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Salut, my friends, it's KraSava! I'm leaving chilly Moscow for hot Rome, and we're having a bombastic hero here!

This player was airlifted by Jürgen Klopp, but then was roughly grounded by José Mourinho

He became the best player of his country nine times, and he's his nation's treasure, indeed.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is on KraSava, let's roll!

In this episode we are not allowed to advertise, therefore the logos of our sponsors blurred. Hope for your understanding, guys!

And now let's go!

I'm Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and you're watching KraSava!

The first attack and Roma score the goal at once!

What happened between Henrikh Mkhitaryan and José Mourinho?

You refused to earn conditionally around20 million to play in Europe!

We love Henrikh Mkhitaryan and want to be like him!

How did you come to the idea of writing to Mino Raiola?

I just couldn't risk my own life

Klopp, how cool you are!

Have you ever been threatened from somebody from Azerbaijan?

Many times

Henrikh KraSava!

So, my friends, we're here at Stadio Olimpico where today in terms of UEFA Europa League AS Roma hosts a match against KAA Gent

There's plenty of time before the match, so I'm making a small excursion for us

And we're for sure visiting the fan shop where we're going to buy Henrikh Mkhitaryan's jersey

He's going to sign it, and, of course, we're giving it away during this episode


No? Why not?

We now have a new collection of severe salesmen, not only severe guardians

They didn't allow me neither to film nor to buy a jersey, so we're heading to the city and buying one there

To be honest, I didn't expect anything but this: in the beautiful building, in the center of the city

there is such a beautiful two-stored shop of AS Roma

Off we go to buy the jersey of the best one of the Armenians, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, of course!

So... Well, we're taking classic colors, here's the jersey. There is no number or surname yet,

Henrikh has the number of 77 in AS Roma

The alarm is beeping, they think I'm running away with the jersey

Well, guys, how do you like the fan shop of AS Roma? Pretty cool, huh?

Two stores, and it's right in the center of the city!

I love and respect you so much that I even ordered this Serie A logo for5

So you're going to get the super original and super exclusive jersey of Henrikh Mkhitaryan with his signature

88... [clears throat]

Guys, I've met this lad who visited Tula, can you imagine this?

I guess he doesn't know that Tula Arsenal has the same colors as AS Roma

Go, Micki Taryan! KraSava!

Go, Micki! Go!

Such a cool present someone's going to get!

The next stop of our mini-excursion is the graffiti of Francesco Totti. He's the most popular player of Roma in the whole history

There are several similar graffitis in Rome, I'm pinning the location so you can come here and make a photo for your Instagram account

By the way, not so long ago the Roman emperor gave an interview for SkySport and said that buying Henrikh Mkhitaryan, our today's hero

is a very cool transfer, as he is very technical and experienced. So I'm making a photo too, and we go further!

Hop-pa! 1:0!

There's no point to explain where I am now. The most recognizable stadium in Rome is Colosseo

The thing is that Henrikh Mkhitaryan has good statistics in Serie A: 11 matches, 4 goals considering his traumas

However, Henrikh didn't score any goals in Europa League

While Henrikh is preparing for the game, I'm in his jersey, here with the guys from Brazil

and we're starting the challenge: we're making head kicks, assisting each other and scoring right there!

Let's go!

They are Brazilian! Guys, it's a catastrophe!

One more! Come on!

How come?!

Damn! How on earth?!

Guys, it's Ok! I believe in you! We are all from Tobolsk! Come on!

No, no, no! We're making it! Henrikh must score a goal today!

Guys! Come on! Get a grip!

Henrikh, we did it! I swear! God, I've never been so tired!

Guys, you rock! That's it, guys, we believe in the goal! We keep calm and go to the stadium

Thank you guys, thank you, my best team!

We're giving away this ball at the end of the episode

There will be a lot of giveaways

I'm so tired, guys, I'm really tired. That's it, let's go to the stadium!

Well, guys, welcome to the Stadio Olimpico!

Thanks to Henrikh for such cool seats! Look, the pitch feels so close, even though there are running tracks at the stadium!

This tribune is called "Legend", so I'm going to be the Legend of the World Football at least for one game!

Henrikh is starting the match on the bench

Roma vs. Gent! Let's go!


The first attack, and Roma score at once!

You know, I'm really shocked by the fact that everyone is smoking. It's allowed to smoke here, at Stadio Olimpico. Shock!

The first half is over, 1:0. Roma lead, we're waiting for Henrikh in the second half

Gent's fans start the second half with their performance, they lit up the lights hoping their team will even the score

So we're finally done with waiting, Micki is coming off the bench at the 78

What a moment it was for Gent! It's just shock! Luckily it's not 1:1


So, we're congratulating AS Roma with the win! We congratulate Henrikh with the win! 1:0

He played for 15 minutes, didn't score any goals, but the coach gave him little time, to be honest

Good Roman morning ya'll! Yet it's not quite Roman as I've come here to Trigoria village, where AS Roma's football base is located

Right now Henrikh is busy at the training, and I was not allowed to film it

However, we're going to discuss everything with Henrikh after the training

Another fun fact is that in front of the training ground there is a bus stop. I wonder if any football player from the main team got here, to the base, on this public transport?

This is how Roma's training ground looks like. We've been to many various training grounds, including the cool ones, like Manchester City has

This training ground is much more modest, but that's the way it is. You can take a look yourself.

KraSava: Hello, champion! Congratulations on the win! Henrikh: Thanks!

KraSava: Are you ready? Henrikh: Yes!

KraSava: Do I get it right that the main team and the second team also live here and train here? Henrikh: As far as I am aware, there are Under-19s also here

KraSava: What's the coolest training ground you've ever been to in your career? Henrikh: The coolest one?... All of them have their own advantages

KraSava: When I talked to Zinchenko, when I filmed Manchester City, Manchester City have a way too cool base

KraSava: But he said: 'You've never been to Shakhtar: there's a lake, there are swans...' Henrikh: Well, yeah, there was a palace, it was not a base, it was a real palace!

KraSava: Yesterday you played 15 minutes. How have you recovered from the injury? And what are the chances of your playing from the start tomorrow?

Henrikh: Thank God, the injury is already behind. I am back to my optimal fitness, it wasnt easy, but I pushed hard.

Henrikh: As it's my second injury. Though, I really hope I'll play this Sunday

KraSava: Let's get back to the very beginning of your professional career. FC Pyunik. You're 18. You become champions. You played 24 games and scored 12 goals.

Henrikh: Yes, that was my first year

KraSava: Then comes the Champions League, and you play against Shakhtar

KraSava: Mircea Lucescu was very impressed with your game, and asked Akhmetov (Rinat Akhmetov, the President and Owner of Shakhtar Donetsk) to buy you

KraSava: But you didn't join Shakhtar, you joined Metalurh Donetsk. Why?

