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What's up guys Lew here back with another video and today. I've got something unusual to show you but very cool

This is a bolt, and I'm sure you've seen one of these before this one is obviously a little larger than usual

There's actually a reason for that. It's a secret bolt not your average everyday

Thing you'd find in a toolbox the top screws off as you can tell here and it exposes

An internal cavity where you could store?

Various things that's completely up to you this will fit

Documents as well as a micro Sd cards like this one

Maybe you want to protect some files that are on there could be photos or even video

You could store a little piece of paper that has your passwords on this could simply roll up and fit inside

So if you're one of those people, it's constantly forgetting your passwords you could even put a bitcoin wallet

Inside of the bolt and these can be worth thousands of dollars if you're concerned at all

About getting hacked or keeping your bitcoin [wallet] on your system on your computer

You can have a paper wallet like this one and hide it inside something like this lastly you can put some cash in there

Here's a very cool

Twenty Dollar Canadian Bill

But it'll work just as well with

Us dollars or British pounds even the euro in fact so if you want to stash some cash, it will very easily

Fit inside of this

Spy [bolt] just like that now a cool feature [you] might not have noticed on the spy bolt is the way

That the Lid screws on or the top portion it actually goes in the opposite Direction

You're used to so it screws on to the left and off to the right

So if somebody was to pick this up think it looked a little bit [unusual] for any reason and they would probably instinctually

try to

loosen it up by Twisting to the left so in this case it's

Threaded in the opposite Direction [also] the intention here is to store this in a toolbox or at the bottom of a drawer

possibly amongst other

bolts nails so on and so forth so that it really blends in

When you receive it in its original package, it's actually covered in grease as well

So when you pick it up, you get stuff all over your hands and you immediately want to put it down

So there are a few

Baked-in Security measures built into the secret bolt, but the fun doesn't stop there

There's an unlimited number of things that you could store inside this bowl. Let me show you a few batteries



Drywall Anchors(?)

Younger sibling after your kitkat?

Hide it in the bolt!

Stays fresh longer [you] could probably fit at [least] six peanut M&Ms

one two three four five [oh]

Disappointed at the Lack of space for peanut M&Ms

Try the originals one two

three four five 28 42 43 44 fifty nine seventy

84 87

115 uh-oh Natural Brown rice great for your colon

The Secret bolt works just as well for your pets. Let's see if these jerky nubs fit. Don't forget about Sparky

salted cashews almonds pecans

even Brazil nuts even mixed nuts

What about lemon juice?

fake lemon juice


Alright okay enough enough, but in all seriousness guys this little bolt is actually a pretty cool way to keep things confidential

[just] like I mentioned earlier in this video if you have a bitcoin paper wallet some Microsd cards with confidential information

They can fit inside here, and you can keep it completely secret inside the Secret Bolt

I'll drop a link to this thing down in the description. Thanks as always for watching Happy [April]

[fool's], and I'll catch you on the next [episode] later can't forget Sparky

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