Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Krzyzacy (Poland, 1960) - Battle of Grunwald/탄넨베르크 전투: 1410

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Teutonic Knights (Poland, 1960) - Grunwald

Before these wild bastards decide where to stand

our banners will take the most convenient positions. And there...

Look, Brothers. There stand the Order's guests!

Best knights of all Europe!

The rest... is in God's hands.

He'll help His loyal servants.

The rest is in God's hands. He'll help His loyal servants.

My lord! The Teutons are out in the battlefield!

To battle, Brothers!

It will be bloody but it will ensure the rule of christianity in the East for the next millennium!

The Grand Master of the Order!






🥁drums beating in the distance🥁

🥁still drums, but now closer🥁

🥁drums beating louder as the knights approach🥁

👑Dear sirs, we go to the Holy Mass.

My lord! The Teutons have knights from Bavaria, Swabia and Franconia!

Interrupt  Mass!

My king! Knights fron Rhineland, Frisia and England!

🎹Sounds of the Holy Mass🎹

They're hiding in the forest.

They're better with a spoon than with a gun! You don't know them. It is not the heart that Poles lack.

But, as I know, their king... He expects peaceful emissaries to the last minute. Shame!

The whole power of the Order fears some wild Poles!

I'd rather die than that! Even alone, only with these swords, I could attack the entire Polish army!

No, it's against discipline.

Advise me how to draw an enemy from the forest?

My lord! Emissaries from the Order are coming!

Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen calls Your Highness and Grand Duke Witold for an open battle!

And to raise your courage, which you clearly lack, he sends these two swords.

🥁drums beating in the distance🥁

The Grand Master also ordered to tell you that, if you lack space for deploying,

we could grant you some more for you not to rot in those bushes.

We have enough swords here ... ... but we will also take them as a prophecy of victory.

🐎The sounds of horses.🐎

🎺trumpets playing🎺


Stop the heavy troops! Not they first! Stop!!


By the king's order! Go back!

Turn back, by the king's order! Go back!


To Grand Duke Vytautas! Tell him to attack the enemy!


🏇Tatar pipes playing🏇

🏇Lithuanian war cries🏇

[bombards shooting]

🏇Lithuanian war cries🏇

🏇horses falling/dying 🏇

Let them burn in Hell... They got through.

It's just light cavalry of Vytautas!

Begin, in God's name.

They won't get through and we'll just trample our archers! BEGIN!

May God be with us ...

🎺The sound of Tatar flutes🎺

🏇Tatar pipes and Lithuanian war cries🏇

Our knights! They'll trample us!


🥁drums playing in the distance🥁

My king! Please, come and help us! Save our men!



🎶Christ is resurrected🎶

🏇horses charging🏇

To attack!

🎶Bogurodzica🎶("The Mother of God")





🏇horses charging and war cries on both sides🏇

combat sounds

👑Banners of Kalisz and Sieradz, support our right flank!

combat sounds

👑Go and help Masovia!

[combat sounds]

The royal banner is in danger! (And his name is ... Zbyszko from Bogdaniec!)

combat sounds

Teutonic cry

🎶Christ ist erstanden" ("Christ is resurrected")🎶

👑Take three banners, make a loop through Ludwikowo (or Łodwigowo) and charge! Turn back and follow me!

🏇Horses running🏇

🏇Water splash🏇

Combat sounds.

Combat sounds in the distance.

We'll make a circle and charge at their side!

Combat sounds in the distance.

Combat sounds.

👑Infantry hits now! On the enemy!

On the enemy!

🏇Combat sounds.🏇

🏇Combat sounds and horses dying.🏇

🏇Combat sounds and horses dying (this battle left one of the biggest horse graveyards in history🏇

🏇Combat sounds and horses dying🏇

🏇Combat sounds🏇

Combat sounds and Urlich panting.

Combat sounds and Urlich screaming.

Combat sounds.

Shouts in the distance.

Shouts in the distance (one more dead horse)

Kuno Liechtenstein!

Do you recognize me?

I do.

I vowed I'd find you and fight you. Bring it.

For death, not for captivity! Bring it!

Take off your helmet!

Bring it, you dog!

Duel sounds.

🥁Drummer dying🥁

Gloomy music.

Monks praying.


📯This is the one who, by this very morning, thought of himself being superior to all others...📯



Jagna! Laughs.

Jagna is the girl.

The End.


He writes and translates into several languages: Joachim Moczko

The Description of Krzyzacy (Poland, 1960) - Battle of Grunwald/탄넨베르크 전투: 1410