Henrikh: To be honest, I had no idea about Shakhtar being interested in me at the time I was in Pyunik

Later I found out that Mircea Lucescu wanted to buy me, but there were no particular offers

I was told that joining Metalurh was the best option. To play there for 6 months, and then move to Europe

KraSava: When in Shakhtar, you were called 'The Master of the Training Ground', right? Because you lived at the training ground, and when I played football

KraSava: they made an example of Henrikh Mkhitaryan: 'He lives at the training ground, always thinks about football'

KraSava: Is it true that you had an individual cook, who also lived at the training ground, individual serving staff, who also lived at the training ground, as you lived there

Henrikh: No, no, no! I didn't have an individual cook!

There were cooks, and they worked till night, as we trained late in the evening,

That's why we had lunch and dinner at the base, but as I lived at the training ground, I also had breakfast there

And I'm grateful to all the staff who took care of me and made me feel comfortable

Why did they call me 'The Master of the Training Ground'?

Because I had a dream! I had a dream to play in Europe, I had a dream to play in the best clubs

Lucescu sometimes even told me: 'Go out, why are you always at the base?', so I went out from time to time, but my main focus was always on football

KraSava: You have a family now, at what moment did you leave the training groundand started living in the flat?

Henrikh: When I first moved to Metalurh Donetsk and played a year in the club, and I also lived at the training ground there.

Then I joined Shakhtar Donetsk and lived at the training ground for three years, then I moved to Borussia Dortmund, and they told me there were no rooms at the training ground

Henrikh: So you'll have to... KraSava: Yeah, in Europe there are no...

Henrikh: Yep, I didn't even think of living at the training groundthere, as no one lives at the base in Europe, they have different views on that

Only juveniles and maybe somebody from the second team, so I rented a flat and lived there

KraSava: You come to the base two-three hours before the training starts. What do you do here?!

Henrikh: I come, ask for some recovery procedures, massage or something else if needed, that's two hours before the training

Then I have breakfast, start working out in the gym and preparing for the training

KraSava: Each day? Henrikh: Yep, each day. The life of a football player is short, so you need to enjoy every moment

Because, you know, when you start playing at 18 or 19, you'll only have around 16-17 years of career

So you simply need to enjoy every step you take, doesn't matter if it's a game or a training, or just getting to the training ground

Staying at the training ground for hours, working hard, because everything you do, you do only for yourself

KraSava: I heard and read such a thing that José Mourinho, when you played for MU, he was trolled by the press that you came to the training ground earlier than he did

And he was mad about that, he even called Mino and told: 'Mino, why does he come earlier than anybody? What is he trying to prove me?!' Is it true?

Henrikh: Yes, it's true. He once saw me during breakfast and told me: 'I'm criticized by the press because of you',

and I was like: 'What do you mean, mister?', and he was like: 'As you leave the hotel and come here earlier than me, they criticize me about that'

and I told him: 'Mister, I don't do that on purpose, I do it for myself, not for you to be criticized',

because when I was in Manchester, paparazzi waited for us maybe three days in a week, they shoot how you get into the car, what you wear,

and then you come to the training ground, and there are paparazzi again. They controlled every step of yours, so everyone knew that

KraSava: So what did Mourinho want you to do? To come later? To be late? To come to the training ground from the night clubs?

Henrikh: No, I guess he just wanted me to come an hour before the training or 45 minutes ahead

KraSava: My kind of a trainer! I would be late, and he would be calm, for sure

KraSava: Can you say that José Mourinho is the toughest coach in the career of Henrikh Mkhitaryan?

Henrikh: Yes, I can say so. He has the character of a winner. All he wants from you is only winning

He is not interested in how you're going to play, good or bad, he only wants you to win

He wants you to do what he demands from you, so I guess he is tough for everybody, but despite we had disagreement

and conflicts sometimes, especially during my later period there, but it didn't impact our good work and didn't prevent us from winning three trophies together

KraSava: Jesse Lingard told me you always dance in the dressing room. Is that true?

Henrikh: Well, sometimes I do. Not all the time, but I do. When in Manchester, we always had music in the dressing room

before the training and after it, so who was the first to come or who was in good mood, turned on the music

I can't say I danced like people do in the clubs, but, you know, when you're in good mood, you just move around and...

KraSava: Your friends are Pogba and Ibrahimović. I can't say that they are super calm guys, who follow the regime

What do Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimović have in common? Except Mino, of course

Henrikh: I don't know, we have a lot in common. We all feel comfortable on the pitch, and we always had common themes to talk about

The main joker was Ibrahimović, among the three of us, I joined him, and then we started to joke about everything

We sometimes even had lunches and dinners together, and that was just great!

They way he behaves behind the scenes is way too different, he is very different in real life,

When in summer of 2019 Arsenal was in the US, we met with him in Los Angeles, and we spent some quality time together, talked a lot,

He is just the way he is, he doesn't change, he is always positive, even now, when he is 38,5 year old, he is just the same as he was three years ago

KraSava: Henrikh, is that true that Zlatan Ibrahimović likes Armenian cuisine, and Paul Pogba likes Armenian music?

Henrikh: Ibrahimović... well, it's not that he likes Armenian cuisine, we just once agreed to eat out somewhere, and I suggested going to the Armenian restaurant

KraSava: When you were in Manchester, right? Henrikh: Yes, when in Manchester

Henrikh: And we enjoyed our meal, he liked it a lot, and in two days when we played in Europa League against AS Sainttienne, he scored three goals

I think it was a tradition, as when I met him in the US in summer, we also ate together, but that time we went to the Japanese restaurant

The next day he played against LA FC, and he also scored three goals, so I always tell him that...

KraSava: So it's not about food, but about Armenia, right? Henrikh: I thinks, yes!

KraSava: I saw a video on which you sang the song When you became top scorer of the Ukrainian Premier League with Shakhtar, and you sang the song in front of 50,000 fans

KraSava: What is more challenging: to sing a song in front of 50,000 people or to play football in front of 50,000 people?

Henrikh: I think, to sing a song. Considering the fact that it was my first game at the stadium with 50,000 people sitting in there,

So it made me even more nervous, but when you have a mic in your hand and you have to sing, is way too different

However, even though I wasn't supposed to sing, there was a singer named Gaitana, she told that if Mkhitaryan makes a record

and scores more than 25 goals, I'll sing Shakhtar's anthem in Armenian, and I happened to score my 25th goal at the last game,

So she didn't have enough time to translate the anthem to Armenian, so she asked if I could sing that song, "Ov, sirun,sirun", in Armenian with her, and I agreed.

KraSava: When Zlatan and Pogba are visiting your place in Yerevan? Henrikh: I don't know

KraSava: Is it possible? Henrikh: I hope it is! I just need to send an invitation, I don't know if they accept it or not

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Marina Tashchyan, Henrikh Mkhitaryan's mother KraSava: Hi!

Marina: Thank you so much! KraSava: So nice to meet you! Marina: Nice to meet you too!

KraSava: Footbal players' mothers are from a separate planet, how much nerves you spent on us, how much jars of brilliant green were poured on our damaged legs!

Marina: Thank you so much for these beautiful flowers! KraSava: Great!

KraSava: All mothers react very painfully when they hear criticism towards their child

KraSava: What is the most abusing phrase or the most offensive article you've ever read about Henrikh?

