Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dobla - Corporate video

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This was Dobla founded in 1956 by Jan Dontje and Greet Blank.

An Alkmaar family business

where everyone spoke the same language had the same background

and chatted together by the coffee machine about things of the day.

The telephone still had a wire and goods were delivered to the customer in person.

Together they made Dobla a top company.

A business with products that made life that bit nicer

and tastier. This is Dobla now, a company with six locations spread over

three continents.

The people speak Dutch Belgian English and Vietnamese

have different backgrounds and there's no communal coffee machine anymore.

So many different people, backgrounds,

languages and cultures. But at the same time

they have so much in common at Dobla. Everyone is part of one team

the Dobla team. They all have one common goal:

to get the best out of themselves and the company.

Raising the bar that bit higher every day

and making products that also make tomorrow's life

that bit nicer and tastier. And soon they will

all share one communal meeting place. A digital canteen

where every Dobla employee, wherever they are in the world,

can stay up to date with Dobla news, search for information

or exchange interesting facts with colleagues. The world is changing at a

rapid pace

information and trade is available 24 hours a day

on computers, smartphones and tablets. In that world

the power no longer lies with people who have the knowledge,

but with people who share the knowledge. That's the way we want to work at


We want to inform inspire and infuse each other.

If we do it well life Doble will become

even nicer and tastier than it is today. Dobla

a local Dutch business that has grown into a global player

in the chocolate decoration marketed. A global company

on its way from top class to world-class.

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