Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 'DIT ZIJN DE ERGSTE 3 MINUTEN VAN MIJN LEVEN' | #4 TOUR DE FRANCE 2020

Difficulty: 0

Today the challenge is to interview the riders at the start of stage 5

The thing is that I am at the finish of stage 5...

Well okay, let's start!

We got a new challenge, and today the question is:

Can we live as a sport journalist for one day?

I thought it would be fun to give that a bit of a twist,

So one of us is doing the interview

And the other ones are passing on the question via an earpiece

So they can play around with you?

You are going to played around with

That sounds nice

Someone is going to be played around with

Who is going to be that person?

I really don't want to do this

I am actually looking forward to this

Me too!

I am going to stand there an ask people the most irritating question

There they are, the team of Tour de Tietema TV

Josse, do you know what makes this even more fun?

In that earpiece we will say what you should be asking


The riders are in the last kilometer, Cees Bol with his Sunweb squat

It is going to be very close, just a few hundred meters to go

There they are!

We are live at the finish of stage 5 in Privas

I am next to...

What's your name?

Henry the fourth

The fourth, who is going to win today?

I would say Van Aert

He is going to win

And others who could win?

He finished already


How many km's left?

They are already finished

Who has won?

And the question was?

Who can win today?

Who can win?

Thank you very much!

Bas Tiet is going to win today

But we can play...

I will say Van Aert will win

Who can win today?

Van Aert's got a good chance today

And Bas Tiet?

No, I don't think so

He will be 10th-15th

Who can win today?

We are googling who has won, even better!

They have finished already?

Yeah, they did

This needs some tears

At 17:00

You missed the finish?

They all passed us already

You are going to say that you think Devin van der Wiel is going to win

I think it's Devin van der Wiel

Maybe, I haven't seen it

Devin is in a great shape, isn't he?

Yes, he really is!

Do you think Van der Wiel can win the yellow jersey?


It's still unknown whether Devin is going to win the yellow jersey, but we will see

Thanks a lot!

Okay, thanks!

You are such assholes

From which radio stations are you?


From the Netherlands

I am just here for today

And I missed the finish

These were the 3 most awkward minutes of my live, I really don't know what to do now

One time again?

Another time

Ask him when the promotional caravane is coming

Because you want Haribo's

What's the caravane called in french?

At what time is the caravane here?

It passed here at 16:30

It has passed already

But I want the Haribo

Yeah, they passed too!

In the bag?

Can I have those?


Live from the start in Privas

This is Josse Wester, who got his only bag of Haribo from this poor guy


Just like this episode, thin air

Can you record a TikTok dance with them?

Do a real long talk and then just thank for the interview

I am quitting

It is done

Is she even looking


Go on, just a bit longer

Keep on

Stop it please

What was your first day as a journalist like?

Here is Andy Schleck, let's ask him a question

This is the Han (dutch journalist) in me

But after one question I was done

I am really hoping one of you gets an even worse challenge

If you haven't already, give a thumbs up!

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What a * challenge

At what time is the finish?

It's done already


Yeah, it's already done