Marina: There are several articles being posted, especially when he comes to play for the National Team,

Marina: They all think that Henrikh must do everything on his own KraSava: That he must win everybody on his own. Classic.

Marina: I see offensive articles, but I can't react on each of them, so I just try to read less to get rattled less

KraSava: Does he call your after the match? Or you're taking a pause of a couple of days?

Marina: No-no-no, he calls for sure, we talk several times a day.

KraSava: Mom knows it all, right? Mom can tune for the game, give advice or even analyse the situation on the pitch?

Marina: Even if he is not available, I call my daughter-in-law, talk to her, I talk to my daughter, so we have a kind of a triangle.

We are all connected to each other

KraSava: Steve Gerrard's aunt, when I filmed her, told me, that crowds of Chinese people come to see his house and to take pictures, to see where and how he lives

KraSava: How often do you get attacked by the people who want to get in and at least see this place and all those trophies?

Marina: No, nobody has ever bothered us yet. KraSava: It Ok now, right? Marina: Yes, it's Ok!

Marina: His fan made him such a doll

Marina: It's a very old ball, it has all the signatures of the players of Ararat FC on it. It's left from my late husband. KraSava: Right.

Marina: Yes, there's Eduard Markarov, as you can see, there are many other players here

KraSava: This is the Ararat FC who became Champions with Nikita Simonyan, winning in the whole USSR, right? Marina: Yes, you're right.

Marina: There are also my prizes, which I personally got, as a UEFA delegate I inspect a lot of matches, and get prizes.

Well, of course I needed to put on display all those trophies, earlier I displayed all these prizes at FFA, but then I took them all home

And put them among Henrikh's prizes

You see, all kinds of such souvenirs given by his fans

KraSava: Henrikh knows six languages, French and five more languages, right? Where from? Marina: French, Englsih, Portugese, Russian,

well, Armenian, of course, and also Italian and German.

KraSava: Usually it's not like this when it comes to football players, as they have bad marks, don't know any languages, here you can see a great example

Marina: All these things are very easy for Henrikh, first and foremost, he likes learning languages, he learnt many languages on his own

He studies on his own, buys books.

KraSava: What a team Dortmund had, huh? Do you see? Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Reus.

Armen Tashchyan, Henrikh's uncle: When Henrikh was a kid, maybe he was around 9 or 10 years old, he had Borussia Dortmund's kit

Armen: In children's sports schools there was no uniform, as they have now, so parents bought what they could find, so we bought him Borussia's kit.

Marina: There's the book right here, Borussia gifted it to him, it's the history of the club.

It goes like this, all the dates, the history...

KraSava: Can you say that Borussia is for the present moment was the best period in Henrikh's career?

Marina: I think it was.

KraSava: Your husband played football. Marina: Yes. KraSava: And you moved to France when Henrikh was only one year old.

Marina: Henrikh was only around eight months old when we moved to France, as there was the offer from there

For Hamlet to play for the Armenian club which played in the Third Division Championship

And it was very hard for him to move as he had to have the permission from the USSR government, so we went to Moscow,

Got the permission, and only after this we could move to France

He played in France, and in a year just in his first championship his team qualified for the Second Division.

Hamlet played there for five years in ASOA Valence, and then we moved to Paris to a small club Issy-les-Moulineaux

Henrikh was seven months old, he spent his childhood in France until he turned 7 years old

KraSava: He learnt the language Marina: He learnt the language, went to the kindergarten, then he went to the first grade, and then we moved to Yerevan

We moved because of my husband's disease; he had a malignant brain tumor. So the whole family moved to Yerevan,

And after four months he passed away, it was in 1996.

KraSava: Is it true that Henrikh started playing football mostly because his father played football, and after his death...

Marina: I guess it's true, because after his father's death he made it his mission to continue his father's work, and started playing football

KraSava: Henrikh said that if it was not his father's death, he would probably become a lawyer or doctor. Is it real?

KraSava: So he would not become a football player? Marina: Yes, it's true, maybe he wouldn't.

KraSava: Marina, why does Hamlet wear Liverpool's kit? And it's Hrazdan Stadium, isn't it?

Marina: Yes, it was long ago, you know, back in the day football players bought all kinds of jerseys of European clubs and wore it

KraSava: Is there something common in Henrikh and Hamlet's playing style?

Marina: When I watch the game, he looks very much like his father, the way he runs, the way he moves, all his tricks - yes, it looks very much like his father

KraSava: Is there something they are totally different in? Marina: The character. Armen: Yes, the character.

Marina: The characters for sure are different. Hamlet was very vivid, while Henrikh is much calmer, balanced, steady.

KraSava: How much did your father's death, which happened when you were only seven years old, influenced your obsession with football and the way you think?

KraSava: You set that goal and told yourself: 'I'm going to get there by all means, and he is going to be proud of me'.

Henrikh: Well, losing your father when you are seven is something that you can't really imagine fully. You don't quite understand what's happening.

You know that you have a father, and then he is gone in one moment. When you're seven, you don't realize your father is fighting with brain cancer

which was not actually treated at those times. Maybe nowadays there are some chances.

It was very hard, and I didn't understand where my father was, why he was not with us, people die - I didn't understand anything about that.

Then they tried to explain me what happened, and that I had to move on and live without my father.

And then I decided I wanted to go into football. My mom took me to the Pyunik Academy. I thought I wanted to become a good player,

but when you're young you only think about enjoying the process of training

So I think the loss of my father made me take football even more serious, to set good goals and to achieve them

Monika Mkhitaryan, Henrikh's sister: It influences diffenrently on each person, as for me, this loss made me feel responsible for my brother,

I felt I had to protect him and to take care of him in his career. So, he had our family, us, women, and the virtual voice of my father who guided him on.

It told him: 'Don't give up, move on, you're going to make it!'

And this is the unique power of my brother

KraSava: You husband died in 1996, and the next year, in 1997, the school of Pyunik was renamed in honor of Hamlet Mkhitaryan

Marina: Yes, that's right, we asked the city hall to do so

KraSava: It was the first school where Henrikh went to, right? Marina: Yes, it was his first school where he started training

KraSava: I couldn't possibly visit Armenia without showing you this legendary place. It's the great Hrazdan Stadium

It was here where Ararat FC won the USSR championship and the USSR cup.

Here they won FC Bayern Munich, and it was here where Henrikh scored his goals, including scoring goals against Italy and Gianluigi Buffon himself.

The stadium now is in horrible state, it was long ago when someone played here. However, behind the stadium there is the school of Hamlet Mkhitaryan

And we are heading right there

The sign says: 'Hamlet Mkhitaryan'.

Come on, Mkhitaryan, go! Make it to the top corner!

Just look what he's doing!

Scouts, you guys just need to hurry up here, 2 out of 2, this guys has just scored with a scissors kick! I suggest considering him!

Do you still have any doubts about who's the most popular football player in Armenia?

Almost all the guys are training in Mkhitaryan's jerseys, I've never seen anything like this anywhere else

KraSava: I think it's pretty cool and very responsible, right? The woman: Right!

