joo

You work out, huh?

Ah that is

Where do you work out?

Is there a lot of cute guys there?

I know I need to work out.

Before, I could get away with this figure without exercise.

You know the shape called like this.


You know

Cant you think of something that is slim where it is supposed to be, then curvy where it is supposed to be? Huh?




Without a person like me,

The mood of this workplace will be dead.

I am the one

who communicates throughout the team.

I take the role as window.

This is real secret.

Yeo Bin !


Gun Joo very much.


But Gun Joo likes someone with good shape.

Yeo Bin is not that type of woman.

You cant teach her how,

since you always get dumped by men.

Hey Mr. Nam who is I-date-younger-woman,

You need to train her well.

I am really not dating. Seriously

Hey Mr. Boss!

Congratulate on your second wedding!


Why didnt you invite us?

The one who won with the mouth

Will lose with the mouth.


Let me see the pictures.




Hey Hyun Jin

You got eyebrow tattoo.

It is too obvious.

I think you need to get re-touch.


You know what?

Gun Joo likes me.

Because I eat well.

You know Something in the Rain (JTBC Drama)

I know you do!


Hey Sung Joon.

There is a single girl in my team

She really does not know how to date, just like you do!

This is really a secret.


Hey Ive heard youve changed your name!

Yeo Bin : OMG

Hae Yeon : What is up now?

Yeo Bin : That octopus bitch, poking her nose in every single things

Yeo Bin : I am so hating this. What a loud bitch!

Yeo Bin : She is making stuffs up now.

Yeo Bin : Should I rip her mouth?

What are you working so hard for?



What exercise do you do?

I do yoga.





Thank you for being here.


Please shut the door.



Why are you leaving me behind?

What an exercise

Have you seen her belly?

That is not a shape of Yoga

The one who won with the mouth

Will lose with the mouth.

But she does not.

Dont you have some difficulties working?

No I dont

You really never tell anything.

Or you are just being picky.

Bitch has a quick sense.


Maybe your work isnt that hard.


You know I am joking right?

Joke, you know


Joke Dont you?

Joke, Joke, Joke

Oh my goodness


What happened~!

That's unusual.

Come in~


Come in!!

You want to die?

Fork you


Good Bye






Yeo Bin

Lets eat.


I was going to have just pumpkin

Then Ive had octopus.

Nayana (Miss Yeo). What is this picture?

Nayana. I look so ugly.

Nayana. Put a sticker at least.




Why did you send this much?

Youve got the package!

Is octopus alive?

You must eat as it is alive.

Are you having dinner?

Well uhm

Dont just eat sweet potato or pumpkin for diet.

You are not having a proper meal, are ya?


I eat so well.

I have one good person on my side.

The one I can really talk to.

I am really thankful that I have one.

You wash before you go to sleep.

I will.

I know youve been covered with fine dust. How dirty!

I knew that made you breakout on your face!

If you keep nagging me, I am just going to bed without washing my face.


It is for you. Not Me.

I nag for your sake.


This is only Wednesday.

Eat octopus when it is alive!






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