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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 빅나티 서동현이vs서울대생 동현이! 이름이 똑같아서 만났다고..? 갑자기..? | 초면 | The First Meeting

Difficulty: 0

Kang Donghyun: Like how many girls they've hung out with, show-offs,

and that "swag"...Is that hip-hop's culture?

Seo Donghyun: There no such thing in H1GHR MUSIC

Then where?


Korean hip-hop is...

I'll do my best

Can you become friends with a person you just met?

The First Meeting: Seo Donghyun, Kang Donghyun

Seo Donghyun: Hello

Kang Donghyun: Nice to meet you


Could you introduce yourself?

(28 yrs old / on PD internship) I am Kang Donghyun from Seoul National University

Nice to meet you

I'm attending Daewon Foreign Language High School

My name is Seo Donghyun, and I'm a rapper from H1GHR Music

- Sorry, where? - H1GHR Music

H1GHR Music

Should we bring some snacks?

- Oh really? - Yes

- Yes I love snacks - Oh really?

I'll go get them

- (laughs) - Is it natural to be this awkward...

Of course. You've got to enjoy it

Are you on your senior year?

Actually...I wanted to study more

- But you're not in graduate school - No

STEP 1. Look at each other with your eyes wide opened

- I love your glasses - Oh my glasses?

I got this during SMTM. GIRIBOY bought if for me

Do you like hip-hop

I actually enjoy all kinds of songs

but Korean hip-hop...

So you're foreign hip-hop stan...?

No I'm not obsessed with it. I do listen to more foreign hip-hops than Korean ones.

- But I'm not a foreign hip-hop stan - Do you know any of my songs?

Actually...I don't

I'll work harder

STEP 2. Keep the distance of 45cm

Should we sit closer?

Oh like this..?

- Should we sit together? - Shall we?

Don't know how close they want us to be

You can sit

- Are you sure about this? - Who cares


My favorite singers are...


Wait. Okay

I like K-pop in general

Do you like K-pop?

- Yes I like it a lot - Who's your favorite?

- Girl's Day? - ?!

I don't know about other idol groups after them

I like Hyeri

How about you?

- I like everyone - Everyone?

- Well...everyone except Korean hip-hop people.. - Everyone except...

But now I've met you, so if someone asks me who's my favorite Korean rapper

- I'll say Seo Donghyun... - Seo Donghyun: ...

I'll go back to my seat

I'm sorry

- You're not a celebrity? - Of course I'm not a celebrity

But you're funny

- You're hilarious - I'm not

Should we come closer?

- Should we? - Yes

STEP 3. Decide how to call each other

But first I wanna ask you something

Don't your friends call you "Seo Dong", cuz you're Seo Donghyun?

- So when we learned about Earth's rotations - Uhhuh

- They used my name for memorization - Huh?

- For the directions... - Ohhh Seo(=West) and Dong(=East)?

Yes but I don't have a nickname cuz of my name...

- I asked you cuz my friends call me "Kang Dong" - Oh "Kang Dong"?

- They're like "Kang Dong, Kang Dong". Thought you'd be called "Seo Dong, Seo Dong"

- Do you live in Kang-Dong(=East Gangnam)? - Pardon?

- Just kidding... - Okay

What if I call you "Seo Dong" ?

I'd like that. You don't need to use honorifics

You first need to stop using honorifics




You can just talk down to me, don't have to care about me

(Honorifics ON) Do you have any signature pose when you introduce yourself?

(Honorifics OFF) I you?

- We don't do "We're H1GHR Music" kind of stuff - How?

It's an old stuff. Rappers don't do it that way.

Then what do rappers do?

Rappers just


(I'm a rapper)



I'm getting a headache

STEP 4. Find common features

Our names!

Who named you?

A grandpa at a naming center. How about you?

A fortuneteller in my town. It costed 300 bucks

Flex! My parents...

Do you like your name?

I've never thought deeply about why my name is Donghyun so...

- Cool - How about you?

I didn't like it for my whole life cuz it's too common

Don't think it worth 300 bucks...

- You think it doesn't worth it... - Yeah I can think of that name too

Then can you think of other name you'd like?

- I've always wanted my name to be one syllable - Me too!

Right? It's kinda bluff actually

Like DEAN, his birth name is "Kwon Hyuk"

Can you recommend one-syllable name that goes well with my last name "Kang"?


Kang Mool (=river)?


- Cheers - Okay

- Can you recommend one for me? For "Seo? - One syllable?

- Seo-ul - ...Cheers

STEP 5. Show innocent interest in each other

Do you have any question for me?

Do you know Lee Gyuchul?

Lee Gyuchul? Who's that?

He's in hip-hop club in your college

Ohh Triple H?

- Yes he's a part of it - Ohhh (don't know)

- There's a famous video - Oh really?

I'll try to have an interest from Korean hip-hop

Yes please try to have some interest in Korean hip-hop

Okay. I wanna ask you about prejudice on it

- You know that..."swag" - Yes / - The way rappers show off how much they're "cool"

You know, they even boast about how many girls they've hung out with

Are those stories true, or they just make those up for hip-hop?

No offense really, I'm just asking out of pure curiosity

Those kinds of show-offs, is that Korean hip-hop's culture?

- First of all I don't do those kinds of stuffs - Doesn't everyone say that?

- There's no such thing in H1GHR Music - Then where?

- I won't make any comments on that - I won't tell anyone

Oh ******


(How could you...)

They'll understand. It's how hip-hip is in general...

Okay....I'm just kidding

Actually I'm just a freshman in hip-hop scene

I'm still learning. Those kinds of cultures and stuff

- How is it learning? - I mean I shouldn't learn those

- No if you'd like to learn...! - I don't

- Oh okay - It's just...that's hip-hop

- And this is hip-hop... - Oh you respect the diversity

- Good-natured hip-hop - Oh you're a part of that?