KraSava: By the way, why are you wearing an Anzhi FC hat? Huh? The woman: [laughs]

KraSava: Mkhitaryan has never played for Anzhi FC! The woman: I know it!

KraSava: How often does Henrikh come here? Does he visit the trainings? The woman: Yes, for sure, he comes to watch.

We love Henrikh Mkhitaryan and want to be like him!

We want to be like you!

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is cooler than Cristiano Ronaldo!

We're all waiting for you to train us here!

Pyunik is rooting for you, Henrikh!

Henrikh - Krasava!!

KraSava: What is this story about when Henrikh played in the team of Armenia with the guys who were two years older than him?

When he was smaller than every one else, and they didn't take him to the team?

Marina: For the first time he was invited ot the team when he was only 15 years old, to Armenia National Team Unred-17,

He went for the match with the team, and when he got back, his team already left to play abroad.

And he came home, threw his bag on the floor, lied down on the carpet and started crying: 'They didn't take me!'

I told him: 'If they didn't take you, that means that you are weak. You must train more'.

KraSava: That was tough! Marina: Yes, quite tough. Because he really needed to train more to reach such a level that he could join the National Team.

KraSava: Armen, you coached Henrikh when he was in Under-17 team, right? You had him in Pyunik.

KraSava: Usually coaches say: 'I always saw he was super talented, I always knew he was going to be a super star'

KraSava: Tell me, please, what Henrikh lacked when he started playing, and what he improved when he moved to Europe?

Armen Gyulbudaghyants, Henrikh's coach: During his first matches for 15-year-old players I asked them to write down their weak points

And Henrikh wrote: 'My left foot' and '"'I'm bad at head kicks'

The next day I was having a match, and after the dinner they all went to sleep, and I walked into the hall, it was a closed one,

And I saw Henrikh practicing his head kicks, trying it like this and like that

In only a month he already improved his left foot and his head kicks. Of course, he had weak points, but he was a very hard working person

KraSava: I know that you're always in touch, that you often call each other. What was the latest thing you scolded Henrikh for?

Armen: Henrikh is such a hard working guy, he is such a team player, that his own talent suffers from it, as he doesnt let it explode, I mean it

Armen: He only wants to give everything to the team.

KraSava: So you may say he lacks some egoism, right? Armen: Yes, yes, that's right! I could say so.

KraSava: For nine years out of latest eleven, Mkhitaryan is the best player in Armenia. Is it about his uniqueness? Is he great, or is Armenian football undergoing some crisis?

Armen: He is great. He is a great player. He went the whole way with his Armenian passport.

KraSava: When kids, we all bought our favorite players' jerseys at the markets. I had Kluivert and Del Piero and Ronaldo Luís, 'The Phenomenon'.

KraSava: Who was his role model among the world stars? Armen: Zidane.

They even have similar characters, they are both team players. He was born to be a leader.

KraSava: Where did Henrikh take his first jerseys he wore in the school? The ones of Dortmund, Milan? Did he buy them at this market?

Armen: They brought those jerseys from China, Turkey, and sold them in football schools.

KraSava: Oh, they sold them right in the schools, not here at the market, right? Armen: No-no-no.

KraSava: Give the Armenia National Team. What size? I don't know, M? L?

KraSava: In the end of each episode we have a tradition to give away a jersey, but at this episode we're having two giveaways

We're giving away one original jersey with Herikh's signature, and another one, from this market "Vernisazh" we're giving away in our fan group in VK social net

So follow the links in the description, subscribe, I guess we've never had it like this - buying a jersey at the market

Anyone can go to the fan shop, while not everyone can go the market!

Well! Wooow! Super!

KraSava: I know that you still watch a lot of matches of Armenian Championship Henrikh: Yes.

KraSava: Is life in Rome so boring? Come on! What is so interesting going on there?

Henrikh: It's not that it's boring in Rome, I always follow everything about football. Armenian Championship, Ukrainian Championship, Russian Championship.

England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany

I watch it all because you have to learn something new every day

KraSava: Reveal me a secret. Have you ever asked Mino to pay attention to some Armenian player? Or someone from the former USSR.

Henrikh: Yes, I told him about Armenian players. I did. KraSava: Do you mean it?

Henrikh: Yes, he told me: 'It's not easy for me, but I'll try to do something'. Someone succeeded to get into the club, someone did not.

Henrikh: However, I always told him: 'Come on, pay your attention. Let's make it like this, like that, like this'.

KraSava: Name one surname of the Armenian player who is probably not known in Russia, but who must be followed from this very day?

Henrikh: Erik Vardanyan, who is in Sochi FC now. Despite his having a knee trauma, I think he can show himself well and he can play in a good championship and in good clubs

KraSava: Your sister told me she started searching Mino when people from Shakhtar started trying to sell you to various clubs and make money on you.

KraSava: Who are those people? Can you name the surnames of people who sold Henrikh Mkhitaryan?

Henrikh: There were plenty of them, to be honest. KraSava: Plenty, huh?

Henrikh: They called me and told me: 'Well, we talked to that club', and 'We have good relationship with that club',

Henrikh: 'Come on, send us your authorization, and sign this contract', and so on.

Henrikh: I told them: 'I sign none of these contracts. If you want it - no problem, come on and make an official contract, send it and I'll sign it - with the club and with you'.

Henrikh: 'But I won't give you any authorization' KraSava: A young guy from an ordinary family, who is super talented and lives in Armenia,

KraSava: Is it possible to get out of there without having anyone stuck to you, I mean from kinda criminal structures who want to make money on you?

Henrikh: Yes, it's possible. It's really possible.

The main thing is to use your chance. And I think I used that chance.

I had a chance to join Metalurh - I used it. To join Shakhtar - I did it. Then Borussia, Manchester. I think everyone has his own chance.

Location: Nyon, Switzerland

KraSava: This is where the draws are made, right? Monika: UEFA draws. Club competitions.

KraSava: Friends, can you imagine where we've got in a year and a half of this channel's existence?

KraSava: We're here in the hall where UEFA draws are made, Europa League, the Champions League, all those competitions.

KraSava: Monika works here. Monika: With Evgeniy. Communicating here. KraSava: Yep!

KraSava: Someone's boots. Somebody got the lucky draw and just threw his things and ran away, preparing for the matches.

KraSava: Everything is way too serious here. It's impossible to get in here, and they say it's impossible to go out of here, so again it's the last episode on this channel!

KraSava: Monika, you work at UEFA. For me, personally, as for a guys who played football during his whole life, loves football

KraSava: UEFA headquarter is kinda outer space, it's another planet, there are people sitting and deciding how football should develop.

KraSava: What do you do there? What are you responsible for? And how did you get there?

Monika: I studied in France, in Lyon, getting an MA. And I needed an internship. And my mom advised me to write to UEFA directly to Michel Platini

Monika: And I got the offer to complete an internship in UEFA. The internship wnet very well, and I was the first trainee in the history of UEFA.

KraSava: Oh, that's cool! Monika: Just for you to know!

Monika: So they offered me a job. Currently, I'm in charge of a project in strategic communications for all the member associations of UEFA.

