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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 YouTube Videos Linked To DISAPPEARANCES!

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YouTube is a hub of the weird and wonderful, in the past we have looked at YouTubers who

turned into killers and also some of the most unexplainable videos on YouTube. In this episode

we take a look at some YouTube videos which are connected to mysterious disappearances

of people.

5) Lisa Holm 13 This creepy case comes from Sweden, Lisa holm

was a 17 year old girl who went missing in 2015. Lisa was from Skovde, located in southern

Sweden. She went missing on june 7th 2015 after leaving her workplace at a cafe in

lidkoping Gothenburg. After she didn't return home her parents

grew increasingly worried and contacted authorities, after news spread about her disappearance

the case became one of the most publicised disappearance cases in Swedish history.

Over 900 people volunteered to search for her.

On june 12th she was found dead inside of a barn, portions of her clothing had been removed

and tape was placed over her mouth. The autopsy had showed that she hadn't been

sexually assaulted. 13 days before she disappeared on May 24th

2015 a video was uploaded to YouTube titled "13"

The channels name was called Lisa Holm. The video is only 11 seconds long and simply

shows a countdown. Possibly counting down the days until her

death, it's eerie because she actually went missing 13 days later.

Swedish police claim that the video had nothing to do with her murder and that its completely unrelated,

so it could possibly be coincidental or the video could have been titled something different

previous to the murder and then changed after news spread about, this could also explain

the channel name. Many suspects came up during the police investigation

this includes a Swedish biker gang and an international sex slave trade.

In the end a man was finally arrested for her murder, The 31 year old by the name of

Nerijus Bilevicius denied the murder but forensics showed his blood on Lisa's clothing and

also found his semen in the barn in which her body was found.

His lawyer claimed that he masturbated in the barn days before the crime and this is

why his semen was found. However the final verdict saw him guilty and

he recieved a life sentence.

4) Teleka Patrick's Final Videos Teleka Patrick was a doctor from Brooklyn new

York, the 30 year old went missing in kalamazoo Michigan on the 5th of December 2013. The

last known whereabouts of teleka was a hotel located in kalamazoo. CCTV footage showed

her taking the hotels shuttle bus to the hospital in which she worked at.

Her car was also at the hospital, a few hours later 911 calls came in which reported her

car in a ditch about 40 feet off the highway along Interstate 94 near Porter, Indiana.

The official F.B.I report goes as follows: Dr Teleka Patrick was last seen on Thursday

December 5th 2013. After completing her shift at work, Dr Patrick unsuccessfully

tried to rent a hotel room in downtown Klamazoo, she was then dropped off by the hotel shuttle

driver in the parking lot at Borgess Medical Center. Later on that evening at 10pm her

vehicle was found in a ditch with a possible flat tire Dr. Patricks belongings were found

in the car this includes clothing, a wallet which contained her driver's license, credit

cards and a small amount of cash. Dr Patrick didn't report into work the next

day, december 5th was the last time she was ever seen or heard of.

A month before her death teleka posted several videos onto her YouTube channel. In one of

them which is in a vlog style she is talking to the camera but keeps referring to a mystery

love interest of hers. She also posted tens of thousands of tweets which were directed

to a gospel singer called marvin sapp. Marvin is a gospel singer who is currently senior

pastor of a church in Michigan. Its believed teleka may have been stalking

marvin as he had issued a protection order against her months before her disappearance.

Police had found out that videos and 20 thousand tweets had been directed to two men one of

them being marvin. After investigating marvin police had found out that teleka was a member

of his church but had her membership revoked as she began to send him revealing photos

of herself. Police concluded that marvin was simply a victim of stalking and had no connection

to her disappearance. The second man is yet to be identified.

On april 6th 2014 police announced that they had found a body in lake Charles in Indiana,

the body was Identified as teleka. An autopsy had showed her cause of death was drowning.

As of today her disappearance still remains a mystery and her family have offered a 10

thousand dollar reward for anyone with information relating to the case.

3) Kenny Veach Disappearance Kenny Veach was an explorer who went missing

in November of 2014. Before his disappearance he made several comments on YouTube claiming

that he had found a cave located near nellis air force base in Nevada, Las Vegas.

He claimed that the cave had a supernatural aspect to it and claimed that his body began to vibrate

as he came closer to the entrance of the cave, he claims the closer he got the more his body

began to vibrate so he became scared and fled from the scene.