Yes there're good-natured family and grown-up-stuff family

- Who first started that good-natured hip-hop? - GIRIBOY

Jay Park

- So it's a family tree of no scandals? - No scandals

- You need a scandal to get into the grown-up stuff family? - A scandal puts you in there naturally / - Ohh~

- shouldn't get in there - I won't

Okay, promise! (he won't cause any scandals from now😊)

Are you planning to go to college?

I've wanted to ask, is it good to go to college?

Like, you might had some fantasy about it. Is it different from the reality?

I will brighten my future

Thought I'll be able to do anything

But It's not like that

- But you're in Seoul National University? - That doesn't matter

- Do you want to go to Seoul National University? - I used to before

But now I want to go to Hongik

- Everyone has fantasy about college life - Right

But I heard there's nothing to do near Seoul National

- Is it right? - Yeah, who told you that?

You're exactly right!

There's just a mountain. Nothing for the entertainment.

But you're humanities major, Aren't there more girls than STEM?

- 😮? - Am I wrong?

You're right. But is that important?

Not saying it's important!

- But it's a part of college life's...fantasy... - Right

Actually my parents wanted me to get a job that needs lots of studying

Like know?

Then things have changed quickly

But I want to keep doing music. I like it.

I also want to try artistic fields

So I'm still considering what to do

You know, I'm 10 years older than you

But I'm still not sure what I want to do

Career is not about accomplishing things

It's about keep considering how to live


Life is about the process?!

Don't get worried about your future

You just need to appreciate what you've done

I'm telling you because

I work to make video contents

I always think how great it is to have my hard works as lasting outputs

- And rappers also make those outputs - Yes

Songs, concerts, and videos. Those are all assets which last throughout their lives

You have those assets at your age, and I'm so jealous.

I think you can be proud about it.

STEP 6. Share about your hobbies

Do you like exercising?


How about drawing?

I like to look at the drawings

How about traveling?

I love traveling

Where have you traveled so far?

During college I've been to Europe

And Japan

And Taiwan

You never study?



- I gave up studying after I got into college - But why are you in your 8th year?

Cuz I gave up

So you're still in college cuz you can't graduate?

- Yes / - Really? / - Yes

- Is it funny? - No it's not funny

- Then you said it in a nice way just ago - What did I say?

You said you want to study more

- We were not close then - Oh we're close now

Now I can be honest. I CANNOT graduate

Are you a good student?

...cut this out plz

- Do you sleep at school or not - I'm doing my best on music and studying!

- I mean do you sleep at school or not - Mom are you watching? I'm trying hard to be a good student

I'm doing my best. But you know...

there are so many straight-A students. I'm relatively...

But they can't do hip-hop

- Right? / -Right / - Okay!

STEP 7. Compliment each other

First I think there're lots of things I should learn from you

All of a sudden?

Hip-hop is about openly expressing one's thoughts

- I do so, right? - You're hip-hop / I'm hip-hop honestly

- Like foreign hip-hop - Right? / - You don't hesitate

Give me some advice

I don't think I qualify to give you advice

Why? You lived 10 years longer

You'd know what's worthless and what to try harder...

I might sound bossy...but bare with me for a minute

- I like serious talks - Okay. I'll finish in a minute

- You're happy now doing things that you like, right? - Right

But someday you'll need to do things that you don't like

- Yes - I think, when you keep only doing things that you like

you become less capable of doing things that you don't like

So you might not do things you don't like, even if you should. That's what I did.

I think you should develop your endurance

I think that's a necessary advice for me, honestly

Okay. Thanks

STEP 8. Show your honest weaknesses

My weakness is that I'm moody

Isn't it good for artists?

But it's getting worse these days

I guess it's because I always try to do everything perfect.

But aren't you like that too?

Like you don't want to study anymore when you think it's not perfect

Yes. I'm an extreme case

My case was really bad. I didn't want to do anything

I was obsessed with the thought that my life should be perfect

I couldn't risk to try new things

But I laid it down a few years ago

Now I think it's better to give a try

Who cares if we fail? It's better than nothing

You learning a lot?

STEP 9. Show your feelings if you want to become friends

I didn't have much expectations for today

But you're so funny

and hilarious

and you shared sincere advices

It was truly meaningful time for me

I didn't have much expectations too

because I didn't really know about you

I thought, "I'm not a celebrity. What can I do?"

Now I feel like there's no one in front of us

- and like we're just talking to each other - Me too / - I had a great time

- I actually had a goal today - What kind?

- We follow each other.. - Oh!

- Give me your ID - Your recent search...Giant Pengsoo

You're looking down on....Pengsoo got more followers than you!

You laughed about it

- No I didn't - That's my privacy

- just stood out - Okay

I followed you back

Why are you lurking at my following list?

- You don't follow Pengsoo, but you just search him? - Cuz of ego

I started to like him late. I used to say I'm not interested.

So you're not gonna follow him unless he follows you first?

Why would Pengsoo follow me?

But BIG Naughty follows me!

I'll do my best. Let's meet again at the broadcasting station

We follow each other. Let's keep in touch

It was great to meet you!

- Ppaggue? - Okay! Look there

1, 2, 3


The First Meeting: Seo Donghyun, Kang Donghyun

Donghyun, please do the slate. 1, 2, 3!

- Oh you're both Donghyun - Yes

Think we're like-minded, right?

We are?

We don't seem close on the outside

- But you can feel it? - Yes it's like.. / - Okay

- Invisible... - Is there something?

I think we're hitting it off

The Description of 빅나티 서동현이vs서울대생 동현이! 이름이 똑같아서 만났다고..? 갑자기..? | 초면 | The First Meeting