KraSava: So, you are responsible for the communication between all the countries which are the members of UEFA, right?

Monika: We help develop communication strategies, designing plans for improving image of the National Associations and football in respective countries.

KraSava: I know that you help your brother beyond the pitch. I don't know where I heard that word, maybe it was you mom who told me, or I read it in the interview,

KraSava: That you're a kind of slaughter, whatever starange it may sound.

Monika: I guess you're right. If I'm a slaughter or not, but I am a filter, for sure.

KraSava: I know it, I've come through you to stand here with the cam. Monika: Well, it wasn't so scary, huh? It wasn't so bad!

Monika: In fact it all comes to me first, I look through all the requests, analyse them, filter them, and then I discuss them with my brother, and we make a decision.

To be honest, we have very different characters. We sometimes even have conflicts when I want something or I advise something,

Monika: And he doesn't feel like he wants it. KraSava: So everything related to his actives, media, etc., - it's all your job.

Monika: Yes, I find agents, negotiate with them.

KraSava: How did the idea of writing to Mino Raiola popped up in your mind, when you didn't even know the exact email address you were writing to?

KraSava: You didn't even know the address, you just randomly guessed it!

Monika: It all started when my brother became the top scorer of the Ukrainian Premiere League.

Monika: All kinds of interference started happening from various people... KraSava: So some people tried to sell your brother without him even knowing it, right?

Monika: Exactly! They started offering him here and there, to various clubs without our knowledge.

So I called my brother and told him: 'Listen, Henrikh, you can't go on like this, you need an agent, especially if you're willing to play in Europe in its best clubs'.

And he said: 'Ok! What shall we start from? How do I find an agent who will be good for me?'

Monika: I said: 'Let's just search for him. I heard about a guy named Mino Raiola... KraSava: Who didn't hear about him?

Monika: There are no impossible transfers for him. KraSava: It's because Mino didn't work with me, it would be his only tranfser he would definitely fail!

KraSava: How did you find Mino? Who did you guess his email address? You didn't know it, as far as I know.

Monika: No, I didn't know it, but I have a partner, who is also a very close friend to our family, we work together on all matters related to my brother .

And we sat in front of the computer, and we didn't know how to find his email, if it was Mino or Carmine or anything else,

So we checked various options, and eventually found the right one.

KraSava: Do you understand that many of those people who are wacthing this video will write: 'Carmine' then '@' than something like '' or ''

Monika: Well, Ok, let them search for it! KraSava: So, he answered you, right?

Monika: Yes, he asked me why we chose him, I don't work with everybody.

I answered him why we chose him, and who Henrikh was. He called me, asked me what I did for living, asked me if I was a lawyer or something like that

And I told him I worked in the presidential office of UEFA for Platini, and he suggested meeting in Milan.

He met us very warmly and said that he knew everything about my brother, he asked the strongest Sporting Directors of European clubs about him

And he told us that he was interested to work with my brother.

KraSava: I read Zlatan's book in which he wrote that Mino is such a daring guy. Could you tell some examples of such situations in which Mino behaved like the coolest agent?

Monika: His head works two times faster than an ordinary person's.

KraSava: Could you give a small example, please?

Monika: Well, I can't give you any example as all of them are confidential. The only thing I can tell you is that he is very strong in negotiations

And he always has Plan A, Plan B, and adding to this, he has the best players in Europe and in the world. He has so many talents in his hands.

KraSava: Mino has become a friend of your family. Why hasn't he ever come to Armenia, to Yerevan, to your beautiful house?

Monika: Well, we invited him many times, he promised to visit our house in Armenia, he also attended my brother's wedding.

Mino usually never attends any weddings or funerals, but he made an exception for my brother.

KraSava: Your transfer to Dortmund. Mino Raiola, who was found by your sister, called you and invited you to come to Monaco,

Since I'm negotiating with Tottenham Hotspur FC and Liverpool FC.

How did you get to Dortmund in the end?

Henrikh: When the season was over in Shakhtar, I got back to Yerevan, Armenia, and spent my vacation there.

And Mino always called me to tell that Tottenham, Liverpool and Dortmund are interested in me. They called each other many times, and Mino eventually told them

He couldn't decide it by himself, he needed me to come to Monaco. He said: 'Come to Monaco, we'll sit, talk about it', as we didn't even meet in person.

So in two days I flew to Monaco, met him there, and the negotiations started.

KraSava: You flew to Tottenham, right? Henrikh: At first we went to London, yes, we talked to Tottenham. Then we got the call from Dortmund,

And left for Dortmund right from London.

But! When we flew from London to Dortmund, it was Saturday. And the whole Germany is just dead during Saturday and Sunday. KraSava: Nobody works there, right?

Henrikh: And when I got there, I said: 'Got, where am I?!'

KraSava: You had a conversation after which you signed the contract and made the decision to transfer to Dortmund.

KraSava: What happened then? What kind of conversation was it like? How Klopp convinced you?

Henrikh: They sold Mario Götze, and they needed a player for number 10, so I decided it was the best option for the transfer,

Because in Tottenham the club was already staffed, and the same situation was in Liverpool, adding to this that such players as

Coutinho, Gerrard, Suárez played there, a crazy team! I thought that stepping from Shakhtar to Liverpool would be a bit difficult.

KraSava: Yep, the difference is too big. Henrikh: Yes, the gap is too large.

Henrikh: So I thought it would be better to join Dortmund, they had a great team, the coach was very good,

When I talked to Klopp, he shared his ideas about me, where he saw me, what he wanted.

KraSava: Is that true that when you met Klopp, before this conversation, he hugged you, airlifted you and said: 'I won't let you go until you sign the contract!'

Henrikh: Yes, that's true. KraSava: YEAH!! Klopp, how cool you are! How. Cool. You. Are!

Henrikh: We had a talk, and he explained what training they had, how they played, and told me in the end: 'Promise me you'll get back to Dortmund!'

And I said: 'Alright, here's my hand. I promise'.

Besides he is a super coach, he is a very good person, as a friend and even father, like brother,

He talks to you, he supports you even if you play a bad game, if you can't make something,

He always said: 'It's football. You can't live with the past. You must always think about the next game'

'Because if you think that you didn't score the goal or played bad, you won't make it better'

'So forget everything that happened and show and prove what you can do in the next game'

KraSava: Many people say Klopp is crazy about tactics, about pressing, and he's a real psycho in it. Can you remember any interesting setting from Klopp?

Henrikh: Everything was interesting and unusual for me, when I joined Dortmund, because everything was much easier in Shakhtar.

There were Brazilians, they were very technical, we always possessed the ball. Ukrainian Championship was so easy for us

And even in the Champions League we played with many clubs, but we always possesed the ball and dominated.

When I came to Dortmund, I started understaning the real football. How to defend, how to press, and when you lose the ball, how to win the ball back.

How to control the game even if you don't posses the ball only with your moving. Everything like this for me was new

So I thought it was going to be hard for me, but thanks to Klopp, thanks to my partners who helped a lot, gave advice and talked to me, it wasn't that hard.

