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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Apple Watch Tips You May Not Know

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and many of you have been asking for tips

for the Apple watch and hopefully have found ten of them that you may not know

so the first one has to do with finding your iPhone if you lose it this one

you're probably familiar with but if you swipe up from the bottom on your Apple

watch you've got your different options here in your control center tap on your

phone icon and it will immediately ping your phone and help you try and locate

it within your house or wherever you might have misplaced it now the next

thing has to do again with a control center feature swipe up from the bottom

go to do not disturb turn it on and now you have another option if you scroll

down that says leave it on until I leave and this can be where you're currently

located so in my case it's my home when I leave my home it will turn off or

maybe you're in a movie theater or it's some presentation and you don't

want it to be on the whole time but you want to remember to turn it back on so

that you get your notifications this will turn this feature off as soon as

you leave that area so we'll turn it back off for now now the next thing is

you can take a screenshot on your Apple watch you may or may not know that but

it's not turned on by default it's similar to the iPhone push both buttons

at once and it saves to your photos on your iPhone however it's not turned on

by default so you'll need to turn that on in the watch app so let's go to watch

and then we go to general scroll down and you'll see there's enable screen

shot so make sure that's turned on and then you'll be able to screen shot on

your watch now the next tip has to do with using the flashlight on your watch

you may have seen the flashlight icon here if you tap it you've got a white

display if you swipe to the right though you've got a blinking display or even

again you've got a red display and this helps you not illuminate the room as

brightly when you need to use this as a flashlight so it's one way to kind of

dim the display without actually dimming it and it should help if you're using it

as a flashlight now the next thing has to do with illuminating your display now

maybe you've got a notification on your wrist and you just want a peek at it but

you don't want to turn your wrist to turn it on you can move the digital

crown slightly and bring the screen brightness up check your watch bring it

back down now you can go all the way up and if you

series for Apple watch you can kind of feel the defense until it stops when

they stop it means it's Fulbright you can't go back turn it back off rotate it

up again and it starts to brighten the screw display or the screen so that you

can see it so it's a handy little tip if you just need to check it subtly if you

can't now the next thing has to do with your applications so you'll see here's

your apps and this is the default layout now we can change this and I'll show you

that in a moment but maybe you just want to know what they are alphabetically you

can force press tap list view and now you have all of your apps alphabetically

so it makes it a little bit easier instead of using that grid if we go back

to the grid view and we prefer this view we can organize those on our iPhone so

we'll go back to the iPhone go back to the watch app and if we go down to our

app layout here go to a plow and you'll see there's the current app layout if I

tap and hold maybe I want music over here on the right instead of mail and I

want home in place of mail you'll see we've got music and mail and then maybe

I want to move the calendar over here you'll see I can move those around

however I would like and they change instantly on your watch so if I go back

to the watch you'll see they're already changed so music is where I put it

also the home app is where I put it so it's a simple way to organize your apps

if it's driving you nuts and you're not able to find them easily now the next

thing has to do with messages if we go into messages you'll see I have my

current location sent to this is actually my brother so if you want to do

that you just force press the display and tap on send location and it will

send them your location it takes a moment it sends and then it confirms it

by saying it's delivered right there so it takes a moment and if they have an

iPhone you'll get the delivered receipt so that's a simple tip in case you're in

trouble or you just want to meet up and tell them where you're at now the next

thing again has to do with messages you've got all of these replies here so

you've got your quick replies and maybe you want to put something that's just

not here BRB or maybe you don't like to use that and you want to say be right

back you can do that in the app on the iPhone so if we go back to my watch

we'll go to messages then we scroll down to default replies under default replies

we have smart replies now we can just scroll to the bottom click add reply and

say be right back and then go back and it will be there so again smart replies

be right back is still there now it should be on the Apple watch

be right back is there now one thing you may have noticed is that my text is

larger than the default setting and it's bolded and this is an option in the

Apple watch app on your phone so if you go back to your phone go to the watch

app and then scroll down until you get to brightness and text size and you'll

see my text is all the way up you can move this down turn off bold text but to

do that you have to restart so you have these options and it works really well

if you're having a hard time seeing it or maybe you just want the text larger

it's an easy way to do that the next thing also has to do with haptic

feedback on your watch similarly to the bold text this will help you feel the

watch vibrate a little bit more prominently and that's this default or

prominent under the haptic feedback alerts so what that means is when it

vibrates you'll hear a ding there not only will

it be a little bit louder based on this but it will also vibrate depending on

how much you've set this to so maybe you're getting directions you have a

hard time feeling that turn that too prominent and you'll feel that a little

bit stronger so those are 10 tips that hopefully you didn't know all of let me

know if you knew them all or didn't know them all in the comments below and of

course I'll link the wallpaper in the description if you haven't subscribed

already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron

I'll see you next time

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