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Tray bakes and one-pot wonders are truly a thing of beauty. Giving you maximum

flavour and minimum washing up, you're gonna love these.

Hi guys hope you 're well.

we're gonna make the most beautiful tray baked chicken with Indian spices and

veggies. It's absolutely gorgeous. It feels naughty but it's really really

healthy. It's three of your five fruit and veg today. It's really affordable and

it's a great dish you can get in one tray whack in the oven go and do

something for 40 minutes and then you've got a feast to feed the family right. So

it's a really nice shareable dish. Pan on, kettle, boiling water. Hack up some

potatoes about inch dice. So into a tray we're going to go in with olive oil. It's

about one and a half tablespoons. We're gonna go in with the mustard seeds and

the curry leaves okay. And I'll just hold on the tumeric to start with. So along

with all these lovely fresh ingredients, we want fragrance. Those amazing

flavours of India. So I'm gonna use some ginger here and get it fine. You're gonna get

heat from that because ginger is hot. You can move it around. Now I'll get that

tumeric in. Two teaspoons of turmeric. So I'm gonna use four cloves of garlic. Now

gentle heat, and we're just bringing out the flavours of all those things. Chicken

thighs. I'm gonna go skin on and I'm just gonna

have one nice big thigh per portion in there. So the potatoes here and I'm just

gonna let these steam. They be cooking about five minutes now right. So they're

tender. Next up all we're gonna do is just chop veg. So roughly we are going to

slice up the veg into about 1-inch chunks. And what we can do is start just

adding this as we're prepping this right. So we've got a lovely orange pepper here.

We'll have a red pepper as well. Full of lovely vitamins. And of course when they

roast they go sweet. Onion always in the base of so many dishes so I'm just gonna

roughly chop. I'm adding chilli now and this spice kind of combination here is

really mild. It's not, it's spicy, but it's not hot. We've got some beautiful

tomatoes. So in we go. A lovely recipe a nice start, middle and end. We're going to

season it with some salt and pepper. Last but not least go in with the potatoes.

You can imagine how tasty this is gonna be right. And then if we go and get our

chicken you know we've already started frying that chicken skin. The bonus of

this dish of course is that everything just flavours each other.

Mix that around. Amazing colours you just know it's gonna be good for you.

Put the chicken on top so that is now going to bake in the oven for about 45 minutes

okay. So while that's cooking I want to show you how to make a super quick,

delicious, mint, chilli and ginger yoghurt. Okay so come over and have a look at

this. Simply get a regular sort of bunch of mint which is normally about that

size, just rip the head off okay. We're gonna go in with about 150 mls

of good quality yoghurt. And then we're gonna go in with some chilli. We

want a bit of heat there. So I'm just going to break up about half a chilli is

perfect. So in with a tiny little piece of ginger and then a nice little pinch

of salt. Whizz that up. You're just gonna squeeze in the juice of about half a

lemon there, and there you go. That's the yoghurt sauce. Time to plate up our

beautiful tray bake. And look that. Amazing colours. I actually love to have

like a simple, a nice simple salad you know just a baby spinach salad. I'll use

this, it's all washed and ready to go. We'll go in with a couple of spoons of

our lovely dressing. Nice and simple, really nice contrast of colours. Little

one for me. Oh by the way if you're wondering why I'm dressed up like this,

I'm going to parents evening tonight in school. So I've got to dress up and be a

bit smarter and responsible. You know now I've got slightly older kids I still

want to keep an eye on what they're eating because I'll always be their dad,

but at the same time it's quite nice for them just to kind of help themselves.

Loads of veg, controlled sat fats, good quality meat, beautiful spices. We can

finish it all off with some coriander. You know you can put that yoghurt just in

and around the lovely roasted veggies and the chicken and it works so well. Now

let's get a little fork and have a little try. What we got here, a bit of

potato. Mmm. Nice delicate spices. You know the aubergine is kind of soft but it's

kind of spongy, really really good. And then excuse the knife. Really really good.

Crispy skin, love it.

Hi guys, we're gonna make the most delicious harissa chicken tray bake.

it's a beautiful, colourful, Mediterranean style meal full of flavours. It's from my

book, "Jamie's quick and easy five ingredient foods". It's all about five

ingredients working really hard. Best friends okay. So we've got chicken,

beautiful sweet peppers, onion, mint, and we've got the most important ingredient,

harissa. So good a lovely mixture of chillies and spices. Delicious. Look at

these peppers. They're so beautiful. Just push in the little core. I want to get

rid of the seeds and then just tear it up into rough sized chunks. I've got two

onions here. Cut them into quarters. Kind of unpick them like little petals. Mix

this up. Look at the colours so beautiful. Season it. Nice sea salt, pepper as well.

We're gonna go in with some extra virgin olive oil. Just a couple of nice

tablespoons, and a little swig of vinegar. Vinegar really helps to bring the flavour

out of everything. And then you get the sweetness from the peppers and onions

and the sourness from the vinegar, sweet and sour. So it's gonna taste absolutely

amazing. And then I'm gonna use some harissa. Now harissa is a North African

paste, chilli paste. They come in different flavours but basically it's pounded up dry

chillies, with oil, and different versions of spices. And the flavour is phenomenal.