KraSava: There's a coach working in Russia, his name is Miodrag Božović, he once gave a setting before the match with Zenit,

he worked in Amkar FC, and he said: 'Guys, we won the previous game. But football is like sex. You can't tell your wife: 'Remember how cool it was in the previous time?'

'You have to make it today, right here, right now'. Can you remember some setting or a phrase from Klopp, which made you think: 'Damn, that was cool!'

Henrikh: His every setting was motivating all the players as if it was the last game ever.

You go out on the pitch, and there are 82,000 fans, and they do just the same - they shout and support you, and they motivate you so much

And you go out on the pitch, and instead of playing on 100%, you play on 200%.

KraSava: Tuchel replaced Klopp in Dortmund. You played a year with him. You also had 92% starting appearance in the main team, so according to statistics he was your best coach.

KraSava: I know that you had a conversation with him, and he told you: 'Micki, give me a year, and I'll make you a top-player'.

KraSava: Why did you eventually leave Dortmund? Henrikh: At the beginning of my third season in Dortmund, when I wanted to leave for another club,

Because I didn't feel quite well there, Tuchel told me: 'Henrikh, I want to meet you and talk to you, to let you know where I see you, in what scheme, at what position'

I agreed to meet him, but I told him that I didn't think I was going to stay there.

He said: 'Give me a chance to talk to you, and then make your own decision, I'll understand it'

Henrikh: I met him, and... KraSava: Don't say he also lifted you!

Henrikh: No, he didn't. He just hugged me! KraSava: Only Klopp can do it!

Henrikh: The season started, so did the trainings, games, everything went well

We started the season in Europa League, so we started it in the middle of July, it was the third qualification round, if I'm not mistaken,

Henrikh: And I scored, like 6 goals in 5 games, gave 7 assists, and everything was quite well KraSava: Everything looked fine

Henrikh: Even when Mino called me and said he found the team for me and we were leaving Dortmund, I told him: 'Mino, I already started the third season here,

Let's stay here for the third season, and then we'll leave. And he agreed: 'It's your decision, I only care about your feeling comfortable and happy with it'.

So I stayed for the third year, and my results were crazy because of the way we played, the scheme and ball possessing.

KraSava: Do you remember when Mourinho called you? Henrikh: No, he called Mino Raiola, and we were together at that moment.

Mino told me he had Mourinho on the line, and he wanted to talk to me.

So I started talking to him, and he said: 'you know that I'm going to coach MU, and I want you there'.

I didn't have any other thoughts, as I only had one year left with Dortmund, and I had to re-sign it or to leave to another club

Despite our agreement with Dortmund that in the end of the third season they will sell me.

And in the end of the third season they offered me a new contract. And I didn't know what decision to make, to sign the new contract or to leave for MU

But I made the decision to leave for MU because you only have one chance like this in the whole life

To play with Ibrahimović, Pogba, Mata, De Gea

KraSava: Let's get back to the past. If you knew how it would happen, would you still go for it and sign it? Henrikh: You mean with MU? Yes, I would.

KraSava: 100%? Henrikh: I have no regrets.

Monika: He really had this goal to play in Manchester United. It was his dream, and he achieved his goal, and he also had good statistics,

Monika: Despite he didn't play that often. KraSava: I attended one match with Henrikh in MU, they had an away match in Lester, they won 3:0

KraSava: Zlatan scored two of them, and Henrikh scored a very cool goal, he ran from the center of the pitch and scored in the top corner.

KraSava: At that moment I thought, damn, we all care about the players from the former USSR, and I always wondered why Jose strangleholds on him so much

And I never managed to understand it. Many people told about a conflict. Was there a conflict with Jose?

Monika: Yes, there was a conflict. Such things don't happen without a conflict.

KraSava: Could you, please, explain to all the people once and forever, what exactly happened between Henrikh Mkhitaryan and José Mourinho?

Henrikh: I can't explain it as I don't know what's in his head. I just want to say that I worked hard every day. I worked and hoped to get that chance.

And it happened. I played. Maybe, I played one game, and then spent another game on the bench. And watched the third game from the stand.

But it still couldn't break me, because it was my dream - to play and enjoy playing.

Eventually, in the end of the year we won Europa League, we won two more cups - the Super Cup and Carabao Cup.

KraSava: Is it true that you had a conflict while discussing the match after it was over? And Jose who accused you of getting to early for the trainings,

so nothing can surprise me, and Jose just caught you and loaded you with all the theoretical stuff, that you worked where you shoudln't, and did everything wrong,

And because of that you had that mini-conflict.

Henrikh: Yes. That's right. It all started from this point, and I thought I and nothing to do in Manchester, as if I work, and press, and defend, and I help the team,

I score, I assist, and someone is still not happy - I have nothing to do here. I just didn't want to lose my time and wanted to move on and play football.

KraSava: Then Wenger and Arsenal appeared

Henrikh: I knew that he was interested in me when I had that conflict with Jose, and he wanted to see me in Arsenal

Henrikh: And I was very happy, as I dreamed about it since my childhood - to play in Arsenal KraSava: Do you mean it?

Henrikh: Well, yes KraSava: Because they say different things, some people say you had a jersey of...

Henrikh: Well, I had plenty of jerseys! KraSava: Plenty, huh?

Henrikh: The reason why I liked Arsenal was because there were a lot of French players, and I cheered up for them very much

KraSava: Henry, Bergkamp... Henrikh: Yes, Pirés, Petit, Bergkamp, Vieira, and Ljungberg - all those players, and I was crazy about them

Then they built Emirates, and had some financial issues, and started obtaining young players, and then selling them

And I thought: 'God, getting to Arsenal with Wenger is like a fairy tail'

Henrikh: This is how I decided to join Arsenal KraSava: And when you talked to him like this - face to face - did you think: 'God, it's so cool!'

Henrikh: Well, yes!

KraSava: Why did it all collapse? Wenger left? Henrikh: Well, it's not like it didn't work. I joined Arsenal because of Wenger.

He saw me in a very different position, we played very well, and everything was great about us.

Then Emery came, and he had totally different tactics, totally different philosophy, he saw me on an absolutely different position

Henrikh: And I worked, I tried, and... KraSava: Well, it's very common, the change of coaches, different views, different players.

Henrikh: Yes, different players, all different things

KraSava: You didn't play often enough in Arsenal, and you asked Mino to find you the team. The last day of the transfer window. A different country, and you've never played in Italy.

How do you spend these hours of waiting for Mino saying: 'That's it, let's go signing the contract with Roma'

Henrikh: He called me before the game against Tottenham, when I still played in Arsenal, it was September, 1. He said: 'Buy the tickets and fly to Rome'.

I was like: 'Mino, I'm having a game in two hours', and he said: 'Oh, I didn't know that! Ok, then we do it like this: right after the game you check the nearest flight

and fly to Roma at once', I said: 'Ok!'. Then I called him after the game to tell that there were no flights available.

And he said: 'Alright, I'm gonna make you those tickets', and he sends me the tickets for 7 a.m.

