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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: عيوب ومميزات mi 8 lite بعد اسبوعيين | مفيش موبايل من غير عيوب

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I think i will grow up my beard

i've made a serious decision but i want your help

and your help won't be a big deal

it's about that i won't publish any video unless i use the mobile about two weeks

no matter what mobile was it

it's the most important thing to me the next days

it may decrease the number of views or the reach because the video will have a delay

but the main purpose of this channel is to help you regardless anything

the video will be like a reference for you anytime you want to buy the mobile

and this decision is based on many things like

rush in judging and somethings like this specially the videos witch was about this mobile

there were some kind of fast impressions and ignoring more details

so i decided to make all of my videos in this way

and your mission is so simple

because the video was published lately so the reach won't be the same

but the likes ,shares, comments, and subscribes will increase the reach of the video

this is the most improtant thing that can help the video to get more views and help more people

with two weeks of using i thing there can't be any defect of the mobile i don't recognize

i have this mobile for two weeks

so let me tell you my full experience about it

and now the mobile is so ready to be reviewed

it's not only a day of using

see !

last days xiaomi started to notice that

it has alot of rivals like honor and huawei also oppo

and they started to reduce the prices also samsong did the same

so it immediately produce mi 8 lite to put xiaomi in its position

best features with best prices

so as i said it was to weeks of using so let me tell you the details of details

the design of mi 8 lite was different from all of xiaomi designs

like *note 6 pro* * note 5 * *mi a2 *

as you know they were the same mobiles there were no different among them except

more incline or some slight different like this

almost same design

but here it's so different

especially if we talk about black color

it represent some kind of luxuriousness

though i love blue or blue with Purple this type of color drives me crazy

but black is so good also

and there is reflection between black and grey and this is great

and the material of the mobile is also good

and if you didn't watch the video of scratching make sure to do from the eye over here

and some people has some doubt that i was faking

but the fact is maybe there wasn't any other camera angel to show how i was really hitting

but the material is really good and it can't have some scratches except from the edges whichs are from metal though

the mobile's design and material are really gorgeous

and it's heavy in your hand and it's really something i like most

the screen comes with 6.3 in

and it has protection layer of gorilla glass 5

yeah it can protect the mobile but you should put a screen protector

for more safe

if we look we will see that the notch is so small

and it's so strango for xiaomi to do such a thing

it's the first time we see it

but there is no notifications though

and it's so strange also

there is enough space why don't you add notifications

but with the new update all of the notifications will appear arround the notch

and we are waiting for this and let's see whether it will happen or not

the size of screen is good related to old xiaomi mobbiles but it's not the best in this class of mobiles

but it still great compared to poco phone and not 6 pro the edges were unbelievable

yeah there still some edges but and i don't like this

but when we talk about the history of xiaomi in the notches yeah this mobile is so satisfying

about the colors of the screen i think they are a little bit faint i don't think it's great

it's not saturated and the contrast wasn't perfect

the color was so faint

and i annoyed me

yeah you can modify this in the software like increase the contrast and saturation and those things

but at last when you try the mobile more than one time you will notice that the colors are faint

the brightness is great i didn't found any problem with it

but i've found something weird

if you are opening youtube or some apps

the screen wont expand till the end of the notch

there will be some black space between the notch and the video

and it's weird

the mobile come with snap dragon 660

with 4 g ram and 64 internal space

with dual sim or sim and memory card

there is no option to put dual sim and memory card at the same time

any way the performance here is so special

as usual there is no mobile can disappoint you of xiaomi mobiles regardles it's class

me i 9 with snap dragon 660 produce smooth performance

it's not so far from the other competitive mobiles but it's the best

if you compare this mobile with any mobile in the same class of price it won't go far of being better but it will still the alittle better

the experience of gaming like pubg if you set it at medium settings

it will be so smooth at performance and there won't be any lag of something

it will be great and the graphic frames will be so good

pubg in this mobile is so great at medium settings

the battery performance was not satisfying at all

no way

there is nothing will let me say something goood about the battery

for medium using the battery won't last so long and you won't be satisfied

if your using is heavy this mobile will not be good for you

the performance of battery is so weak

maybe it support fast charge and with the box of the mobile fast charger

maybe it will not be a big deal

but the performance of the battery still not good

you can't say that the mobile performance of battery will be good by a way or another

the camera of this mobile has really no rivals whether the front or back camera

but not all things are good at camera

the back camera comes with Electronic Optical Image Stabilization can go with full hd 30 frame/ sec

it will make the video less shaky and increase its quality

if you are recording video with the back camera this will make a big different at stabilizing the video

lets get to the photo part it was so great at high lightening really every thing was great

the colors and the details and everything was great

unbelievable images

but at night mode some noise will appear but if you activate ai mode it will help

if you activate hdr mode if there was some light in the background it will spread it and make it better

and make the details appear more obviously

and decrease the noise

but the whole thing in the back camera is so perfect

this camera is one of the most special thing in this mobile

and the front camera can make the most details to appear if we compare it to any mobile at the same class

there is no mobile in the medium class can give this performance of this camera

regardless what mobile was it or what company produced it even the same company *xiaomi*

but there are two demerit of the front camera the first is

your hand has to be so stable when you take the photo unless it will be not clear and shaky

sometimes i found the photo getting darker even the lightening is so good i was amazed !

the photo can't process the lightening in a proper way

it's not a hardware problem it's software one and can be solved by update

it don't happen usually but i found it twice

but you should know it

although there was a lightening the photo got darker and this something i was wondering about it

hdr mode has shocked me really

if you remember in note 6 pro i said i don't like this mode

and it improve the lightening of the background

but here is so different it make the lightening of the back ground more and more better

if you see ther the back ground lightening was all white

it's like someone with white back ground

and i activate it and you can see it's verry different

it's a different photo it made it greater in a strange way

one of the most things i like in this mobile is hdr mode also in front camera

there is some feature i forgot to mention it in the front camera

after you take the photo you can increase of decrease the isolation

and it's something rare in the middle class of mobile

one of the most special things also in the back camera

the sound was good whether you are indoors or outdoors you can hear it very well

but unfortunately the mobile hasn't headphone socket

and it such a bad thing specially with this weak battery

i'm addicted to pubg game

and this mobile don't stand longer with using pubg of the battery

so i have to put it on charger

specially while i'm playing pubg i have to put the head phone jack but it doesn't happen

so i have to wait or i have to play on another mobile or laptop

i can't play using headphone and at the same time i charge it

and it was annoying me so much

the fingerprint of this mobile goes like a rocker !

it doesn't support ir sensor

so you can't control projector at the lectures hhh

there is no ir to control devices

i know it's not exist in many mobile but we used to have this sensor in xiaomi's mobiles

if you want to by a mobile less than 5000 i don't recommend you to by anyone because this one is more batter than them in so many things

not all things but many of them

it will give you the best value of features

i finished

i will let you to check my Instagram profile through the link below if you want to subscribe me

the same with the facebook

i always publish posts and news and may things behind the scenes

and i always go live

maybe the last days not always but usually i do

and i answer all the questions

make sure to subsceibe me

and i will let you to buy this mobile through the links below

it's the end of the video i hope you liked it

if you did really don't forget to like it and subscribe me


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