Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FBS’ “Dreams Come True” contest: education opportunities for a student from Indonesia

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Hi, I am Riboy Putra Jumara

I am the youngest of four siblings in my family

I currently live in Bandar Lampung with my parents

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Lampung

majoring in taxation

Aside from that I also trade with FBS

I have been trading Forex with FBS for a year and a half

using the bonus, Standard, and Micro accounts

So far, the results have been very profitable

I made profit on the bonus and Standard accounts

and I can withdraw my profit

My dream is to take a computer programming course

and become a magnificent programmer that would make my parents proud

But I'm still unable to make this dream come true because

I cant afford to pay for the very expensive course fees

When I opened the FBS website and their advertisements

I found the FBSDreams Come Truecontest

Then, I decided to write about my dream

hoping that I could finally afford a computer programming course

One month after Ive written my dream for the Dreams Come True contest

FBS Indonesia contacted me to inform that I have won the contest

I was so surprised that not only FBS is paying for my computer programming courses

but they also gave me the amazing Microsoft Surface gadget set

Thank you very much FBS for making my dream come true!

It convinced me to believe that FBS is truly the best broker.

For FBS ... I hope you will keep making great innovative tools

and continue to provide the best service for all of your clients


The Description of FBS’ “Dreams Come True” contest: education opportunities for a student from Indonesia