The whole situation went to my leaving Arsenal, that's why it all happened so fast. Because before the season I was promised one thing, and after the start of the season it all changed

So I thought I can't lose my time, since I was already 30, and I just had to move on, enjoy football and just feel happy about it.

Marina: I have a college mate, and we are still friends with her; she lives in Rome, Italy, and she is furious fan of Lazio FC, and she always said: 'Marina, never let him come to Rome,

'to play for Roma', and I said: 'How come you think he was at all going to play for Roma?'

And when Henrikh found out he was going to move to Rome, he called me to say he was leaving early in the morning, he was going to undergo the medical examination,

And he was going to play for Roma FC. And as he was going to move their with his wife, and not to make her get bored there, he asked me

Marina: if I could ask Margarita to... KraSava: Oh, that friend, who is a fan of Lazio FC?

Marina: Yes, my friend, so she could spend some time with his wife, Betty, while Henrikh was undergoing the medical examination.

Marina: I call my friend and ask her: 'Margarita, are you standing or sitting?', and she was like: 'Oh, what happened?!'

'Henrikh is coming to Rome tomorrow morning', and she said: 'What happened to him? Some kind of a trauma?' - 'Then why does he come? What's going on?'

And I said" He's coming to play for Roma FC', and she was like: 'No! Please, no! I begged you!'

So now she is cheering up for Henrikh personally, not for the club, and she remains to be a fan of Lazio FC.

KraSava: You're 31. Henrikh: Yep.

KraSava: You one of the most experienced and highly paid players of Roma. You have big expectations from your fans. Unfortunately, you suffered from several injuries.

KraSava: The club tried to save every coin to start building the stadium. Do you feel that extra pressure and attention from your fans?

Henrikh: At the beginning of the season we had the task to get to the Top 4, to do as much as we can, and to reach the final in the Italian Cup, and to do as much as we can in Europa League.

Yesterday's game was not the best, but the main thing was that we won. And the pressure, no, I don't feel any pressure, you know, I'm not in that age to think I have some pressure on me

Because I played in such clubs as Dortmund, Manchester United, Arsenal, where the pressure is crazy, and here people simply live with football. It's very nice.

KraSava: If we can compare when you joined Dortmund for something like27 million, and the expectations were big, and now. So, now you feel more relaxed since you are more experienced, right?

Henrikh: Yes. It's much easier now, because I have that experience of working with that pressure, and that experience on the pitch.

KraSava: Henrikh likes playing chess very much, right? What is his favorite hobby besides football and chess?

Marina: He does a lot of crosswords. We once flew in the plane, and during almost the whole flight he was doing crosswords.

The next day after we arrived, my friend called me and asked: 'Well, did you finish your crosswords?' - and I was like: 'How do you know?!'

And she said: 'There were fans in that plane, and they wrote: 'He did his crosswords during the whole flight'.

KraSava: When a kid, your son dreamed of buying a Lamborghini. Marina: Yes.

KraSava: He bought one when he played in Germany, last year he sold it. Did you ever call him to say: 'Henrikh, it costs a fortune! Why do you need it?'

Marina: Well, to be honest, I did. When he was a kid, he had a toy Ferrari car, and I know it was his dream - to have such a good sport car.

So he called me and said: 'Mom, you know, I decided to buy a Lamborghini', and I was like: 'Henrikh, are you crazy?! It costs so much money!'

And he said: 'Ok, if you don't want it, I won't buy it. As you wish'.

And then my daughter, Monika, calls me and says: 'Why did you forbid him to buy a Lamborghini?!', and I said: 'Do you even imagine how much it costs?!'

And she said: 'It's his childhood dream!!'.

KraSava: You mother lived in Moscow, right? Marina: My mom is from Moscow, yes. For many years she lived in Armenia. She married my father, moved to Yerevan,

KraSava: Did Henrikh often visit Moscow? Marina: Henrikh often visited Moscow on his vacations.

KraSava: Is that true that when he was in Moscow when he was young, he was a fan of Spartak Moscow? Marina: It's true! He attended the matches with his grandmother.

KraSava: Did he ever get an offer from Spartak? Marina: I think he did once.

KraSava: At the start of your European career, I know that you had offers from Russia. Henrikh: Yep.

KraSava: Nobel (Arustamyan), the main Armenian insider, he arranged the meeting or at least asked you to come to the airport and there you were waited by Tcheloyants (Dzhevan Tcheloyants)

KraSava: who worked in Spartak at that moment. Is that true that he handed you a piece of paper and said: 'Henrikh, write any sum you wish for your personal contract'.

Henrikh: Yes, that happened, but it was not Nobel. It was another person. KraSava: I guess we've just buried Nobel. Sorry, Nobel!

Henrikh: Greetings, Nobel! KraSava: Yes, but the myth collapsed.

Henrikh: It was not Nobel, but Nobel still says that there are the teams which are interested in you and want to see you in their clubs

That they are waiting for me, and even want to at least talk to me, to chat, to keep in touch,

Maybe in future, when you wish to join...

And I said: 'Nobel, all in good time. I feel comfortable in Europe'.

KraSava: Why did you refuse Spartak? Henrikh: I didn't refuse Spartak. When I was in Shakhtar, I felt like Shakhtar was the strongest club in CIS.

And there was no use to transfer to Spartak, because I wanted to play in Europe. I don't want to sound offensive to Spartak, and I'm grateful for Tcheloyants, for Spartak for being interested in me,

for offering me a chance to play in such a club, but my main goal was to play in Europe.

KraSava: I know that Anzhi also wanted you, at the same time. Is that true? Henrikh: Yes, that's true.

KraSava: What cash did you refuse? Henrikh: They promised crazy money. They promised crazy bonuses. However, since I had a dream, I refused that offer for my dream.

KraSava: Etoo earned20 million a year, who much were you promised? Henrikh: A bit less [laughs]

KraSava: You refused conditional20 million to play in Europe, right? Henrikh: Yep. It was not 20! It was a bit less!

KraSava: Aye, Krasava!

KraSava: If tomorrow, well, I mean, in summer, your brother will be reached by the richest Russian club, Zenit, what will you advice him to do?

Monika: I'll advise him to think it over. We love Russia. We are one quarter Russian, our grandmother was from Moscow.

Monika: You can't close any doors in your life.

KraSava: For 23 years your mom worked in the Armenian Football Federation. Then she left. The Federation is now undergoing some big changes.

According to my information, the government is now starting to rule the Armenian football.

Monika: My mom left the Federation not because some kind of interference started or because of some changes

My mom's decision to leave football was based on our saying to her for the latest two, three, four years that it was enough work done.

KraSava: Yep, enough working! Monika: Yes! She gave 23 years of her life to football, and it was high time for her to have some rest.

Occasionally it happened at the same moment when some changes started going on.

A lot has been done, I myself worked in the Federation for three years. The way they developed the infrastructure, the way they developed football in the regions,

They included football classes as an obligatory lesson in schools of Armenia.

Neither Henrikh himself nor any member of our family were ever connected with some government, or with the Federation on the political level.

We always had a very neutral position. For Henrikh there are only two powers: the first power is football, and the second one is his nation.

