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This winter season was a bit odd in the sense that we had a fairly good run with some enjoyable


Out of the ones I was most excited for, there were several that followed through with the

entertainment that they promised.

Youjo Senki I watched out of the gate every week when I could, I enjoyed Tanyas constant

struggles with a world that was against her despite not exactly being a likeable character.

Lieutenant, you didn't know this was going to happen...

You didn't send them there to die right?

ACCA had an extremely slow start but to my relief put the pedal to the metal

in the second half, and it gave us one of the most kickass intro of the year so far.

We also had great shows that I wasnt even paying attention to at the start: Interviews

Interviews with Monster Girls and Miss Kobayashi being particular highlights for me, but never got

around to Little Witch Academia yet because Netflix doesnt understand anime fans.

Kemono Friends was an extremely surprising piece of entertainment for me, though I appear

to be in the minority.

And then Konosuba

well it was...

A thing.

Not as good as I was expecting, and this is coming from someone who said that S1 was the best anime

of 2016.

But I should have known better.

Winter 2017 was actually a pretty good season to kick off the new year in a period where

the number of quality shows are few and far between the rest.

But enough about the PAST!

We need to start looking TOWARDS THE FUTURE!

So after combing over the chart for this upcoming season I have gathered together the anime

that I am currently the most excited for.

So Ladies, Gentlemen, and others, I present My Most Anticipated anime, of Spring 2017.

Lets Jam.


Lets just make this easier on ourselves

by combining two of the most obvious.

I enjoyed the both of these first seasons, they were highly popular when they originally

came out, and by all accounts they should be great entries to this season.

I fiddled with the idea of not having them on this list, because you know they are very obvious and popular,

But I figured that that would be a disservice.

Because I am truly excited for both of them, and I cant want to finally not have to block

out as many spoilers from people who have read the manga.

Now, of course, if you forced me to choose between the two as to which Im excited for morewell

Id have to go for MHA.

Mostly because its been four years since Titan, and my overall excitement for the series

has wavered in that time.

When it aired it had that kind of magic to it because it felt different and new, but

the shock factor that defined the show for me has since worn away.

It was a series where death was a constant threat to every character, mysteries that were intriguing,

and a main character who is carried by others despite possessing the stereotypical shounen

fighting spirit, Attack on Titan season 2 Im approaching with a bit more skepticism

than last time.

With this new season, to make up for lost time it really needs to hit home and give

us a reason why weve waited for so long, yet end in a way that doesnt leave us hanging.

The same rule applies to MHA as well, but considering the state of the source material

that seems unlikely.

ALICE TO ZOUROKU This is a series Im expecting to fill my

slice of life gap for a while, despite you know not actually being part of that genre.

Its listed more as an adventure / mystery series about a young girl that has the power

to materialise things from her imagination, and after escaping some kind of scientific

lab she runs into an older man who may or may not help her.

Its an intriguing premise that I hope ends up going somewhere but well see.

The reason I was thinking it might scratch my Slice of Life Itch is because of its director,

who I know as the director of Kamisama no Memochou and more recently

Flying Witch from last year, which was a beautiful series if you havent checked it out yet.

Downside is that he also directed an anime that I cannot remember and probably doesnt exist.

So I am slightly skeptical.

However my skepticism is not enough to stop me from being completely excited for

SAGRADA RESET A large section of the populace of a small

town near the ocean all have magical powers.

From being able to enter the minds of cats, to the more extreme power of being able to

reset time back several days.

and the story seems

to revolve around two teenagers who have powers that synergize well together.

It give off this really weird feeling of craziness in its premise, and anything involving manipulating

time is difficult to pull off but the thing that makes me heavily optimistic is that its

being handled by David Production.

Yes, the same David Production behind JoJo.


Now unfortunately the studio is the only connection to JoJo, and looking at the PV I doubt we

are going to get anything near that kind of insanity.

But David has been doing JoJo almost exclusively since 2014 only taking on other projects like

Planetarian and a monster hunter adaptation while they were also finishing off the second

half of Diamond.

So Im excited to see them tackle more genres beyond the one that made them the most well-known.

Plus Im sucker for anything involving Time Travel so I hope Im just not going to be


Re:CREATORS This originally did not strike me on the outset

as a show I might be interested in.

The synopsis wasnt that intriguing and the art gave off the standard modern light

novel fantasy vibe.

Which, dont get me wrong can be good, but have a tendency to be more meh than


Then of course I glanced at the staff list.

Its being directed by Ei Aoki, of Fate/Zero and Garden of Sinners movie 1 fame, the

music is handled by Hiroyuki Sawano who I think needs no real introduction after composing

the score for every single hyped anime of its season such as Attack on Titan, Kill la

Kill, Guilty Crown, and Attack on Mononoke-Baccano.

Finally, the original story was written by Rei Hiroe, who was the original creator of

Black Lagoon.

Holy Crap, please dont suck, please dont suck, please dont suck

The biggest worry though is that it shares many of the team who worked on Aldnoah.Zero

and thats a show that had several.well problems with it, to put it lightly.



[Seriously though why have I not reviewed Initial D yet?]

Problems that I hope we dont see re-surface.

I can hope though that they wont everything will be fine and Re:Creators will be in contention

for best of season.

Of course, it has to be better than his last directorial work which I like to think

be the case. Maybe. We'll see.

and finally: SAKURA QUEST

Now some of you might look at this excitement that I have for this show

and peg it down solely to be me being a huge fan of Shirobako from 2015.

Same Studio, same character and animation designer, similar story of working women except

its about a tourism agency instead of an anime studio.

BUT this is not the only reason!

Like I would be lying if I said that was not a factor, but its all that PLUS: The series

is being directed by Souichi Masui.

Why do I care about Souichi Masui?

Because he directed Scrapped Princess, one of my favourite fantasy series from the early

2000s and I want to see more of his work.

I want to see him do THIS project in particular, because I remember the cheerful banter between

characters in Scrapped Princess and if that kind of direction gets applied here I think

that the series will be a definite highlight for me.

I really like seeing shows with a very clear, definite and achievable goal from the start.

Like a project or even a tournament, something that can be done in a set amount of time.

Mostly because I feel this will help push things towards a favorable conclusion instead

of leaving things open.

Sakura Quest has this feeling for me so I have high hopes for it.

As usual I also hope, and fully expect a series not on this list to come out of the woodwork

and surprise me.

This list was only compiled on staff information and promotional materials which may not be

indicative of the final products.

So with luck well have a season even better than Im currently expecting it to be.

We have a lot of anime to watch, so lets get to it shall we?


I feel like theres an anime I'm missing...

and anime thats also airing this season, but I cant...SHIT

I can't remember what anime it is

Eh, I can't remember.

Anyways, ladies, gentlemen, and others, stay frosty.

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