Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Storm Update and Call to Action

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On behalf of Richardson ISD, I want to bring you an update on what we have learned last

night and this morning regarding the status of some of our students and families who have

been deeply impacted by this weeks storm.

Regarding our schools: There were initially 15 schools without power.

I am happy to report that all have been restored except for one.

I am standing in front of Richland Elementary that is still without power; however, 648

students who normally attend here are thriving at an alternate location on Beltline Road

until regular operations are restored and it is safe to return.

Our Richland students are all being loved, having fun and they are learning.

Thank you to the community and parents for your patience and flexibility while we all

work together with this alternate plan.

Youve all been awesome!

But I'm here because I need to say something to everyone who this video reaches - We have a very deep and great need.

As of yesterday, we knew of 44 RISD students who were displaced. However, as of this morning,

that number has grown to over 100.

This means that we have families that are in temporary housing - but that will soon end.

This means that we have students who are homeless and have lost everything.

This means that we have families who do not have renters insurance and have lost furniture,

clothing, and all of their belongings.

This means that this is a dire situation in our community, and we all need to respond quickly.

Yesterday, I reached out to you through video regarding Network of Community Ministries

and today I want to provide a follow upWhen asked what the greatest needs are - their

answer is money.

They need to significantly increase their cash flow in order to address the needs of those

who are homeless and have lost everything.

While we are so grateful for clothes, food and other donations, the most impactful thing

you as an individual or you as a business can do is donate money.

Here's the Call to Action to all that this video can reach.

Please go to and you can make a donation by clicking the blue

"Make A Donationbutton.

Once you scroll down, selectFor the Biggest Needand your funds will go

directly to help our families and students.

Please consider making a donation!

Again, we have students who have lost everything and they may not have a home for months.

It is crucial that we do everything we can to get them back on track so that they can

recover and thrive again.

Richardson ISD can provide them with a safe and engaging environment for learningwe promise to

continue doing thatbut Network of Community Ministries needs your help right now.

They are our local, community, frontline resource. And I give you my full assurance that they

are caring, reputable, and trustworthy.

Thank you all in advance for your generosity and compassion.

I know we can step up and make a difference -- together.

Thank you to our caring community and our amazing business partners!

I ask you to please share this video to all who are in your reach.

We've had so many inquiries asking the questionHow can we help?

The answer is to give what you can to the Network of Community Ministries.

Thank you for your care and concern.

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