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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Learn the British Accent With Listening Practice

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I'm going to teach you a technique which

you can use you can add this into your

learning plan and this will help you

with improving your pronunciation and

it's all done through listening so I'm

going to give you kind of step by step

how you can achieve this and how you can

start working on it right now after this

video if you want to

so generally guys we call this technique

the mimicking technique or the imitation

technique and it's the technique which

I've used on actors/actresses from

America from the UK and of course the

hundreds of non-natives that I've taught

throughout my life and it's very very

simple but very effective so here we go

with step one the first thing which I

need you to do is I need you to find a

role-model I need you to find someone

whose accent you like who you want to

sound like now most people do have one

you wouldn't want to be learn the

British accent if there wasn't maybe

some one or some people who've made you

want to learn it maybe it's me if it's

me fantastic use me okay as your role

model the person you listen to okay so

that person will be your source of

learning if you're stuck with finding

someone maybe you like Harry Potter

okay well the actor in Harry Potter who

plays Harry is called Daniel Radcliffe

the actress who plays Hermione is called

Emma Watson and she's in many other

movies some people talk to me all the

time about how much they love people

like Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom

Hiddleston Keira Knightley is another

great female actress with an RP British

accent and all these people I've

mentioned generally have kind of an RP

style accent but we don't just have to

do actors and actresses maybe you like

the accent of a musician maybe you like

watching football is that something you

enjoy the commentators actually have

very very good accents so they're a

great source of learning but think about

your passions think about people and

things that you like or that you've

enjoyed throughout your life and see if

you can find someone British and use

them as your source of listening

learning it doesn't just have to be one

person there can be many now what I need

you to do is I need you to gather things

I need you to find interviews with this

person I need you to find materials

YouTube videos radio interviews

interviews are the great way of

improving intonation in particular

because we're listening to people talk

in a very natural situation they're

discussing things so interviews and chat

shows are if you can find something with

that person then you hit gold you could

find scenes in movies where people use

the accent that you like and of course

make sure when you're listening to that

person if you're trying to improve your

spoken English make sure that you're not

listening to someone reading something

because we actually use a very different

tone when we read compared to when we're

just talking like this so please do

think of that at the same time remember

you are learning not listening or

watching for pleasure so if you found

something the first time you listen to

it use it for learning and use the

technique I'm about to give you

after you studied and you've been

learning for let's say an hour or

however long the video takes then watch

it again not only will you have better

understanding but now you can listen to

it with pleasure so the first step of

using this material is you need to think

about what you are improving today are

you learning intonation are you learning

a few vowel sounds are you learning

consonants what are you focusing on

today make sure you're focusing on one

topic not loads and loads of things and

then you can begin so now you listen but

I want you to do it in kind of 10 second

intervals so you listen to the person

speak for 10 seconds or for as long as

you can and then repeat what they say

copying what it is you're trying to

learn so if you're trying to learn

intonation and this technique is best

for intonation copy how they say those

words you can do it with this video

listen to how I'm speaking and copy how

I use my tone or how I pronounce those

vowels and that's going to work but you

need to do it about three times

so you listen repeat go back 10 seconds

listen again repeat do that as I said

three times and then what you're doing

is training your muscles to start

speaking in this way you're teaching

your muscles to do something different

and to copy this person that you like

the sound off now I am absolutely

dreadful at maths I hate it but let me

tell you now that this equation works

imitation plus repetition times 3 equals

muscle memory

muscle memory times your brand new

British accent equals you can thank me

later and that's it okay as I said

listen the first time for pleasure

you're listening in 10-second intervals

and you're copying how they say these

things trust me this technique works

I've used it with hundreds and hundreds

of students make sure you're doing this

often include it in your schedule your

learning schedule or schedule however

you want to say it doesn't really matter

include it okay so maybe one day of the

week you do some listening practice this

practice I've mentioned and then maybe

the next day you practice my course and

you watch one of the videos from my

course and send me voice recordings of

you practicing that in the course and

then the next day maybe you do some

reading intonation prices you know have

your own schedule but this is a

fantastic thing to include in it and you

would be crazy not to do it if you

really want to sound like a native okay

it will help you pick up that natural

native sound if you're still struggling

to find someone to listen to and you

like the sound of me of course you have

all of my YouTube videos where you can

copy me and practice with me but I have

a podcast which is coming very very soon

it's going to be called journeys it's

about travel it's about journeys through

life it's about culture mostly about

travel but there's going to be a few

other stories included in there as I

said you don't have to enjoy what you're

listening to if you're not a big fan of

me or a big fan of travel but you like

my accent you can still use my podcasts

as listening practice and material to

help you with repetition so I will

provide links below so where you can

start listening to me in the podcast

there's only one episode available right

now it's kind of an introduction but I'm

very excited for you to hear

and I really would love some feedback so

please do tweet me or email me to let me

know what you think and as I said if you

want to start improving your accent

seriously right now with the teacher who

you can talk to you can join my course

at ETJ English comm the links in the

description below and I can't wait to

meet those of you who join thank you

very much for watching again go start

using this technique right now take care

guys and Cheers




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