Four nice teaspoons goes into our tray here and you can rub it on vegetables,

on fish and in this case it's going all over the chicken and peppers.

And that will make all the difference. Give this a nice little mix then I got a

little trick for the chicken. Put it in the tray hold it nice and firmly and

then get the tip of the knife at the top of the carcass and run your knife down.

Let the knife do the work. Carefully cut that down, and then we can open it up like

a book. Now the legs take longer to cook than the breasts.

So we can intervene and what we can do

is cut right down to the bone right. To allow the heat in, but not just

the heat, the flavour right. So what we're doing is we're evening up the cooking

times. We're making it look more appealing. And literally I'm rubbing the

harissa and the oil and all those flavours inside and outside the chicken.

The flavours gonna be so good. And then we're gonna lay that chicken on top of

the veggies. Let me wash my hands. A little bit of sea salt on top and then

in the oven we go for 50 minutes to an hour at 180 degrees Celsius, which is 350

degrees Fahrenheit. And when that cooks it's gonna be amazing. The chicken will

cook into the veg, the veg will steam up and flavour the chicken, it's a beautiful

beautiful harmony. You're gonna love it. Look at that. The smell is amazing and

the way I love to serve it is actually on a really nice rustic board. Beautiful

veggies. That harissa has mixed with all the stuff that would normally make a

beautiful gravy so you get this sauce and you just want to scrape that down

and then put that back over the chicken. Look at that. Beautiful fresh mint over

the top. So fragrant. Absolutely gorgeous. Look how juicy it is.

You've got crispy skin here.

So good. Chilli and the spices and all the sticky goodness. Serve that with some

rice, little flat breads, tacos, you know some

nice little couscous. Absolutely beautiful. Guys give that a go, it's so tasty.

Okay lovely people, we're gonna do the most amazing casserole with a

Catherine Wheel sausage cooking over a brilliant ragu. Gonna be amazing. I'm

gonna peel two onions here and I'm just gonna put them into quarters. And I'm

just gonna put them dry actually into a pan at the moment. I quite like doing

this because you get this char going on. Then I'm gonna go for one chilli I'm just

gonna slice it up with the seeds in and we want a little bit of spice happening

there as well. Finely slice a couple of cloves of garlic straight in, and still

we haven't got any oil. We're gonna go in with two level teaspoons of smoked

paprika. We're gonna season with salt and pepper.

And now I'm gonna go in with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. A slight

reverse of your normal on a beginning to a ragu. So we're gonna let that just

sweat off for a little bit while I chunk up some butternut squash. So be really

careful get the tip of the knife in like that, turn it around and do it on the

other side. Always cutting away from you. You can use a little spoon just to take

the seeds out of the squash like that. Cut it lengthwise like this and then I

want to chop it into like one-inch little chunks. Look at the colour guys.

Move it around and look at that. All the flavours are sticking around the squash.

And as soon you've done that we're going to whack this in the oven at 190

degrees Celsius, which is 350 Fahrenheit, for about half an hour.

Absolutely beautiful. Now I'm gonna go in with the chickpeas, and all the juices,

and the butter beans. Now you can change your pulses to whatever ones you've got

available or the ones that you like. Chop those tomatoes up, add a little bit of

water because it's going to reduce as it cooks down. And then what I want to do is

put a little barbecue sauce in. Just to give it a nice smoke. So about 100 mls

is really really good. And then I've got four beautiful homemade cumberlands and

if you just unwind them like that all right. What we're gonna do is a

Catherine Wheel sausage. Now if you unwind it and then join it together, you

get one very large sausage. And we're gonna do it with another sausage as well.

We've got a lovely beef spiced sausage here. Just talk to your butcher and get

him to give you something great. We're just gonna flatten these out and then

what I love to do is join these together loosely, and just wind it up like this.

Keep it nice and loose. And then I'm gonna use nice long bits of rosemary

like this, and just take the herbs off. But then we can sharpen it up with a

knife at an angle and if you go through like this, it's going to hold it all in

shape and it's gonna roast completely different than if you were just cooking

a sausage on its own. And then what we can do with some nice olive oil, you

can take herbs like nutmeg and just grate that over the top. I'll take some

sage, take some bay, rosemary, and just chuck them in the little gaps like this.

And look at that. That's gonna cook in a completely different way. As we are in

the wood oven. I could put a rack on top, or I could try

and pretend to be clever and, yeah, let's be clever. Look at that guys. That's what

we're talking about. So the reason I would do this or the reason I'd put it

directly on the bars over this in the oven, is so that we get nice crispiness

all the way around. And when the fats cook out, that's really good quality flavour

coming out, and it's going in to your ragu. So in the oven for 40 minutes and you're

gonna have something really really beautiful.

Just look at that. The fats dripping in to your little casserole. It all absorbs

that beautiful flavour, really really nice. So let's take our little Catherine Wheel

sausage. And let's serve that on a nice big platter. And then with the sausage

let's just take the skewer out and when you kind of cut through it you get this

fantastic little cross-section like that, which is marvelous. You can bang that

right on top, super cool. Teally good food for this time of year. Proper comfort

food. Right let's serve some up. I love to have some with some nice steamed and

dressed greens. Come on, Let's have some.

Nice big chunk of the sausage. Look at that guys.

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