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They're cooked.

You can taste the meat, but it's a bit bouncy, too. it'll coat the entire Shumai.

Hello! Welcome back to my channel, Devina Hermawan.

Today, we're making Chicken Shumai. You may know it as Chicken Dim Sum.

I'm adding a bit of shrimp in it, but you can use 100% chicken.

This is a good recipe, whether it's 100% chicken or chicken with shrimp.

Dim Sum doesn't mean Shumai, but Shumai is a part of Dim Sum.

Dim Sum symbolizes when we hang out for tea with friends, family, etc. and eating light snacks.

When we're hanging out at a Chinese restaurant, there will be so many varieties of dishes

Dim Sum is something lighter -- a light snack, like Shumai, steamed buns, or Har Gow.

It can be sweet or savory.

It can be something like Lo Mai Gai or Bakcang.

There are so many varieties.

If a fried noodle is served in a small portion, in can even be categorized as Dim Sum.

Today, we'll be making Shumai.

Here are the ingredients. They're very fresh. I got them freshly handpicked from HappyFresh.

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For the chicken, I'm using the thigh. It's more juicy, fatty, savory, and fragrant.

Also, here's the key: some additional chicken fat.

Some Dim Sum can taste very savory. This is why.

Usually, it uses added fat -- chicken fat for the Halal version, and pork fat or lard for the non-Halal version.

Next, some shrimps. It's optional, but it intensifies the fragrance.

Next, Dim Sum wrapper. To make it elastic, I'm using sago or tapioca flour.

You can also use potato starch and anything that contain starch, just not regular flour.

Next, egg white, garlic, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

I'm using carrots for the toppings. You can also add them in the meat.

The rest is standard: salt, sugar, pepper, and flavor enhancers.

I'm using some ice cubes or water to make the dough lighter and not too chewy.

Let's start.

I'm using a food processor. It's so practical. You can also use a blender or chop it manually.

The grind is important. It depends on how smooth you want the Shumai texture to be.

I'll blend some of the chicken and the shrimp later. I'm dividing this into two batches.

First is for the smooth texture. You want the chicken skin to be smooth, right?

Add the chicken in.

Pound the garlic so they're easier to mash.

Combine everything but the shrimp, some of the chicken thigh, and the carrots.

We don't want those three to be too smooth.

The reason I'm only using egg whites is because the texture tends to be firmer if we use the yolk.

You can taste the eggs then. It's becomes bouncy and the texture is different.

So, I prefer using just the whites.

Now, we'll blend these until they're smooth.

Once they're smooth, it's time to add the rest of the chicken.

And the shrimp.

Blend it for a short time until the shrimp is roughly chopped.

See? The shrimp is still chunky. That's what we want for a good Shumai.

Now, transfer it to a bowl and add the carrots in.

I'm adding some shredded carrots. You can just leave it plain, too.

The smell is so good right now.

One of the keys to making good Shumai is using fresh ingredients.

That's why I got them from HappyFresh. They're fresh and will make the Shumai even better.

You can also add some leeks. I prefer to sauté the leeks first.

If we use big slices of leeks or older leeks, when cooked, the fragrant might be disturbing instead.

Chives might be the better alternative for Shumai.

Again, you can sauté it first to make it more fragrant.

Let's wrap the Shumai now.

Dim Sum wrapper is very easy to make. Simply combine flour, salt, and hot water.

Using hot water makes the dough more flexible. I'll share the video later.

Because I'm in a hurry, I'm using store-bought wrappers.

If you're selling these and want them to be more accurate and neat... can weigh the filling. It's about 40 - 50 g each.

You can gain some consistency then. But for personal consumption, it's not an issue.

We'll steam them for 15 - 20 minutes, depending on the Dim Sum's size and the heat used.

You need to try it to know the exact cooking time.

As we wait, we'll make the dipping Sambal.

Add some oil for sautéing.

Here's a mixture of garlic, shallots, bird's eye chili, and red chili.

You can do a rough chop or a fine chop. It's up to you. You can even make an extra-fine texture.

I'm using red chili, too, because it will make the Sambal smells even fresher.

Let's fry the Sambal. I made too many, so I won't be using all of it.

Fry it until it's completely reduced to make it more fragrant and eliminate any raw chili smell.

If you want it to be spicier, add the amount of bird's eye chili.

If you don't want it to be spicy, skip the bird's eye chili.

The chili has reduced. It's time to add some water.

Add some vinegar.

And chili sauce.

Next, season the Sambal. I'm using mushroom stock powder.

Give it a taste. If it's not sweet enough, add some sugar.

If it's not salty enough, add some salt.

I'm adding some sugar. For me, a good Dim Sum Sambal is sweet, spicy, savory, and a bit tart so it's fresh.

The consistency is up to you.

Let's keep cooking. If you want an inexpensive option, you can add some cornstarch at this stage... thicken the Sambal.

The Sambal is done. So easy.

Let's check the Shumai.

They're cooked.

Let's plate.

Make them pretty.

Ta-da! Here they are, Chicken and Shrimp Dim Sum or Shumai.

For me, a good Shumai means you can taste the meat, but it's slightly bouncy, too.

It's not like the super-meaty Hong Kong Shumai.

It should be a bit bouncy, which is how I like it.

Look, it's bouncy. The meat texture looks good, too.

Let's try it with the Sambal.

This is the Sambal texture I like. It's not too thick, so it'll coat the entire Shumai.

This is the Sambal texture I like. It's not too thick, so it'll coat the entire Shumai.

Aside from the Sambal earlier, we can add some Chili Oil, too.

I make this Chili Oil myself. I've shared the recipe before. Check it out.

You can keep this for months as it uses lots of oil so it's naturally preserved.

Don't forget to download the HappyFresh app on Google Play or App Store.

You can also check out the link at the description box.

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This is the type of snacks you'll never get bored of.

Like I said, you can taste the meat. It's savory, a bit sweet, and fragrant from the garlic.

Okay. So this is very easy.

Thank you for watching. Don't forget to subscribe, like, etc.

Stay tuned and see you in the next video.

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