KraSava: What can make you stop playing for Armenia National Team?

Henrikh: First of all, I'd like to thank all my partners from the National Team, who I play with, without them I wouldn't make everything I've accomplished in the National Team and in the clubs.

I agree, I can be rude sometimes, sometimes I want them to do more than they can actually do, but I only do it for them. Because I want them to play not only in the Armenian Championship,

not only in the National Team, but also in good clubs. My main goal is to help them and to show them that they can achieve what I did.

Playing in the National Team is pure joy for me. I still watch that match we had against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and won 4:2.

When I'm watching the goals, I don't pay attention to how the ball gets in into the goal, I'm watching people rejoice.

I have goose bumps when I see that people are happy. For me it's more important than scoring a goal or assisting.

KraSava: Not so long ago the National Team lost to Italy with the worst score of 9:1. Can you tell why Armenia is experiencing such a crisis today?

Marina: I was there at the stadium. And I was unpleasantly surprised with the way the guys played and lost. Every several minutes Italy scored goals.

KraSava: I was also shocked while watching this match, even though I am not of Armenian descent. But it was a shock indeed.

Marina: I couldn't even believe that Armenia National Team could ever lose with such a score.

KraSava: There were rumors that Henrikh didn't come to play for the National Team because of the conflict with FIFA. Is that true?

Marina: No, it's not true. Henrikh had a serious injury.

KraSava: Armenia National Team fell from 35th place to 103rd in the ratings. Three times worse. Is there a future for Armenian football? And what is going on there?

Henrikh: The main problem of Armenian football is that we don't want to learn new things. It's just my opinion, I'm not critisizing anybody. And it's not about everybody, of course.

KraSava: Yes, I got it. Henrikh: The way people work in Europe is very different from what we have. One should work hard to earn those millions.

One can start from $20. I personally started earning when I was 15, I got $20 as my first salary.

Then I got $40, then I got $80, then $120. I never complained about me earning only $20. I worked hard.

I knew that those $20 would once turn into $40, then to $80, and so on.

This refers to many other players. Don't think that $500, or even $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 is enough for you. Enjoy what you do. Earn more. Play abroad. That's the most important thing.

KraSava: You have a very different mentality, it's very different from ours. The way it usually happens with us: as soon as you earned1 million, here you go rocking

Henrikh: No-no, I've got 'our' mentality, for sure.

KraSava: I know that there were queues in front of the Football Federation, and people waited for hours to get to your mom to loan some money,

KraSava: People pretended to be your relatives, your friends. Monika: I would say it's very nice. We love our nation. Especially Henrikh, when he comes to Armenia

Monika: He is the first to walk out of his house at around 8 a.m., and he walks around the city. He enjoys it. He says he gets the energy from just seeing my nation and meeting with them

KraSava: What was the coolest thing your fans did for you or for Henrikh?

Monika: Oh, there were so many! So many! We get various pictures, letters. People come up to him in the streets. They love him, support him, and it's very important. KraSava: Cool.

KraSava: Why didn't you go to the final of Europa League? They promised you security. It's obvious, that it's Baku, everybody understands the context. Why didn't you go?

Henrikh: I just couldn't risk my life.

KraSava: Have you ever been threatened from somebody from Azerbaijan? Henrikh: Many times.

KraSava: Many times? Really? Henrikh: [nods] KraSava: How did it happen? Do they call you? Send letters?

Henrikh: No, not letters. They often write in the comments on my Instagram account, Facebook page, even if you look now, you're going to see it all.

I try not to pay attention to such things. I am proud of being Armenian. I'm grateful for my nation, I'm grateful for my people who always support me and love me.

Everything I do, I do just for them.

KraSava: Kakha Kaladze is the mayor of Tbilisi. Klitschko is the mayor of Kiev. Does Henrikh have any political ambitions? What is he going to do after his football career?

Marina: Henrikh has no political ambitions. Even when I ask him if he wants to be a coach, he answers he doesn't have such a wish yet.

KraSava: What's going to be with your brother when he finishes his career?

Monika: I think he would probably be a good sporting or general director of some kind of a grand club. However, in fact I think he hasn't decided it yet himself.

KraSava: You played in big European teams, you won the UEFA Europa League. You are the leader of your National Team.

KraSava: What else should happen so you can say: 'Dad, Fortune, I'm done. I've enjoyed football, and I achieved the maximum'.

Henrikh: Oh, I want to play for as long as I possibly can. I want to play at least up to 37.

KraSava: A-ha, so all the Russian scouts are now thinking: 'Alright, seven-year-long contracts! And then also a player-coach!'

Henrikh: I'm 31 now, but I feel quite well. I feel fresh. And I think I can work more and still play at the high level. I don't know, at least it's my goal

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a injury, but I hope I'll not, and I will not be able to go on. Right now I have the goal to play until I'm 37, but we'll see what happens the next year.

KraSava: What's going to be after the career? Henrikh: I don't know. I didn't think about it. I have so many things in my head, I have so many ideas.

I don't know if I'm going to be in football, or in any other sphere. I don't know where I'm going to finish with football, where I'm going to live...

KraSava: If we continue with football, who would you be? An agent? A coach?

Henrikh: In my mind I imagined myself in all professions: a coach, sporting director, agent, or even a fan! That's it, I really don't know. It's still a mystery for me.

KraSava: Tomorrow you fly to your children. Marina: Yes, tomorrow I'm going to my daughter, Monika. And then I'm going to Henrikh.

KraSava: Mom is flying from home to her children, from Armenia. Tell me honestly, what are you going to take for them? Will you bring some treats for them?

Marina: Of course, I will! KraSava: Really?!

Marina: Of course! Armenian dried fruits, our Armenian bread - lavash, of course I will!

KraSava: What's Henrikh's favorite dish? Marina: Of course, it's traditional Armenian shashlyk!

KraSava: As Klopp lifted you to the new level in football, I want to start a challenge, we've never done it before

KraSava: Guys, hug anybody, anything, and when you airlift who you hug, put the hashtag #KloppUp

And the most original photo or video in the social net with this hashtag will win Henrikh's jersey he's going to sign now.

The main goal is to bring it to Klopp himself, and he would answer us somehow. It would be really cool!

It's the ball I used to charge you for the goal, but there were few minutes given to you by coach, but it's ok, you'll score in the next match.

KraSava: Thank you!

Henrikh's next games: AS Roma - US Lecce (1 goal, 1 assist) Gent - AS Roma (1 assist) Cagliari - AS Roma (1 goal, 1 assist)

KraSava: I hope you're going to lift me up too! Henrikh: Good luck! KraSava: Thanks!

Hi everybody, it's Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and you're watching KRASAVA!

Well, guys, we start the challenge. Try to win Henrikh's jersey, lift your friends, lift the ones you want to bring to a higher level,

Don't forget to put the hashtag #KloppUp! The best post in the social nets will win the jersey!

We're also giving away the ball, I'm going to give it away on my Instagram account.

And of, course, you remember that old jersey we bought at the market, Henrikh also signed it, and we're going to give it away in VK.

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