Curios commenters challenged him to go back to the cave and film it, he accepted the challenge

and went back to search for the cave on October 17th 2014. This time he took his camera with

him, he filmed his adventure but this time he was unsuccessful in finding the cave. He

uploaded his unsuccessful attempt onto YouTube which lead to commenters discrediting his

story this lead to him returning to the cave a month later in November of 2014.

This time he never returned from the trip. After not returning or making contact with

any of his family his girlfriend contacted missing persons who issued a Nevada search

party to look for him, all they found was his cell phone near a mine shaft entrance

but never found him or the cave he was explaining. His girlfriend commented on the video urging

lone cavers to carry GPS while exploring. There has been conspiracy theories from commenters

ranging from underground alien bases to a Government cover-up as it was close to the

air base. However many people believe he died while exploring

maybe by an accident or he could of possibly gotten lost within the cave.

He still remains missing today.

2) YouTube Channel 00b4a56 This case is really bizarre firstly we will

explain the disappearance that it relates to then we will explain the videos.

As for the disappearance, between may 10th and may 11th 1986, A 17-year-old girl by the

name of Kimberly Moreau went missing from a small

town of jay, located in maine. She was supposed to attend her junior prom

with her boyfriend but bailed after an argument ensued. She then met up with two male friends

and was seen getting in a trans-am at 11pm after this she was never seen again. one of

the men was later identified as 25 year old brian enman after her disappearance police

questioned him, he claims he dropped off Kimberly half a mile away from her house at about 3am

as she requested. She never returned home and has not been seen

since and is presumed dead. Brian became the main suspect but was never

charged with any crimes. Kimberley's dad doesn't believe brian's story and claims

it was cold the night she went missing and also claimed she was scared of the dark so

wouldn't want to walk home. Police began to tackle the case again in august

of 2015 as they claimed to have new information linked to it.

Last month a reddit user by the name of CrappyDetective came across a YouTube channel which may be

linked to the disappearance. The YouTube channel titled 00b4a56 started

to upload strange videos in September of 2015, some of which include VHS footage from may

10th 1986. The reddit user believes that the footage is a

preparation for the attack however it could just be random footage.

The other videos are mainly coded messages, one of them translates to "think it's

safe to come out now, had to relocate, I need to be smarter with my videos, they will find

me" Also if you decode the channels about section

it translates to "Trying my hardest to cover up my tracks and revealing things to clear

my conscious" Could the person behind the channel be linked

to the murder? Who knows? It could simply just be a hoax.

1) 112Dirtbag's Missing Recordings Maura Murray was a nursing student from Massachusetts.

on the evening of February 9th 2004 she disappeared after crashing her car on route 112 in Haverhill

New Hampshire. Before she left she informed professors and

work supervisor that she was taking a week off due to a family emergency but no family

emergency ever existed. She also packed her car with clothes, toiletries

and college textbooks. She then drove to a liquor store and bought

40 dollars worth of alcohol, CCTV footage showed that she was alone during this

time. She then left Amherst Massachusetts via interstate

91. No one knows where she was going as she never

told anyone her destination and may have not of had a destination in mind.

At some time after 7pm a Woodsville new Hampshire resident heard a loud collision outside her

house she saw maura's car up against a snow bank along route 112.

A different person approached the car and saw a woman exiting the car the person said the

woman wasn't bleeding but was cold and shivering, she pleaded with the person to not call the

police. the person then headed home to call the police

as there was no cell phone reception. Once the police arrived the Maura had disappeared.

After 24 hours of her being missing a search party was sent out and after a lengthy search

she was never found. Due to her preparations and no evidence of

foul play, police investigators had suggested that she may have wanted to disappear and

had treated her case as a missing person investigation. Her family and friends believe that she may have

been abducted. In 2011 a youtuber user by the name of 112dirtbag

started posting eerie videos related to the disappearance. The username alone is a reference

to the event 112 being where she crashed and dirtbag was a known term used by her father

to describe the crowd she was involved with during the time of her disappearance.

The channel uploaded a video on the 8th anniversary of her disappearance the video showed the

person frantically laughing then at the end text appears which reads "happy anniversary"

The person also uploaded videos of the area in which she crashed and pay stubs of a rented

resort which was rented 2 days after she disappeared. All the videos have a creepy theme to them.

The original videos had been mysterious removed from YouTube and 112Dirtbags account had also

disappeared from youtube.

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