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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SHMEE X DAY1 680HP TECHART CAYENNE COUPÉ! DAY1 WORLD OF CARS // Daily Driver DAY1

Difficulty: 0

Look at this handsome guy over here!

Youve been at it for a day already right?”

Hey Jay, you look tanned!? Or burned rather, I think.

You thought, weve got some real stars so lets leave Jay out of this one?!”

?!” Well, we have a stand-in, thats working out super well.

Im bummed I cant be there, because Ive seen that red monster and arghh painful to be missing out but luckily Im on vacation

Well, Jay enjoy your vacation, were going to continue over here with Day 1!

Thanks friends, good luck!”

Will do!

Jay is enjoying his vacation, but.. but.. but.., we have a major guest

all the way from London

He came here to shoot an item on the GT Street RS

Which you can find on his YouTube Channel, his name is Shmee, you all know him

Were going to do something different today

Were going to shoot something you can get a sneak peak of when looking over my left shoulder

That sexy machine over there

Thats a Cayenne Coupe, Turbo also by Techart

Totally insane, well be the first ones driving this

And Im taking Shmee with me instead of JayJay Boske.

Lets see if we like this and if JayJay can stay there in Bali

who knows, I dont think so, welcome to Day1 lets get started!

Yeah, I can fall in love with a car. Look at this machine!

Can you see me driving in this next to my Panamera?

*makes car sounds* Yes, I think this is very sexy.

Were just walking around a bit through Classic Centre

in a little bit well look at the collection and then well get started.

Weve been standing here for half an hour already, I just had to quit for a minute

Woah, how sick is this.

The red one, is and old type, and theres a new edition of that one

And Day1 wouldnt be Day1 if we didnt have a new project waiting for you somewhere.

Its coming soon, but I want you to see it a bit already, so well turn towards it

Yes yes yes and stop.

More info soon, definitely on our fair,

Day1 World Of Cars, well reveal this project

What this is going to be? Its way more insane then what youre thinking

coming soon, cant say a lot about it yet, but I thought itd be funny to share a bit with you in advance.

Can I join, Im cold?”

Hop on in, in the back.

Clean your shoes okay?

Yes you can, just kick them against each other outside of the car

NoNo? Well then you cant get in the car.

JayJay is chlling on the beach

and Im in the car with Shmee!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to end this video.

Normally this is what JayJay does, but hes enjoying his vacation

were here with Shmee, we have just driven the Cayenne, Turbo, Techart

680 hp. We rate it with a solid 8 out of 10

which is mainly due to the Techart interior.

This was Day1

Im just going to do this in two languages,

arrivederci, au revoir,

see you next time!